"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Friday, February 24, 2012

Slip of the tongue

So today someone let something slip... and it had to do with the Ugly Scotland Crabface. No surprise really, cause it just goes with the rest of their lame ass previous tactics.

So thing was Harlee Fallen was fishing around in a group I'm in about a month or so ago. No surprise since they were already caught in the past contacting people who I blogged who were rude to me in second life. I guess this is how they came up with this great plan to create this fake txt transcript between me and this loser Alfie. Once again, past experience has show this person has created fake txt transcripts.. been reported by a few people. Confirmed by myself when they altered the Txt between Strom and myself and I post my entire chat history with that loser.

Funny, how this fake txt transcript was posted on the now shutdown blog about me... before it was posted on Fallen's own blog, but of course Brokeback Harlee insists they had nothing to do with that blog. Then why was Brokeback Harlee mentioned by name as the one fishing for information?

Yea, just like people are always asking them to be in their videos... which is the complete opposite from what I have heard. In fact that was proven in the txt transcript I posted between Strom and myself. He claims Harlee contacted him more than once to be in a video.

Also I was at Slporntube just checking things out. Funny how all the Alex Aho movies with Brokeback Harlee have like 80 more ratings then the next highest one. The video with Strom has over 500 ratings.

An this "dude" was crying about Van claiming he cheated. LMAO. Hey, when you go way out of the way to pretend to be a straight women when you are a gay "boy"... I guess you are willing to lie about anything.

Then again,.. they already proven they use a proxy by posting a picture on their own blog. 

I'm sure I will get a IM from the Crabface on one of his many alts asking why I am blogging him again.... simple it's like a new clue in a case.I like showing your many failures.. and lies. It brings more credibitly to you being a "boy", cause you lie so much.

Sometime down the road when I get bored... I'm going to make a list of the top 20 biggest fails from posts I made on this blog. I'm sure the Crabface will be at the top of the list with several of them.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

World's Dumbest Products

So I'm a big fan of the show "Shark Tank". Some people have some great ideas..

So I was watching this show "world dumbest.." they had world's smartest inventions. With some really bad commercials selling the products. Some of them I like were the following.

Body Perks - Plastic fake nipples you slip in your bathing suit or tight top. Looks like you are in a freezer 24 hours a day.

Sexedo - A Tuxedo with velcro.. and a two way fly. To get out of that tux on a wedding night in a matter of seconds. Only 300 dollars!

The Beer Pager - A beer coaster which helps you find your beer if you lose it. Problem is you have to carry around a remote. If you lose the beer you are going to lose the remote.

The Pupoose - A crocheted dog carrier you carry you dog around like a purse. It's only 60 dollars!

The Booty Pillow - A pillow shaped like a women's butt. Comes with a thong!

Flair hair - LOL - Hair which is attached to a visor.

Baby Bangs - Wig for your newborn - $29.95

Razorba - A razor on a plastic car ice scrapper to shave your back!

Cheers to you - A DVD set that has crowd cheering and telling you how great you are!

Slinky Scarf - Looks like a bathroom rug. It can be a dress, a scarf, a halter top!

Bed Bunker - A gun safe that replaces your bed spring. Holds 35 rifles and 70 hand guns! Get yours before Dec 21, 2012!!

Doggy Doo - A game where you make the dog poop.

FreedomFlask - A plastic fanny pack you tuck in your pants to hide your liquor. Just unzip your pants and pour it in a cup!

Bicycle Wine rack - Riding a bike and have no place to put your wine bottle?

My Child's pack - A bulletproof back pack! - How many kids lose their backpacks or jackets in school? You going to keep buying a bulletproof backpack for them.

Neckline Lifts - Clear packing tap you put on the back of your neck when you age and your skin starts sagging!

Subtle Butts - Filter you put in your underwear to make your farts smell better!

Mantyhose - Panty Hose for men!

Carlashes - Lashes for your car's headlights!

SolarFeet - Feet tanner. - Only 240 dollars

Pabs - Chasity Belt for Dogs!

Backtactular - A ugly patch to hide your butt crack in low rider jeans.

Free flexor dumbell - It moves like a giant dildo!!

So I got a answer from Western Digital...

Tech support. You tell me if this is support.

They say make sure my drive is plugged into the USB port and the power adapter is plugged into the wall.

I can maybe use a data recovery service (which are expensive, but they don't support it or offer the service)

The files might be corrupted. I can erase my stuff and format the hard drive and maybe use it again..

So I waited three days for this shit?

No wonder so many people are pissed off. Stay away from this Company - Western Digital and this product. "My Book" series external hard drives.

What the fuck?

I dont know what happened but my blogger interface is tiny now. Hard to see what the hell I'm typing now do you fix this shit? I have to enlarge the text. 

I will be getting back to creating second life photos here soon. I'm working on thing offline.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I was going to do this sooner or later

So here it is... let it rip.

I have a Western Digital External "My book" Hard drive and it froze up and wouldn't be picked up by my laptop. It's about six or so months old.. but I have only really used it a handful of times. Well, I can't access lot of my video stuff. All my videos I made are on there. I have music and personal photos which seem to be lost (at the time of writing).

At first I was like.. oh no.. I lost all this stuff. Then I did a google search only to find out there are a ton of other people having the same problems with these external drives by the company. 

The longer I looked for a "fix", the more people I seen with the same problem. Yet, no public response by he company which makes this even more frustrating

So in a short period I went from being upset about losing everything to being pissed off that this company continues to crank out  product that is defective. If I would of know there was a problem I would have made sure I burned the stuff to a DVD. Since the drive was so new and so little used I didn't think it would go to shit so soon.

So after a night of no sleep and no response to date as of yet from the maker. I had a horrible day.. I was so aggravated. Frustrated. Irritated. I was not in a great mood. I had a migraine so I go to the grocery store to get some food. What a fucking mistake that was.

I'm not there for 5 minutes as some lady is like "Oh smile, it's not that bad...  blah blah blah" I hate these people who feel you need to have a smile on your face 24 hours a day and if you don't. It's their job to remind you to smile or get you to smile. 

I really wasn't in the mood for this bitch and told her to mind her fucking buisness. Then I was called rude. 

LMAO Rude? Rude? You made it you prerogative to get into my business. Bitch, buy your fucking groceries and get out of my face. 

So then there is the annoying, whining kid again... who's mother is ignoring him, but his voice is like a knife into my head. 

Can't forget the big fat overweight black lady who takes up most of the isle and decides to stop in the middle of it to "try" to text someone. 

Or these other idiots who use their cart as a battle ram trying to make you move or try to squeeze there carts into spots there is no room. 

 So I get home and make a stir fry. I buy some Uncle Ben's Rice is a bag you heat the bag up. Well, I cook the rice and open the bag. There is some black shit in my rice. 

So I go back to bed.. wake up and try to hook up my drive again. My laptop picks it up! I get a password prompt. 

I get happy.. I'm going to be able to get my stuff. 

Oh wait.. for some fucking reason my password don't work and I can't unlock the drive. 

I can't use a data recovery program cause the files are encrypted. 

So my drive is still locked up. I still haven't heard from Western Digital. There are a ton of other people with the same problem. 

So If you have one of these drives or are looking to buy one. Take this as a warning. Start backing your shit up, cause these drives are a piece of shit.

Friday, February 17, 2012

I am a master of none!

Well, I sorta gave up on 3Ds Max for the time being. Maybe once I figure out what I want to do I might get back into it. I thought about trying to make some mesh clothes, but thing about SL fashion. Once you make something that's popular... people copy it. It never really was my goal to get rich making money through second life.

So I decided to focus on right now color correction in photos and video to get the most of of photos. Photoshop and After Effects are similar in some ways so I can work on both and better my "skills" then I can just working on 3Ds Max, which is not built on the same format.

