"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Read it and wheep, beotches!

Well, I was working on a fake txt transcript between Meg Whorel and myself.. it was actually really funny, but too much work. Besides I will stick will my current policy of posting only non altered chats.

With that said let's talk about facts... ok?

Harlee "BrokeBack Barbie Fallen - Fake RL picture with a hand added to the photo. Claimed they were fron the USA, another fucking lie. Lie on top of lie.

This is what I want to know how can someone go from Crying and whining on their blog that their "personal rights have been violated" when asked to voice for group membership, yet a few days later all of a sudden you want to voice?

It don't add up. Clearly you found a way around it.Someone found something to alter their voice.

I talked to someone who tired to voice with you months and months ago before I blogged you. They claimed you refused. If you are so dead set on proving you are a woman in rl. How come you didn't show the real life txt conversation right away? Oh no not until 2 1/2 months later you came up with one and then that one was altered a second time. LOL.

Just remember it was the Crabface themselves that said "I don't want people to know the real me."

Then you have this loser Storm who contacted me last night with threats because I blogged about his thirsty Ho girlfirend, Meg Whorel. Well, I guess this hoe should of spent more time at AdN standing by the chairs trying to get free outfits then making a blog about me and whining over and over, but more on her in a second.

Strom was claiming he is buying up 4k computers LOL. First off, if you bought even one 4,000 computer while you have no fucking RL job and are using the computer to sit on SL and make SL porn.. then you are a fucking major loser. The only way I would pay 4K for a computer if I didnt have a job and it would get me a good job.

Years from now Harvey Fallen is going to try to get a job and go for a interview. They are going to ask what they did for the last 6 years. "Liiike I pretended to be a barbie and have cyber sex with black men on second life all day long all year long. I made 150k a week" Strom can claim to be this great sl porn director with a net income from sales of ZERO.

What a waste... this guy is clearly depressed. Second life if his life (his words not mine) He whine to me Mercedes Styles had a man and it wasn't him. He asked me over and over to hang out with him,. Clearly he has no real social life. So no wonder he is so defensive and wanted to  play the white knight for his girl Meg Whorel. He don't have much else..

Then he was trying to rip on my videos. LOL - which were made like 14 months ago? LOL. This was before shadows came into play. Strom thinks just cause you get a better computer your videos all of a sudden become the best. The transitions in his videos are still weak You don't use any time of color filtering, the editing is sub par and you don't add anything in the way of After effects or fluff. Send anyone one of your 4K computer they can make they same basic video. You aren't doing anything special. Those who make great videos with allot less equipment are the ones with talent.

Then there is Meg Whorel. 
They made a blog about me... took pictures of me on an alt (allot of them as one of the photos was labeled Rayven 19) 19 fucking pics of me while Im AFK. LOL. Who's the fucking stalker. Funny thing is your shitty computer couldn't render me LOL. Maybe Strom will send you one of his 4K computer he buys them all the time. LMAO,

So they make this blog and they couldn't even attach their name to it. Love me or hate me.. I don't hide to take photos of people and then claim someone else is doing it. Meg Whorel is too cowardly like that.. cause she was still very angry cause I called her out for cheating in a rigged contest. Why was she so mad? It's simple she hasn't won anything in her entire life. Cheating or not... this was her great moment in life.

Just like Brokeback Barbie said the best day of their life would of been when my blog got hacked, this was Meg Whorel's best day of her life. While most graduate from collage, get married, have kids.... those are their best days./ Not this group. The bar is very low.


Here is something else I was thinking about yesterday. Meg Whorel and Harvey Failin (especially the Crabface) seem they are very upset that I am no longer blogging about Aurora.

Aurora and I are not friends. She is not on my friends list. I have talked to Aurora a few times here and there... I just made a deal I wouldn't blog them in a bad way cause in exchange for information

Aurora has since went on to other things and really there is no need for me to talk shit about her, cause she has moved on.

Well, last night I realized this is really pissed off the Crabface and Meg Whorel. The Crabface tired on a few occasions to kiss my ass. They said they liked me LOL. They even were talking about me making a video with them LMAO. I mean they were trying really hard for me to like them.

Same with Meg Whorel, after they were whining in my IM box about how I said they cheated and called them out for leading and nobody knew who they were.. they were IMing me trying to talk to me. I was like "Ok, Peg whatever". She would be like "It's Meg". I would say, "Yea yea, I'm a fucking princess.. I will call you whatever i like and you will like it."

Seriously, now I understand their anger/ Aurora, someone I have hated for so long... I have no problems with no more. These two tried and tried to be my friend and I blew them off.

I guess at the time I didn't realize that your mental stability  hinged on a second life friendship. Maybe Strom can send you each one of his dozen 4K computers.. this way Harvey Failin will be on second ife with six accounts at once.


I also don't understand if Meg Whorel is this cam loving whore who is showing off her pussy to all these guys on Skype, why her avatar was miles behind, Meg avatar is a year and 5 months old. Mine is a year and six months old. Yet, I stopped wearing 99 linden entire outfits 2 weeks after starting second life.

She can't be much of a suga baby.

Here is my avatar around 2 months old.

This Photo below is of Meg on Sept 18th, 2011. LOL. Just about a year AFTER my photos.
Clearly still in newbie mode. How much you charge for showing that pussy on cam?

So how does someone who was a voice escort for 2 or so months  look clearly better than someone showing their pussy on skype for a year? LOL. I dunno you tell me? I was that good that's why and I still am. I'm a fucking Princess.. you are just some white jersey trash.

I made my money and I got out of escorting. First, if you knew anything about SL escorting,
 (which I doubt you do) money isn't there like it was over a year ago. Obviously for you the money was NEVER there.

An if you claim you used it all in rl. Your computer is a piece of shit, obviously. So where is all this money going?

I got into escorting in second life cause I always wanted to be a dancer in RL, but my parents would killed me. So I became a SL dancer/escort for 3 months in second life. I made my money. I got my avatar to a point I was satisfied, I quit for various reasons... one being I had a full time RL job and had to work my SL job a certain numbers of hours every week and it was a drag sometimes.

Secondly being a voice escort you obviously make more than a txt escort and we were able to charge our own rates. Some people can do it some cant. As I said I got my avatar to point I was happy with. I never used a single linden and turned in back into real life money. I have RL jobs.. and at times Jobs.

I'm not a desperate whore for money like Harvey Failin. Who contacts men after men all day long on second life to trick them into getting off on their sick male/male homosexual fantasies cause they don't want to come out of the closet. 

