"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ruff Times in SL Porn

The following photos were taken over like a 8 minute span.  (first three hours this video was posted). This video wasn't working and someone was boosting it big time. I'm not going to accuse anyone... just posting what I saw. Bet on black has like 3,600 views now.

Now Horny Toons has 4,000+ views. It's a sad.. sad.. sad.. day. I hope you are proud of your accomplishment.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Plugging away at it!

Lately I have been trying to get better at after effects... and just create small videos in the process. I have taken on a new task.. that's trying to get organized. That's something I struggle with. So I been working to organize my  SL inventory and my computer... I got rid of a lot of stuff and made some room on my hard drive. Sooner or later I will make a video. LOL.

Really this needed to be done.. my laptop hard drive was full and I have a 1.5 TB room on my external hard drive.. I had pictures and videos saved in several different folders. Things were just a mess...

My next step is to go exploring in Second life and organized my findings. I love exploring and finding new places... but Im not very organized at that either. I have flirted with the idea of creating a blog to highlight certain regions of a sim/region sorta of make a Machinima/Photoshop database. So if you are looking to shoot a video or picture standing by a waterfall. You go to the label waterfall and it would pull up all the pictures and sims with good looking waterfalls. I would like to make this a open project if possible to others who want to add a region they think could be beneficial.

Just a idea I have had for some time.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Taking a break

First off - I won't be doing that video I previously mentioned. The whole concept was a music video to Pink's song "Sober". Basically in the video I was going to be playing a troubled female who goes to visit her parents who were both deceased. Parents were and alcoholic and a drug addict and both lived short lives because of it. While at the cemetery she confronts her own demons and decides if she wants to meet a similar fate. In the end she overcomes her demons and decides there that she wants more out of life.

It was harder to do because of the content of the video. I have some interesting effects lined up, but can always use them on something else. Though in the end the message was positive.. it was hard to work on something like that. I didn't want to just have me standing around singing. I dunno.. after a while I just realized there are things I want to do and I couldnt do them in that type of video because of the nature of the content.

Recently I been working on a lot with After Effects. Just learning the in and outs of it. Learning what all the effects do and how to use them.

The project I recently mentioned I still have high hopes for and it goes with a lot of what I'm doing. Once I get done with fooling with After Effects I will take a step back and decide what direction I will go in. I been getting a TON of ideas just just messing with After Effects, though.

There is also one other thing I'm messing with here... which I might reveal here soon.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Full Moon video

I was visiting this sim and I started to feel ill... the next thing you know..

Monday, June 20, 2011

Same old song and dance

So earlier in the week Emanuelle Shepherd (yes, I still stand by they are the same person 110%) made a post on her blog in response to Hard Rust's comments last week.

In her little rant she supports uploading as much and as many videos as you can to Naughty Machinima. Then talks about the community and how we should be blogging others movies to forge a better community.

So the usual suspects comment, supporting her.. even Aprille Shepherd takes a few minutes of standing around Toy Slaves Brothel with her 15+ bots to make a comment.

So I commented and gave my 2 cents on the subject.. and a day or two later I had a few other things to add and made another comment. Well, it never was made public.. Instead we had a tons of pictures of real life porn stars (what do they have to do with second life? Second life porn? Nothing, just a ploy to suck in more people to her blog who otherwise wouldnt go.) Another picture of that Prince Andrew.. which seems like has been posted 100 times. Talk about beating a dead horse.

These thing are more important... it seems. Well, since the conversation went from an ass kissing contest to others with opinions that didn't exactly go a long with her's.

This whole thing sort of reminds me of back in December... EmeeLee organized to have a bunch of SL Pornstars pictures taken in group photos with a Christmas theme. They were supposed to be shown exclusively on Emanuelle's blog.. but after the first wave was released, they were quickly burried by four posts about her next great movie "Emanuelle does Dallas" (which BTW 6 months later has yet to come out) Yet it was SO important at that time to let everyone know about this great movie (which still hasn't come out, BTW) and to take away what EmeeLee worked hard at organizing. Hey, it was important. NOT!

