"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bitch of the day!

Video is coming along slowly...but for the most part should work as I planned. Now that I have started it... I'm just as excited about it as I was when it first came to me. It's just going to take some time... basically will be using a few programs prior to After Effects and then eventually Premiere to put it all together.

I'm not looking to rush to get it done.. Yea, it was fun making dancing gorilla video, picture slide show and Bill Clinton parady parody video.. in the end those didn't take much. It's time to get serious..

Now for the bitching... My goal is to upload my video to Blip.tv. After all, Blip. TV is pure HD, gives you the best picture and the most space to upload. An if you want to report me...good luck it won't have no porn in this video.

So I guess you are saying I won't have a chance at my video being featured on Naughty Machinima then... and I say.. Yea, so what? I will take a better picture and the ability to make bigger videos any day over that and like being featured means anything, anymore.. Like views and ratings that sort of lost it's luster with certain people calling for every one of their "friends" movies to be featured.

Let's face it some movies deserve it and some don't... and it's not too hard to see which one's don't on the "recently featured" page.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

In the US, today is Memorial day. The day is supposed to be to remember all those who have died fighting in battle, but for most it means hot dogs, hamburgers, and drinking.

I will say I have been guilty of this in the past.. I'm not against war... I'm not against my country, but I'm against senseless deaths. Which got me thinking today. How much $$$ is a life worth?

George Dubbya Bush got us in this war in Iraq..and we are still in it. Why? Too much money to be made in Iraq. It's as simple as that.. if it was Greenland... we would of pulled out a long time ago. No money in sheep.

 My brother's friend is in the special forces of the US military. Every time he says he is done they throw more money at him to re-enlist. I mean very large up front bonuses.

Bush is no longer the U.S. President (thank Gawd) but I love this song and to those who have put their lives on the line in a foreign land.. thank you.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

SL Machinima wins award at LA Movie awards

No and it wasn't the Sultrina!! Yes, I'm shocked too!! I was told that was the most advanced second life machinima of all time!

 A second life machinima called "Time Travelers" won a award at the Los Angeles Movie Awards. 


Time Travelers has won an Award of Excellence at the Los Angeles Movie Awards

Machinima and real–time animation took a huge step with the inclusion in the awards circle for film competition in the animation category. For this genre to be recognized as valid it has to stand head to head and shoulder to shoulder with more traditional forms of animation. As the ability to use story, character development and plot grows along side mastery of the genre, we are confident that we will see this great and breathtaking new medium continue to win awards as a graphic platform of its own, WITHIN animation categories.

It reminds me of one of those saturday morning kids cartoons but.. here it is...
The fight scene is really good though. Congrats on winnning

Friday, May 27, 2011

Someone hurt their pussy

So it appears Mr. Pelon Beaton is upset me me. Yes, I am RB.. as he calls the person on his web site. Why is he so upset? Because every time he uploads a video on Naughty Machinima he logs into two other accounts he owns "Amadrid" and "mlauria" and rates his own movies. So I sent him a IM on Naughty Machinima saying it wasn't fair he has three accounts and it's against the web site policy.

I mean.. it wasn't hard to figure out. I have know he had had three accounts for some time. Don't take a whole lot to figure out when he logs into these accounts and rates his movies "5 stars" back to back.. and these accounts ONLY watch his movies LOL.

So he wrote me back calling me a cunt and telling me to mind my business. I guess this is sort of my business because:

If I or anyone else are not supposed to have multiple accounts to vote on my their own movies why should you? Are you that special... I don't think so your movies (if you want to call them that)tell us you aren't.

Sad thing is... he thinks his movies are good. Why? There are a lot of people who are willing to lie to you and tell you what you want to hear. Truth is this... you are the butt end of many jokes.

I have had I don't know how many people make a reference to not being as bad as Pel beaton or at least it's not as bad as Pel Beaton movie. Even your buddy, Scooby. When people talk about bad Machinima.. you are the fucking King!

Truth is I could make the same movie Mr. Beaton can in 60 minutes total (including upload time) the only difference is: it will be better.

Pelon, don't be all upset now because you have to pay to spam Naughty Machinima will your bad videos... because we know you won't. I mean after almost 200 movies you are still using the free version of FRAPS.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Youtube goodies

A guy I work with has a part time job monitoring a collage network on midnights so he is always telling me about videos to check out on youtube because all he does is look for them all night. So I go watch them and somehow I always find something else.. along the way. I found these two

This one is the Jack Sparrow rap

This one is auditions for the lead role in Jerry Macguire

Monday, May 23, 2011

Obama exposed

Obama was caught lip syncing a speech. What is next Britney Spears for President?