Problem is.. I won't be 100% happy.. cause I want to do it all. That's my problem.. instead of getting really good at one thing.. I tend to jump around and learn a little of everything. Sort of a Jack or all trades, Master of none.

So as of right now that is my focus the Adobe products. Mostly right now Photoshop and leading into After Effects.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cell phones companies suck!

Ok, first off this whole early termination fee they have it bullshit. Let's see you have to make a two year commitment to them or else pay them extra money.

Yet, what guarantee do you get over the next two years your service won't suck? NONE!

Let's take Verizon for example..

I lost my android phone. So I have insurance.. well..  I had to play $50-75 for a new replacement refurbished phone. (I forgot how much it was but they have since raised it)

So I found my old phone. The one they sent me I have problems with it. Battery life is less.. if i plug it in to charge sometimes it don't charge. Signal seems weaker.. so I call and try to activate my old phone.

They won't let me!! What? I can't activate a phone I PAID FOR? They want me to send the phone to them with my fucked up phone to get another re-tread phone.

Buh-Bye Verizon!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Well, I have started!

I been sort of busy the last few days. Real world stuff.. V-Day! An I have been trying to learn 3Ds Max. It's a great program but it's not easy.  I just touched on what I can do... There is so much to  learn. I might have to rethink this... and figure out exactly what I want to do with it.To master it would take a while and a big commitment. I'm not sure I want to get that deep into it.

I got my memory! What a difference... I can run shadows no problem without my viewer crashing. I was very happy to see this. Why didn't I do this earlier? I dunno.. never crossed my mind. I'm not a computer expert. This just opens up more things for my photography.

My next test will be After Effects which crashed and crashed.. and crashed. Maybe I will give 3Ds Max a little more time, but I always have wanted to do more with After Effects, but got frustrated with it's instability.

Tomorrow I will be watching my new favorite program, Face Off! I'm sure after it I will want to learn even more or create something. I just love that show cause it's all about people doing what they love. I hope Jerry gets booted off.. he is a hack.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Call it like it is

A spade is a spade. Here we go again... another celebrity passes away and all the bleeding hearts come out to put them on a pedestal. Poor Whitney...

Yes, this shit makes me sick.

Once upon a time Whitney had a good squeaky clean image. She WAS a rising star. Who changed that? Whitney. Nobody else...

Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world and remains that cause of choices he has made. Donald Thrump is Donald Trump causes of choices he has made.. Robert DeNiro is still one of the top male actors out there because of choices he made.

Whitney and Bobby Brown was just bad from the start. It was Whitney who had everything to lose. You can't tell me Whitney didn't have anyone to turn to for help. That's bullshit.

I personally feel some music artists need or depend on drugs and alcohol to preform. Clearly the drugs were not doing anything to help Whitney.. but was just tarnishing her image. .

You have families out there out of work.. a family of five living in a small motel, with half of them sleeping on the floor. You have people homeless, eating out of dumpsters, living on the streets.  What Whitney spent in a week on drugs could of gave several families food and shelter for a month.Who should we really be feeling sorry for?

If Whitney REALLY wanted to get clean.. she could have. I know someone who was over 325 lbs had a heart attack and wanted to get healthy for his daughters sake. He has lost 125 lbs.

Robert Downey Jr. was know years ago as a talented actor but a major drug addict. He broke into a house and fell asleep in someone's bed. Seems he has since turned the corner..

Whitney had the money to get clean. Whitney had the backing to get help. Whitney didn't want to get clean. Bottom line.. 

Now Whitney's 18 yar old daughter has been reported as a cocaine abuser. You would think you would want to clean yourself after having a child and not pass your demons on to your child.

There are articles coming out saying the days leading up to her death she was "partying hard". You can't blame Bobby Brown he wasn't anywhere around. 

Below is a video of Whitney the night before her death. She don't seem sober to me. Sounds like someone who has been drinking trying to sing. She sounds horrible.. reported blood running down her leg. Got in an altercation with someone.When you are trying to get clean.. that mean alchol too not just drugs. Cause alcohol leads in drugs in many chases cause addicts can't get their high just from alcohol alone.

Sorry, Whitney Houston was no icon. Whitney Houston was a missed opportunity. They were given a winning lottery ticket and a special talent to  which they wasted it.

Whitney could have done allot of good for allot of people... but in the end all they cared about is themselves. An if you look up to someone like that... then maybe it's time to re-examine yourself.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Crossroad to Creativity

So.. I get my memory Tuesday.. I can't wait! Then what? Good question...

I wouldn't mind getting back into my photography. I really did enjoy that... but I think I want to do more with it.

There are some things video wise I would like to do. I still have in the back of my mind my Red Riding hood concept, which I think is a great idea. I even found a new location recently with the one I found months ago that would work. Though, this would be a HUGE project to take on.

There is also another video I had planned to make months ago and bought stuff on marketplace for it... but never got around to it. Maybe I will explore that.

Then there is something I'm very interested in, but really never got into it much. That's 3D building through Blender or 3dsMax. I love architecture... especially older architecture. I would love to be able to build my own sets or backgrounds through the 3D software and After effects.  Then take photos...

I guess we will see. In the end I'm looking forward to it.

Ah the memories..

So I was on second life today and once again found myself shortly after on YouTube. I usually have my media off on second life and listen to my own music and stuff...

I came across an oldie but a goodie.. this song right here! I used to play this song at my favorite dive bar every time after being a little tipsy! This song brings such good memories.. and usually would mean a hangover the next morning!


So earlier today I saw this photo (and others) by Collen Criss

I thought to myself.. this is the kind of stuff I should be doing. I really like the rug and just the entire environment of the photo.

Also the other day I came across a program that really caught my attention. It's called Face Off on the SiFi network. Basically it's sort of a reality show where people compete as makeup up artists.

I'm not a huge horror movie fan or a SiFi movie fan... but this show oozes creativity and I love it.

I like to think of myself as a creative person. Maybe some times my creativity is not used in a positive way.

I guess when this blog was made about me... personally, I didn't care about the blog. It was filled with lies. They tried so hard and failed to come up with anything on me, they had to make shit up. The thing I didn't care for is they were trying to hide their identity and once I found out who created it... they lied and tried to deny it .Sad, yea... I know.  Hell, at least Terrorist claim responsibility.. so what's that say about you?

I just wanted to destroy these clowns, just like the Jews hunted down anyone connected to the 1972 Massacre at the Olympics in the movie Munich.

So now that this blog has been removed and SLPornTube starting a banlist... suddenly everything is quiet. I guess they are trying to figure out another way they can run their mouths behind fake aliases, while pretending it's not them.

So I decided to get back to being creative in a good way! I ordered some more memory for my laptop today! I should of done this a long time ago as After effects really maxes out my current memory. I can't wait honestly.

Why should I worry about what these others say? I have the ability to create and enjoy it while doing so... they rely on others to "help build their image" or do stuff for them. That's why they are getting pissed on and are pissed off.

"Oh but it's just second life" they claim. Well, if it's just second life... then why do you thirsty ass bitches get all pissed off about my blog? "Hey, it's only second life...beotches!"

Sorry, I'm not as desperate as you hoes.. I won't be getting pissed on anytime soon and having my face pushed into it forcing me to drink. Second life or not... I have self respect.

Clearly, something you don't.

This is why I'm a Fucking Princess and you are not! Kiss the ring, beotches.. just stay away from the fucking crown. You will never be on my level cause I have Princess DNA!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Review: A Day at the Office

So apparently I'm bad at making videos... I make "noob shit". I mean I can't compete with some of these "amazing" videos out there with no plots or snooze-fest dialogue. So I decided to go into reviewing videos of these "Masters" instead. So maybe I can learn from them.