So I think in my second comment (which never was posted) I made some valid points and since I'm smarter than the average bear.. I copied what I wrote in a notecard... because I sort of saw this coming. Here it is mostly (with some editing since its so hard to write in those small comment boxes)

Just one more thing I would like to add on this. When I joined the "Pornstars" group for the first time. I didn't say anything, I just sort of took it in for about three weeks. Just observing... Naughty machinima was down at the time and I didn't even know what Naughty Machinima was. Several people were complaining it was down. They sent an email and Muze didn't reply. Muze didn't put a message on the website why its down. They were cursing him, calling him names.

With the the bitching and complaining, I assumed it was a paid site. Later once I found out what Naughty Machinima was I couldn't believe all these people were having a fit over a website which was charging them NOTHING to host their videos.

Naughty Machinima is not Youtube. It's basically one guy running it and I know he has other sites also. He hasn't charged to keep it running up until recently. When I talked to him like six months ago he said he was considering changes to the site, but didn't make any major changes right away. Only now that things have got worse are changes being made.

Since I have been making machinima videos the quality of the videos on Naughty Machinima have improve all while at the same time the naughty Bitch has been down or crashed several times and the video quality has got worse. Hell, it's down right now.

So we should be VERY LUCKY we have Naughty Machinima and what Muze is doing for SL Porn.

You say others in the community are trying to tear others down? What are "others" doing to Naughty Machinima/sl porn? Obviously he don't want to charge people, because he would of already been doing it. The change to a payment system is to offset the the "spamming" some people choose to do. The abusive attitude of a small few are changing things for a entire community.

You say Enthusiasm is a good thing... well, you can still get excited about making Machinima, but it don't mean you need to spam the site with your cookie cutter videos.

Jinx made some great points. How many cave videos, or lap dance videos, or beach videos does the same person need to make?

I'm all for others making progress and improving. I'll be honest. I wasn't a huge fan of Sleepy Umia (sp?) movies when she first started I thought they were way to long. Over time she continued to improve and got much better to a point where she was starting to take on some subject matter that was rather sensitive. The point is she improved over time.

I see some of these cookie cutter videos by some of these directors. You watch their early work and compare it to what they are doing a year later and it looks about the same. My opinion is you can't improve on anything that you slap together in a few hours each day using a same movie script you used a dozen times.

The solution is not blogging people's movies. Sure, that can help but not everyone who goes to Naughty Machinima goes to blogs. You might have people who go to the site because they like the videos but have nothing to do with SL or the Sims at all. So instead of seeing a great machinima by Rysan Falls or Pixie Rain. The front page had 5 videos each by three different people.

Finally, for those of you waiting to make the comparison to RL porn. Last I checked RL Porn is a multi-million dollar buisness. Nobody in SL porn is getting rich. The audience for SL Porn machinima is MUCH smaller than RL porn. That's because a majority of people love two watch to humans fucking, but could care less about two avatars sitting on a pose ball. Which is why Plots, stories and characters are more essential to SL porn than RL porn.

In the end I don't feel there was any real attempt her to have an discussion on what I feel is a big problem which has only got WORSE over time. I look at this as Emma Shepherd trying to cast a line out and see what kind of nibbles she can get... if she still had any support after I claimed they were one of the same person. Once she started to get some comments of support, it was a platform to once again try to show the Emanuelle Jamseon and Aprille Shepherd were two different people. An a weak one at that.

So here is the deal.. if ANYONE wants to have a legitimate discussion about how things can improve in SL Porn - what changes need to be made. I will host it right on my site. I won't bury it will crap nobody cares about. I wont censor it....like you find on other sites. It will be the focus.. not some picture of a sub-par RL porn star.

Friday, June 17, 2011


My Flickr account is not showing up because someone reported I had a picture not set with the correct safety setting. Strange how all of a sudden they removed certain photos from their own flickr around the same time. I'm sure it was the same person who tried to get my blog removed (which you can see for yourself in a google search). Same person who got my movies removed from Blip.tv

Some people need to get a life... get a job move out of mommy and daddy's basement.

What's your next trick? Call the FBI and tell them I made jokes about George Dubbya Bush?

A few changes

First off.. the video I been working on I'm going to put it off for a while. Why? Well, overall I think I have a solid idea, but things are coming along slowly... so I'm going to take a break  I will say it's tougher than I thought..

With that said.. I came up with a new idea. An I will say this idea is perfect for me and I LOVE it! The idea is sort of fresh and there are a few different ways I can go with it.. what makes it great?

