"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Saturday, January 28, 2012



Talk about stupidity LMAO. Leave it to the Crabface.

So here is the deal. As I said the Crabface was kissing my ass a few weeks back and IMed me claiming to be out of town for 6 days. Once again, that was bullshit. So they tell me about this blog about me.

So I said I think they are one of three people who could of possibly made the blog and the Crabface got mad, but before they started raging like always.. they sent me a texture which I didn't look at cause... Broke Back barbie is full of shit 95% of the time.

So after we talked they ran to their blog to make a post and one of the things they put on their was a screenshot of a message they got in e-mail from someone telling them about this blog. Thing is the Crabface, with his wonderful photo editing skills blurred most of the name who sent it out EXCEPT the last letter which was a "L".

So I open this texture that the Crabface sent me  a few weeks ago (today) and blow it up some in Photoshop. Hmmm very interesting.

You dumb ass you blurred the bottom but what does it say on top. Add Meg Corral to contacts? LOL To Harlee Fallen LMAO Hmmm.. Funny, this bitches last name ends in a L. 

Fucking dumb and dumber. This stupid hoe Meg Corral was whining in my IM box shortly after I exposed the Pixel X awards was rigged. This hoe was crying cause I said nobody knew who she was. Well, don't hate the messenger,cunt. Afterall, nobody knew who this bitch was but somehow she had as many votes as Van? LMAO 

Then Van IMed me blowing up my box defending her. Even claiming that she was his real life wife. Damn, that's a long distance relationship. One in Russia and the other in the US. 

Then a few days later this bitch Meg Corral  was in my box again claiming I was right that the contest was fixed and said she asked to be removed from it. Yet that didn't stop her from stuffing the ballot box nor did it stop her from accepting the money after getting on her knees to suck that retard Jumpboy Lame.

So now you are siding with your Tranny friend from Scotland over your real life husband? ROFLMAO. Shit that's going to be one messy divorce.

I think it's clear some people are pretty desperate for money in second life and others just don't need it that bad and have standards/ Then there are these two tricks.

The only two ticks so far I have ever seen who were in a video where they where pissed on and had their faces shoved into urine and forced to lick it up. ROFLMAO

They have no fucking talent other then sit on a pose ball and do whatever someone else says... 
what and embarrassment LMAO. . 

"Mom, I'm a big deal in second life. I drank a liter of a man's urine today LMAO

Hot topic? Cunt, you sure are now. Like Bin Laden you hiding days are over. 

You look like a baboon went from a Barbie to Baboon. LMAO

When you are this thirsty you will swallow anything. LMAO. Get it girl You are a star LOL

This ugly ass bitch is even trying to mimic my blog LMAO. 
Hmmm.. oh look who is using Phoenix viewer LOL. 

 Newbie hanging with other Newbies

Nice outfit don't they give you that for free at Sticky Fingers LMAO

Ah damn Meg nowhere to hide now.  What's with the skin you got kinda dark. LMAO.

Funniest Part about this is the resolution size of these pictures. What are you playing second life on your phone LMAO. 

No wonder your whack ass piece of shit computer couldn't render me in all my awesomeness. 

 Dissing on my schoolgirl outfit. You look straight out of a freebie store LMAO. No wonder you were hiding your identity. I would of been embarassed too wearing this. LOL. I guess drinking urine don't pay all that well. 

Wait? What? You did it for free?

Spend some of that fucking money you get Sugar Baby LAMO.

Oh I forgot.. Storm don't have any. 
Shit I sorta feel bad for SissyBoy Lame I been bending him over for nothing LOL. 
Don't worrry you thirsty Ho I know where to find you. I'll just check the rest rooms in second life. I'm sure men are using your face as a urinal.


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