Saturday, May 21, 2011


This will be my last post to this blog more than likely. The Rapture is here! May 21, 2011. I will more than likely be moving on up like the Jefferson's to a deluxe penthouse in the sky. It's been fun...

I want to take this time to thank those of you that came to my blog to be informed and to be entertained by my wacky humor.

I want to thank those of you who were the butt end of my jokes. Without you none of this would of been possible! Mwaaah Love ya.

I also want to thank those of you who hated every single word I wrote and bitched and complain to all your SL friends. Why pay for advertisement when you can get it free?

It's clear now why this is upon us. Doesn't anyone else find it strange that the rapture is happening exactly a week after the Sultina party?

Take the u, r and the a out of Sultrina and add a P-T-R-E and what do you have? That's right.. rapture. We were warned. We thought we were getting this Masterpiece, the most advanced SL machinima film ever created... instead it was a message.

Those of you left on earth will have five months... then once the world comes to a end you will be banished to hell to watch Scooby Mode movies for eternity. I'm sorry... I am.

An for some strange reason if this doesn't happen tomorrow, I guess it will be because of "Cannot Compile Movie, Error Unknown".

Friday, May 20, 2011

Napoleon vs Napoleon

So I came across these videos about a month and a half ago on Youtube. They are not machinima, but they are very well done. The series is called "Epic Rap battles of History". I want to give them a plug because.. well, I think they deserve it. Very creative, clever .. and funny. This is the latest and 9th in the series. 

This one is Napoleon Bonaparate vs. Napoleon Dynamite!

Past ones are
#1: John Lennon vs. Bill O'reily
#2: Hitler vs. Darth Vader
#3: Abe Lincoln vs Chuck Norris
#4: Sarah Palin vs. Lady Gaga
#5: Hulk Hogan vs. Kim Jon Il
#6 Beethoven vs. Justin Bieber
#7: Steven Hawkins vs. Albert Einstein
#8: Easter Bunny vs. Ganghis Kahn (worst one if you ask me)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

10 things I learned from Sultrina

10- Make sure you say thanks to your pet in the closing credits. Gorilla, thank you for being there for me!

9- Learn from others *cough* Kevin Costner *cough* mistakes.

8 - You cannot make this movie in one month Apparently it takes 3 weeks to complete this tutorial.

7 - When people doubt your movie isn't a masterpiece and "the most advanced SL machinima film ever created". Ignore them, the voices in your head are always right..

6 - If anyone asks you anything in second life.. where a certain store is. Where you bought a hairstyle.. take credit for everything they have done.. because it's obvious if it wasn't for you they would be helpless.

5 - Cinnabar don't have cinnamon rolls.

4 - Try to say with a straight face "I made this movie for all of you" without laughing and if there are any delays.. say you are waiting on new technology.

3 - You might wanna try to render the movie before planning a party for it... not 15 minutes before the party starts.

2 - Claim there are many people who said your movie is the best XXX machinima ever! Yet, ignore the fact nobody to date has said this publicly

1 - If all else fails buy a super computer! Hey, it worked for Scooby.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Machinima legend

This morning I had the honor of receiving a message in world from the creator of the Sultrina. The Speilberg of Machinima, HaileyMarie Redrose. I couldn't believe she took the time out to message little ol' me.. I figured she would be in meetings with McDonalds (seems Burger King is promoting Thor) to promote Sultrina.

Any how...She claimed she never had a party for the release of her Sultrina trailer and I should check my sources. 

So I did...30 minutes later on her own blog I found a mention about a party @ the spice rack where the teaser trailer would be shown. She even calls it the Spice rack launch party.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bird's eye view

Eating crow (archaically, eating boiled crow) is an English-language idiom meaning humiliation by admitting wrongness or having been proved wrong after taking a strong position. Eating crow is presumably foul-tasting in the same way that being proved wrong might be emotionally hard to swallow.

"To the jealous naysayers who said my movie would never come out, and would be mediocre when it did.....please allow me to pass the salt.  Crow doesn't taste very good when you eat it. " 

I don't know anyone who said it wouldn't come out... it was a matter of when. Nobody is jealous of the Sultrina... believe me. LOL.

 Question : How can something go from being "the most advanced SL machinima film ever created" and a masterpiece to "far from perfect" in a span of four days? <-- This is eating crow.

A few months ago Scooby Mode said to me (about Hailey) (not an exact quote) "I think her ego is even bigger than mine"..

You know, for once.. I have to agree.


I thought this pic was appropriate for what has happened the last few days..