Allot of times escorting you get guys who want more. I would have older men (in their 40s and 50''s sending me their RL photos. Of course when you escort you tell them what they want to hear so you get the money and they return. Hearing a 50 year old fat out of shape guy you are not attracted to in any way.. grunt and hearing him pleasure himself.. wasn't something I was very found of.

Like I said I never counted on SL escorting money for RL income. My SL is 100% unattached from my RL.

Also my mom sort of came over my house when I was with a client once and walked in. hard to hear someone with headphones on. It was also quiet embarrassing. She was worried it would get back to me in RL. with companies firing people over shit they find out about on social media sites and such.

So I quit and can't say I miss it. I still have people I met while escorting who do give me money. Ask the Crabafce I told them that when they were kissing my ass. .

Bottom line is this.. and I'm sure this is going to piss you off even more. I'm 100% secure in who I am in real life. Second life is a very, very small part of my real life and does not carry over to my RL. My money made in second life is second life money. RL is real life money.

50% I'm on second life I'm reading webs sites. Blogging Watching youtube videos. Watching TV or just doing RL stuff around the house.  The rest of the time I might be on second life on my phone chatting.

I idle and stand around and occasionally chat with people.
There are people on my friends list I might call good friends on SL, but I might of only have seen them once or twice in the last 6 months.

I don't hang out. I haven't explored (which is what really got me into second life) in a LONG time.

I'm sorry if this is not your second life.. it's mine.

An I told Aurora this months ago when I got banned from the Ghetto. She said something like I could be a man like Harlee Fallen. I said I don't care if she thinks I am or anyone else for that matter. Like I said I know the truth and that's all that matter. I'm 100% secure in that. I think it's fucking funny all this "You need to voice to prove yourself"

Keep fucking screaming that. Keep getting yourself worked up. LOL. Keep worrying about me and everything I do or say.. cause if that's the case I WON!

 I mean if you notice I could give a care you keep blogging this. LOL.

While Meg Whorel got all offended and pissed off I said He/she.
Harvey Failin is getting all pissed off daily cause people question if they are a man in rl.

Sorry I'm not raging. LOL. It's really funny to me.

So here is the deal if you think I'm a man and are on my friends list. Just remove me. If you are 100% sold that two people who are making up fake chats and lying out their asses about everything they can.. then dont friend me, dont IM me dont fuck me. Simple as that.

I think the ones that are the men are then those so animated and and so defensive when the topic comes up. IE: Harvey Fallen.

I dont do SL porn anymore.. I don't really go around looking for someone to fuck me every day in second life. Its been a while since I had sex in SL to be honest.

My second life is sort of boring except for this blog, which BTW I wrote this while watching Avatar.

If you don't like it... stop blowing up my blog with hits. Stop whining about me to everyone in second life.

 I don't mind if you do cause I really do laugh at this shit.

Meg Whorel - The Sugerless Suga Baby

So this thirsty hoe Meg Corral was talking shit on their "other" blog about a belly piercing I had. I guess it was 99 lindens I don't remember. How much are belly piercings in second life anyway? I would say 99 lindens maybe average price for 1 piece belly piercing.

Like this thirty cunt has room to talk...

Here is a dress on marketplace they commented on. It's a freebie outfit.

Here is some lipstick for 10 lindens they also commented on

Wow, you spent 10 lindens on two items.

I mean seriously look at these.. they don't even look good. LMAO. 

Meg went raging and got mad they spent 10 lindens on this and didn't like it. LOL
I mean... whats the point of commenting on something that costs 10 lindens? You act like you just spent all your money on something LMAO, 

Oh look Meg is blogging an outfit from AdN where they have mostly free shit and entire outfits for 99 lindens. Oh Meg you must of really bottomed out your bank account on that one. 

Meg claims to be a cam and voice escort. She can't be a very good one if all she can afford is a 99lindens outfits and 10 lindens lipstick LOL. 

Funniest thing is while I was working on this Strom, Meg Whorel's biggest client who pays her a linden to hang out with him cause... he has no job in real life. He has no money in second life and is a desperate loser who is on second life all the time. 

I guess it was sort of cute in a way. A loser who life is only second life (he said it not me). He has no job and no real social life. He has sort of fell in love with his Sugarless Suga Baby. I guess he feels sorry for him/her cause she can't make no money.

I mean these losers (notice the word has one "o") all came up with this rigged txt conversation. Yes, that's how desperate these losers are. As I pointed out already Meg Whorel used her word "Loosers" in the txt. Like I said show me on my blog somewhere that I spell the word that way.

Also the conversation is dated August 28? An I guess I mentioned Harvey Fallen's name? LOL. How does this make sense when I didn't come across Brokeback Barbie until Sept 11th at Poly Beach and didn't see the txt conversation between them and their EX until Deelite posted it. 
Nice try losers (one "o" Im going to teach you how to spell Mr. Whorel) LOL

Monday, January 30, 2012

Epic Fail by Meg Whorel

Meg Whorel has dedicated yet another Monday of her/his life to me. It's no surprise Meg has tried to call the White House and demand to speak with Mr. Obama to change Mondays to Rayvenday.

In the mean time Meg is creating fake txt chats which they learned while ass licking their mentor Harlee "The Brokeback Barbie" Fallen  one day,

Problem is Meg fucked up. LOL.

Damn Urnal mouth can you provide one LINK somewhere on my blog with all the material where I used the word Looser instead or Loser? LOL. Cause I can prove several you do...

I think sometime in the future I'm going to do a top 20 Epic Fails on my blog listing all of Scooby "Gollum" Mode, Brokeback Barbie and Thirsty Hoe Meg's failures. 

Let's play show and tell!

So my theory is everyone has a tell when they type or chat. Especially when they get upset... I know I have one that sort of gives me away if I'm on a alt.

Let's take this ugly Scotland Crabface for example - He has a few but one I already mentioned is he will call you sweety.

The best example of this was my good old friend Scooby "Gollum" Mode. Who seems to have resurfaced from making shitty ghost movies to whining like a bitch. He made a comment on my blog whining about something, then shortly after posted anonymous in support of his first post but kept misspelling the same word over and over in both posts LOL.  Come to think of it Scooby and the Crabface would make a great team since they both LIVE on second life 18 hours a day.

So I already showed this thirsty urine loving Ho Meg Whorel had a motive to make this blog about me, even though they claimed "everything was fine".

[2011/11/01 19:57]  Meg Corral: stop clearing your cookies to keep voting for your friends
[2011/11/01 19:57]  Meg Corral: you are a looser
[2011/11/01 19:57]  Meg Corral: and a waste of fucking time

The following is a post from Meg Whorel's blog which they erased, BUT through the wonders of the internet it's not 100% gone LOL. Ah what are you hiding Thirsty Hoe?