So today I will look at the latest by Daves Delthy called "A day at the office."

Here is a shot of the opening title screen. It's not Star Wars by a long short. Hell, it's not even The Blair witch project. Text is sort of fuzzy around the edges... It clear he is still in the starting stages of titling his videos. It doesn't wow you at all.. instead it screams low budget beginner's shit.

The set itself looks very cheap. The texture on the couch and chair look horrible. Like they were a mountain texture or something. Not exactly much effort or lindens put into this set. Once again... nothing that blows you away.

Then there are black UFO's or shadow spirits flying in front of this poster in the background. So I guess this is some sort of ghost story.

So I guess the ghost or shadow spirits decide to try to tear the poster off the wall  Notice his avatar is working on that fancy Title and for some reason he calls it a Bimbo? Yea I'm lost. Maybe if the spirits would of helped him instead of tearing the poster of the wall this would of been better video. 

So this girl, with some bad tattoos that looks like a kindergarten class scribbled on her, was grinding on a pole for nobody.  The spirits weren't even interested in her. Then again it's Pookey Snookie or whatever there name is.... and nobody knows who the fuck they are. That's star power for you. 

Not only this the dialogue very basic and boring. You better take some speed reading lessons before watching this. Then you have to try to make out the dialogue which blends into the video background. This is basic stuff Mr. Daves seems he still hasn't picked up yet. I guess we will see after another 20 videos if this improves.

The sex is very boring.. nothing special. Nothing to see here.

The jokes clearly miss their mark... there isn't much at all that works in this video but the shadow spirits and they took a back seat to these two amateurs.

The avatar seems like he worked on his project longer than Mr. Delthy did on this video. 

On a scale of 1-5 Princess crowns this gets 1 1/2 crowns and I'm being kind. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thirsty Hoe of the week

This week's winner is Litani Istmal. Apparently, this cunt is part owner of a sim called Bubblegum sluts. I guess this sim was doing so well they decided to change the name and the concept. LOL

The reason it's picked for the award is earlier this week this cunt decided to stick it's nose into my business making comments on SLporntube.  Oh that's not it..

So now this thirsty hoe is the latest to get urinated on in these Ultimate fucking videos which feature basically the same animations in the four video series. (boring)

So someone posted a comment on the video this thirsty hoe is in and she responds. crying "Easy to spread lies when you're hiding behind a newly created account, huh? If you have a problem with me, then you should contact me inworld instead of spamming people's videos with your nonsense. Very mature of you."

Oh, Litani you mean just like your friends Harlee Fallen and Mercedes Styles? Is that what you mean?

Spamming people's video with nonsense? You mean like you were doing earlier in the week?

I don't know about you but this picture looks like Hugh Jackman dressed up as Rhianna

The Crying Game

So I guess there is this movie called "The Crying Game" with a Transgender Character... funny cause the Crabface is now having his own Crying game.. again. 

 First off this loser has been telling people to go to my blog an complain or file a complaint. LOL

Then he complains to SLPornTube about a video made with a character very similar to them. Claiming their "real life photo" was used. Well, that was already proved to be bullshit and you are no cam girl or a girl lol


It was all fun and games until that blog was removed and that video was put out with you fucking Jumpman Lane in the booty. Now they have a change of heart.

They are crying to whoever will listen to them spinning a story that they really are a good person LMAO.

 [20:31]  нαяℓєє: (Saved Sat Feb 04 21:33:48 2012) well thats not what happened at all basically i was away for a few days i had gone to london while i was away meg left me an offline and said 'omg harlee look at this blog' so when i got back i i.md rayven because i knew she would probably assume i had something to do with it, so i told her look rayven someone pasted me this blog just want you to know i have nothing to do with it and that was it. i think it was a day later she start saying shit like 'oh funny how this blog comes out while your out of town i think it could be you or 2 others who done it' so i told her not to be a dumbass like why would i tell her about it why wouldnt i just let her find out for herself and more then anything what reason do i have to talk about her again we were cool we were doin our own shit there was not reason, but ofcourse she didnt wanna listen and from there it just started up again, but yea i dunno its as if she cant even believe anyone dislikes her i mean hello she blogs about everyone and anyone lol....i just wanna ge

(I never said there wasn't people who disliked me. Bottom line is you obviously knew who made that blog...I think personally you were part of it. If you were trying to convince me you are this great and wonderful person by telling me about it... whats the point of telling me about it if you are not going to say who made it? )

[20:31]  нαяℓєє: (Saved Sat Feb 04 21:33:48 2012) t on with my sl and honestly i know she cant be having too much fun dealing with this shit every single day its pathetic....making videos makin pictures like that just going over board she's posted some little boys picture on her brokeback blog...its like why would u post some random kids pix like that on your blog...

 (Why do you post pictures of a cam girl on your profile claiming it's you?)

[20:31]  нαяℓєє: (Saved Sat Feb 04 21:41:44 2012) all i know is i'm over it i'm not responding to her blogs her videos anything like i honestly have better shit to do lolol, its like she's just going overboard and she doesnt realise nobody actually cares because honestly in no way has any of her allegations or anything limited my sl i still do everything i use to do..its just more high profile now....and even that i'm like over now

(If nobody cares then why are you crying in people's IM boxes?)

[20:31]  нαяℓєє: (Saved Sat Feb 04 21:50:41 2012) i mean you can say what you want either way i'm not going back and forth with her anymore, all she was doing was name dropping me even when she supposedly wasnt talking about me she was name dropping me, its as if she needed my name to keep her blog relevant, and i doubt there is gonna be any conclusion to you saying i wanna work shit out mark my words she's just gonna get belligerent about it, like this is all embaressing because people are just like 'oh you must like the attention since you go back and forth' some even think i am rayven LOL just doing all this for attention..its crazy but ya she'll never believe that i actually dont want anything to do with her and i dont care what she does on sl or what she is in rl ...like this all started with maximus and me and him are STILL fucking so...i'm just like why are you upset again lol?

(I dont care if you are fucking a monkey. You are a pathetic, mentally unstable, pathological liar. Last I checked my blog was started before your ugly Crabface came along)

[20:31]  нαяℓєє: (Saved Sat Feb 04 22:02:40 2012) kay either way i'm just gonna get on with my SL, i'm really not a bad person yea i come across cocky and shit but its just fuckin SL who cares lol its as if she's made me the poster for all 'barbies' in SL and its like no....i'm a different person i hope she does let it go and instead of blogging every negative blog about something positive for once

(I do blog positive stuff but there is nothing positive about you. Crying you are not this terrible person. Yet, you stoop to making jokes about a family member of mine after you admitted on two other occasions is wasn't something you were proud of and was pretty low. Rot in hell, boy. )

[20:31]  нαяℓєє: (Saved Sat Feb 04 22:27:38 2012) Glad i could show you i'm more then the media made me out to be lol, sadly people just judge a book by its cover but i'm glad you atleast see that i'm not a complete bitch, just misunderstood and fed up anyway let me know how things get on with Rayven xox

(Oh yea, Harlee you are this wonderful person and we all just had you all wrong. Does anyone else think this person is bi-polar?)

In your sick, fucked up mind you are this wonderful person. Then again you are also a female with big huge breasts and blonde hair. I will NEVER remove anything off any blog. I don't care how much you beg and kiss my ass. You know why? You are a fucking liar. You might be able to fool some people, but sir... I'm not one of them.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Now I know how Batman feels like!

So I got word that Brokeback Harlee is still up to HIS old tricks. Sending people links to my blog. I'm sure they are hard at work to get me banned from all these sims. (Yea, just like they got me banned from Truth LOL) I'm sure they are still hard at work at exposing my real Facebook. What's taking so long?

Seriously, what don't you get, psycho? Once I'm not on second life... I don't think about second life. I walk away from this totally and enjoy my real life. Laugh, joke...have fun with my friends, co-workers and family.