It plays to my strengths as a machinima maker. A lot of the stuff I do on my blog and some of by better movies.. I really had no plans for ideas just pop in my head. A great example of this was my movie, Seducing Santa. One day I was just looking on marketplace for Christmas stuff and bought a few things and the next thing you know I had a video.

It also allows me to try a bunch of different stuff I have always wanted to do.

Best of all... it will be FUN! Not just to make... but also to be part of and I hope I can get others involved.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Seems I might of bit off more than I can chew... So far I have like 40 secs of my video done. This is much harder than I thought it would be. Problem is since it's a music video it is a lot of little clips.. all with green screen and effects. Add into that getting the right shot.. lighting, color correction. I feel like I'm working on a Pixar film. The worst part about it is this type of project will require some type of system to keep everything organized and well, that's not one of my strong points. I like what I have so far.. I like the theme and idea.. just going to be a much bigger time wise investment that I thought.

I like to look at the traffic of my blog and where I get viewers from. After the death of Bin laden... I had 5 views in one day from Iran. I guess the terrorist are keeping and eye on me. Well, I noticed a web page the Future of Sex. There is an article and video there about making money in second life and they used my picture as the featured image.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Via Revolution!

So back months ago.. let's say sometime in November. I started to speak up on a few things going on in SL Porn. View boosting and people uploading video after video, day after day, of low quality videos...instead of spending a little extra time to make a good video. Nobody else really publicly came out and joined me, but I had people send me message saying they are with me.

I guess I stuck my neck out on the chopping block, but I didn't care. As far as I was concerned it had to be said.
So last week Aurelia Lionheart shared her feelings on the subject.

Tonight, I came across a post by Hitomi Crystal on her blog about the quality of porn movies on NM.

 It's good to see there are others out there that feel the same way.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vampires suck!

I hate them... hate them! They are so annoying in second life! I like this video though because it sort of mocks them.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Smartest man in the world!

Touched by an Angel

Ok, there wasn't any touching.. but we talked. I just wanted to give a big thank you to Natalie Xenga for some tips on video production. I also had all these ideas for videos and well.. she just helped me out a bunch! Gave me a key to unlock this writer's block..

My current project is sort of challenging do to the nature of the content.. It wasn't going to be something I finished in a week.. or two anyhow. So I might start on a simpler project to work with on the side..maybe even before. We will see how it goes.. 

Overall things are looking up... An I just signed my soul over to NX Productions.

Back from the future!

Well, I just came across this from Aprille Sheperd's tweeter..

 It's basically a picture of Aprille Sheperd and Emanuelle Jameson with a copy of some txt of them talking to each other. Wow, I was so wrong about these two.. this picture and this text clearly shows they are two different people. How can I be so wrong about these two..

Wait a minute.. something is happening.

[2011/06/07 08:36]  Rayven Baily: Woah, who are you?
[2011/06/07 08:37]  Future Rayven: I am from the future and this here is you from the past.
[2011/06/07 08:37]  Past Rayven: The future is such a different and confusing place.
[2011/06/07 08:37]  Future Rayven: Past Rayven, we are only a hour into the future.
[2011/06/07 08:37]  Rayven Baily: I'm in the future?
[2011/06/07 08:38]  Future Rayven: No, you are in the present, Rayven.
[2011/06/07 08:38]  Past Rayven: See, I told you it was confusing
[2011/06/07 08:39]  Rayven Baily: How did you get here?
[2011/06/07 08:42]  Future Rayven: Emanuelle Jameson used her time machine and came to the future
[2011/06/07 08:42]  Future Rayven: I stopped her from learning about our plan to reveal she is a Alt of Aprille Sheperd so she couldn't stop us.
[2011/06/07 08:42]  Future Rayven: I then stole her time machine, erased her memory
[2011/06/07 08:42]  Future Rayven: an brought her back to the year 2011.
[2011/06/07 08:43]  Rayven Baily: Wow!
[2011/06/07 08:43]  Future Rayven: I then returned to the future and uploaded a virus into Scooby Mode's super computer
[2011/06/07 08:43]  Future Rayven: Which allowed me to take control of all the bots at Toy Slaves Brothel.
All 3,000 of them.
[2011/06/07 08:43]  Rayven Baily: Wow 3,000 bots. That's some army!
[2011/06/07 08:44]  Past Rayven: Then she came to see me and now we are here to see you.
[2011/06/07 08:44]  Future Rayven: Rayven, in the future you will rule second life with a iron first like you always dreamed.
[2011/06/07 08:44]  Future Rayven: Your army of bots cannot be stopped!