This Thirsty Ho was really angry here. Wow the caps add some much more to your whining. Also noticed they seems to get really angry any time I mention their mentor. the Crabafce. Meg Whorel is all about ass licking brokeback barbie. Maybe cause harvey has to tools to pee all over her. He/she seems to like that. 

Oh look Meg using the term "Looser" in place of loser.

Also note the word "NEWB"

Then there is the excessive LMAOs (which can be found all over her new little secret blog)

No to mention Meg seems he/she like to put on the CAPS LOCKS to stress points or when they get angry. LOL.

Finally - It's Monday!! That means it's going to be another big blog day for this Thirsty Ho. Monday's are always busy blog action they like to whine and cry about me.. making post after post. Strange... that I been onine for like 2 hours and I have seen Meg Corral on second life more today ever before.

What does this mean? They might or might not have a job. They are not online 18 hours a day it seems like the ugly Scotland Crabface and Scooby "Gollum" Mode. Monday does seem like it's a day though they have some free time and I'm very honored that they use that time to make it MY DAY!

I am in their thoughts when I they wake up all day long. Today will be a day of altering and making up chats.. all centered around me. I'm honored Meg. Maybe you should give Snookie and the Situation a call to help you out.

I'm going to the movies here shortly with some REAL LIFE friends in my REAL LIFE world. Maybe you can blog something about me buying popcorn or getting in a bar fight or something. These stories you come up with are so believable. LMAO

Enjoy your Monday!! Don't forget to breathe.. and take your blood pressure pills. Stay away from the knives too.  Then tomororw you can return to your Janitor job duties..

Afterall what women would talk about shit every 5 minutes unless their life revolved around shit?

Well, you have to start someone...

Here it is..

It seems there is a group forming against me. LOL. Oh nooooo! Like that hasn't happened before? Keep reading my blog history.

This group is sort of a group of rejects who I have already defeated. It seems they feel strength in numbers. 

Let'e see who we have here. Harvey Fallen the Brokeback Barbie. Yea, he stopped blogging but he is still running his mouth and doing shit. The Crabface is best know for being exposed as a man and a liar many times over.

SissyBoy Lame aka Jumpman Lane - He couldn't do it on his own cause he is a nature sissy. He was running his mouth on Twitter a few weeks back and I made him come out of his trolling character. Then all together he stopping twitting about me and stopped blogged me. Hey, I'm that good!

3 time loser Scooby Mode seems like he has been recruited into the mix. This loser used to blow up my blog with hits long before the Crabface ever did. Then he would go whining to the Pornstars group owner Emma Jameson. I mean this guy is such a douche he faked being handicapped to get a new computer. He lives at home with his parents but makes millions on E-Bay, just ask him. I been hearing Scooby is back to his old tricks whining like a little bitch that his shitty video didn't get picked for the awards. Gollum is back... My precious. LMAO watch out whoever won!

Alfie? LMAO - Oh the loser who has a newbie sl wife who he whores out and begs men to fuck her cause he can't get it up to do it? Begs people to Voice with  him (man or wmen) so he can pleasure himself. So many people have this annoying fuck on ignore and you want his help LMAO. He cant help himself. 

You clowns forgot the clown. The one Scooby was scared of LMAO.

Then there is Meg "Nataile" Whorel - This thirsty ho claims he/she is innocent and has no reason to blog about me.

I mean her/his blog states the following:

"All I can do now is take this very negative situation and learn from it and grow because I am far better then this.  FOOLS enjoy your miserable lives I will no longer be part of it."

Damn Urnial Mouth if you are not part of it anymore then how come you are passing out a link to a blog you created about me? 

I talked to this thirsty Hoe today and she was claiming all was good between her/him and I. They had no reason to blog me. LMAO 

Then they tried to change the past. Claiming when this hoe contacted me months ago raging mad, that I was cheating and boosting votes for her "Real life Husband" LMAO. 

Both you and Van were crying in my IM Box at the same time. Why the fuck would I cheat for him. If anything he cheated for you Ho. Get your story straight. 

Facts are this. Van, Harlee and Meg Corral jumped out to huge leads in voting in this rigged Pixel X contest shortly after it started. There were other people nobody heard of also winnning. Pookie Snoodle (some shit like that) Gravweld whatever the fuck. 

SissyBoy Lame and his bed buddy Dj Quad claimed that their system erased duplicte votes but they fucked up and missed one small detail which obviously exposed they were lying out their ass. 
So this starts out with Van and Meg Corral IMing me crying at the same time cause the Crabface was making up lies again.

 [2011/11/01 19:54]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): [19:34]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): lol do u see whats goin on with these votes
 [19:35]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): rayven baily is clearing her cookies and voting over and over for serenity kristan...
 [19:35]  нαяℓєє (harlee.fallen): http://cravingrayven.blogspot.com/
[2011/11/01 19:54]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): thansk
[2011/11/01 19:55]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): lol you believe someone who lies over and over about everything and has 20 alts

Strange that someone who was using a Proxy to boost their votes is crying about me cheating. 
So Van claims I was boosting Serenity's votes. I must be really fucking talented to boost votes talk to him in IMs and having this fucking Thirsty Hoe Meg Corral IMing at the same time with me replying. Damn I'm fucking good. 

 [2011/11/01 20:18]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): bravo raven u get 100Voite on serenity :)
[2011/11/01 20:18]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): dmnn how fast your proxy work :)
[2011/11/01 20:18]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): I have no beef with you, but i think serenity works hard and she is my friend and i think she should win. so I put in on my blog and before i put it on my blog i told others to vote for her and they Imed their friends
[2011/11/01 20:19]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): serenity will be proud
[2011/11/01 20:19]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): lol how can i vot and type and talk to you at the same time?
[2011/11/01 20:19]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): you sound like a crybaby liek harlee

So he starts blaming me for using a Proxy cause Serenity was only getting votes in one category. DUH that's cause I only told them to vote in categories the Crabafce was in.  Strange though he knows all about a Proxy.

[2011/11/01 20:27]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): i see something :)
[2011/11/01 20:28]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): why u not voite in serenity in Direcotres
[2011/11/01 20:28]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): i know why
[2011/11/01 20:28]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): :)
[2011/11/01 20:28]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): why
[2011/11/01 20:28]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): becouse first is page in Pornographer of the Year
[2011/11/01 20:28]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): I only told people to vote in two categories
[2011/11/01 20:28]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): and much easy to switch windows
[2011/11/01 20:28]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): :)
[2011/11/01 20:28]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): nope
[2011/11/01 20:28]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): with proxy
[2011/11/01 20:28]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): lol
[2011/11/01 20:28]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): yes yes
[2011/11/01 20:28]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): ok sure
[2011/11/01 20:28]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): lol
[2011/11/01 20:28]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): why people not voite in directore
[2011/11/01 20:28]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): :)
[2011/11/01 20:28]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): hehe
[2011/11/01 20:28]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): you are a cry baby
[2011/11/01 20:29]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): im not stupid
[2011/11/01 20:29]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): easy read my blog I dont want harlee to win
[2011/11/01 20:29]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): ofcorse
[2011/11/01 20:29]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): i told people to vote in two categories

So I question how Meg Corral has so many votes when nobody knows who the fuck she is. 