You are consumed with everything I do. LOL. You wait online all day for me to update my blog so you can whine some more.

I mean I feel like a Super hero just waiting for this idiot to come up with it's next great plan they can fail at, LOL.

It's simple.. you think about this crap 18 hours a day.. I don't.

Get some help.. PLEASE!

I gotta be good...

reat product
So back in late Dec. before this blog was put up about me I was taking on a major project to organize my inventory and I bought this great product off marketplace.

So I'm back to doing that.. It's allot of work but in the end it's really going to pay off.. then I hope to get back to my photography.

It's 2012 and time is running out! only 319 more days until possible the end of Second life and this planet.

You ask why I have a countdown on my blog. It's because I'm REALLY interested in finding out what is going to happen. I try to watch all the Apocalypse programs on History Channel.  I'm sort of glued to this shit. I mean it's going to be crazy time. A once in a lifetime experience!! You will have Christmas and this going on just before Christmas! I will be maxing my credit cards out cause their will be no banks a week later!

I mean think about it... you have the economy in the toilet. The rich are getting richer and people are losing jobs and their houses!

Greed is one of the seven deadly sins, afterall. What better way to stop that greed then to make everyone an equal. Money will be worthless. Food, water, and shelter will be "the rich" of the new world. I don't know if it's going to be the end of the world.. but I think something is going to happen.
It has too.. 

A small part of me wonders what it would like to live in a Apocalyptic world. It's like one of those things I wouldn't mind trying for a day or two, but I'm sure if it happened I would be begging it didn't.

I'm not one of those religious fanatics who have been waiting for this for years. I guess it's the unknown factor.. to me it reminds me of Christmas as a child wondering what you are going to get.

 You might not be a believer in this or don't want to think about it... but I am, cause I want to be prepare. I want to like a Sarah Connor type if it happens LOL. Im not stockpiling food and water (not yet LOL) I'm just really drawn to it for some reason. 

\Another thing I found some interesting thins is this prgram called Ancient Aliens. I'm not a huge follower of like UFO and Alien programs/alien abduction programs. in general. I think somewhere out there there is life, but there was a part of this series that had me wondering, which was this Gods of these ancient civilizations. Allot of them were from the sky... so it could of been they were an advanced civilization.

I mean look at the Romans their civilization was so advanced in so many ways leonardo da vincis was WAY before his time. It's mind boggling how advanced he was in his thinking. It just makes you wonder...

Funniest thing about all of this... I hated History in school. Now I find myself drawn to learning from it, but I always have been drawn to Old architecture... the Pyramids are so interesting to me. I dunno I'm rambling in stuff...

Its just going to be a really interesting end of this year!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Steer clear of the Pancoons

As reported yesterday, Mercedes "Raccoon" Styles is struggling keeping her business afloat in second life cause the quality is so bad and the customer service is horrible. Several customers who had issues with the quality of the items they purchased, contacted her only to be told their punctuation or spelling needs improving. I thought the customer was always right? No wonder nobody is wearing your clothes... not even you!!

Desperate to make something of their 14 hours a day on second life they have been mating like crazy with their partner the Panda in another way to scam the people of second life out of their hard earned Lindens.

The plan is to sell the Pancoon offspring to the public as an alternative to the very popular Meeroos. Problem is the Pancoons suffer from several defects brought on by the Raccoon's gene pool.

Steer clear of these Pancoons! They are worse than the Gremlins...

Trending News in Second life

So here are the latest trending stories around second life

Princess Kate and Buckingham Palace alerted of stalkers in the area.

After the tragic death of one of the greatest Princesses of all time, Princess Diana.. all the Princess were given a early warning stalker alert system. Buckingham Palace noticed the high amount of stalker traffic on my blog and traced two of the stalkers to the UK.

Brokeback Harlee, who cries they are being stalked.. yet keeps coming and coming to my blog? Strange, huh?

Then there is their friend, Mercedes "Raccoon" Styles -

They admitted they were on 12 straight hours on second life (though I say more)
[2012/02/03 08:04]  MercedesStyles: (Saved Fri Feb 03 08:44:40 2012)12 ish, actually. Thanks for noticing <3

I said they come to my blog 10 times a day they admit they come 3 times a day. LMAO. So close to 100 times a month (who is the stalker?)

[2012/02/03 08:17]  Mercedes Styles (mercedesstyles): Do I read your blog? Sure I do! 10 times a day is a little excessive. Maybe three times,

So the Crabface is online 18 hours a day on multiple accounts and Raccoon is on 12-14 hours a day. Clearly both don't have a life.. then I learned  both have been ordered to house arrest in the UK for safety precautions. Though it seems the UK has these crazy laws where they allowed stalkers internet access I guess.

Versace says they don't make clothes for Raccoons.

The Raccoon is trying to make clothes in second life. Word on the street is they are not doing good. Then again, if you are a clothing designer in second life wouldn't you want to wear your own stuff in a sl porn video to promote it? Hell, if you can't wear your own shit why would anyone else want to?


2 Dudes in second life?

Then a few days ago a male avatar sent me some stuff about this group "2 blondes" Claiming this whole barbie interracial thing is out of control.

They claimed they were in the group 4 out of every 6 "girls" in this group were guys.

I don't know much about this group other that the Crabface was crying a few months ago their "rights were violated" cause they were asked to voice to verify they were really a female.

This is their opinion not mine. I cant say either way Im not in the group nor do I hang around most of them people.

All I know is it seems this whole "2 blondes" story has this big tits blonde barbie thing out of control. story  You have white male avatars who are now black who are now banging white male avatars who are now white female barbies.

Hey whatever floats your boat! Dont ask don't tell... too bad Harlee told Max he was a boy. What what? LOL. 

Finally in a related story....

 Is Linen Labs on the verge of a huge lawsuit? 

Word on the street is Mattel is not happy with the image Linden labs is allowing in these interracial sex sims of their beloved toy. Mattel, which owns the Barbie label, was not happy, especially when the image of Barbie is linked to a ugly Crabface tranny. They feel "it scares kids" and might steer them towards other things like drugs. 

Linden Labs is thinking of making a gesture of good faith towards Mattel and erasing all accounts named Harlee.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Do you like apples Mr. Hawker?

So earlier today I had Mr. Barrett Hawker post something on his flickr claiming I stole a photo off his flickr photostream. He filed a report with Blogger and Flickr.

So instead of sending me a IM in world or sending me a message through flickr. He decides (i'm sure with the advice of the Raccoon who's the one who went crying to him) that he would make a big fucking deal about this grandstanding and making a show of it. 

So in the process of whining about this photo he claimed I stole off his flickr page, he took a photo of my blog and wrote on the photo "this is my work". 
I put allot of hard work in my blog design and you are taking credit for it?  If you created this blog Mr. Hawker how come I have the password and am the Admin of the blog? I am filing a complaint with Flickr for you posting a picture of my blog and trying to take credit for the creation of it.

I have also contacted the law firm in second life of Sheuller-Horowitz and Brown so I will be seeing you in a court on some sim soon enough

1. Ok first about me stealing a photo off his flickr account. I have never been to his flickr photostream until today.. so that would be pretty hard.

2.Last I checked you need to actually pay money to copyright something, not click on a menu on a web site.

3. The photo was posted on Sissyboy Lame's blog

4. Photo's were also posted on the Raccoon's blog.

5. Photo(s) passes around in world in second life.

So how can you be 100% sure the photo was stolen off your flickr? You can't and it wasn't

Then let's touch on this shit he posted on his flickr. First off he sends me the link but blocks me from responding. I guess he thought he was going to get like 20 responses in support, but he fell way short of that. 3 with one being Brokeback harlee whining again.

