"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm a two world Superstar!!

So I got so pissed off at SL and it being so fucking laggy...I decided to pack my shit (well not really) and move to a new world... Open life. That's right bitches.. make way for the Princess!! So the first thing I did was get naked. An well... damn I'm flat chested. Nooooo!! Where are my big jiggly boobs! That is gonna have to change.

So I'm on this newbie island and can't get off... then I come across someone.... it's name it Bruno. So I asked Bruno where can i find the nearest LAQ skin shop and where is Truth. I felt like Tom Hanks in castaway talking to the volleyball. 

So since they did a update to the blog I cant post more than two pics per message for some reason. So I told Bruno I was a fucking Princess and demanded him to take me to a shop so I can buy some shit! Well, it sort of listened.. Bruno TPed me off that fucking newbie island and to it's sim. Great... I was trapped on it's sim I wasn't sure if it was going to be the end of me. I tricked it somehow.. not sure.. but he was no match for my awesomeness.

I did escape.. and I ended up finding some clothes and a new skin but no bling! Let's just say the clothes and skin I found weren't much of a step up from what you start with.  This was no life for a fucking princess.... so I returned to second life!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dick in a box!

This is me in front of my TV playing the dick in a box SNL skit. Dick in a box on NM has close to 170 views and 5 stars!!! I'm glad you all enjoyed it... well, most of you. It was a spur of the moment idea and I had some problems with the new Movie maker I dled so.. I actually lost a clip of Ivori and myself doing the robot dance with our boxes on because it got corrupt. If you haven't seen the original You can watch it here.

I also have a really good movie idea in the works... It will be my cruise ship story about a mother and daughter, but I think it can be my best work yet. I might work on that over time... and do little stuff in between. I don't want to rush to put this one out.

I have a smaller project in the works and I would like to get some bigger names involved in this one. So I might contact you..

Thank you all for watching my stuff it is a pleasure to bring you my wacky sense of humor in a video form.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sinderella and Dommaidatrix

Dommaidatrix with over 800 views on Naughty Machinaima is now a featured movie!! Once again thanks to all of you for checking it out. 

My 3rd movie,  Sinderella is now on Naughty Machinima. You can also watch it at Naughty Bitch

I hope you enjoyed it. I have recently been getting people sending me notecards and wanting to be in my movies. Well, I'm taking a break currently. I have a few ideas (which I will always have) but nothing solid where Im ready to shoot. I will keep you all in mind and thank you for the interest.

My return to the Orgy Forest

If you recall the last time I was at the Orgy Forest with Ivori Faith. It was a big hit. It was the top viewed thing on my blog. Well, this time I didn't go as a schoolgirl.. i went undercover.

That is me disguised as a bush... It was like being invisible. Unlike the last time I was there when men were waiting in line to screw me.. nobody knew I was there.

I snuck right up close and nobody saw me..

I moved to get a better look and still nobody saw me.

Even this girl dancing on this chair didn't know I snuck up right behind here.

Then I jumped into the action!!!

For some reason this blog wont let me post any more pics.. and I crashed when I was trying to give this girl some good branch! She said I needed my hedges trimmed... she will be back for more. She knows she loved it. 

Monday, October 18, 2010


Dommaidatrix views on Naughty machinima are closing in on 700 views! Thank you all who have watched it and watched it again!

My next movie will be called "Sindarella" or something to that effect. It will be my take on the Cinderella story, but with a SL twist. The movie will be about a new girl to second life who takes a job at a strip club only to find out making money and friends is going to be harder than she thought. It's a fairytale rags to riches story and will have Ivori Faith in a very special role in the movie!!! So look for that soon. 

Also a special friend/fan did some wonderful things for me today and took me on a shopping spree. Thank you so much.. I look forward to what we talked about :) 

Finally - Ok I gave this guy a chance to prove he wasn't bullshit.. but well.. he is full of shit,
Shartan Silverstar - contacted me about being in a movie around a month ago. He "claimed" he just got done filming one and was casting his second. The catch you had to fuck him and his partner. So I turned it down for that reason plus this guy has a thing against women wearing shorts or pants.

