"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Sunday, July 31, 2011

My rez day came and went

Whoop-deeeee-do! I don't see the big deal about rez days are... I mean I'm a fucking Princess.. everyday is like a Rez day party for me!

For me it's a time to look back... where I started and now.

This was me my second day of second life.. Yes, I was a highly advanced life form, already! This was me sweet talking this guy... and he actually became my first sugar daddy. He was sort of a psycho though.. would send me photos of other women he was talking to. An I was pfft.. so what. I was off spend his money in the mean time improving my avatar! My goal was to have a great looking avatar and rock my own style. To not be one of the sheeps or clones out there.

One thing this guy learned early on.. you don't fuck with the Princess. So I got a job shortly after escorting. The sim wasn't bad at all.. nice little city they had. management was horrible. The main club was dead. They had regualrs who would show up and wouldnt tip. This one guy was a second life wrestler he tipped you with a T-shirt he made. Im not kidding!

I didn't work in the main club I worked in the freelance club down the street. Basically I had the club all to myself. So I was dancing for this guy.. and I IMed the guy who was giving me money and trying to make me jealous by sending me pictures. I was swinging on a pole naked for someone and I TPed him. He didnt know I started as a stripper/escort.

He blew up... got mad. He said he was trying to shelter me from all the bad things in second life and now I was a stripper. Shelter me? You were sending me fucking pictures of other women.

So he gave me a large chunk of lindens one last time and I put him on ignore and never heard from him again.

So after a few days of being a hooker I was a pro at it already. They asked me to be a manager and train new girls. I gave it a try.. they found some of the dumbest girls you could find. This one sweet shy guy came in... tipped one girl 20 lindens. She wanted to go give him a lap dance after 20 lindens.  He tipped her another 10 lindens she took of to his place... for 30 lindens!! I couldn't take it I TPed out to a club and found me a customer.

The money continued to roll in.. basically I would go to clubs look cute.. mostly in a schoolgirl outfit. If I couldn't find anyone I would hit the strip clubs and just stand around talking to the women and the guys would hit on me. I never got caught or accused of freelancing.. because I never offered it up. I let the guys ask after I won them over with my naughty schoolgirl looks and humor.

So about a month into my second life... I had this vampire guy I took back to the club private room. He gives me this story how he was sent by his queen to convert me. First off, I hate vampires! I told him good luck. Plus I had a garlic necklace. So he started throwing around some money. Originally said he wasn't interested in sex.. well he changed his mind. he drop his pants.. his penis wouldn't rez.

So I waited around about 10 minutes... it wouldnt rez. He was so cocky at first and by the time I TPed out he was very depressed. So I took his money and went shopping to cheer myself up. Man, he was a buz kill.. he made me almost feel sorry for him.. until I started spending his money.

The vampire refused to put money in the tip jar and paid me personally. So I took my bosses cut and sent it to him with a note card tell him why. Well, this manager he had accused me of stealing. Not to my face... but it got back to me.

Considering I was making more than their entire staff and then some.. you better get your facts straight. So my 30 days were up... meaning I could go to better clubs and get hired. So I left to work at Le Cabaret.

I loved working there.. but it started to get laggy for me there.. and one of the managers there was jealous of me. When I made my first movie.. she claimed it was a unfair advantage I had over other girls. Then she claimed I was inviting all these customers to the Porn Stars group. Pfft.. never invited anyone... EVER. So this bitch got on my nerves and she was always there..she acted like she owned the place. It got to a point I was avoiding working when she did.. I would go in on rent day work a few hours make my rent and leave.

So I left... started making movies.. and the rest is history.

On that note.. now that I think about it.. you notice you hardly ever seen any Neckos anymore? They were a dime a dozen a year ago.. I guess they all instead bought Meeroos and decided to breed them instead of themselves.

One more thing.. Im Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of these chicks with these Curio skins with the big pouty lips and child AOs.  You go to a store half the models have them. Half the girls in the store have them.. are you fucking serious. Try being original.... for once.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back on the ranch!