[2011/11/01 20:29]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): why should I vote for you? you are calling me a cheater
[2011/11/01 20:29]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): and you boosting megs votes
[2011/11/01 20:30]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): you still cant explain how someone like meg who nobody knows has 40 votes
[2011/11/01 20:30]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): lol
[2011/11/01 20:30]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): explain that
[2011/11/01 20:30]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): well?
[2011/11/01 20:30]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): :)
[2011/11/01 20:30]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): is easy
[2011/11/01 20:31]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): becouse i have frends
[2011/11/01 20:31]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): :)
[2011/11/01 20:31]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): and voite of me and Meg
[2011/11/01 20:31]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): :)

So if Sissyboy Lame claims Van cheated and Van voted for Meg Corral how did that thirsty hoe "win"? Something sounds fishy.

Van claims Meg is his RL wife. 

2011/11/01 20:42]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): no u are slut
[2011/11/01 20:42]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): lol
[2011/11/01 20:42]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): i hate that
[2011/11/01 20:42]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Nah your hoe girl meg is
[2011/11/01 20:42]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): is not you busnes
[2011/11/01 20:42]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): who it is
[2011/11/01 20:42]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): go vote for her 40 more times cause you are the only one who knows her
[2011/11/01 20:42]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): lol
[2011/11/01 20:42]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): mayby it is my wife ?
[2011/11/01 20:42]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): lol
[2011/11/01 20:43]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): and what u sey now
[2011/11/01 20:43]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): ?
[2011/11/01 20:43]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): then i guess that explains why you cheated
[2011/11/01 20:43]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): and now what u sey this
[2011/11/01 20:43]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): ?
[2011/11/01 20:43]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): :)
[2011/11/01 20:43]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): cry slut
[2011/11/01 20:43]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): well i be Nice Men
[2011/11/01 20:43]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): but i hate that people like u
[2011/11/01 20:43]  Rocco Siffredi (vanhelsing.svoboda): who only make problems
[2011/11/01 20:43]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Im not crying you are. im not even in the
dumb contest

Below is this thirsty ass hoe Meg Corral who contacted me at the same time as Van pretty much to cry. Notice how they are so far up Harvey's ass. I guess the Crabface found a news sucker.
[2011/11/01 19:56]  Meg Corral: let me tell you onething you dont know me and bitch you dont want to know me
[2011/11/01 19:56]  Meg Corral: so take your fucking blog shove it up your ass
[2011/11/01 19:57]  Meg Corral: stop stalking harlee
[2011/11/01 19:57]  Meg Corral: stop clearing your cookies to keep voting for your friends
[2011/11/01 19:57]  Meg Corral: you are a looser
[2011/11/01 19:57]  Meg Corral: and a waste of fucking time
[2011/11/01 19:57]  Meg Corral: you have been reported to jumpman and i hope he disqaulifies your friend becuase of your childish actions
[2011/11/01 19:57]  Meg Corral: stalker bitch
[2011/11/01 19:57]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): who are you again?
[2011/11/01 19:57]  Meg Corral: i cant help who put me in the categories
[2011/11/01 19:58]  Meg Corral: but that dont give u a right to say shit
[2011/11/01 19:58]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): do you have a flickr? how can you me a model if you dont model
[2011/11/01 19:58]  Meg Corral: u might not seen me in much but best believe i been a round even vanhelsing ask him i been fuck around he siad what a bitch u are too

 (How can you be honestly leading Best Newcomer if nobody has seen you in much? LOL.)