He had a group he invited people he was casting to and one thing I noticed... it was only filled with girls looking to get in the business... nobody who had already done a film. 

Well, since Im on the verge of my third movie.. I decided to contact him tonight about his movies.

[2010/10/18 19:49]  Rayven Baily: Hi so how is your movie coming along I havent seen it. I also recall you had one already shot and just needed to edit it
[2010/10/18 19:50]  Shartan Silverstar: hi, yes, it's getting close to completion, thanks for asking
[2010/10/18 19:51]  Rayven Baily: So the one you already shot is done?
[2010/10/18 19:51]  Shartan Silverstar: no, that's the one that's close to completion, editing
[2010/10/18 19:52]  Rayven Baily: lol I see... long editing process.. I have shot two movies myself and put two out.. working on my third in in the last three weeks
[2010/10/18 19:52]  Shartan Silverstar: nice
[2010/10/18 19:52]  Shartan Silverstar: good for you
[2010/10/18 19:53]  Rayven Baily: sounds like your company is just a lame attempt to get laid
[2010/10/18 19:54]  Shartan Silverstar: if that's what it sounds like to you, you should steer clear of my company, princess
[2010/10/18 19:56]  Rayven Baily: Don't worry.... I will. I mean what else do you call a film in eidting over a month then casting for another lol.. sounds pretty shady to me.
[2010/10/18 19:56]  Shartan Silverstar: I never worry, why would I start now?
[2010/10/18 19:56]  Shartan Silverstar: I am uploading a picture it might crash my viewer
[2010/10/18 19:56]  Shartan Silverstar: so bye
[2010/10/18 19:58]  Rayven Baily: LOL you are pathetic.... have to make up lies and fake promises to get sex.

So unless you want to wait months for a movie that will never come out... if this pathetic loser asks you to join his production group tell him to go fuck himself.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

New movie in the works!

So recently I have been scouting places to shoot and I actually found a place I will be using in the future for a movie I have planned, but I'm still writing the script.. which means it's still in the creation process in my head. So today I heard a song and shortly after I had a script and idea for a short simple movie. Then about 15 minutes after that I took my small little movie.. and added more of a plot, more characters.. a bigger and better story. Which one am I going to do? 

I'm going to start on the simple small movie which for me is going to be fun to do. Once I'm complete with that then I will decide if it's good enough to stand on it's own or could it be much better with more filler. 

It's not going to have two big sex scenes like Dommaidtrix, but it will have a interesting plot.

With that said I want to spotlight another director. I don't know this person. I have never talked to her, but I came across her work uploading my movie the other day. Her name is Pixie Rain and you can see her videos at Naughty Bitch. Pixie Rain's Videos

They are a little warped, but are very creative and very good. I noticed only 14 or some people watched it... more people need to and she deserves more of an audience.

I for one will be keeping my eye out for her next one.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dommaidatrix hits Naughty machinima, finally!

I ran into a slight problem with my film Dommaidatrix.. I was shooting some pics earlier in the day and increased my graphics resolution and got sidetracked and forgot to change it back. So when shooting time came around, the film was too large to put on Naughty Machinima's because of their recent change to movie size.

After cutting some of the film down and decreasing the audio quality I still wasn't close.. In came the sexy and talented, Serenity. She downloaded the clip and was able to reduce the size with a older version of movie maker, because mine no longer had the option. No wonder she is so popular in Japan! She is like a naked super hero who swoops down to help those in need. Speaking of which Im in need too...

I guess I was looking for something to put in my mouth and of course Ivori is never around when you want her to be (sighs) so I grabbed this candy cane. If you haven't noticed (you might want to get checked for color blindness then) I changed my blog. Too many other were doing the black thing and now I'm rocking some sort of Purple, pink, yellow theme. It was the closest I could come to neon so enjoy!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dommaidatrix is out!