I didn't really spend a ton of time on this.. but it came along pretty good. I found the hairstyle with the hat yesterday on another shopping spree.. so I thought I would give the cowgirl look another try.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Breaking news: Naughty Machinima is now a paid site!

You thought the lack of quality was a problem the last few months... You haven't seen nothing yet. It's sad it has come to this..

When I'm in a club.. people check my profile out and there is a link to a few of my movies in it. Now, anyone who hits that link now has to sign up for a monthly or yearly account.

I'm not paying anything to watch average (and lately most of the videos have been that) videos. So why would they? You can't even pay with lindens... it's pay pal so they sure aren't going to do it.

There was Blip.Tv and then some people had to be assholes and report the videos... and that wasn't someone outside the SL Porn community.

Kitty Shack? - How many times did Naughty Bitch go down and how many videos were lost in the process. Fool me once, shame on you.. fool me twice.. You know.

Slutload (or other RL porn sites) - Ads and you wont get the same audience.  Videos would have to be embedded some will get lost in the shuffle.

Inferno? - I have had 4 trojan virus attacks which were all blocked over the last two months. Some people are not so lucky like Candace Flossberg had to pay 100 bucks to get her computer fixed.

Who's at fault? Mostly those that chose to upload 5 movies a week and to a lesser extent those who felt the need to add 400 views to their movies a week by hitting the refresh button. We can't just stop there... let's not forget others who could have stepped forward and said "we are ruining a good thing and look more than two inches in front of our eyes" instead.. they just said claimed uploading as many movies as you could was a good thing.

July 30th is my Rez day and about 30 days after my rez day I sort of got into SL Porn. You cant honestly tell me it's in any better shape then it was then.

12 best movies of the month? You might want to cut that down to a top 3 now. Blogging movies embedded elsewhere is not the answer. When you went to Naughty Machinima to watch a video... they were all at one place. You might come to watch one, but watch a few others.. maybe even come across one of someone new. Now? That's over..

An in a sense I'm sort of happy about it. Very few wanted to do anything about the problem.. even less wanted to address it. Now, you have to deal with it.

I guess for me I have been waiting for the hammer to drop for a while. I didn't want to get into a big project and find out.. that now the site was a pay site when I was almost done.

What's the answer? Blog more videos.. showcase more videos? You can't even get who made the videos right... then again IT SHOULD OF NEVER CAME TO THIS POINT! 

Instead of worrying about how many people following your blog or twitter.. or better yet trying to get RL Celebrities to acknowledge your "fake" pixel avatar personality... you should of worried about the resources of your community.

That though was way down the list in priorities.. and in the end because half the people in the community couldn't dress themselves, let alone think for themselves.. they hang on your every word. An since you were too busy playing puppeteer at your brothel... that ship has sailed.

Rome wasn't built in a day... nor did it go to shit in a day either. Bring on the Dark Ages!

 Update - I was logged in when the changes happened. I guess you can view as a guest. In order to comment, rate a movie you have to pay.

My Sickness

I'm really, really sick...

Today, I admit my problem... I have come to realize I need help!

Have you ever had one of those days you going shopping and buy so much you don't even know what you have? I think alcoholics call it a black out. 

Really, it all started with me looking for props for a video... I'm going to shoot. Hours later.. with boxes and bags scattered all over a sandbox like a mind field... I say what have I done!

Well, I did get some really amazing stuff... To wish I will be showing off in photos in the up coming weeks...

As I said, I have a video I'm going to do. It don't really require land.. so I'm going to do it.. just hoping my internet connection works with me. It's been spotty recently...which is why I started working with Photoshop.

An I really have enjoyed it.. like I said it relaxes me and allows me to be creative at the same time. I really been learning by trial and error.. I haven't even looked at a Photoshop Tutorial, yet.

I have to say though working with After effects helped me with Photoshop... some day I hope to put it all together.