Monday, May 16, 2011

Move over Costner.. here comes Sultrina

Last night HaileyMarie Redrose made the following comment on my blog. I copied and pasted it in this post to put her comments and mine together. They were not altered in any way. 
Thank you for the kind words, and the positive support regarding Sultrina's release. I had been working hard on the film right up to the final night of release to put the final spin on things, seeing as how 95% of the film is Visual-Effects driven and has taken a huge, gigantic portion of my life to create. Over the past 5 months, Sultrina has been dealt many blows due to cast re-shoots, technical issues, and my own personal RL hardships which have made it impossible to get out sooner, not to mention a complete visual overall.

But I thank you SO MUCH for being so supportive! As I sit here and watch the final, finished film on my computer, I'm forced to re-render the final film in two parts, thanks to a mysterious "Cannot Compile Movie, Error Unknown" (Google it) issue, which is screwing up my renders and forcing me to render out in two parts, then compile a new movie, then re-render the two parts as one for the final release.

In order to achieve maximum clarity for a movie of this size, I'm using an H.264 rendering codec. What's amazing is how beautiful the first rendered section looks in H.264, and will STILL clock in under 200MB for NM, and a better-looking 500MB version for NBM, which was my plan all along.

Currently, as of 11:29 PM on Sunday, I'm still dealing with rendering issues. The 1st part has taken 4 hours to render, and the 2nd, bigger part is taking 5 hours to render, so it's easy to see how time, well......slips away.

But again, THANK you, THANK you, THANK you for such beautiful, kind, loving, positive, supportive words! It's comments like yours that make it all worthwhile to invest 5 months of your life into a project for the absolute, sole purpose of entertaining people and giving them a little piece of your heart and soul to watch.

You're one of the classiest folks in SL, Rayven. I'm so blessed to know you. 

--My Reply--
I never said you didn't work hard on "The Sultrina"...let's get that straight off the start. I will also say it does look good. I kind of expected that...You found some nice looking avatars to put in your first movie. The sound is pretty good. Problem is this...you promised SO much more and you didn't deliver. You made this seem like it was going to blow everything, anyone has ever made out of the water. I will be the one to break the bad news to you...it didn't come close. Five months... five months you worked on this.  Damn, I'm thinking if anyone worked on something five months they could made something similar. 

Seriously, how do you think this movie would of done in the real world? So many promises.. a new director coming in claiming this and that... trying to out Spielberg, Steven Spielberg himself? LOL. 

You would of been much better off making the movie and releasing it instead of trying to make yourself a internet legend prior to it's release. If you were smart you would fire your Evotica PR team. Oh wait.. that's you. 

I could easily pick apart this video... because I expected perfection. That's what I was sold. 
  • The txt is way too small. Too hard to determine who is saying what leading to..
  • Story I found rather boring -made worse by the txt.
  • The dead silence black screen shown twice in part 1 is a horrible screen transition. 
  • The small ship turning in space looks like it was done back in the 60's. Where they would dangle a model from a string. 
  • 4:07 of the movie the background is supposed to be space, right? Looks like you took a picture of a cement wall and made it black. That don't look like space. 
  • Overall the space effects in this movie can't compete with Pandora's Box, but this is supposed to be better, right?
I could go on and on... because I was sold perfection, and was shown Water World. 

 In all honestly..  what I'm saying has nothing to do with your little comments about me on your blog back in 
 December and when I contacted you about them you told me to not "ASS-ume". It has nothing about the stuff I hear you say that got back to me... it has to do with your HUGE EGO and you claiming you made 
something so great.. so mind blowing, we all must take a back seat to.

I can think of better ways to spend five months of my life if that's the end result, but truth is.. you could produce a better video in half the time. It didn't take Serenity five months to make Pandora's box. I don't think it took Rysan Falls five months to make any of his latest movies.. all of which are better than "The Sultrina".

I'm glad you poured your heart and soul into this... your heart and soul is not in question. It's your EGO. I mean after all, who throws a party to show a trailer? Better yet, who throws a party for a trailer for a movie that is not coming out for 4 more months? How about a party for a movie that's not coming out at all?

I will close by returning the favor. THANK YOU, Ms. Spielberg, for your comments on my blog. It has been a honor and a privilege for you to take the time out of your busy schedule between renders of the SULTRINA to leave your comments.  I hope someday I will be able to make a video to even come somewhat close to what you have accomplished with the SULTRINA.