[2011/11/01 19:58]  Meg Corral: fucking crazy ass stalker
[2011/11/01 19:58]  Meg Corral: mmm hello i work for others
[2011/11/01 19:58]  Meg Corral: wtf i need my own flickr for when they post my pictures
[2011/11/01 19:58]  Meg Corral: go to rocco
[2011/11/01 19:58]  Meg Corral: go to kains
[2011/11/01 19:58]  Meg Corral: go to stroms
[2011/11/01 19:58]  Meg Corral: go to bd
[2011/11/01 19:59]  Meg Corral: go to draven
[2011/11/01 19:59]  Meg Corral: go to ruff
[2011/11/01 19:59]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): lol. you sounds mad
[2011/11/01 19:59]  Meg Corral: go to
[2011/11/01 19:59]  Meg Corral: all of those
[2011/11/01 19:59]  Meg Corral: u damn right
[2011/11/01 19:59]  Meg Corral: u are cheating contest and leave harlee fuck alonge
[2011/11/01 19:59]  Meg Corral: i never heard of u
[2011/11/01 19:59]  Meg Corral: until she let me know wtf u are up to
[2011/11/01 19:59]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): why are you a man like harlee
[2011/11/01 20:00]  Meg Corral: get fuck out vanhelsing box bitch
[2011/11/01 20:00]  Meg Corral: harlee isnt a man lol
[2011/11/01 20:00]  Meg Corral: and bitch i cam and voice do you
[2011/11/01 20:00]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): lol
[2011/11/01 20:02]  Meg Corral: lol yea really funny right
[2011/11/01 20:05]  Meg Corral: you want to talk shit about people being a man that why your bitch ass wont get on mic either
[2011/11/01 20:05]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): do cry to your sheman lol
[2011/11/01 20:06]  Meg Corral: of course u would sya htat fat ugly bitches in real got nothing better to do
[2011/11/01 20:06]  Meg Corral: i cam u want to see my pussy to u prob do so  u can rub yours dirty bitch
[2011/11/01 20:07]  Meg Corral: thing about bitches like u people like me who can prove what i am dont listen like you
[2011/11/01 20:07]  Meg Corral: u wont get on mic
[2011/11/01 20:07]  Meg Corral: wonder why
[2011/11/01 20:07]  Meg Corral: lol
[2011/11/01 20:12]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): im talking to van stfu can do talk to your rat friend, harlee ask him to get on voice lol
[2011/11/01 20:13]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): ah i get it you are harvey sidekick now that they ratted out aurora LOL
[2011/11/01 20:15]  Meg Corral: van is one of my good friends
[2011/11/01 20:15]  Meg Corral: so there u go
[2011/11/01 20:15]  Meg Corral: no i just talked to harlee for first itme today
[2011/11/01 20:15]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): good for you want a cookie
[2011/11/01 20:15]  Meg Corral: when she told me this is what piss me off
[2011/11/01 20:15]  Meg Corral: i never knew her before this
[2011/11/01 20:15]  Meg Corral: fuck u cunt
[2011/11/01 20:16]  Meg Corral: rated our aurora i dont even know aurora like that
[2011/11/01 20:17]  Meg Corral: u stalk aurora
[2011/11/01 20:17]  Meg Corral: lol
[2011/11/01 20:17]  Meg Corral: whatever
[2011/11/01 20:17]  Meg Corral: i heard that too
[2011/11/01 20:17]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): rated?
[2011/11/01 20:17]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): what did you rate her?
[2011/11/01 20:18]  Meg Corral: ratted
[2011/11/01 20:18]  Meg Corral: forgot a t ooo so sorry
[2011/11/01 20:18]  Meg Corral: come on lets talk
[2011/11/01 20:18]  Meg Corral: oh voice not even on lol
[2011/11/03 13:10]  Meg Corral: excuse me your friend sereinty had 280 and back down to damn near none
[2011/11/03 13:10]  Meg Corral: take my fucking name out of your fucking blog
[2011/11/03 13:11]  Meg Corral: your friend rocco who you gave over 200 votes down to 40 some
[2011/11/03 13:11]  Meg Corral: because of you i cant help who voted for me or wha tthye did im nto a fucking cheating bit ch like you
[2011/11/03 13:11]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): huh?
[2011/11/03 13:12]  Meg Corral: yes sereinty had 280
[2011/11/03 13:12]  Meg Corral: want me to show you
[2011/11/03 13:12]  Meg Corral: then down to 20 some
[2011/11/03 13:12]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): yea so did van whats your pont
[2011/11/03 13:12]  Meg Corral: you got nerve to blog about me when ii didnt do shit
[2011/11/03 13:12]  Meg Corral: so why blog about me
[2011/11/03 13:12]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): lol
[2011/11/03 13:12]  Meg Corral: im contacting my local municipality
[2011/11/03 13:12]  Meg Corral: and LL
[2011/11/03 13:12]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): you had 100 votes yesterday morning
[2011/11/03 13:12]  Meg Corral: no i didnt
[2011/11/03 13:12]  Meg Corral: i never did
[2011/11/03 13:12]  Meg Corral: unless osmeone fixing it
[2011/11/03 13:12]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): they cant do anything ask falen
[2011/11/03 13:12]  Meg Corral: well she told me to i never new her
[2011/11/03 13:12]  Meg Corral: but i will
[2011/11/03 13:12]  Meg Corral: now
[2011/11/03 13:13]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): I saw you had the exact number of votes serenity had
[2011/11/03 13:13]  Meg Corral: people like you make peopel leave second life
[2011/11/03 13:13]  Meg Corral: i never knew you
[2011/11/03 13:13]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): exact
[2011/11/03 13:13]  Meg Corral: i never knew harlee
[2011/11/03 13:13]  Meg Corral: until this
[2011/11/03 13:13]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Ok buy
[2011/11/03 13:13]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): bye
[2011/11/03 13:13]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): bye
[2011/11/03 13:13]  Meg Corral: u attack people for no reason
[2011/11/03 13:13]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): LOL
[2011/11/03 13:13]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): nah
[2011/11/03 13:14]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): I saw you in the sugar daddy group thats how i know you. you thought you were the shit
[2011/11/03 13:14]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): practice what you preach bitch
[2011/11/03 13:14]  Meg Corral: fuck yu man
[2011/11/03 13:14]  Meg Corral: you are dirty fucking skank
[2011/11/03 13:14]  Meg Corral: your a man got nerve to talk
[2011/11/03 13:15]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): go spread more lies with your new sidekick harlee
[2011/11/03 13:15]  Meg Corral: i never fucking knew harlee
[2011/11/03 13:15]  Meg Corral: until other day

LMAO So you tell me... does He/she have nothing to be mad at me for? LOL They were raging hard.. real hard. Nice story...  It's obvious now why you were so thirsty to make a blog about me.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Countdown is on!

Less than 7 hours remain. Will the SissyBoy take Candie Mendle's challenge and show at Teasers @ 4PM SLT?

The better question might be if he shows up will he be in drag?

I say he does show up but not as SissyBoy Lame more than likely one of his female alts. Maybe even Meg Corral.

Opps.. did I just say he was Meg Corral? More on that later.

Jumpman Lame called out

Yet.. he shows that he is the Kang of the Sissies and goes into hiding.

Apparently, Jumpman Lane was trolling in a group I'm not so found of myself. "The Pornstars"

The Following offer was made to the Sissyboy and guess what happened? So Sissyboy is getting one more chance.. will the Sissyboy come out of hiding or is he scared of his own shadow?

Apparently if the Sissyboy shows up that means that winter will end soon. If SissyBoy Lame is too scared to leave his hiding spot then it means we are in for a long winter.

Here is the Notecard:
I would like to sincerely extend my regrets to the group for lowering my standards to the level of a coward pussy and causing some disruption to the party yesterday.  As you may know we were griefed by a sissy pussy and despite repeated requests he refused to take it outside and meet me face to face. denied my TPs and and refused to TP me to what the fuck ever sim he holds that Liden hasn't reclaimed. That all being said you are all invited to Teasers tommorrow to see if the wanker has the guts to come grief us face to face. I doubt we will see a pixel but we all know the name. So we know what to do. 4:00 tommorrow at Teasers Jumpman or STFU forever.

Damn so will Sissyboy Lame show? I doubt it. He is Kang of the Sissies, afterall. 

King of Queens?

Is Jumpman Lane AKA SissyBy Lame really a cross dressing transgender? It seems like he is trying hard to tell us so. I'm starting to think he is not trying to be a troll but she is crying for help for people to accept him as a she.

Click here to see a video posted by Jumpman Lane.

In the video you will see Jumpman Lame is dressed as a women. In the end even says he is a cross dresser.

Then there is "alt" ShyVahn who claims they are a woman.

There was a point where ShyVahn was trying to IM me and I ignored them. So ShyVahn logs off and look who logs on LOL.

[09:30] jumpman lane ((( ONLINE )))
[09:30] ShyVahn ((( OFFLINE )))

Not just once LOL.