So what did your pic and txt prove? Nothing. i just did exactly what you did.. using my avatar as three different characters. Not really hard to fudge the txt transcript..

All I know is that 10:39 was one long, long minute. I guess Emanuelle can also stop time, too.. 

Too bad you didn't use the time to explain why Emma story about how she came up with her name is full of shit. Maybe explaining the outrageous videos views. Or a sim full of bots...

Nice try

Monday, June 6, 2011

Writing this because I care..

Yesterday, I noticed that a link to my blog was removed from the Stripped and teased blog. So in a knee jerk reaction I removed all blogs from my blog. I had plans to edit them anyhow..and have since added some back.

Then thinking about it.. it really wasn't so much the removal of my blog, but it was something else that got me upset.

Thing is this.. I have a lot of respect for Serenity Juneberry. If anyone should be the face of SL Porn, I think it should be her. She is really a nice person and sometimes too nice! She makes great movies.. comes up with creative things like 3D movies and the blockbuster thing where he show what movies were the most watched during a week. (which she no longer does because of view boosting) She is willing to help you out with technical movie stuff or just second life stuff in general. Runs her own club and it don't look like Bots R Us.

Now she is blogging for Emanuelle Jameson aka Aprille Shepard. This is the part that bothers me.. and here is why.

I think Serenity could do everything Emma does and so much more. I see this as a horizontal (maybe even a step back) not forward move for her. It's sort of like Serenity is the great song writer, who is now writing songs for well... a much lesser talent and that bothers me... because she deserves better and more, but because she is so nice, she wants to help... problem here is who she is helping.

Let's face it Serenity is everything the Emanuelle Jameson avatar could never be, but wants to be, but Serenity don't have the desire to be bigger than life. While the Emma avatar wants that so bad... 

I got in SL after watching some of Emma's movies at the Keyhole club.. looking back at her body of work now.. I wonder what I saw, really. The more I think about it.. I think it was the venue.. this theater showing these movies. not so much the movies.. I thought it was sorta cool.

There are some quality stuff.. Perfect Stanger, La Cagna Ricca..

I want Candi is overrated... and way over boosted. This movie could of used some adjusting on the pose balls.. badly. Then there are all those movies with the "When Harry Met Sally" soundbite.. which get annoying after hearing it a few times.

Nothing blew me away... I recall before La Cagna Ricca was released the Emma avatar told me "people are going to copy this movie. "

I'm sorry, i don't think they have... and I wasn't that impressed with it to start. I guess like Sultrina, they way she talked about it I expected so much more.. and well, whoop de doo...

Facts are this... the addition of others to Emma's blog was much needed... It was stale with the same old stuff over and over. Her hyping the same people over and over.. if they deserved it or not. It became rather predictable.If Ruff Brocco made a movie.. in a day or two it would be on her blog. If Krystal was in a movie it would be on her blog the next day. It came to a point the reviews on the movies where like Groundhog day.. different movies same review.. almost as if you knew what she was going to say before she said it. 

So she goes out and gets a handful of others to help and for the most part they bring something to the blog.

Reading Serenity's movie reviews compared to Emma's is like going from Popov Vodka to Grey Goose. The director's spotlights are also a joy to read and can tell she really tries to put a professional spin on it.

The Real life porn thing is basically just to get blog hits. Don't believe me? try it. Embed a real life porn video to your blog and write a couple of sentences with who is in it. I'm not that hard up for cheap blog hits to do it myself.

Jinx's photos and Pornstar profiles are a interesting addition, but my suggestion is change the questions up.. people are giving the same answers to the same questions.

In the end... these people were brought in to keep the name of Emanuelle Jameson in the news... because well, it's been a while since she had a movie... after all back in December she was sending notices out like crazy hyping this movie and making 10 sec trailers... yet her we are in June... I don't see it.

