"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cherry Poppin

So I spent my time on second life fucking around today for Christmas. I chose to stay home away from others cause I didn't want others to get sick. So I put on the lola boobs for only 4th time  - a few times I was dressed as Harlee Fallen. 

 I figured with this dress I would try being a red head. Its different you don't see many red heads in second life. Unlike others who just want to be just another one of the thousands of Barbies. I took my own style and rocked it hard.

So I was at Blackcats and had some old guy want to be my Cuckhold. So we tried that out for a while. I sent him to fetch drinks and to find someone to give me a massage by the pool. Well, he brought back some guy who I called a pool boy. He didn't see to like that so he dumped me in the pool.

Which was pretty funny cause then I turned up the bitch mode and raised hell. After all that is no way to treat a Princess! Then I found this another guy... but he refused to take his shirt off in public. What? What the hell was he hiding a 3rd nipple or something.
When a Princess say jump, you say how high. It was obvious that the good help took the day off because of Christmas. How dare they.. where the hell can I get a good massage at on Christmas?

Merry Sickmas

I'm sick! Had a little soar throat earlier today. Sat down on the couch and boom it hit me. My legs are so sore. I feel so sore. I dont want to stand. So I reach for my laptop which was close and log on to second life. What for? I dunno.. cause I cant think straight and my eyes are closing. Hell Im just standing in random places... I guess I could log off and go to bed, but then again I would have to stand up. I'm not sure my legs would work at this time.

So I blog. What for.. I dunno. The pain... I feel punch drunk or something. I am not thinking straight. Feel like I just ran 10 miles carrying 500 lbs while doing it. On the bright side the aching of my body and made me forget my soar throat. It has also made me forget where I was standing in second life or why the hell Im even on second life.

My avatar must look sick too.. cause no douche bags have IMed asking to fuck. Too bad I wanted to cough all over them.

I guess I will be sleeping on the couch tonight my legs are not working and in second life the pussy is broken

Bah humbug Im fucking sick

Friday, December 23, 2011

U Mad Barbie #19,866

So it seems the cover girl for Sissyboy Lame's shitty magazine didn't like what I had to say about her. Guess what.. get in line with the rest of them.

"for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" - Newton's law... learn it.

1. It was not I who chose to be then next Go Daddy slut.. I mean.. attach my name and face to a two bit Second life magazine, run by a sissy loving vampire wannabe who talks like a 12 year old.  Great idea.. I'm going to run with a guy who can't stop talking about fecal matter and wears freebie t-shirts. I'm going to be a big star! Someone sounds like they need a manager to run their life you might want to check with Ashton Kutcher for some advice there on that. Maybe if you are lucky DJQuad can put you on his wrestling show. Then all the real geeks in second life can hit you up.

2. It was not I who chose to look like Courtney Love on a bad day (does she ever have a good day?) with your raccoon eyes. You did.

3. It wasn't I who chose to spend 30 lindens on a gaudy necklace which looks like it was made at a hardware store buy purchasing some stainless steal chain and a can of gold spray paint. You did.

You claim you saw me once at the Cumhouse. I guess I stood out then... cause I don't even recall hearing or seeing anything about you.. until I saw your Zombie like picture on SissyBoy Lame's blog.

I'm jealous? OMGZ. I'm totally flawless and famous. You are well.. a nobody.

Jealous.. LOL. I'm not the one who is looking like the 20,000 other barbies on second life. Obviously you were jealous of them, cause you stole their style. 1 month old. LOL. Hell, you even admit you are not even blonde in real life. LOL. - Your flickr even says you are not new to second life. So let's see... you saw all these thousands of barbies everywhere.. said to yourself. Hey, that's a look I want to steal. Yea, and who's jealous ROFLMAO.

Yes, I haven't made a name for myself.. but you have. LOL. Once again, let me point out you noticed me at Cumhouse. I might of seen you.. then again I guess you were just one of the other dozen barbie hoes herding on the day so you really didn't stand out, Superstar. 

I love how you and Fallen keep dragging me into this adult SL Porn stuff. I quit it a long time ago. I can easily get in a video.. but I chose not to. Funny thing about this is.. someone asked me to do a video the other day and also mentioned they were ASKED by Fallen and they turned Fallen down. So barbie #19,866 get your facts straight, bitch.