You can't honestly tell me the SULTRINA is better than the video below. To which, after effects was used very little in making this machinima.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chinese Democracy II

So about 4 years ago.. maybe 5. One late night I was just surfing on the internet... I'm not sure how I got to the web page but I came across this page which documented the behavior of Axel Rose after the break up of Guns N Roses. I stayed up longer than I wanted.. but it was worth it. I found his over egotistical, over obsessive behavior hilarious from all the information gathered by the owner of the page.

This is just some stuff...

There was a long list of people he fired from his new band. Managers.. and a list just about as long of all the people he tried to sue.

Geffen Records promises Axl a $1 million bonus if he delivers a new Guns N Roses album by March 1 of the following year.

Year after year the album was rumored to be coming out.. It was also rumored to have been redone 5 times.

Tour were scheduled and canceled. Shows were canceled at the last minute leading to riots.

12.06.02: Philadelphia First Union Center: On the night of the show, Guns n Roses cancels their scheduled concert around 11 p.m. Fans had been waiting for several hours for the show to begin. A spokesman claims one of the band member’s is sick. The fans riot. The media reports that Axl never left New York and that he was watching a basketball game on TV.

The band the Offspring at one point threatened to use the title Chinese Democracy for their album title, but backed down at the threat of being sued by Axel Rose who is always suing someone every year. I actually met in RL a guy who was friends with the lead singer of The Offspring. I asked him about it and he said (Dexter) thought it was funny... I said so did I. lol. 

March 2005: A New York Times article about Chinese Democracy titled “The Most Expensive Album Never Made” states that production costs have reached $13 million.

At one point Dr. Pepper announced it would give everyone in the United States a free soft drink if Axel Rose released Chinese Democracy 


Does this behavior remind you of anyone? Yesterday was supposed to be this huge event where everyone was treated to the "the most advanced SL machinima film ever created, combining an array of powerful directorial techniques, stunning visual effects shots, custom animations, sound effects and sound editing, and a dark, mysterious storyline with some breathtaking sexual scenes to boot."

Where is it?

I'm mean to boast something like that and not produce is rather embarrassing. Especially throwing a party for it. What were you thinking? Seriously... having a party for something that is delayed yet again? LOL. I guess some ego-stroking was needed.

I mean you have such high praise for your own work... shouldn't you let others decide how good it is? You haven't done anything in a sense.. but release a small trailer which wasn't that hard to make. Text wipe with a optical flare effects and color key and adding a different background. That's really it. Yet you can go boast your stuff is the best? Over others who have produced great work. It's really insulting to people like Serenity Juneberry, Rysan Falls, Tox Menges, Pixie Rain and many others.
Lesson #1 in machinima making.. figure out where you are going to upload the movie.. you would think you would of had that part figured out in the last 5 months. I guess when you are preoccupied with patting yourself on the back for such a job well done... you tend to forget things like that.

I for one can't wait to see it..that's if it ever does come out. The build up..all the claims. I pretty sure that this "movie" is more sizzle than steak.

With that said I must get back to my new movie project.. Sultrina! Keep and eye out for the party!

I leave you with a good machinima that actually did come out. man vs second life 2

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Make way for... Tory Lane!

Months ago I attempted to rule Open Life sim. Problem was there wasn't much to rule. I joined this new one called Avination. Rayven Baily or Megan Fux weren't a option, so I went with Tory Lane! So as you can see how advanced this world is you teleport in a lake.

Here I am,... now where the hell are the stores!

So I started to show some skin.. problem is this place is like a third world country, nobody has any money. 

I got a job at this great strip club.. must of been a off night it was pretty slow. 

I was able to find these amazing looking designer freebies and skin

Wow, a face light look how hot I am now. So I tried to get back to the spawn in welcome area to show how smoking hot I was now... but i couldn't. So I ended up breaking in some rich bitches house.

Look at that.. she was so rich she had this amazing bed which let's you take a shower right in the middle of the bedroom. Amazing! There were two other beds too. One in the bathroom! After all that hard work I just decided to eat their porridge and then take a nap in the bed. I was then woken by three angry bears... to which I teleported away remembering I didn't have my chain guns with me returning to safety in second life. 

The End

Friday, May 13, 2011

Slutrina is here!!

Yes, finally... I guess my Slutrina comic book got lost in the mail somewhere. So I got wind there was this great party tomorrow to show the greatest movie of all time! This is bigger than Harry Potter... bigger than Star Wars... bigger than Lord of the Rings.. bigger than Tomb Raider. This is the event of the year!

So I headed to this club Cinnabon. I love their cinnamon rolls.. but on this night nobody was selling any. When I got there they were just putting out a poster for Slutrina and there was no line!! Yes, I was first in line to see the greatest piece of Machinima every created. My lucky night...I figured with all the hype I would be way in the back. Nope... I'm first!

