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[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Sunday, July 31, 2011

My rez day came and went

Whoop-deeeee-do! I don't see the big deal about rez days are... I mean I'm a fucking Princess.. everyday is like a Rez day party for me!

For me it's a time to look back... where I started and now.

This was me my second day of second life.. Yes, I was a highly advanced life form, already! This was me sweet talking this guy... and he actually became my first sugar daddy. He was sort of a psycho though.. would send me photos of other women he was talking to. An I was pfft.. so what. I was off spend his money in the mean time improving my avatar! My goal was to have a great looking avatar and rock my own style. To not be one of the sheeps or clones out there.

One thing this guy learned early on.. you don't fuck with the Princess. So I got a job shortly after escorting. The sim wasn't bad at all.. nice little city they had. management was horrible. The main club was dead. They had regualrs who would show up and wouldnt tip. This one guy was a second life wrestler he tipped you with a T-shirt he made. Im not kidding!

I didn't work in the main club I worked in the freelance club down the street. Basically I had the club all to myself. So I was dancing for this guy.. and I IMed the guy who was giving me money and trying to make me jealous by sending me pictures. I was swinging on a pole naked for someone and I TPed him. He didnt know I started as a stripper/escort.

He blew up... got mad. He said he was trying to shelter me from all the bad things in second life and now I was a stripper. Shelter me? You were sending me fucking pictures of other women.

So he gave me a large chunk of lindens one last time and I put him on ignore and never heard from him again.

So after a few days of being a hooker I was a pro at it already. They asked me to be a manager and train new girls. I gave it a try.. they found some of the dumbest girls you could find. This one sweet shy guy came in... tipped one girl 20 lindens. She wanted to go give him a lap dance after 20 lindens.  He tipped her another 10 lindens she took of to his place... for 30 lindens!! I couldn't take it I TPed out to a club and found me a customer.

The money continued to roll in.. basically I would go to clubs look cute.. mostly in a schoolgirl outfit. If I couldn't find anyone I would hit the strip clubs and just stand around talking to the women and the guys would hit on me. I never got caught or accused of freelancing.. because I never offered it up. I let the guys ask after I won them over with my naughty schoolgirl looks and humor.

So about a month into my second life... I had this vampire guy I took back to the club private room. He gives me this story how he was sent by his queen to convert me. First off, I hate vampires! I told him good luck. Plus I had a garlic necklace. So he started throwing around some money. Originally said he wasn't interested in sex.. well he changed his mind. he drop his pants.. his penis wouldn't rez.

So I waited around about 10 minutes... it wouldnt rez. He was so cocky at first and by the time I TPed out he was very depressed. So I took his money and went shopping to cheer myself up. Man, he was a buz kill.. he made me almost feel sorry for him.. until I started spending his money.

The vampire refused to put money in the tip jar and paid me personally. So I took my bosses cut and sent it to him with a note card tell him why. Well, this manager he had accused me of stealing. Not to my face... but it got back to me.

Considering I was making more than their entire staff and then some.. you better get your facts straight. So my 30 days were up... meaning I could go to better clubs and get hired. So I left to work at Le Cabaret.

I loved working there.. but it started to get laggy for me there.. and one of the managers there was jealous of me. When I made my first movie.. she claimed it was a unfair advantage I had over other girls. Then she claimed I was inviting all these customers to the Porn Stars group. Pfft.. never invited anyone... EVER. So this bitch got on my nerves and she was always there..she acted like she owned the place. It got to a point I was avoiding working when she did.. I would go in on rent day work a few hours make my rent and leave.

So I left... started making movies.. and the rest is history.

On that note.. now that I think about it.. you notice you hardly ever seen any Neckos anymore? They were a dime a dozen a year ago.. I guess they all instead bought Meeroos and decided to breed them instead of themselves.

One more thing.. Im Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of these chicks with these Curio skins with the big pouty lips and child AOs.  You go to a store half the models have them. Half the girls in the store have them.. are you fucking serious. Try being original.... for once.


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