I'm so tired no pic.. this is a old pic of me on my first week on the job as an escort and second overall week if second life. I was a instant star as I grossed close to 12,000L freelancing and working the clubs!

My 2nd movie Dommaidatrix is out, but as of right now it can only be seen at Naughty Bitch. It's too large to upload to Naughty Machinima and I'm not sure I want to  hack it all up just to get it there. So the link to my movie is View Dommaidatrix here!

I'm also putting my videos up at Porn Hub.com. They have a ton of great videos from all sorts of RL Porn stars. Great place for reference. 

I would like to put them up at Porn Rabbit and Tube8, but not sure I can. It would be great, because there my videos could be seen in world!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I love the way you lie...

 A few days ago I had the pleasure of someone ( I work with) contacting me about my movie "Justin Love" saying as a dancer it gives me a unfair advantage among other bullshit.  I especially had an unfair advantage over new girls. Yet, this person has a photoshopped photo on her escort ad board... so that don't give you a unfair advantage over someone that don't?

You see here is the difference.. my video shows me.. what I look like and will look like if I am hired by the client. It also shows some things I can do if I am hired.  Your OVER-photoshopped photos on your board and in your profile only show one thing. You have photoshop but can't use it very well.

I can understand photos touched up for personal use, but to have a photoshopped photo as your ad as a escort is a joke. You are advertising a service, which part of that service is visual... so when you show up you are not showing up in your "fake" form. So you are basically decieving the paying customer with lies..

Speaking of lies... you sure do like to exaggerate the truth. I always love people who run their mouth, yet have no facts what so ever to back it up...just opinion. Then the cherry on top of all this is the smile after the conversation. Talk about fake...

So with that said I'm on the verge of filming movie.. I hope you enjoy it.

Enjoy the burn..

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ivori brings her talents to the Orgy Forest

Ok, so I ended up at the Orgy Forest somehow dressed as a school girl. When I'm dressed as a school girl run the other way! I'm very bad. So here is my first pick with this guy with a mullet who was nice enough to pose with me. 

So this guy didn't care for me telling everyone that I was a fn' princess.

[18:10]  Chad Wheatcliffe: my, my, what foul language for a yound lady.
[18:10]  Chad Wheatcliffe: young*
[18:11]  Rayven Baily: I'm a fucking princess I can say what I want
[18:11]  Chad Wheatcliffe: You are not a very nice princess.  Someone should teach you better manners.
[18:13]  Rayven Baily: Im the hottest princess and you just are not prepared for my awesomeness
[18:14]  Chad Wheatcliffe: laughs, "you are right, I am not prepared, but it is your rudeness that I am not prepared for.  "
[18:15]  Rayven Baily: Rude? I'm not rude I'm a princess... how dare you speak to me that way.
[18:17]  Chad Wheatcliffe: I dare anything I want.  You are just a spoiled young lady with delusions of awesomeness.
[18:17]  Chad Wheatcliffe: Given a little time I cound make something of you.  You have spunk, but no class.
[18:18]  Rayven Baily: Your just a lower class punk. You don't know how to talk to a princess because you have never seen one before.
[18:18]  Rayven Baily: You have class it's called the lower class. Go cut my grass and clean my fucking pool.

So as you can see Ivori is in the background of this pic and the fun just started,

[18:54]  Rayven Baily: read my sign bitch
[18:54]  Burning Lamourfou: bitch?
[18:55]  Rayven Baily: Yep... you are my bitch
[18:55]  Burning Lamourfou: you are sick and demented and guess what?
[18:55]  Burning Lamourfou: banned
[18:55]  Burning Lamourfou: go F yourself
[18:55]  Rayven Baily: banned for what making you my bitch
[18:56]  Rayven Baily: Im a princess you cant ban me.
[18:56]  Burning Lamourfou: Just did
[18:56]  Rayven Baily: if im banned how come Im still here
[18:57]  Rayven Baily: Told you cant ban me, bitch... Im a fucking princess