Facts are this when I was making movies.. I mad my own. I didn't get on my knees to suck three guys off to do it. My second video I made was featured. Come talk to me when you get that far then we will start comparing notes.

You haven't done shit or will ever be shit. You avatar is 1 month old. LOL.  I wouldn't be surprised if you were going through thrash dumpsters like all the other raccoons to get your barbie look. Hell, you are the byproduct of all the shit the other barbie's didn't want. That explains that ugly ass necklace.

Best part I like is they claim they won't mention me again. Hmm.. then why did you mention me at all? What did that prove? It proves you are a dumb fucking bimbo.. 

So maybe being yet another one of the ten of thousands barbies is a true calling for you.

Facts are this... I'm on avatar #1.. who knows how many times you failed. I guess when you are a totally flawless princess right out of the gate.. I sort of make it look easy. I know it's a struggle for girls like you. Desperate for attention.. can't get it any other way so you decide to take up the barbie whore look. Sad.. but truth hurts.

Now just remember.. I'm trying to help you out. Make you famous.. like me. Oh wait... I never mentioned your name. Well, just keep a eye out for a raccoon looking Courtney Love clone... can't miss her.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hoes Hoes Hoes

Ok first off I bought a new skin. Well, two of them. The first, I went back to my old skin shortly after. Then I bought this one I'm wearing in the picture. It's close to my old one but I chose a lighter skin tone cause I like to rock light brown hair sometimes. Works a little better..

Now on to business... Second life. I guess you can say maybe it's not my business, but second life is how I make my money. So anything second life is my business.

So someone pointed out to me Jumboy Lame, aka: Sissyboy Lame aka: Twlight boy Lame's blog. He has me blocked, but let's see I still have my phone.. and another computer to access this shitty blog if I like.

You see Sissyboy Lame is scared of me. Yes, little ol' me. This is why he blocked me and will only talk to me hiding behind I fake identity to which I already exposed is him. (It didnt take long)

So him and his wrestling dork buddy, DjQuad staged a conversation in the Pornstars group and he posted it on his blog. They were crying about Vanhelsing Svoboda claiming he cheated in this already fucked up rigged contest.

Let's go back to day 1 of the contest when I exposed what a joke it was. That duplicate votes were not removed (like Sissyboy Lame claimed) but the contest was set back to a earlier time in the contest when people were boosting votes. Oh yea, we don't want to talk about that do we? LOL

Yea, Van has been contacting people asking them to vote for them. Then again so has Harlee Fallen. I know cause they asked a few or my spies who were working to get info about them to vote for them.

So this loser, DJQuad claims Van's movies get 3 FPS. Some are a little laggy, but overall the editing and visuals are pretty damn good. The effort is there.. and is only limited by his computers ability. While other videos I have seen of others with super computers have better equipment but half ass editing or shoot from horrible angles. Sometimes they are just down right horrible ideas. What no more ghost stories?

Then again what has DJQuad ever done? Oh yea, he's involved in wrestling on second life. zzzzzzz

I actually watched a few minutes of one of these wrestling videos on youtube. Believe me anyone involved in this shit HAS NO ROOM TO SAY SHIT. It was some of the dumbest shit I have ever seen and the announcers were horrible which made it worse.

Then Sissyboy Lame kept talking about his new cover girl for his shitty sl magazine. ROFLMAO. Serious you need to see this girl. She looks like a cross between Courtney Love and a fucking raccoon. There is so much black shit around her eyes I thought her nose just got broken. I guess huge boob vampire wannabes are big now in second life. Then she is wearing cheap ass RYCA jewelry. The necklace alone looks gaudy and cheap as hell. Then again when your are a desperate whore on the cover of a second life magazine nobody gives two shits about.. what do you expect?

Now Mr. SissyBoy Lame is trying to make a case for Harlee Fallen being a women in rl. Like I said months ago.. personally I don't care but facts are facts. An I think there are enough facts out there.. just go looking for them.

Though it seems now there is a second version of their side of the story. I guess you can call it Version 2.0

Just my observations...

Monday, December 5, 2011

It's been a while!

Been busy in RL. Yes, there is such a thing...this was too good to pass up.

This chick was built like a very manly man... and her head was way too small for her body. I was looking all around I thought some headshrinkers were going to jump out of the bushes and get me next.
I mean how can I give up SL all together.. I can't it's always good for a laugh.