He did call Mercedes "Raccoon" Styles a pig though. LMAO That was funny.

So I made a post earlier in response quickly before I headed out to the real world (something the Raccoon and Crabface don't know anything about)

So Mr. Hawker sent me a message through flickr a little while ago. Apparently the advice that the Raccoon gave him didn't work out very well or my Prim lawyers gave him a lecture. So here in the message.

Miss Rayven,

Today I read your blog in the title: Mr. Hawker, and I need leave you a clear things.

This picture in your blog really is mine, why I take a complete set of Mercedes, you can see the textures of my backstage how the wall grey curtain and squares in this pic, too in this pic Mercedes did some changes in her outfit.

I did this sets why was for an order work for Jumpman Lane.

Your problems not matter me, I want to offer a deal.

This is the deal: You will quit my pic of your blog, and I will quit your pic of my flickr stream... and we can be in peace.

I think this is a good deal.



First off if you would of asked me first like this I would of removed it, but instead you listened to the three stooges and they played you for a fool.

I have no beef with you. An I will show I'm the better person. I will remove the photo. Hell it won't be hard to come up with something else.

Just next time Mercedes "the pig raccoon" styles or  Brokeback Harlee tell you to do something tell them you are not a puppet like Meg "Penus" Corral.

So how do you like dem apples?

Dear Mr. Hawker

It saddens me to see you result to the level of the Crabface, Raccoon and Meg "Penus" Whorel. You might want to check the photo again. I purchased several thousands of lindens worth of props off marketplace to make that photo. The females dress is not even the same color and the pose is not even the same.

Let me see you are crying someone ripped your photo off flickr? Are you sure if wasn't posted elsewhere or you didn't give it to others? Yet, you go and take a photo of my blog alter it in such a way it benefits you and post it on your flickr for hits.

Sounds like another well thought out Crabface and puppet plan. I don't appreciate you taking a picture of my blog without my permission. I demand you take it off your flickr or be reported.

Before you get off your soap box... you might want to look into the works off your "buddies".... oh wait I forgot they all are innocent and just deny everything while hiding behind alias.


I sympathy with your cause but I think you are looking at the wrong person. You might want to check Harlee Fallen's blog out. They already have their flickr removed once for the offenses you are claiming. They did try to pay to have my blog hacked once and failed. This time maybe they were able to succeed and planted the photo and the Raccoon went running to you to tell you about it.

Have a good day!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Great Debut Movie!!!

I just came across this great video and it was their first attempt! Amazing work... lets hope we see more from this person... but who made it?

Thank you and Fuck you!

So I saw this post on slporntube

Ok, whatever Dude (but I dont think you are a man or black but if you say so) I didn't laugh about no girl. If you weren't trying so hard to be ghetto and hiding your real identity, maybe you would of saw that. I said this gets funny.

 Refering to how they built up how they were this sweet innocent thing. Where did I make a comment about that girl? I made a comment that I didn't believe it.. cause well, why should I believe someone who I feel is lying out their ass to hide what they been doing under an alias... but then again Datone you know all about that.

Did I say that was funny right after they talked about that girl? Nope. Oh yea, but they are claiming I murdered a family member of mine and you missed that.

I think I know who you are and if you are who I think you are a hypocrite. Keep passing out note cards and talking behind people's back or even making more fake identities to hide your true identity.

I want to make you a deal datone69 I won't blog you. I will give you the same deal I have Aurora. I will give you 100% full amnesty. I just want you to IM me in world and we can talk. Im just sick of you losers who have comments about everything but want to hide and talk behind people's back. I don't think you will do it.

 BTW Datone69 check this out
[2011/10/13 19:43]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): he admitted to me he faked he was handicapped to get money from the goverment.  so he was talking shit about my grandmother so I blogged he faked being a cripple. and he got upset said I should have blogged personal information.
[2011/10/13 19:43]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): he said he was a cripple?
[2011/10/13 19:43]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): lmao...wow
[2011/10/13 19:43]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): yes he said he was hadicapped
[2011/10/13 19:44]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): what a weirdo
[2011/10/13 19:44]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): btw am sorry about the things i said about your grandmother
[2011/10/13 19:44]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): i was just tryna piss u off
[2011/10/13 19:44]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): i hate that ppl think am such a bitch
[2011/10/13 19:45]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): u know even wen u were blogging all this shit i didnt hate u as much as i hated maximus
[2011/10/13 19:45]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): Yea I know.  you know what you said you are sorry. he never did. I even friended him for like a month and he never said he was sorry so what an ass
[2011/10/13 19:45]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): ya because i'm not heartless
[2011/10/13 19:46]  Megan Fux (rayven.baily): either is he.. he is just a dumbass
[2011/10/13 19:46]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): like all these 'porno' people are such fuckin weirdos
[2011/10/13 19:46]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): like deelite
[2011/10/13 19:46]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): scooby
[2011/10/13 19:46]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): aurora
[2011/10/13 19:46]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): they have some kinda of mental issue
[2011/10/13 19:46]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): right now deelites crying in my box she's leaving sl....totally ignoring her
[2011/10/13 19:47]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): like....there was this whole ordeal about her ex...

[2011/11/14 22:58]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): the things i said
[2011/11/14 22:58]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): about your grandmother
[2011/11/14 22:58]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): that was pretty low
[2011/11/14 22:58]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): and out of everything i've ever said
[2011/11/14 22:58]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): about u
[2011/11/14 22:59]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): thats like the one that i really didnt like
[2011/11/14 22:59]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): i know she had cancer and died and i know you loved her
[2011/11/14 22:59]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Yea it was.. but it didnt bother me. cause someone who I dont respect cant say anything about someone I do respect a bunch.
[2011/11/14 23:00]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): i have an uncle with cancer so i can understand why you sort of spiralled
[2011/11/14 23:00]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): since i went over board

Ah Fallen telling me twice they went overboard making comments about my Grandmother, yet they are so desperate the continue doing it and have their ass licking puppet Meg Whorel doing it. Where was your bleeding heart when they said this Datone?

I mean just read the above txt.. that's ALL you need to know about the Crabface and what a desperate loser they are. Then when you add in they are on second life 18 hours a day on multiple accounts. Lie about where the live, their sex.. everything well. Hell, you know you are dealing with a winner.

Crabface claims he has a uncle with Cancer. You see me saying shit about their Uncle? I haven't and won't Their uncle can't help they are a fucked up loser.

But thank you.. and thank you Harvey Failin, Meg Whorel, Raccoon... I mean Harvey Failin has been online all fucking day making comment after comment on that stupid video...

I can't compete with that and I shouldn't be. Hell, this ugly Crabface won a small battle today cause I wan't very productive.

I can sit here and bitch about Fallen, but in the end its sort of a victory for them.. cause THEY HAVE NO LIFE. They will just deny everything. They will just make up lie after lie. Same shit over and over... I could be doing so much more and I should be.

Now they recruit their asslicker Meg Whorel. Another bitch with no life who will say anything cause they really have nothing to lose.

In the end these two worthless souls don't do nothing but sit on a fucking pose ball all day long. Neither can photo edit. Neither can make their own videos. They can get pissed on.. and suck cock in a virtual world, but that's about it.

But this is different then before.. different then months ago. Now everyone wants to hide behind a fake name and talk shit and deny, deny, deny. You know what I'm talking about Datone.

Yea, I don't have time for this shit. I'm a fucking Princess afterall and a Princess shouldn't be wasting their time on a bunch of never will bes.

All you need to know is Google the name "harlee fallen" (like harlee fallen does every day by blogs tells me that) and you will get a weathly of information. All the info you need.

I wasted enough of my time... I'm out!