So I start asking questions about this Epic movie. I asked if the amount of people in the club increased because of this Epic movie.. the response was no.(believe me there weren't that many for a friday)

When I asked if I can camp out over night to be first in line to see this Epic movie.. the greatest movie of it's kind ever created. The hosts thought I was silly. They asked if I was "on something." My reply, "Yes, Charlie Sheen".

After all this is this the most amazing piece of machinima/movie footage every created. Why wouldn't I want to be the first to see it?

I guess the others at this club on this night weren't nearly as excited as me about the release of the Slutrina as I was! In fact most seemed disinterested.  I just couldn't understand why... This is a once is a second life time event!!!

They just didn't care for my enthusiasm for this work of art... they banned me!
I guess I will have to wait for the straight to DVD release...

Blog down.. Look what I found

 Recently I been trying to keep to myself, but sometimes you just have to go back and face old demons.. or in this case lying cry babies.

So last night blogger was down so I decided to do a google search of "cravingrayven". Bingo, this is what I found...

Your Blogs URL:  http://cravingrayven.blogspot.
Browser(s) used:

I have reported abuse on someones blog several times, and even for copyright infringement. Alot of others have reported this person's blog also for Hate against groups of people, even disability.
Not only that, but also violating other things such as personal information"private" also even violating TOS violations in other communtiy guidelines.
Apparantly the blog is a hate blog on a group of people that belong on the virtual game secondlife in which has it's own TOS "disclosing avatar information." The person has gone as far as personal attacks on someone, and others.

I for one can't stand blogs like this, and only hope they get removed, if anyone else can report abuse, or tell me how to get this blog taken down that would be nice, because I for one don't like to see my friend's and community attacked by this person.

Here is a link to their blog everyone, please give it a look and see what I am talking about......

Nice try, Scooby... seems your lies only got you so far...again.
1) Copyright Infringement? - What? Embedding a music video from youtube? Using musical artist songs in my videos? Oh, like you have. 
2) Hate - LOL, I guess the truth hurts... and I'm sure you and some of your friends don't like it. Then again, when someone robs a bank and gets caught... I'm thinking they are not exactly loving jail time. It's all cause and effect..
3) Hate against the disabled - Did I say something about Stephen Hawkins? Oh, you are talking about the fake disability you claimed you had so you can buy a new computer. You, yourself said they took it away because you were NOT disabled. 
4) Violating personal information - Like what? Stuff you told me about? Yet, prior to that is was ok for you to make comments about my deceased Grandmother.. over, and over, right?

5) Linden labs TOS.    LOL - OMG are you serious? This coming from the person who back in December sent out a private IM conversation between he and I in a notice in the Pornstars group. LOL. 
Of course your SL mommy, Miss Emma Shepard looked the other way.. and somehow levied me with a 1 month ban... I guess it does pay off to go to her blog kiss her ass every now and then. I just never learned that. BTW, Scooby.. you have something brown on your nose. 
I guess we all know now who got my movies booted from Blip.tv.  Mystery solved.I'm sure Linden Labs have a huge filing cabinet in their office just wth all your complaints about me.

So in further violation of the rules.. I leave you with this.My song to you.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Who's first?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Deadly Curves

So a few weeks ago I went back to my old shape. Shorter, maxed out boobs and butt.. a little overall thicker. This was the shape I had prior to making movies. I changed because when I was working at LeCabaret, girls there all were taller and had long legs. It just looked better to be swinging on a pole. My old shape boobs we in the low 90's but between 85-90. I was taller and had a long torso and really thin.

Overall I have to say the new shape has been a huge hit. I been getting a ton of comments on my butt. :)

I been hanging out at Anaconda recently... I think overall, Ambrosia has better looking avatars, I like the music mix better and they have Djs all the time. Anaconda to me is, well.. fun.

First off it's more of a meat market. Guys are always hitting up my profile and my movie views have shown that lol. I guess in the end I get a kick out of these so called "players". there.

I can't tell you how many times I been hit on by a guy dancing with another women. I was talking to this one guy yesterday who got a kick out of my Justin Love movie and this other guy IMs me.

"Your booty is yummy.. blah blah blah" Then tells me to come here sending me a TP to some sex area. So I ignore him.. he keeps IMing to teleport tells me to come. I tell him I'm not a dog. Then sensing Im not going throw myself at him.. he claims he thought I was someone else. LOL. Someone named Rayven who looks exactly like me. So he kisses my ass for a bit.. thinking he smoothed everything over. I tell him "it's not happening". Then he really started to lay the ass kissing on. To which I replied, "it's too bad the moment I saw you I wanted you to fuck my brains out" lol. He eventually left.. lol.