So I started to try to get someone to hook up with Ivori.. one guy was willing, but he was sort of a newbie and was lost.. Then

[18:47]  Sklyar Avium: hows your night going
[18:47]  Rayven Baily: my friend ivori is horny Im trying to find her good loving
[18:47]  Sklyar Avium: well thast nice of you haha
[18:48]  Sklyar Avium: i wouldnt mind helpin her out
[18:48]  Rayven Baily: She is really slutty
[18:49]  Sklyar Avium: thats fine with me
[18:49]  Rayven Baily: ok she went afk lay on the mattress so u can eat her
[18:49]  Rayven Baily: she likes oral

[19:07]  Sklyar Avium: is ivory still horny
[19:07]  Rayven Baily: yes its her birthday I need to get her laid
[19:08]  Sklyar Avium: shit
[19:08]  Sklyar Avium: i gotta help out now
[19:08]  Rayven Baily: you cock tease
[19:09]  Sklyar Avium: not this time
[19:09]  Sklyar Avium: get her on that bed
[19:10]  Sklyar Avium: :)
[19:10]  Sklyar Avium: serious this time
[19:10]  Rayven Baily: ok get on the mattress and eat her pk
[19:11]  Rayven Baily: ok
[19:11]  Sklyar Avium: ok
[19:13]  Rayven Baily: make sure u lick her balls
[19:13]  Sklyar Avium: I did not know she had a dick
[19:13]  Sklyar Avium: ill do this if i get to fuck you after
[19:13]  Rayven Baily: oh sorry I forgot to mention that
[19:15]  Sklyar Avium: well?
[19:16]  Rayven Baily: let her fuck u in the ass and u can eat me
[19:16]  Sklyar Avium: i dont want to eat you i want to fuck you
[19:16]  Rayven Baily: ok let her fuck u then u can its her birthday
[19:16]  Sklyar Avium: ok fine
[19:17]  Sklyar Avium: but i want you topless while she fucks me
[19:18]  Rayven Baily: can i keep my sign at least
[19:18]  Sklyar Avium: yes
[19:19]  Rayven Baily: she said u are bad in bed and need to give a description if u want to see my boobies
[19:19]  Sklyar Avium: no fuck that
[19:20]  Sklyar Avium: take off the shir thten i get descriptive
[19:20]  Rayven Baily: its her birthday make her day
[19:20]  Sklyar Avium: or i leave
[19:20]  Sklyar Avium: i will, but i need something in return
[19:20]  Sklyar Avium: damnit
[19:20]  Rayven Baily: But Im a virgin
[19:20]  Sklyar Avium: you have the count of 5 to lose the shirt or i leave her
[19:20]  Sklyar Avium: 5
[19:20]  Sklyar Avium: 4
[19:21]  Sklyar Avium: 3
[19:21]  Rayven Baily: Make sure u get the pubic hair out of your teeth first
[19:21]  Sklyar Avium: 2
[19:21]  Sklyar Avium: last chance
[19:21]  Rayven Baily: no description no deal Im a virgin Im pure
[19:22]  Sklyar Avium: sliding his mouth up and down the hard cock, reachign up and pleasruing her tits. pinching each nipple slighty...
[19:22]  Sklyar Avium: thats a sample
[19:22]  Sklyar Avium: shirt or im gone
[19:22]  Rayven Baily: did u tell her that
[19:22]  Sklyar Avium: no
[19:23]  Rayven Baily: give her the descrption not me its not my birthday
[19:23]  Sklyar Avium: take off oyur fucking shirt or im leaving
[19:23]  Sklyar Avium: and nobody will fuck ivori
[19:24]  Rayven Baily: you are just mad she has a bigger cock then u
[19:24]  Sklyar Avium: goodbye

So right after this guy got up another was willing to jump at the chance to taste Ivori's sausage.