Now we have five others blogging on her blog and for the most part have more interesting stuff to add then she does, yet even though it seem like more of a community blog yet it's still called Emanuelle Jameson's second life. About SL Biggest Porn star. (don't laugh)

So Emma Shepard.. why don't you step out of the spotlight.. or at least move over and allow the others who are basically helping you make your blog more interesting and change the name of your blog to something that more represents the group as a whole, while leaving your name out of the title.  If this is not another silly attempt to make your name larger than life.. you will. Can your ego handle it? This is a test.


A Voice of Reason

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Leaving Las Vegas

I rented this today thinking it was going to be a reality show about SL biggest porn star, but instead it turned out to be a pretty good movie. Nicklas Cage plays an suicidal alcoholic who has lost it all and has a prostitute fall in love with him.

So now that Emamuelle is moving the internet is buzzing.. to where? Obviously, she has become too big for Las Vegas. We can speculate... Los Angeles? Miami? New York? Paris? The Jersey Shore? Wonderland?

Who knows.. but one thing for sure.. it will be Epic!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Pulling the curtain back

So here is my secret.. or should I say someone's secret.... Like the wizard of Oz above.. it's time to pull the curtain back. I will explain how I came about this and why I am doing this...

 First a little about me.. I really enjoy the History Channel. Discovery channel... programs and documentaries that make you think about things. I don't believe everything I watch or hear, but I do take it in consideration. I don't believe in the Loc Ness monster, Big foot.. Vampires, but I enjoying hearing their side of why they exist. Either to laugh my ass off.. or to say you know.. they have a point. I do feel it helps  me broaden my thinking and not be so narrow minded.. missing things that are right in front of my own eyes.

 So with that said..Emmanuelle Jameson is an alt of Aprille Sheperd.

Why am I making this public - Well, months ago Aprille Sheperd made a comment on my blog saying I should apologize to Emmanulle Jameson for assuming that Ace Orberts (who played the male role in La Cagna Ricca) was an alt or a bot. After how I was treated within her group the Pornstars this didn't sit well with me.. and really there was no need for me to apologize because I was right. My biggest pet peeve is knowing Im right yet someone lying to me.. like Im a fucking idiot.

The avatar of Ace Oberts - Before I put anything on my blog this avatar was online all the time. There was nothing in their profile. from the time Aprille Sheperd saw my post and posted on my blog, someone added a Profile picture and she claimed it was always there... "I missed it". Then Ace Oberts who was online all the time for a week suddenly was never online. Aprille Sheperd said they had a falling out just after the movie (how convenient).

This person is playing out two identities in one group as two separate people. The Emma avatar made a huge deal about not being in the Sexiest Awards only to have their Alt submit their movie. Hard Rust didn't get the chance to submit his movies... he actually did what the Emma avatar made a huge big deal about doing, but they didn't actually do it. There are a lot of lies and illusions surrounding this person the Emma/Aprille Shepard combo.

Why would Aprille Sheperd have this Emma alt? Well, my best guess is she wanted to get into making SL porn movies, but it wouldn't look good for a Madame who has all these girls collared to be a submissive slut and be making SL videos. Nothing wrong with that.. but that wasn't enough. She could of have one alt running the buisness and the other making movies, but both had to get into the movie business. Then both had to start talking each other up. Like Emma saying "Aprille Sheperd is a huge internet personality" prior to La Cagna Ricca release. I doubt 85% of the people in the pornstars group whould know who she was if she wasnt a member and a moderator. I bet 85% of second life never heard of her. Also Emma saying the number of views on "La Cagna Ricca was from her great popularity. LOL" Funny how Aprille Sheperd got all the hype and Mr. Ace Oberts got a small mention. lol .

Some people can't be happy with what they have... their egos crave more.. 

 So I have already blogged. Emma lied in her interview with Ivori about how she came up with the name Jennnna Jameson

Impossible unless you consider time travel.

Then I showed her movies are overally bloated, especially I want Candi and La Cagna Ricca. Two of the most boosted videos ever. I mean I want Candi - 1,000 views in one day on NM. That's about as realistic as the movie Avatar.

So how did I come about these two avatars are the same person.

1. Emma avatar has no payment information. Being a former escort it's one of the first things I check.. 95% of the time those with no payment info look like a newbie or are a alt.

2. La Cagna Ricca wasn't the first video connection with Toy Slaves Brothel and Aprille Sheperd.

3. Emma and Aprille Sheperd at times have sent out notices in Pornstars group around the same time. Or send notice out around the same time of night..