Don't get me wrong, I met some nice guys there.. and I met some real tools.

Another guy was dancing with a girl and IMing me. So I was playing along I was interested. lol. This guy claims he was trying to be a nicer guy. So he kicks the girl to the curb. Then wants me to rush to him and be all over that. He got really pissed when I didn't answer his IMs right away. Eventually he left too...

My final subject was this guy dancing with a girl last night. Asked me if I ever talked to a master before.. like I don't know, he was some dominate force.  I explain to his Im not really a sub.. but he asks me if I wanted to be collared. So I told him sure if you make it worth while and give me plenty of spending money so I can go shopping everyday. He got really pissed. Told me to get a job. To which I replied, I have a job I want to spend your money not mine. Then I proceeded to tell him he had a false sense he was dominate because she surrounded himself with feeble cum dumpsters and I would walk all over him. To which he sure changed his tune after that lol.

Though I'm having fun.. soaking up all the attention of my shape and knocking fools out in return.. I'm need to get back to doing something creative. Yea, I keep saying that... like I said on this blog before..I get sidetracked easily. I have the attention span of a child at times. Which, is a good thing.. because it helps me deal with this "clowns".

Currently, I don't own land.. most of my movies were made on my land. The owner sold it and right where my land was there is some stupid linden labs welcome center. Bunch of noobs standing around right were I made all my movies. So I guess I need to look into that and take that first step.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Boo fuckin' hoo

So today it was passed on to me that someone dressed like a clown has a blog bitching about Scooby Mode and myself. Didn't take long to figure out who it was... First off, this is an alt account they have. I was taking pictures at Pixel Bean about a month and a half ago... someone out of the blue starts IMing me. They read my blog and started to give their two cents about things. They wanted to play grammar police... I guess they had nothing better to do... and I did. I was taking photos... like this one

So they were getting on my nerves so I muted them. I don't care if my grammar is bad. It could be better, but I'm lazy and type shorthand. I get the message across.. I'm not taking a fucking test or writing a novel. So fuck off! It would be one thing if I was going around claiming I am perfect in that area, but I'm not! I don't care.. nothing drives me to be. So your point was worthless. People who want to correct others grammar are the same people who never got laid in high school. Gratz, you grew up wanting to be Bill Gates, but you are more like a mall cop running around second life.

So, I guess they didn't care for this too much for being muted and ignored.. so they posted on my blog shortly after that as anonymous. LOL. I knew who it was from what was wrote and what they said the previous night. I didn't approve it.. I actually, didn't even acknowledge it,  I blamed another party...

So I guess they got even more pissed off.. like a serial killer.. I gave the credit to someone else.. not them. So I guess they made a blog then LOL.

So first post is bitching about Scooby.. second post is about me. Saying I am a attention whore.. I guess I am to a certain extent. Then again, everyone likes attention. Wait, who is this coming from?

Oh, the person who got upset I muted them.. the person who got upset I didn't approve their anonymous post and give them credit. LMAO. Hypocrisy, look that word up bookworm.

Blah, blah, blah they ramble on their blog. Grammar police should do an internal audit before running their mouth.

So they posted about some bar with ZERO traffic that they love to hang out at. I get on a alt (only because I figured once I popped in they would kick me). I created the Alt making Sinderella to play a joke on Ivori Faith to see if she would fuck a newbie.. considering she was fucking everything in sight at the time.

Stupid clown has a whore on his lap who is begging for lindens... I start fucking with them. Clown gets wind I might be someone else... I guess clowns can't fucking type, because this one was a lost for words. Took him 5 minutes to type one response and then he couldn't get the grammar or spelling correct. Ouch, for someone who lives, breathes.. correcting others grammar and spelling in second life, you dropped the ball, putz. Then he starts crying I'm going to blog this.. to which my reply. "Feel free, with nobody following your blog who is going to read it." LOL.

Seriously, if you have a blog for a month and not one person following it.. it's time to find a new hobby.

Reading a little more on their blog they came across a Minotaur with a large cock and then they said they went off in the corner and started masturbating.BINGO - I'm not Sigmund Fucking Freud, but you sound gay to me.

Sad thing is their blog is a bad attempt at my blog... yet they are a fat clown..I'm a hot ass, Princess. So let's see.. you read my profile.. read my blog. IMed me.. when I felt you weren't worthy to speak to the Princess... I muted you. You got upset.. cried on my blog. I made you more upset. Made your own blog to which nobody knows or cares about.. Shit you pants as I dropped in as your whore was trying to sweet talk you out of the few lindens you had.

