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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jumpman Lame called out

Yet.. he shows that he is the Kang of the Sissies and goes into hiding.

Apparently, Jumpman Lane was trolling in a group I'm not so found of myself. "The Pornstars"

The Following offer was made to the Sissyboy and guess what happened? So Sissyboy is getting one more chance.. will the Sissyboy come out of hiding or is he scared of his own shadow?

Apparently if the Sissyboy shows up that means that winter will end soon. If SissyBoy Lame is too scared to leave his hiding spot then it means we are in for a long winter.

Here is the Notecard:
I would like to sincerely extend my regrets to the group for lowering my standards to the level of a coward pussy and causing some disruption to the party yesterday.  As you may know we were griefed by a sissy pussy and despite repeated requests he refused to take it outside and meet me face to face. denied my TPs and and refused to TP me to what the fuck ever sim he holds that Liden hasn't reclaimed. That all being said you are all invited to Teasers tommorrow to see if the wanker has the guts to come grief us face to face. I doubt we will see a pixel but we all know the name. So we know what to do. 4:00 tommorrow at Teasers Jumpman or STFU forever.

Damn so will Sissyboy Lame show? I doubt it. He is Kang of the Sissies, afterall. 


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