[19:20]  Alpharomeo Blaisdale: hi
[19:20]  Alpharomeo Blaisdale: like to have some fun with me?
[19:20]  Rayven Baily: Hello are u waiting in line for my friend Ivori
[19:21]  Alpharomeo Blaisdale: no
[19:22]  Alpharomeo Blaisdale: well?
[19:22]  Rayven Baily: Its her birthday im trying to get her laid
[19:23]  Alpharomeo Blaisdale: wow
[19:23]  Alpharomeo Blaisdale: what about u?
[19:23]  Rayven Baily: I like sloppy seconds
[19:23]  Alpharomeo Blaisdale: u mean I have to fuck her first ?
[19:24]  Rayven Baily: Yes
[19:24]  Alpharomeo Blaisdale: uh oh
[19:24]  Alpharomeo Blaisdale: ok
[19:25]  Rayven Baily: How does her balls taste?
[19:25]  Alpharomeo Blaisdale: OOPS
[19:27]  Rayven Baily: is there something wrong
[19:29]  Alpharomeo Blaisdale:  Deception
[19:30]  Rayven Baily: she is a she.. chick with a dick
[19:30]  Alpharomeo Blaisdale: well can I have u?
[19:30]  Rayven Baily: must of tasted good you were down there for 10 minutes
[19:30]  Rayven Baily: Sorry Im a virgin
[19:30]  Alpharomeo Blaisdale: cuss my luck

How can you miss that package?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Check these out!!

No not my boobs!! If you like my blog you will like this song. You may have heard it and you might not have. I do believe about a month ago I was the first person to request it at a club. It's a song called "Fuck you" by Cee Lo Green. 

I love the office! I found this one You tube.. 

Bring back the Schrute beat farm!!

"Justin Love" is out!

Director's note - I shot this thing three times. Being a noob director first time I shot it I forgot to remove the arrow cursor. Second time around half the shots were missing one of my tattoos. Third time around was a charm...The idea for this video came about this way - I was working one week and this damn Justin Bieber song would play every time I would be dancing. Im taking my clothes off and shaking my ass for guys and I have to listen to this kid sing? So I came across the bed and need a purpose to buy it and the whole video idea came about. Overall I'm very happy and it came out as I saw it in my head. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

I'm sure this is the only porn video with Justin Bieber music and I'm sure it will be the last too.

Click to watch "Justin Love"

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My first video is in production

"Justin Love" will be the first Movie/video directed by myself and it will be out soon. How soon? I'm not in a rush to record, edit and release. This project has turned into something small and I keep getting ideas... since it's my first video... I'm not sure I can pull off the way I have it pictured in my warped mind. One thing is... I won't release it until I'm 100% happy with it and can stand by my work and be proud of it.

With that said it will have people talking.. For a debut movie it's not "safe movie". I'm just hoping to not get sued or banned. So I'm warning ahead of time have a sense of humor when you watch it... especially the male in my movie.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm throwing my hat in...

Well, not really this hat cost me some lindens and I don't want anyone stealing it, but I'm making movies. So I tried to get in touch with some of the best amateur movie makers to get some advice. I called Paris and she said "that's hot" and suggested I use night vision. Night vision? I guess I'll need to go to a weapons store for that. I called Kim Kardashian and she said once I leak the tape my popularity will soar and I'll almost be as big as her ass. Leak the tape? I'm doing this because I want to you airhead! Then R. Kelly to offered some tips.. Yuck! *click* I couldn't hang up fast enough. 

With that said, I'm not looking to make a ton of movies. I won't make a movie to make a movie... only if i has a story behind it. I'm not into making just sex scenes.... no story, no plot is like no foreplay. I enjoy foreplay! I'll start with a few videos here and there.. maybe take my crazy antics to video. I do though have a plot for my first movie. I also have a general idea of what I want to do and how I want to do it. I'm never short on ideas...

An for those guys who wanted me to do casting call to appear in your movies... you are welcome to be in mine. I'll just need to to preform for me in a audition with two gay males...you know, for the movie.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Just because...

I can rez...