No picture today... as of yet. Trying to get my outfits together for the video shoot. I might do one.. I took a few snap shots earlier, but didn't think they were worth working on.

BTW - I checked out this sim the other day Milk and Cream. It was on the destination guide but I think they removed it. It was a moderate sim, but there were sexual acts going on all over. There was a outhouse to have sex in and a horse with a huge penis to have sex with.

Snow and Ice

Another picture.. got the idea earlier today and here it is..

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bad Girls

Emeelee Rage and myself on the mean streets..

As you can tell nobody wants to fuck with us!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Me as a cowgirl on the farm looking for something to ride. Actually, the whole point of this photo was supposed to be to show off my new boots... but I really liked this picture. I guess I will just have to take a new one. The top is from twisted and spoiled... I love it!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I bought this outfit a few weeks ago and LOVE it! It's very sexy! Yes, it came with the Umbrella. I put it on and just had to snap a picture. Sunglasses, T & A sold separately.

This second pick took me like 10 minutes max. The other took hours.. because I was also watching "Chef Ramsey Kitchen Nightmares".. Yes, I get distracted easily... story of my life.  

So what's going on!

Still working on my Red Riding Hood project video - this will be a long term project. It keeps getting bigger and bigger.. I'm not in a rush because I think I have a really solid idea. Problem is I'm sort of watching my SL spending right now and I need land to continue.

 I really want to do some type of video and I can't do it with my Red Riding Hood project so I might do a few smaller videos in the mean time.

Sorting my inventory - which is always a nightmare... I have so much clothes and movie props its unreal.
I might have some new photos in my flickr soon. Taking photos in second life and working on them.. is a lot of fun for me. It relaxes me... so look for that.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Please no more!

I really don't understand this morphing phase in second life.. very few people can do it right.. The ones that do blend in the real life picture with the second life face and make the entire picture a hybrid of the two worlds. 95% of these morph pictures look bad and all they do is work on the face area. Especially the ones where the SL face is at a different angle then the RL picture they are using. The picture about is not going to make me want to buy your skin. I mean.. why the hell if you are selling a skin on marketplace you going to put it on a RL picture?

This girl looks more like an alien or a zombie then a model. Give it a rest!

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Machinima Movie

I'm still working on the opening credits. Playing around with a few things here and there.. the opening credits will serve as a background to what has happened up until that point and the current atmosphere. It wont be a 10 sec opening.. I'm shooting for a Hollywood type.

I plan on having a Movie poster to represent the movie... I already have something in mind, but at this time Im not sure what I'm going to call the movie. I really don't want to call it "Little red riding hood" because it won't be 100% true to the story. I have a few ideas...it will come to me by the end of production.

I plan on having two trailers. One close to the end of shooting which will be pretty basic and one after I have the movie done in a rough draft mode, which I hope to have a Hollywood type trailer.

To me the trailer will be as important as the movie itself. The trailer will be released a week or two prior to the movie release.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's still on!

Recently I have been talking a lot about projects and well.. not doing them. Problem is, I'm not trying to make SL Machinima I'm trying to make Hollywood type movies. Take for example the movie Gladiator. I would really like to do some type of Roman or ancient Greek type movie, but I was sort of not thrilled with the sims I have been to. I could make it.. sure, but I wouldn't been 100% happy with it.

The RRH (Red riding hood) project will be different in a sense... it's not going to be your typical RRH video. It's going to be set in a dark urban environment. Which Second life has it's fair share of those... I'm not sure when it will be done... because this morning alone I just expanded on the movie idea a ton. So with that said... this will be my project for the remainder of the year.

Not only will this movie be based off the RRH story, but you will be able to see influences from other RL Hollywood movies. Yesterday, I got my music and RRH outfit together.

If I get it done... I will be thrilled, in a sense.. I'm not really interested in anything but this project right now. RRH is a popular topic - look at how many videos are on Youtube. This being that it's not your normal RRH video.. interests me.