Just remember Datone I'm offering you a deal.. 48 hours buddy. Let's see how much of a Thug you are. LOL.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another Fail by Thirsty Meg the Urine Queen

Harvey Failen and his ass licking Puppet Meg Whorel

Bravo Meg.. fuck SL porn you should be in Hollywood.

Meg is crying I was making fun of a friend of their that passed away.

I didn't say ANYTHING about your friend. Where did I mention them? Where did I say I think you are lying and making that up? Sorry, you drama queen... I was talking about you trying to claim you are this innocent angel and do no fucking wrong. How you hang out with all these people who have been exposed as liars yet you are the sweet innocent one of the bunch. I have my limits, but how about you Meg?

If I recall when you were with Strom and the Crabace the other night trying to TP me. You made a comment about my Grandmother who passed away years ago.

we all want to talk to you i think it will be good and granny would want you to talk - Adult <icon>Parcel_R_Light</icon>
[2012/01/30 21:30]  Second Life: secondlife:///app/agent/4f3117b5-2fdd-4be3-b10c-21c6626b6c8a/about has offered to teleport you to their location:

Practice what you preach you fake cunt. This bitch is trying to claim this and that. "I didn't blog you." They talk like they are a fucking saint. Nope, you are just a silly cunt who got caught and called out.

Stop being Harlee's dog cunt... You got exposed. Your lies are not even good.. like anyone believes this shit.

Shut your mouth and go wait for some freebies at the chairs at AdN.Oh wait or are you at work.. well that means you will be making SL porn then and showing your pussy on skype.

I also think it's funny the other day when I found Meg's comments on Marketplace over two which cost a total of 10 lindens.. I had three searches for my name on marketplace LOL.

Keep trying you thirsty bitch.

Oh btw you told me to blog your thirsty ass.

[2012/01/31 11:35]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i will tell you this and you can blog this if you want rayven but i promise you i would never start a blog like that about someone

So I IMed Meg Whorel check this out. I guess this was their "new plan" to get back at me since Google had them shut down their blog. Talk about desperation. 
[13:34] Rayven Baily: lol you need better acting classes
[13:36] Meg Corral: what is wrong you with really rayven
[13:37] Meg Corral: you brought it into the open do you want her parents phone number do you want pictures
[13:37] Rayven Baily: hey bitch you sent me a TP the other day and brought up my grandmother you fake ass cunt LOL
[13:37] Rayven Baily: get better acting lessons
[13:37] Meg Corral: ok lets talk then
[13:38] Meg Corral: i can prove to you and this is all you have to say is get better acting lessons do you want her memorial website i can give you the phone number do you want to donate to her memorial see that is what is wrong with you i can prove this to you and all you have to say is get better acting lessons
[13:39] Rayven Baily: read my blog bitch it makes you look like a fool
[13:39] Rayven Baily: desperate fucking harlee puppet
[13:39] Meg Corral: ok rayven i do really no i actually look like a person talking to civil to you that is what it looks like i dont talk about your grandmother and all the stories that you killed her do i?
[13:40] Rayven Baily: i didnt kill my grandmother cunt
[13:40] Meg Corral: i am harlee puppet no you are just mad because i dont dislike her but difference is i dont go around attacking your friends
[13:40] Meg Corral: well that is the stories i hear is what i am saying
[13:40] Rayven Baily: i could care less if you dont hate her
[13:40] Meg Corral: i dont go around saying that do i?
[13:41] Meg Corral: i dont attack your friends that know you because they know you but you do that to me, it makes no sense to me at all.  i never laughed at your grandmothers passing but you laugh at my friends and say i need acting lessions
[13:41] Rayven Baily: LMAO ok meg you are a loser.
[13:41] Rayven Baily: stuff you hear oh from who harlee
[13:41] Rayven Baily: LOL
[13:42] Meg Corral: ok and then the stories about you killing your grandmother is false?  doubt it
[13:42] Rayven Baily: get your tongue out there ass
[13:42] Rayven Baily: ask mai
[13:42] Meg Corral: i dont know mai
[13:42] Rayven Baily: no?
[13:42] Rayven Baily: mia then
[13:43] Meg Corral: yes do you want her parents phone number
[13:43] Rayven Baily: so i guess this is your new strategy you came up with?
[13:43] Rayven Baily: LOL
[13:43] Rayven Baily: so sad
[13:43] Rayven Baily: who thinks of this shit
[13:43] Meg Corral: see this is where you messed up you posted it so i am speaking about it, you made it my buisness to now speak about it
[13:43] Meg Corral: yes sad you killed your own grandmother
[13:43] Meg Corral: just for her money
[13:43] Rayven Baily: its sad really you are using someone's death to get on a soap box
[13:44] Meg Corral: and so are you making videos about your grandmother when you caused it
[13:44] Rayven Baily: LOl
[13:44] Rayven Baily: ah meg what happened to the sweet meg
[13:44] Meg Corral: i mean i posted about my friend and you went out of your way just to IM me once again
[13:44] Rayven Baily: wow thanks for proving me right LOL
[13:45] Rayven Baily: you are bringing up your friend not me
[13:45] Meg Corral: i am not being mean i am saying that i can be just like you and listen to all the stories that you killed your grandmother
[13:45] Meg Corral: you did you made it public on your blog
[13:45] Meg Corral: i told you about it
[13:45] Meg Corral: you blogged it
[13:45] Rayven Baily: nah but I sure you are on the verge of killing yourself
[13:46] Meg Corral: you wish sorry your grandmother might of been your victim but i wont be one of them
[13:46] Rayven Baily: maybe you need to take some meds U MAD
[13:46] Rayven Baily: I want the sweet innocent meg back
[13:46] Rayven Baily: No you are already a victim of getting pissed on
[13:46] Rayven Baily: and shit on
[13:46] Meg Corral: lol i am mad you went out of your way once again to im me and i see that i am speaking calm i am not cussing im smiling actually
[13:46] Rayven Baily: LMAO
[13:47] Rayven Baily: so what do you do at work? do they use your mouth as a toilet
[13:47] Meg Corral: aww piss on lol yea that was pretty fun and funny wasnt it makes me laugh too but im far from mad its secondlife hunny none of this is real
[13:47] Meg Corral: oh wow rayven kudos your so funny
[13:47] Rayven Baily: I think it is cause you are mad
[13:47] Meg Corral: once again you go out of your way to im me to have something else to blog about
[13:48] Rayven Baily: Im sure you hang out in the restrooms at mcdonalds asking to be pissed on
[13:48] Rayven Baily: I should
[13:48] Meg Corral: why do you take what harlee says "u mad"  you have nothing original to say of your own
[13:48] Meg Corral: oh yes rayven its so much fun and exciting
[13:48] Rayven Baily: Im trying to show the real meg not the fake ass one they are trying to tell everyone about
[13:48] Meg Corral: wow you know everything maybe you should be a queen now instead of a princess
[13:49] Rayven Baily: you seem mad like someone who's blog got removed from google LOL
[13:49] Meg Corral: no this is real meg i am calm laughing at you
[13:49] Meg Corral: i dont care about that blog
[13:49] Meg Corral: lol
[13:49] Meg Corral: you keep saying i am mad i am far from men this is hysterical to me
[13:49] Rayven Baily: Im sure you dont toilet mouth
[13:49] Meg Corral: oh my god i just typo hurry blog it
[13:49] Meg Corral: i said men instead of mad
[13:50] Meg Corral: yes toilet mouth opens my mouth real wide mmmmmm want to see babygirl
[13:50] Rayven Baily: I think your man hood was on your mind
[13:50] Rayven Baily: mine
[13:50] Meg Corral: oh my goss you are so funny my man hood lol i just called you did you answer nope
[13:50] Rayven Baily: maybe you have to go pee standing up thats why you said man when i said toliet
[13:51] Meg Corral: lol oh my goss you should really open your own comedian sim
[13:51] Rayven Baily: I want that phone number so I can call and find out if they can get you some mental help
[13:51] Meg Corral: i need mental help i think you just imd me
[13:51] Meg Corral: i think you are the one raging on not me
[13:51] Rayven Baily: can i have that number?
[13:51] Meg Corral: i guess you had nothing else to blog about today
[13:52] Rayven Baily: I need the number peg
[13:52] Meg Corral: lol
[13:52] Rayven Baily: damn called your bluff
[13:52] Rayven Baily: LMAO
[13:52] Meg Corral: oh you did give you a phone number so you can stalk people irl
[13:52] Rayven Baily: you are not a good liar meg
[13:52] Meg Corral: awwww and neither are you
[13:52] Rayven Baily: that will be blogged lol
[13:53] Rayven Baily: LMAO
[13:53] Meg Corral: so you dont believe about my friend mia i dont believe you didnt murder your grandmother
[13:53] Rayven Baily: added to my greatest hits
[13:53] Rayven Baily: I think she is living in scotland now pretending to be a crabface
[13:53] Rayven Baily: which is why you lick her ass
[13:53] Meg Corral: and blog it want to know why everyone knows you are a stalker and will stalker the poor family
[13:54] Meg Corral: did i ask for your familes phone number to ask if you really killed her
[13:54] Meg Corral: so i could say the same give me a phone number so i can see if you really didnt kill her
[13:54] Meg Corral: so this will be blogged once you can give me a phone number so i can see for myself that you did not kill your grandmother then i will give you my friends family number
[13:54] Rayven Baily: How about if i give you phone number for a mental hosiptol
[13:55] Meg Corral: your lucky you didnt end up there or jail murder is a crime
[13:55] Rayven Baily: Ok I have to blog this LOL. such a failure. you are almost as good at failing as fallen
[13:55] Rayven Baily: enjoy mute