[07:07] jumpman lane ((( ONLINE )))
[07:08] ShyVahn ((( OFFLINE )))

[08:23] jumpman lane ((( ONLINE )))
[08:23] ShyVahn ((( OFFLINE )))

Now there is a "girl" named "Natalie"talking about fecal matter over and over. Also claiming they are not "ShyVahn". Interesting that ShyVahn tired to start a blog on Nov 20th on world press.

What is Sissyboy Lame trying to tell us? Is this his way of saying deep down he feels like a women? Don't be afraid, girl. You can come out of the closet. I know it's tough cause your friend Harlee "Harvey" Fallen tried to come out of the closet and told their SL partner they were not a female but actually a male. 

Their main Avatar Harlee Olilervi was a male avatar at one point and made the change. I'm sure if they can do it so can you. We can get you in a skin that's more comfortable with your feminine side.

Don't let their failure scare you, girl. You are a beautiful Sissyboy and you should be proud of it.
You are the Kang of the Sissies after all .

I know your goal is to be the King of Queens and this Crabface is not going to give that title up easy.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Thirsty Hoe Mega mix

Meg Whoreral and BrokeBack Barbie's theme song. I can't say these cunts are pissed off cause it looks like they are pissed on. LMAO

I'ma give you some poo-poo
I'ma give you some pee-pee
I'ma give you some doo doo
And wash it down with some wee-wee

Also the new and improved Meg Corral Bidet. Don't worry about a dirty ass no more. Pee in the mouth and let this thirsty hoe do all the work for you.



Talk about stupidity LMAO. Leave it to the Crabface.

So here is the deal. As I said the Crabface was kissing my ass a few weeks back and IMed me claiming to be out of town for 6 days. Once again, that was bullshit. So they tell me about this blog about me.

So I said I think they are one of three people who could of possibly made the blog and the Crabface got mad, but before they started raging like always.. they sent me a texture which I didn't look at cause... Broke Back barbie is full of shit 95% of the time.

So after we talked they ran to their blog to make a post and one of the things they put on their was a screenshot of a message they got in e-mail from someone telling them about this blog. Thing is the Crabface, with his wonderful photo editing skills blurred most of the name who sent it out EXCEPT the last letter which was a "L".

So I open this texture that the Crabface sent me  a few weeks ago (today) and blow it up some in Photoshop. Hmmm very interesting.

You dumb ass you blurred the bottom but what does it say on top. Add Meg Corral to contacts? LOL To Harlee Fallen LMAO Hmmm.. Funny, this bitches last name ends in a L. 

Fucking dumb and dumber. This stupid hoe Meg Corral was whining in my IM box shortly after I exposed the Pixel X awards was rigged. This hoe was crying cause I said nobody knew who she was. Well, don't hate the messenger,cunt. Afterall, nobody knew who this bitch was but somehow she had as many votes as Van? LMAO 

Then Van IMed me blowing up my box defending her. Even claiming that she was his real life wife. Damn, that's a long distance relationship. One in Russia and the other in the US. 

Then a few days later this bitch Meg Corral  was in my box again claiming I was right that the contest was fixed and said she asked to be removed from it. Yet that didn't stop her from stuffing the ballot box nor did it stop her from accepting the money after getting on her knees to suck that retard Jumpboy Lame.

So now you are siding with your Tranny friend from Scotland over your real life husband? ROFLMAO. Shit that's going to be one messy divorce.

I think it's clear some people are pretty desperate for money in second life and others just don't need it that bad and have standards/ Then there are these two tricks.

The only two ticks so far I have ever seen who were in a video where they where pissed on and had their faces shoved into urine and forced to lick it up. ROFLMAO

They have no fucking talent other then sit on a pose ball and do whatever someone else says... 
what and embarrassment LMAO. . 

"Mom, I'm a big deal in second life. I drank a liter of a man's urine today LMAO

Hot topic? Cunt, you sure are now. Like Bin Laden you hiding days are over. 

You look like a baboon went from a Barbie to Baboon. LMAO

When you are this thirsty you will swallow anything. LMAO. Get it girl You are a star LOL

This ugly ass bitch is even trying to mimic my blog LMAO. 
Hmmm.. oh look who is using Phoenix viewer LOL. 

 Newbie hanging with other Newbies

Nice outfit don't they give you that for free at Sticky Fingers LMAO

Ah damn Meg nowhere to hide now.  What's with the skin you got kinda dark. LMAO.

Funniest Part about this is the resolution size of these pictures. What are you playing second life on your phone LMAO. 

No wonder your whack ass piece of shit computer couldn't render me in all my awesomeness. 

 Dissing on my schoolgirl outfit. You look straight out of a freebie store LMAO. No wonder you were hiding your identity. I would of been embarassed too wearing this. LOL. I guess drinking urine don't pay all that well. 

Wait? What? You did it for free?

Spend some of that fucking money you get Sugar Baby LAMO.

Oh I forgot.. Storm don't have any. 
Shit I sorta feel bad for SissyBoy Lame I been bending him over for nothing LOL. 
Don't worrry you thirsty Ho I know where to find you. I'll just check the rest rooms in second life. I'm sure men are using your face as a urinal.

Friday, January 27, 2012

It's good to be Kang.. of Sissies!

You know what I really hate? When you are at a grocery store and some woman is hauling around their kid and he is bawling his fucking eyes out or is throwing some tantrum cause he can't get some sugary cereal. An it just goes on and on.. you are three isles away and this kid's voice is still piercing your brain like someone was stabbing you with a knife. As bad as that is... seeing this 29 year old loser, Sissyboy Lame, whine over and over... and over. Oh yea and over. Is so much worse..

So what's this over sensitive closet hiding Sissy crying about now? What isn't he whining about? I guess we are due for another hissy (or is it sissy) fit about the Alpha Hearld. LOL

So now he has a story about Hard Alley on his blog. This sissy is crying about being cheap? LMAO
You don't even own your house. You don't even own the land. What exactly do you own? A crappy Helicopter and a few dated pieces of furniture? LOL

Seriously this sissy's avatar is over 4 and a half year old and with this Helicopter, dated furniture and his freebie wear his inventory valued at roundly 2,500 lindens. LMAO I saw on history channel a show on the Unabomber and they claimed he was living on 1,000 dollars a year. He was living large compared to Sissyboy.

 Oh I forgot you own a shitty sl magzine filled with misfit and freaks. Raccoon, a Crabface, a Sissy.. a few people might be amused... not because they are interested in what you say. People just like looking at freaks.

I mean seriously.. you did the right thing when you tried to erase your account After 4 1/2 years this is the look you came up with LMAO, Problem was you see.. this guy tried to erase his account and live a "real life". He went a week talking like a crackhead and nobody could understand him. They made fun of him. His only friend was a volleyball named wilson he saw washed shore on a beach and a gnome statue he took off someone's lawn. The gnome and Wilson saw what a little sissy bitch he was and they both forced him to sexually pleasure the both of them.

