"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Friday, March 16, 2012

Make way for the Princess!

The before and after

Monday, March 12, 2012

It's here!

No not the apocalypse... yet. March 10th has come and gone and Hard Alley is still around.. yet, where is SissyBoy Lame's SL magazine? Oh wait... missed yet another deadline. This this has been pushed back more than the Sultrina.

Maybe he just gave up.. that would seem like the smart thing to do. I mean... it's not like you had a core audience.

I'm sure he is off enjoying his Twlight DVDs somewhere and wrestling around with his buddy, DJ Quad.

New photo and a new T-shirt!

So when I saw this t-shirt I knew I had to have it.. cause it about sums me up.. sometimes. I had no concept going into this photo. I just wanted to get back into photography! I need to come up with some themed concepts.. maybe I will re-do my Tomb raider one. I have so much shit in my inventory, I'm sure I will come up with something!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Drum or Drummer?

I came across this really cool drum set in second life. The stage looked like a lake with a waterfall. The drum set itself was really neat! You can change the lights, make it smoke or shoot fire. Play different types of music. Only problem is it only would give me one drum stick.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

@ Central Park

Well, here I am! The new me. I had my LAQ - Martina skin for like a year and a half. I got allot of miles out of it. I went and tried on skins.. and kept it cause I did like it. It also wasn't a skin that was overused. I'm not someone who goes with the flow... so you won't see me wearing those Debra heels anytime soon.

Here is a quick photo I took at a New York sim. Most of the stuff I'm wearing in this photo I bought the last few days.  These jeans are from Pepper and they are cute! My ass hangs out in them showing my Plummer's crack! Don't worry.. I had on my new panties from Blah!

I plan on getting back into taking more photos and doing something I always loved. Exploring... if I can stop from crashing! Recently I been crashing sometimes when I go from sim to sim. My viewer just don't crash, but my laptop turns off. It's frustrating!!! Especially when you are working on something and you didn't save it. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Black is the new black!

First off... I been playing around with Photoshop offline allot in my spare time. I also changed up from shape a little (moved a few sliders around) and purchased a new skin. The changes are not major, but they are changes.

I plan on coming out with some new photos and such here soon following these changes.

Before I get on to that... just some unfinished bushiness to take care of. 

So like I said last week I was at the Cumhouse and this Frankenstein like monster, known as Kyla Serenity IMed to point out my feet were a shade off. It's one thing to tell me my feet at a little off.. it's another to do it in a condescending way.

I mean like this thing had room to talk. She is built as if she could be playing on one of those Second Life football teams. Seriously... and she has issues about my shape? LOL.

So I posted about her man and is ears that weren't close to matching. He insisted it was the windlight settings. LMAO. I guess that's what he tell KylaStein when he drops he pants and his pale cock does not match his skin.

So the other day I had some... well, I'm really not sure what the fuck it was, contact me. They were upset I blogged Kylastein and their man. In their profile they claimed to be a demon, elf and a man.. at times. I say you sound very confused.

KylaStein and well... you tell me. 

 So this elf demon with a penis... IMed me making comments about how I was some big black woman from the ghetto. I guess I'm from the Ghetto cause..

1) I don't wear black everyday.
2) I don't hate the world or hate my Real life.
3) I'm not suffer from maniac depression. 
4) I don't live at the Cumhouse with a partner, because between the both of us.. we still can't afford a skybox.

So this elf demon with a penis... rambled on and on... for a little bit making racial derogatory statements about black people (to which Im not one) then they ran out of material fast.

Someone has been watching to much Harry Potter. 

There was one point where I misused the word Hear and used Here.. or something to that effect. So I was a "dumb American".. who butchers the English language. I will give you two guesses to what happened next.

This creature went on to make several mistakes on their own... using the term"Foul Mothed" and then they used "Prey and Pray" in a sentence, but used the words as if they were the same words with the same meaning.

Yes, I love people who cry about spelling and Grammar... give them 5 minutes cause they are bound to fuck up themselves.

Once they failed.. well, seems the air was out of their sails. Then again.... they failed long before that with their scary ass avatar. Newsflash It's fucking, March. Halloween is not for another seven or so months away!

Im sure I'm giving this ugly ass "I hate the world and life" miserable bitches.. more attention then they deserve... that's ok. I'm giving them something beyond their dull black and white world... I'm injecting a little mother fucking color into it.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

LMAO - Nice ears!

So earlier today I posted about this cunt who was dissing me for having my feet slightly tinted darker than rest of my skin.

Her sidekick's feet were 4-5 shades off... now this her beloved man has on some prim ears which don't match his skin. LMAO. They look ridiculous. What's he trying to make a mask like Leather face and has just only worked on the ears? Seriously look how stupid this looks. LMAO

They look like ear muffs LMAO

I mean if he can't match his ears... just have to think he can't match his cock either LMAO

I mean shit.. if your fat ass is going to sit in cumhouse all day to point out the mistakes or others. You should maybe look in the mirror first and get your little clique's shit together before criticizing others.

Yet another thirsty bitch

I been keeping busy outside of second life... but yesterday, I spent some time in world. I had not been to the Cumhouse in a while and dropped in a few times. I can't say I missed much.

I had some broke ass looking dude... who looked like some Somali Pirate. Bandana, shorts and no shirt... asked me to dance. After telling him no... he got a little upset and said something about water and milk I just didn't understand. I guess it's some sort of reference in Somali. So he got upset cause I called him a pirate I guess and I wouldn't give him the time of day.