Do I have to say it? You got knocked the fuck out!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Armageddon is upon us the Mayan calender says so.. time is ticking. Bin Laden is dead... have we side stepped Armageddon? More than likely no... who is the real Anti-christ that we must now set or sights on destroying before it's too late! Vote now in the poll and I will personally send the results to Mr. Obama so he can get in touch with Ben Affleck and we can put a end to the threat.

So Bin Laden is dead.

So they say... He could be... or maybe not. I will come out and say I don't believe everything the U.S. Government says is the truth. I'm a skeptic. I think Bin Laden is more of a myth now then a real man. Hell, like Santa Claus he could be played by several different people. If they really did get him... come on, you can't tell me they couldn't find this guy for the last ten years. It's not like he is hiding out in some tropical deserted island.

Seriously, ask yourself this.. if they would of got him right after 911 when the U.S. attacked Afghanistan would that give them just cause to attack Iraq? Yea, I forgot Saddam had weapons of mast destruction... which we never found.

I guess if Bin Laden is really dead then we should pull all our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq and bring them home! Oh, we can't do that because in a few months there will be someone else who has taken over where Bin Laden left off and we must find him next.

Believe me, it's all about saving the rest of the world from Terror and nothing to do with oil! Then again, this couldn't of been better news for Obama.. he's acting like a president trying to get re-elected.

I mean Bush got re-elected again, wait.. nope.. got elected, he never actually won the first election.

I leave you with a final question. It's almost been 10 years since the Sept. 11th attacks on the World Trade center. How can they knock down and put up a new casino in Vegas in a few months, but take 10 years+ to build back the towers?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Princess does it again!

So I'm at a club dancing minding my own business and I get a IM from this jackass who feels he is some sort of Greek god or something. 

[2011/04/30 23:03]  Rile Tatham turned his head, looking towards the sexy woman across the room, looking her over, as he ran a single hand over his strong rippled abs, feeling the moisture run down it, as he slammed his body in and out to the beat of the music. He gave a half grin, as he mouthed the words across to her, "Hello sexy..."
[2011/04/30 23:04]  Rayven Baily: Hello and you are a smoke cloud
[2011/04/30 23:05]  Rile Tatham: Hmm let me do a rebake.
[2011/04/30 23:06]  Rile Tatham: Did that help?
[2011/04/30 23:08]  Rayven Baily: nope
[2011/04/30 23:08]  Rile Tatham: Awwe damn

I'm getting hit on by someone who is a smoke cloud. lol

[2011/04/30 23:19]  Rile Tatham: Awe.. You left.
[2011/04/30 23:19]  Rayven Baily: yea
[2011/04/30 23:20]  Rile Tatham: It's too bad you didn't get to see my bod. I make good Lindens with it.
[2011/04/30 23:20]  Rayven Baily: oh yea people pay good money to see a smoke cloud
[2011/04/30 23:21]  Rayven Baily: maybe i might have to come back and see for myself
[2011/04/30 23:23]  Rile Tatham: Does that look like a smoke cloud to you? ;)
[2011/04/30 23:23]  Rayven Baily: Lol not any longer
[2011/04/30 23:24]  Rile Tatham: I don't think I'd be a Sixx Pack dancer for over a year if I was a smoke cloud. ;) lol
[2011/04/30 23:26]  Rayven Baily: i dunno never heard of six pack dancers
[2011/04/30 23:27]  Rile Tatham: Really? Odd. Sixx Pack is actually the oldest still running male dancer club, with over 1000 VIPs, and good tips to this day. :P
[2011/04/30 23:28]  Rayven Baily: Oh great so you are trying to tell me you want to spend that hard earned money on me lol
[2011/04/30 23:28]  Rile Tatham: lol. What makes you think I want to spend any of it on you?
[2011/04/30 23:30]  Rayven Baily: cause you keep bringing it up
[2011/04/30 23:31]  Rile Tatham: Here is what I am offering. I take you to my place, fuck your brains out, don't pay your ass, and then never talk to you again. Does that work for you?
[2011/04/30 23:33]  Rayven Baily: I think you are a little too cocky. lol. I used to be a escort... I have/had sugar daddies. I make SL Porn. I fuck all the time. lol. You come off as gods gift. Hell, a six pack in second life is just buy a skin you dont have to do one sit up lol
[2011/04/30 23:36]  Rile Tatham: lol. All dancers I know are even more egotistical than myself. Honestly I know that there is a different attraction curve with SL than RL. Anyone with eyes can see that, but it's also clear that you seem to have the same view of yourself. To deny this would just be incorrect.
[2011/04/30 23:37]  Rayven Baily: Really? how do you figure Im not going around telling people how great I look and lets go fuck and after that I wont talk to you anymore lol

So he starts whining because I rejected him and bruised his fragile ego and he is still a smoke cloud. Finally he
 left.. I had a surprise for him I had the DJ play two songs from me to him. One was Pink - You and your hand. 