This is why SissyBoy is back.. cause he can't function in the real world. He was a bitch to a volleyball and a statue!  He is clearly the biggest sissy douche in real life.... but in second life he is the Kang of the Sissies!

It's good to be Kang... even if it's only of the sissies!

Damn it feels good to be a Princess!

So I finally decided to check out this blog about me. All Princess have their haters... cause they are jealous they can't match our totally awesomeness cause we have Princess DNA! While they have the DNA of a Crab and a Troll.

So their latest "diss" against me is they posted a picture taken while I was at the Cumhouse standing around.

First of all.. this "person" hides their identity. Wow, you can talk shit and be cowardly. Let's get back to this picture which is supposed to "diss" me.  I mean this blog is just one whine-fest about me. LOL.

So are you dissing yourself or me? LOL. Um, your shitty ass computer from Walmart was so cheap it couldn't render me in all my awesomeness. Afterall the female in the background is rendered and is in the distance. I'm sorry my rendering cost was way beyond what you can handle. LOL. 

While I was exposing the Crabface backing stuff up with facts and the truth. While I was exposing Jumpboy Lame for being a Twilight loving 29 year old man who thinks talking like a 12 year old.. their blog is just a joke. They take shit off my blog... lol. Like they discovered something. They post my videos from Youtube.. why? I dunno.. they think they are "dissing me". LMAO

So I went back and read when this douche bag ShyVahn (aka SissyBoy Lame) contacted me in world whining like a bitch. Of course he wouldn't IM on his main account cause he was too busy hiding like a bitch.  I dunno the whining seemed very similar to this blog.

They claim they are going to reveal themselves and come out of the closet soon. For their sake it cant happen soon enough. cause they are doing a better job of showing their a idiot than I could ever do. Though my money is SissyBoy Lame goes back going back into hiding.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Video delayed

Sorry. I sort of have a life... a real life unlike some others who are on second life with three accounts at the same time. Then again they make 150K a week and can prove it with two clicks of a button, but have never done so. LOL. Not to mention they have sims named after them and people are making hairstyles named after them. I don't know about you, but I don't want a hairstyle called "The Crabface".

Anyhoo my video will be delayed. So far so good. It will be funny to most. A few might not like it so much. Gene Siskel gave it two thumbs up. Rolling Stone 4 out of 5 stars.

So stay tuned. So far it has been fun to make. You never know... just might get me to make some more.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You know you are a Crabface when

I love the program Shark Tank! An sometimes Jeff Foxworthy is on there. Of course he made his money off making Redneck jokes. Well, I want to be a Billionaire in second life so I'm writing a book.. You know you are a Crabface when...

Here is a small tidbit

You know you are a Crabface when you are on three accounts on second life at the same time.

[10:48] Harlee Fallen ((( ONLINE )))
[10:48] Harlee Olivieri ((( ONLINE )))
[10:58] Kimber Rhys ((( ONLINE )))

LMAO - Step out of the dungeon and get a life.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ah Nuts!

It's 2012 and something is different about Jumpman Lane aka Sissyboy Lame.  As reported earlier we had the inside scoop on Why Jumpman Lane really left second life. 

It seems that is not the only reason that kept him away from second life. The following is a transcript of Jumpman Lane contacting Neuticles, the maker of fake dogs testicles. 

Jenny: Thank you for calling Neuticles testicles for dogs this is Jenny how can I help you?
Jumpman: Ya sap, jumpy needs some ballz hehehe
Jenny: Great, so what is the breed of your dog, sir?
Jumpman: Ya foo they is for me hehehe.
Jenny: I'm sorry sir I don't quiet understand you. Are you trying to say you want the Neuticles?
Jumpman: Ya cant ya undastand anglish ya sap heheh
Jumpman: Rayven Baily say I a coward cuz I hide.hehehe
Jenny: Rayven Baily? Oh you mean the mother fucking princess. I love her blog. That whole crabface thing. Me and my friends can't get enough of it.
Jumpman: hehehe
Jenny: Wait, you are Jumpman Lane that Twilight loving sissy boy who only talks about fecal matter.
Jumpman: Ya turd I tolds you that hehehe
Jenny: Sorry sir our computers are running slow today I wasn't able to get to the google translator page.
Jenny: I have a questions before we can schedule for surgery (giggling)
Jumpman: Wat is dat hehehe
Jenny: Have you had any recent surgeries in the last three months?
Jumpamn: Ya fool ya know I had to have my butz fixes DJ Quad radio rasslin it. heheh
Jenny: (Giggling) Yes, that is right. I'm going to put you on hold for a moment sir.

Jenny: OMG I have this loser Jumpman Lane on the line wanting to get some dogs testicles.
Jumpman: Ya foo I can heard ya. hehehe\
Jenny: Please hold sir.

As you can see Sissyboy Lame bought some fake dog testicles and is trying to fool people into thinking he has a set. Problem is.... he is still a sissy and is fooling nobody.

How low can you go?

The Crabface has officially has hit a all-time low. OMGZs so sad... so pathetic.

So like I said the Crabface was kissing my ass for a while... claimed they were "out of town for six days"

Kind of funny they were on Harlee Olivieri account on the 5th and Harlee Fallen on the 10th and alts in between lol.

[2012/01/05 21:26] Harlee Olivieri ((( ONLINE )))
[2012/01/10 18:49]  Harlee Fallen: hey girl, like some people i know left me an offline with this new blog about you, just wanted to clarify i have nothing to do with it

So this Crabface was very upset I wouldn't take stuff off my blog after they asked me several times.  Even though they "claimed" it was ok. LOL.

So they stage this fake "vacation" and while "out of town" they make this other blog about me . lol.

Like I already said there are things on this blog that point right to the crabface, First off, someone has spent a lot of time on my blog reading past stuff and taking photos off my blog and flickr. Let's see who spends the most time on viewing my blog? I dunno this ugly Crabface who went to my blog 39 times in a 24 hour period.

Funny part all of this the Crabface was whined in the past how much  blog. That I have no life.. LOL. Yet, they are on second life ALL day long on multiple accounts at the same time.

Too bad the Crabface is anything but smart. 

Kind of strange how the ThatssoRayven blog gets update around the same time the Crabface's updates it blog. LOL. An they are whining about me blogging too much ROFLMAO. 
How sad.. LOL. Make up a fake story you are going out of town. Make this other blog. Hide your identity and try to pretend to be someone else. LOL.  Yet, you are too fucking stupid to pull it off. Your shitty photo editing gave it away a long time ago and this just confirms it. LMAO.

