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Friday, January 20, 2012

Being Mad is Funny!

I keep hearing I'm supposed to be mad, but I keep laughing? Are you supposed to be laughing when you are mad? I thought people try to make you laugh to cheer you up?

Well, the Crabface, SissyBoy Lame (aka Humpman Lame, Aka The Jersey Whore) keep making me laugh.

This Crabface is calling me a stalker? LMAO. This coming from someone who went to my blog 39 times in one day. 39 times in a 24 hour period not including any time they slept LOL. (if they do that)
Who's stalking who? Who is the one who's really mad? LOL  I think it's pretty clear.

Then there is the whole matter they can't prove anything. Come on they can't prove something as simple as they donated money to Cyber bullying fund like they claimed. LOL  It's because your entire SL existence is one made up story.

They don't want anyone to know the real them.. remember? So one lie snowballed to two and three. Now that's all they know how to do is lie and make shit up. LMAO, It's one thing to roleplay.. it's another to be a pathological liar.

Oh now they are crying about someone knowing where they live. LOL. This coming from someone who had someone send me a web site a few months back that showed by IP address. In fact they tried this lame ass tactic again the other day.

[2012/01/18 08:57]  Keykey Cheney: hello rayven, I know we kinda got off at the bad foot but me and harlee no longer cool anymore did you see the new blog post? they have pictures of your grandma and i feel you pain 100% I don't approve of it at all.
[2012/01/18 08:58]  Jordyn Dulce (keykey.cheney): I can send you the link if you want it, I think this is all so childish.
[2012/01/18 09:00]  Jordyn Dulce (keykey.cheney): http://XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  there you go, you should really consider getting that flagged or reported because it's disgraceful.

 You see I exchanged a few words with this Ghetto trash whore a few months ago. They admitted they have several babies with different daddies and live in the ghetto. They also at the time made jokes about my Grandmother..So why all of a sudden are they so concened and this has crossed the line? 

Yes, another lame tatic by the Crabface. Once again, how desperate is this psycho? LOL

[2012/01/18 09:01]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Oh darn what am I going to do
[2012/01/18 09:02]  Jordyn Dulce (keykey.cheney): Who knows, but I think it's total inconsiderate
[2012/01/18 09:02]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): sounds like a fishing site. I guess I will report you to linden labs and the authorities.
[2012/01/18 09:02]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): stay tuned
[2012/01/18 09:02]  Jordyn Dulce (keykey.cheney): I can careless I was helping you out ugly.

So th is psycho is crying cause he failed at something... but I turned the tables on the Scotland Crabface. LOL. Are you laughing as hard as I am? LMAO

Don't get any of those tears on your keyboard. LOL.

Poor Sissyboy Lame aka The Jersey Whore. 
I guess typing in all caps means you are SERIOUS. SO I SHOULD TYPE IN CAPS TOO I GUESS!

You should check out there secret blog It might have the lonest run on sentence ever! Breath! Stop and take a breath,  LOL.

There made up stories keep falling apart. You would think they would of did some research before posting such bullshit. Oh wait, the owner of a club I worked at over a year ago tells this other person shit about me. LOL.

Yea, ok. First thing the owners of the club where hardly there. It was most run by managers in charge. The owners would drop in every once in a while. The club had private skyboxes/rooms. I guess you never been to a stip club in second life. Girls also went on "dates" outside the club with men. The catch was the sex had to take place in the club. So I guess this "owner" followed me around second life LOL.

Secondly, I know the owners wouldn't talk about former employees or girls to others like that. I have allot of respect for them. No wonder you are hiding your identity cause you are full of shit. LOL.

I mean... usually people who are so scare they need to hide their identity and talk shit are the most trust worthy. LOL.

I seriously cant stop laughing. Same ol' Crabface.. The more they run their mouth the more shit they get themselves in it.

I will be honest.. I could not blog as much as I do without the help of Brokeback Barbie. They make it SO EASY. They give so much material that I have a hard time choosing what to blog. LOL.
I mean you would think they would learn their lesson by now. Nope, they keep opening their mouth and sticking their foot in it.

Do you seriously think anyone believes your far fetched stories and lies? LOL Please get help. Nobody that is mentally stable would do the stuff you do or claim the stuff you do.

Like I said from the start I want to help you. Here are a few web sites that offer mental help in Scotland.

Scottish Association of Mental Health


Please Crabface go to these websites and stop coming to mine. I can't help you anymore.


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