 First off, notice how this cunt says "I dont care about that blog". Ah meg, i thought it wasn't your blog. LMAO

Then you make up some story about some women who killed themselves.  So pathetic... wow you have hit rock bottom. Skid row is next for you, Meg. I don't think you will need Skype to show your pussy there.

Then to try a ploy which failed with the Crabface and Scooby Mode - making references about my Grandmother. I will say this again, it really don't bother me. You don't know my Grandmother. As I told the Crabface once before, in my eyes your cant hurt my opnion of the greatest person in my life... especially when it's coming from people who have no morals. Who will do and say anything... You are the bottom feeders of the world.. and you want to talk shit about some who in my eyes is prefect. 

Your whole ploy to turn this into something in your favor and just exposed you are being a liar and a desperate cunt. Whats next? You going to go break into a best buy to steal a computer cause your's is a piece of shit. 

I see your future Meg and it's 10-20 years LOL. 
Skid row here comes another.

This is not a Pepsi web page

So why do these thirsty ho's keep coming to my blog? These bitches are so thirsty...  they can't get enough, but they want to claim otherwise.

I guess they are trying, and failing. Their moves are not very jagger like more like they are Failin like Fallen.

I guess I'm a stalker. Yea, usually "The stalker" has their victims come to them over, and over and over... and over. Oh yea and over and over and over, again. LMAO

Then again, anything that has to do with Mr. Harvey brokeback barbie fallen and his buddies is always 100% the truth.

I mean they have to be really pissed off as their little blog project was shut down by google. Then they left a message whining about it that it was "unfair".

No what's unfair is people of second life are subjected to looking at your ugly avatars. I say derender the Crabface, Raccoon and Thisty Ho Peg Whorel.

So I had a few minutes to kill before I headed out to real life. Something none of this losers (one "o") know about.

So I contacted Meg Whorel
Here are the highlights

[2012/01/31 11:34]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): ah poor baby I see you have to remove content from your blog. Funny thing is I didnt report it. I have allot of followers just cause they dont voice their opinion like you and your jobless boyfriend dont me they are not around
[2012/01/31 11:34]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): rayven please stop it is not me who created that blog
[2012/01/31 11:34]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Then who then Peg?
[2012/01/31 11:34]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i tried to talk to you civil but you will not
[2012/01/31 11:35]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i will tell you this and you can blog this if you want rayven but i promise you i would never start a blog like that about someone

 LOL - this gets funny

[2012/01/31 11:35]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): my real bestfriend killed herself over online things like this whether you believe me or not is up to you honestly i wouldnt do that to you even if we dont like each other
[2012/01/31 11:36]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Sure you wouldnt. just like you you blogged that guy who contacted you in the ghetto
[2012/01/31 11:36]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i dont speak of it much honestly but its the truth
[2012/01/31 11:36]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i did blog him because he was mean the things he said to me i am sure you saw it but then i took it down because i did feel bad after
[2012/01/31 11:37]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): so what if he talked to me like trash
[2012/01/31 11:37]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i thought it wasnt right for me to put his buisness out there and that is my reason for taken it down
[2012/01/31 11:37]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): well peg i dont really believe you. funny how this person writes just like you
[2012/01/31 11:37]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): strange huh
[2012/01/31 11:37]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): peg lol
[2012/01/31 11:37]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): I guess they are trying to frame you
[2012/01/31 11:38]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): it is rayven i read it part of it sounds like me
[2012/01/31 11:38]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): it's all good.
[2012/01/31 11:38]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): parts sound like harlee
[2012/01/31 11:38]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): slporntube did you see the comments the new ones
[2012/01/31 11:38]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): why would they want to get you involved if you werent involved before?
[2012/01/31 11:39]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): strange huh

So it seems there was a plan in place to frame Meg Whorel and have me believing they made this blog when Meg is actually a very sweet and innocent person. We need a commission like when JFK got shot or 911 commission. 
[2012/01/31 11:39]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i do know that i get a lot of ims because i speak with harlee
[2012/01/31 11:39]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): not even just you i dont know who some of these people are that IM me ask me how my man is
[2012/01/31 11:39]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): lol
[2012/01/31 11:40]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i just say harlee never did anything to me so i cant hate her it is just a big mess to be honest
[2012/01/31 11:40]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): well you see I said I have allot of followers
[2012/01/31 11:40]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i know you do
[2012/01/31 11:40]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): but you chose your side and wanted to get involved and make a blog
[2012/01/31 11:40]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): no that blog is not from me rayven
[2012/01/31 11:41]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): you can say that million times i wouldnt believe it
[2012/01/31 11:41]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): you could say bigblkbull isnt you and i probably wouldnt believe it but i can only take your word for what you say to me
[2012/01/31 11:41]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): just like Im supposed to believe harlee is from califormia yea ok
[2012/01/31 11:42]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): i dont know who that is to be honest but i have nothing to hide
[2012/01/31 11:42]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): honestly i have no idea she never even said to me if or if she is not but to me wherever she is that is where she is
[2012/01/31 11:42]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): if you read my blog my alts all that I have I sort of give away who i am
[2012/01/31 11:42]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): I dont try to be someone else. I sort of hint to who i am
[2012/01/31 11:43]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i have no alts i was thinking about making one because of all this drama and just getting away from it but there would be no point in that
[2012/01/31 11:43]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): You have no alts? There is a Megan Corral made shortly before Meg Corral lol
[2012/01/31 11:43]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i dont know rayven but i cant force you to believe me
[2012/01/31 11:43]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): no i dont seriously
[2012/01/31 11:44]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): ok whatever you say meg. just like your boy strombuys up 4k computers
[2012/01/31 11:45]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): lol
[2012/01/31 11:45]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): he really did buy that
[2012/01/31 11:45]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i even said are you out of your mind
[2012/01/31 11:46]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): i never said he didnt but he claims he buys them all the time. buys 4k computer not bought
[2012/01/31 11:46]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): claims he had several
[2012/01/31 11:47]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): from what i heard he dont work
[2012/01/31 11:47]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): oh i dont know about that i know i could find a lot more things to buy with 4k
[2012/01/31 11:47]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): but i guess thats wrong too
[2012/01/31 11:47]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): especially several
[2012/01/31 11:48]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i work that is when you see me on sl off work i am not on here i just go over claim policys all day and sl makes it go faster for me but if he doenst work then i want to know what he does so i can make money like that then to buy several 4k computers lol

 So Meg is only on second life while at work. So I guess they are making sl porn at work and showing their pussy on cam and escorting at work. Yea, ok Meg.. we believe that.

