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Friday, July 8, 2011

It's been too long! Video grab bag

Since I had a serious video.. I been clubbing recently in second life and people are asking me where is the new stuff? Honestly, I wasn't that inspired.

I dunno.. maybe it was the sex in second life I been having recently that did it.. but

A few days ago i just happened to stumbled on a few sims I actually was looking for. I guess it was one of those cases where you look and look.. and when you give up, it finds you.

I have sort of a handful of solid ideas to pick from:

1) I had this idea for this one video for a while... but it needed more substance. It's not too hard... so it's not a big jump, but I think it could be a great video. I have a really cool idea for the ending if I can figure out a way to do it right. Best of all I will be using a song I really like! That makes it that much easier.

2) I also have a music video I have in mind and found some locations for that. Once again, nothing out of this world, but will have some things that wow you.

3) Hot sex video done in a certain why nobody else has touched...yet. I have had this idea for a while. I got a location for that now.

4) Tossed around the idea of re-making my Sinderella movie. Sort of like a supped up version of it with maybe a few changes here and there.

5) One Idea (which I think is top notch) im putting off for now as its a bigger project. Im hoping once I knock a few of these out, that will make making that one easier.


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