Go cry to more people to have them IM me and ask me to stop blogging you. You are so pathetic. 

Put you lipstick on boy and start kissing my ass again. 
Harlee Fallen the Asian boy behind the Bimbo.
 You look Fabulous LMAO,

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monkey buisness

So I contacted this Kenny Cheney and asked them why someone would make a video of them saying they looked like Scooby Doo on youtube.

[09:10] Rayven Baily: why do they say you look like scooby doo? I dont see it
[09:10] Keykey Cheney: why am i so ghetto but way more logical than your retarded ass
[09:11] Keykey Cheney: I don't see it either, I see a chimp maybe a monkey ;)
[09:11] Keykey Cheney: who knows

They said they don't look like Scooby Doo but maybe a monkey.

So I typed in google search Ugly Ghetto monkey and this is what I came up with in google photo search. So this is what I'm dealing with I guess. Wearing yellow.. looks more like a big ugly banana

I dunno look like some type of raccoon and monkey hybrid. A Monkcoon or a Rackey.

[08:53] Keykey Cheney: actually, my clothes aren't out dated and they're not freebies to be honest... vive 9 and etc, this is my AVATAR = VIDEO GAME
[08:53] Rayven Baily: I have to say you dont look like scooby doo. More like a chipmonk or something
[08:53] Keykey Cheney: bitch that was so  whack..
[08:53] Keykey Cheney: lmfao
[08:54] Keykey Cheney: bitch, my avatar is out dated but you dont even have flexy hair?
[08:54] Keykey Cheney: and you still wearing stiff a prim
[08:54] Keykey Cheney: and that weak ass bling chain
[08:54] Keykey Cheney: bitch are you kidding me!?
[08:54] Keykey Cheney: lmfao
[08:54] Rayven Baily: Flexi hair LOL
[08:54] Rayven Baily: LOL
[08:54] Rayven Baily: OMG LOL

So this "thing" whatever the fuck it is.. admits it's avatar is WAY outdated (can't buy lindens with food stamps) they think Flexi hair is new LOL. LMAO.

If you get off your back and off the mattress you might find out that flexi hair ain't nothing new and most of flexi hair looks like crap. 

No wonder your avatar is so whack and dated. LOL. There is mesh hair out there and you just discovered flexi hair. LMAO.

Then this homely ghetto ho admitted there clothes weren't freebies (though they look like them) but were from Vive 9 and they were handouts. (once again you can't buy lindens with food stamps).

I guess at Vive 9 they just discovered Flexi hair... Im sure sometime in the next 5 year they will have mesh hair handouts for this homely bitch.

I mean we know Vive 9 makes such amzing clothes here are some of them.  Freebie quality. An considering this Homely bitch ain't paying for nothing... they might as well go to a freebie store or find a hunt cause this stuff I wouldn't be caught dead wearing,

Hell, I have never tried to make any clothes in second life but after a hour it wouldn't take much to make this.

Scooby Don't and the Crabface

I came across a video on youtube talking about his ghetto thrash, Kenny Cheny, claiming she looked like Scooby Doo. Hell, no! I like Scooby Do... maybe more like Scooby Dont. Ah, look who they are with? Harlee Oliveri. This photo appears to be after Harlee Olivieri's sex change from a Male avatar who looked like a cross between Duckie and Prince to a Crabface.

So if any of you are wondering why I started blogging about this Crabface again.. here is why.

The Scotland Crabaface was kissing my ass for a while. IMing me.. begging me to take down my blogs, but I didn't cause I know the type of person they are. Once again, like I said months ago.. it's not if you are a man.. it's your attitude. I have seen IMs of you contacting other people trying to bully them. You haven't changed. You haven't learned shit.

So Brokeback Barbie IMed me claiming they were out of town for six days (which I already showed was one of their thousands of lies) and while they were out of town some blog was put up about me. They passed it on to me. I read it and thought it was a piss poor desperate attempt at trying to piss me off. Since it was such a pathetic attempt  I didn't sweat it.

So I tell the Crabface I think they are one of three possible people that created the blog and it's written in a way to look like them

Afterall the Crabface's blog has disney and children programing pictures so did this one. Crabface writes and uses the highlight function and so did this blog. The owner of this blog uses Phoenix and the Crabface uses Phoenix.

Funny how in this video below there are what 20 people there and you are the only one still using Phoenix? lol.This video is annoying turn down the volume couple of "queens" having a fight.

So when I said I thought the Crabface was one of three people who made the blog they INSTANTLY got mad and defensive. This creature has anger issues... and got all mad. LOL. Fine with me, nothing they say bothers me. LOL, but at the same time I know they are raging.

I mean seriously... how many times are you going to do this before you learn from this? Are they the author of the blog. It don't really matter, but I'm sure they know who is. (and so do I) So you gonna come kiss my ass. Tell me you like me LOL. Then tell me about a blog and claim you know nothing about it. - Yea ok.

Uh, you lie about everything. So why should I believe anything out of your ugly Crab mouth? So this Crabface was all fight a week ago... but now they are contacting people to IM me to ask if I can stop blogging them again.

Is this Groundhog day? Havent I been through this before?

Why should I stop blogging you? You just had your friend Scoody Don't send me a web page to go to a few days ago. You are still running your mouth from what I hear.

Sorry Crabface you lied so much nobody believes anything you say,

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hypocrisy of a Crabface

Well, it seems the Scotland Crabface is up to it's old tricks. Whining.. Went told Flickr a sob story... I'm sure about how they were being "Cyber-Bullied" again LOL. So they removed some of my photos. I don't understand how they can judge my art like that. Then again it was Brokeback Barbie who sent me this photo.. I thought they wanted me to Pile them up so I made it better.

What's funny is.. Crabface had RL pics of their ex-max and Deelite and other in their flickr. Yes, it's ok for the Crabface to Copybot, to post real life pics or altered pics and do this stuff, but the minute someone does the same to them. Oh my, run to linden labs... go cry to another who will listen to your lies. Do it now cause you are running out of people who believe them.

Apparently the Crabface epidemic is spreading. I saw in the Urban Dictionary there is something called the Maryland Crabface.

Scientists moving in to Maryland to de-tox the area

Then there is this....
They say pictures speak 1,000 words but only three words comes to mine when I see this. 

Wait, now I get it.

Then again Drag Queens usually cover their face with makeup.

This avatar is over 5 years old. LOL
Check out those shorts. Are you serious? You need to update your clothes. I'm sure those shorts were in when you picked them up at Freebie Galaxy in 2008.

Oh yea the 10 year old boy who you stole your shape from wants his shape back LOL