[2011/04/30 23:49]  Rayven Baily: hey where did you go
[2011/04/30 23:50]  Rayven Baily: come back hurry
[2011/04/30 23:50]  Rile Tatham: I crashed and relogged in my place.
[2011/04/30 23:51]  Rayven Baily: hurry back I have something for you
[2011/04/30 23:52]  Rile Tatham: You have been fighting with me all night, and now you want me to rush back to the club? O.o
[2011/04/30 23:54]  Rayven Baily: hurry back come back
[2011/04/30 23:55]  Rile Tatham: I am here.
[2011/04/30 23:55]  Rayven Baily: I requested this song for you
[2011/04/30 23:56]  Rile Tatham: Awwwe. I am touched.
[2011/04/30 23:58]  Rile Tatham: I tried requesting who let the dogs out for you but they told me it was far too rhetorical. ;)
[2011/05/01 00:01]  Rayven Baily: Really? is that why you were hitting on me and not the other way around. I guess I short of requested that song short dick man
[2011/05/01 00:02]  Rile Tatham: lol. Wow. You certainly can't take a joke, though you seem to dish it out just fine. xD
[2011/05/01 00:04]  Rayven Baily: Sure i can you have jokes too.. like your vanity and your paper thin confidence.
[2011/05/01 00:05]  Rile Tatham: Oooh wow. Someone is very angry now. This is just getting more funny by the moment. Anyways I am actually busy now. This has been fun, but you'll have to entertain yourself now. ;)
[2011/05/01 00:06]  Rayven Baily: Not mad.. what do I have to be mad about? Busy? or is your hand busy.
[2011/05/01 00:07]  Rile Tatham: Oh my god. You hurt my feelings soo bad. I think I might go cut myself and listen to emo music... haha Wow. If you aren't mad, you are just simply hilarious.
[2011/05/01 00:10]  Rayven Baily: Yes, i am funny thanks. So are you using Ky or vasoline lol
[2011/05/01 00:10]  Rayven Baily: jergens maybe?

So some girl starts IM me

[2011/05/01 00:14]  Anemone Kytori: He is using ky
[2011/05/01 00:16]  Rayven Baily: how cute he spent his money to have you IM me lol
[2011/05/01 00:19]  Anemone Kytori: he doesnt have to pay me, as long as i get to watch him
[2011/05/01 00:21]  Anemone Kytori: dont be too jealous
[2011/05/01 00:22]  Rayven Baily: watch him jerk off lol. Jealous of what I shot him down.
[2011/05/01 00:22]  Anemone Kytori: ohh couldnt handle him then i see, its ok
[2011/05/01 00:22]  Rayven Baily: yea that its. lol wow you are so clever. Im jealous now LOL.
[2011/05/01 00:23]  Anemone Kytori: jealousy is an illness....get well bish!
[2011/05/01 00:24]  Rayven Baily: Well I gues you should see a doctor, hoe. You are IMing me not the other way around who is jealous now? You have what I didnt want LOL
[2011/05/01 00:27]  Anemone Kytori: you didnt want because he is too good for your fat ass
[2011/05/01 00:27]  Rayven Baily: Right Im fat lol. Wow you are a dumb whore. How much you make 5 lindens lol
[2011/05/01 00:30]  Anemone Kytori: you bore me, im done with you..bye bye
[2011/05/01 00:31]  Rayven Baily: LOL. Listen to yourself. you would of been bored the minute you opened your mouth

So I check this girl's profile see she works at this Coyote Ugly bar. I go there... what a dump. Looks like it was furnished at a newbie store. She is the only one there.

I took this pic like 3 second before she got offline She couldn't get away fast enough. LOL. Looks like a skunk died on top her head. That outfit? Goes with her entire look I guess, cheap. lol.

So as Pepe LePuke left.. I danced on the freebie bar with nobody to stop me! I owned the joint...Make way for the Princess!

In honor of Rile Tatham's night of lonely pleasure all by himself while the skunk watched.. I give you the song I dedicated to him.