My biggest challenge will be staying organized on a project like this. It's easy to record footage in Fraps inport it and edit it into a movie. When you have After Effects files, textures, pictures, photoshop files... to keep track of.. it can get messy.

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's back on!

My Red Riding Hood movie is back on! I'm so excited!! I hit a creative road block with it a while back. I was trying to hard to mimic the real story and not do my version. Well, not anymore! I have a story... ideas. I'm so excited! I can't wait to start on the opening credits.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Now check out these Buns!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Check out these guns!

Friday, July 8, 2011

It's been too long! Video grab bag

Since I had a serious video.. I been clubbing recently in second life and people are asking me where is the new stuff? Honestly, I wasn't that inspired.

I dunno.. maybe it was the sex in second life I been having recently that did it.. but

A few days ago i just happened to stumbled on a few sims I actually was looking for. I guess it was one of those cases where you look and look.. and when you give up, it finds you.

I have sort of a handful of solid ideas to pick from:

1) I had this idea for this one video for a while... but it needed more substance. It's not too hard... so it's not a big jump, but I think it could be a great video. I have a really cool idea for the ending if I can figure out a way to do it right. Best of all I will be using a song I really like! That makes it that much easier.

2) I also have a music video I have in mind and found some locations for that. Once again, nothing out of this world, but will have some things that wow you.

3) Hot sex video done in a certain why nobody else has touched...yet. I have had this idea for a while. I got a location for that now.

4) Tossed around the idea of re-making my Sinderella movie. Sort of like a supped up version of it with maybe a few changes here and there.

5) One Idea (which I think is top notch) im putting off for now as its a bigger project. Im hoping once I knock a few of these out, that will make making that one easier.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One more thing!


1) You can't understand what the hell they are saying.
2) Talk into the start of a song.
3) Cut in the middle of a song to say someone stupid.
4) Start speaking with 1/4 of the song left!

Newsflash.. nobody is there to hear you ramble on about random stuff... that's what Tweeter is for!

New Photos!

No new videos but I have taken some photos recently and they are on my Flickr page. Seems like I keep flip flopping back and 4th what I want to do. I guess in a sense because I want to do everything! I'm not the best at Photoshop. In fact, I used After effects for most of this photo! I need to get better. I also started working on 3D graphics program recently and really enjoyed that. I'm a horrible builder in second life, but a much better builder using a program. So we will see what comes of that!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My bitch of the week!

Ok there might be a few..

1) Phoenix firestorm, Kristen's search is worthless!! which leads me to ->

2) People who act all ghetto and think they are tough. So I tried to go to the Hair fair and and first ended up at some Hair and Skin fair which had a lot of Japanese styles. These two women (if you want to call them that) were shouting their conversation back the forth to each other. So ater a few minutes I decide to join the conversation because I had no idea where they were, but they were making their business public. So they were talking about having some guy take them shopping and I said "great I can't wait for XXX to take us shopping".

Well, they got pissed off and stopped talking normal and started talking with ghetto slang. I guess it was supposed to scare me. I never got a look at these two but one name was like WarriorKiller and the other was like CoolGirl39. With names like that, I'm sure they were a walking nightmare pimped out head to toe with freebies.

3) Hair Fair is nothing special. - Not worth the trouble. It's laggy as hell there. It's too big and spread out. I gave up and went to three of the sims. There is a message when you spawn in to limit your scripts and rendering costs. There are a lot of people with a rendering count around 5,000-6,000. There was this one chick there with a rendering count of 24,000!

When I mentioned to her she is supposed to limit the amount of scripts she had.. she got all offended. Sad thing is she looked very average. Which had me wondering what the hell were all these scripts doing for her? She must of had on 3 sets of face lights or something. which leads me to ->

4) Get rid of the face lights! - All the browsers now have wind light settings. Use them! I hate being in a store or at a club and someone spawns in and I go blind.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Seems like Memorial day just happened... A quick photo and edit I did. Wearing my favorite bikini.. it also comes with matching booty shorts.