4. With most of the women in SL wearing truth hair -> both seem to not wear truth hair and it seems their hair of choice is from the same place.

5. Back in late November early Dec - Emma told me she was 20. Then after talking to a few people shortly after, they were told a different ages. Everyone in general came to the same conclusion she was older than that.

6. At one time there was a supposed to be a real life picture of "Emma" on her blog which is not there anymore... but.... I have it

Now compare this photo to the one in Aprille Shepard's RL profile. Also the picture above don't look like a 19 year old.

7. Aprille Sheperd sends out Linden Labs, Phoenix, Kristen's information in notice in porn stars group. Emma has these links on her blog.

8. I always wondered how Toy Slaves Brothel could be promoted the way it was in the Pornstars group.. while other clubs being promoted couldn't.

9. (this was sort of the nail in the coffin for me) I never as Rayven Baily spoke to Aprille Sheperd, but on Aurora's latest video Aprille Sheperd comments. "Ohhhh Canada - a Great Way to celebrate your 50th !!! Congrats Rora !!!! Sorry I missed being in this one, hope you had a few Tim Bits for me!!!! Happy May Two-Four !!!! Raises a Keith's to you and digs inot a Big plate of Heart Stopping Poutine!!!! XOXOXOXOXO - Madame Aprille "

Notice the excessive use of exclamation points.  Muliple !'s.

Emma's comment on my movie Sinderella "Rayven you are already one of the best storytellers in SL adult films!!! Yet another great job"

Check her movies for similar comments with multiple !!!s

A recent post on her blog "The blog just turned two this week. And at the same time we hit a third of a million views overall. With most of those coming this year.

It's been a great ride. Hope you've enjoyed it. Because I know i like bringing it to u. It makes me hot when you watch!!!

To celebrate, I plan to do some things looking back over the last few years in some BEST OF features.

Finally, thanks to the new writers, Jinx, Aurora, Blaise and Daphne for making the future of the blog even better. And especially my Co-Editor Serenity Kristan Juneberry!!!

That's not all..

So this past week I used an alt myself to do some undercover work, sort of speak. I went to Toy Slaves Brothel and just looked around. What i noticed was actually pretty funny. 85% of the people at the main sim are bots and they all look like the just came from a newbie warehouse. There were at least FIVE customers there who were bots. The Bartender. the DJ, girls dancing for the customer bots. A bot at every portal. It looked like a Small world from Disneyland.

I went back the next day everyone was pretty much in the same place. The third time I went back Aprille Sheperd was under the sim and you can tell someone was moving the bots around and changing them up. I guess it was a shift change.

The 4th time I went back I spawned in right behind Aprille Sheperd dancing in front of me. Kind of strange because she was using the same dance animation as Emma in the start of this video

I took her picture again and we started talking..  I mentioned all the bots and if she hired real women. She claimed everyone in front of me was real. (she also used !!!'s when she talked and plenty of them) So I asked about this one guy that stands in the same place everyday, Mike Michigan.

A few seconds later he was moving and talking to me.. and wow, what a magic trick. She admitted he was her alt and she used him to catch freelance escorts.Which I thought was really funny.. because you would have to be a really, really stupid escort to get caught.

He is like three years old and looks like someone 1 week old. He stands in the same spot every day. He has no payment information. LOL. What escort is going to fall for that? A really stupid one.

I mean I don't know any club that has fake customers... Toy Slaves Brothel is one big fake illusion. I mean if you are going to fill your buisness/sim with fake customers, fake girls, bartenders, Djs... why wouldn't you have an alt? Why wouldn't you play out two personalities. You are playing out several of them on your sim!!  If you are going that far to fool people.. why wouldn't you also boost your movies? LOL

An to top it all off the "live cam" on Toy Slaves brothel web page isn't live or it isn't live right now.. why is that? Down because you are moving?

The claim Emma is the biggest SL Porn star is just that... another attempt at deception another illusion. How can you be non active, but be the biggest.. and I dont really call being in LeeHornGold and Pel Beaton's movies as active. They make a movie a day and anyone can get it in them.

I don't think this person is dumb by any means.. after all it takes some sense to start up a business and run it.. but some people are just smart (or book smart) but are not very clever. This person can go on with their business and with their Alt Emma making movies.. but I just felt people should know who exactly you are dealing with.

The Show is over!