So later I stopped in again (not sure why) and I had just got done switching skins to skin with a lighter shade. So I was standing there and was actually working in Photoshop on something and this cunt named Kyla Serenity IMs me.

She asks me if I need help with adjusting my prims cause my foot was darker than my skin. Personally, I wasn't trying to impress anyone (especially not her) so it was no pressing need... I just didn't care how this cunt went about saying it.

So I was busy.... I let it slide, even though this cunt sat at the same place at the Cumhouse all day long. (I guess easy to observe this kind of shit when you have no life and that is the highlight of it)

So today who do I see? Big fucking mouth and her side kick. She is the ugly ass bitch on the right. (looking like a bloated EMO raccoon)

So she was wearing some goofy ass wraps on her legs... to which I pointed out need to be fixed cause he skin was showing through them.

[2012/03/01 06:03]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Poor darling seems you need some prim help yourself. on your left footwear I can see your skin through the boot. If you need any help just let me know. :)
[2012/03/01 06:04]  Kyla Serenity: Hmm.. I'm not wearing prim :D
[2012/03/01 06:04]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): maybe you should
[2012/03/01 06:07]  Kyla Serenity: Maybe you need to worry about your freenis coloured feet, and your ass face. Also, so you know, if you don't want people to know you're a man, work on that shape princess.

(what the fuck is freenis? I mean this chunk ass bitch has any room to talk about my avatar LOL. You look like you swallowed the entire McDonalds dollar menu like 20 times. )

[2012/03/01 06:08]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): LMAO ah is someone mad? Have you looked at your avatar recently? Like today?
[2012/03/01 06:09]  Kyla Serenity: Thats really cute that it took you all night to think about what to say to me. We're all having a great laugh... keep going, pleeaase??
[2012/03/01 06:10]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): we're? who you and your 5 personalities?
[2012/03/01 06:10]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): actually sorry I was busy doing something yesterday when you sent me a IM. I didn't have time about of my busy day to give a fuck what a newbie bitch has to say
[2012/03/01 06:11]  Kyla Serenity: No me, and almost everyone at The Cumhouse, wow you are pretty fucking dumb... I thought it was just for act, like in your profile.

(Everyone = her and her ugly ass sidekick)

[2012/03/01 06:11]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): LOL< um.. ok.. if anyone is laughing they were looking at your ugly ass. Go put of your sifi costume again and sit in the same spot for 12 hours
[2012/03/01 06:13]  Kyla Serenity: Oh, idea! Since nothing you say is making any sense, why don't you take the day and come at me later. Maybe you'll come up with something slightly intelligent to say.

(Take the day LMAO. Like this bitch *thinks* she is something special. Sorry, bitch, I had better things to do.. you are way down the list. Though notice this big bad internet warrior don't have much fight)

[2012/03/01 06:14]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Oh, nice comeback.. Ouch the truth must hurt. took you all that time to type that? LMAO. Whore fishing for attention just got smacked up side her head with some reality
[2012/03/01 06:15]  Kyla Serenity: I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say English is not your first language.
[2012/03/01 06:16]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): LMAO. I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say spending all day at the cumhouse means you have no real life
[2012/03/01 06:17]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Let me guess your entire inventory color choices are black and black
[2012/03/01 06:17]  Kyla Serenity: You would only know that if in fact you spent all day at The Cumhouse as well. Yeah... go take the day and come back to me, maybe do some skin shopping and fix up that shape. See ya! xoxo

(I thought you said to come at you. Why you quitting? LMAO I had not been to cumhouse in about 6-7 weeks. How did I know your entire inventory comes only in black? You mean besides the obvious... LMAO)

[2012/03/01 06:18]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): I did? Could have fooled me. I may have came back a few times and you were always sitting in the same spot. LMAO. Sorry, I was doing stuff... I guess you were waiting for your "man".
[2012/03/01 06:19]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Shape - LOL you were just wearing a fat girls 1 piece body suit.
[2012/03/01 06:22]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): BTW - were those things your were wearing on your feet freebies? Cause I wouldn't have paided for them
[2012/03/01 07:14]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Hey cunt maybe you should tell your friend to fix the color on her feet LMAO,

 I mean shit my feet were one shade off.. this bitch is WAYYYY off. Look at those things on this EMO Raccoon's feet.  WTF is that necko wear? LMAO

[2012/03/01 07:18]  Kyla Serenity: Awwwe, you're REALLY upset. :)
[2012/03/01 07:19]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Nope Im not. I think this is funny.
[2012/03/01 07:19]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): I get off on this type of shit
[2012/03/01 07:19]  Kyla Serenity: Well good. You don't know how incredibly happy I am to hear this.
[2012/03/01 07:21]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Great! Maybe now you will put more effort into your avatar cause you are not depressed.
[2012/03/01 07:22]  Kyla Serenity: That's right, I'm not depressed :) I'm done now, enjoy your SLife hehe >:D
[2012/03/01 07:23]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): No depressed anymore... I helped you are welcome.
[2012/03/01 07:24]  Kyla Serenity: No depressed anymore, I paided someone to fix it.
[2012/03/01 07:24]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): You should pay someone to make you over then

Kind of funny this Ho's at the Cumhouse... they want to talk shit when their little kliq is around to laugh at their corny ass jokes. When you confront them personally... these thirsty cunts sure do shut their big fat mouths and tuck their tails.