[2012/01/31 11:51]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): well im not bigbullk or whatever i just noticed this shit on slporntube i dont even follow this shit sl porn im not even in the pornstars group
[2012/01/31 11:51]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): but im suire your loser friend fallen tell you otherwise and you believe it
[2012/01/31 11:51]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): just like Im all these alts he claims
[2012/01/31 11:51]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): no i wont i will say this what you say to me i will take your word for it
[2012/01/31 11:52]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): like im maryance aracne or whatever the fuck her name is
[2012/01/31 11:52]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i cant prove it all we can do is type on here but i will take your word
[2012/01/31 11:52]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i never heard of that name
[2012/01/31 11:53]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): I think i know who blackbullk is. same person who befriended Graded and exposed halee LOL
[2012/01/31 11:54]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): once again I dont have to ask people
[2012/01/31 11:54]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): oh wow
[2012/01/31 11:54]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i saw the comments i said oh my this is crazy

Yea I bet you did, Meg. Just like you sent Crabface the link to that thatssorayven blog. You are not even a good liar. You are such a angel.. well at least that's the story you are trying to spin.

[2012/01/31 11:55]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): harvey gets on his knees and has to do sexual favors i dont.
[2012/01/31 11:55]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): so you made your bed meg now you have to sleep in it. you chose to side with someone in sl allot of people hate
[2012/01/31 11:56]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): it is good to be that way i as you saw i did escort we all been there well most of us
[2012/01/31 11:56]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): rayven i cant just say i dislike someone if they never did anything to me
[2012/01/31 11:57]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): again i take what you have to say to me for whatever its worth
[2012/01/31 11:58]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): huh?
[2012/01/31 11:59]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): meaning whatever its worth like i understand and get what you are saying
[2012/01/31 12:03]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): whatever you mistaken me for someone who cares. sl is a joke ot me. sl is a palce where people who have no social life come to think they are somthing really special
[2012/01/31 12:04]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): exactly i come to pass my bordem with my rl job and of course i wouldnt of ever done porn irl it was a experience that i would never have the guts to do irl
[2012/01/31 12:04]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): a lot do not have a social life and a lot of people i know admitted that to me i said wow life is to short get out there enjoy it

Im sure you do Meg. LOL

[2012/01/31 12:07]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): so let me ask you someone if you were the person who made this blog why you would admit to it cause the person who made it obviously dont want to be known. so i just should believe you right? I mean you been so convincing.
[2012/01/31 12:08]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): rayven you dont have to just like i said i am taking your word that you are not bigblkbull i would hope that you would believe me i can only tell you its not me
[2012/01/31 12:09]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): person who did do it i feel is scared of you because why would they hide it makes no sense to hide unless they fear you

 So if they are scared then they would make up lies then when confronted. Like say, "it wasn't me. I would never blog about you"

[2012/01/31 12:13]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): i dunno but im sure you know who it is. thats fine you dont have to say who it is, i will just assume its you,
[2012/01/31 12:13]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): so then so will others
[2012/01/31 12:13]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): ok rayven see this is the thing im being calm with you and i am telling you it is not what purpose do i have to go after you?  i have none

Uh, sure you do you went raging I said you cheated. You are a harlee ass licker. You are friends with the Raccoon. DUH

[2012/01/31 12:14]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i do not know who it is i can only assume just like bigblkbull and few others that were commenting can only assume who it is
[2012/01/31 12:14]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): i dont have to go out of my way to make obviously fake txtx conversations. i have stuff i could blog but i dont cause Im not sure how truthful it is
[2012/01/31 12:16]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i dont either because i am not the one who was blogging about you
[2012/01/31 12:16]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): someone sent me they have a txt of harlee talking to another barbie about voice changers at a sim they overheard them talking over voice and both had men's voicing consideing i know this person has lied before I have never blogged it but I have a notcard about it
[2012/01/31 12:16]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): really omg
[2012/01/31 12:16]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): now that is wrong to go to that extent
[2012/01/31 12:17]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): so I could post made up shit and stuff but I trt to stick to facts cause I want to keep my credibility notlie your buddy harvey who nobody believes with all the outrageous lies
[2012/01/31 12:18]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): if you have to go that far dont even voice
[2012/01/31 12:18]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): I will put my blog credibility up against harvey any day
[2012/01/31 12:19]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): just like your biddy strom was lying claiming this or that didnt happen. it took me minutes to upload the txt transcripts. I couldnt of edited that shit in 5 minutes so
[2012/01/31 12:20]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i saw that i told him i said look you look so stupid

Damn Strom even your girl is saying you sounded desperate and are a liar. 

[2012/01/31 12:20]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): so whatever seems all your friends are liars meg.
[2012/01/31 12:20]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i said you are all up in her shit
[2012/01/31 12:20]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): I guess you need better friends or are a liar too
[2012/01/31 12:20]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): no i am not and that is reason we didnt work out
[2012/01/31 12:21]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i wont tolerate lies from him
[2012/01/31 12:22]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i try to see the better side of people and sometimes it is not good to do that

Damn Meg Whorel says Strom is a liar. what a surprise LOL Throw him under that bus Meg.

[2012/01/31 12:22]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): so you were hanging with strom last night? LOL
[2012/01/31 12:23]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): yes we were standing around then he left
[2012/01/31 12:23]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): oh yea I see
[2012/01/31 12:23]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): makes sense
[2012/01/31 12:23]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): lol
[2012/01/31 12:23]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): yes did leave because he said i wasnt paying attention to him
[2012/01/31 12:23]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): because some wrestler girl was talking to me
[2012/01/31 12:24]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): she was all cut and big and said she is wrestler lol so i was like oh wow well it was funny to me
[2012/01/31 12:24]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): well we need more honest and sweet people in second life like you meg lol
[2012/01/31 12:24]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): oh rayven i know you dont mean that lol
[2012/01/31 12:24]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): I met a angel today
[2012/01/31 12:25]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): funny thing meg I got your messages last night
[2012/01/31 12:25]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): LOL
[2012/01/31 12:25]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): ouch
[2012/01/31 12:25]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): i know and i was being mean
[2012/01/31 12:25]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): when i was tping you because i was so annoyed with the things you said when i didnt even blog about you but you will never believe that

I was talking to Strom who IMed me with threats and more of his lies.. and Meg was sending me TPs and talking shit. Funny how the story changes now that I received the messages and they were not on ignore. 

[2012/01/31 12:26]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): but you are so sweet innocent and honest and only surround yourself with liars sounds like the truth to me
[2012/01/31 12:26]  ℳєƓ (meg.corral): well no i have a lot of friends i really hang out with and are always with
[2012/01/31 12:26]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): I think i heard enough bullshit lol. its getting deep

Then there is this thirsty Raccoon Mercedes Styles - bitch claims he don't like drama. Claims to ignore it.. but then why do you keep coming to my blog? Why are you posting under a different name on slporntube talking shit? Practice what you preach, Raccoon.

LMAO - Sad.. really sad.
Say one thing then trying to play Martin Luther King and create another identity to run your mouth all while trying to hide.

Sad thing is you silly thirsty hoes think you are getting away with it. LOL.

Drink up, beotches.