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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meg Whorel - The Sugerless Suga Baby

So this thirsty hoe Meg Corral was talking shit on their "other" blog about a belly piercing I had. I guess it was 99 lindens I don't remember. How much are belly piercings in second life anyway? I would say 99 lindens maybe average price for 1 piece belly piercing.

Like this thirty cunt has room to talk...

Here is a dress on marketplace they commented on. It's a freebie outfit.

Here is some lipstick for 10 lindens they also commented on

Wow, you spent 10 lindens on two items.

I mean seriously look at these.. they don't even look good. LMAO. 

Meg went raging and got mad they spent 10 lindens on this and didn't like it. LOL
I mean... whats the point of commenting on something that costs 10 lindens? You act like you just spent all your money on something LMAO, 

Oh look Meg is blogging an outfit from AdN where they have mostly free shit and entire outfits for 99 lindens. Oh Meg you must of really bottomed out your bank account on that one. 

Meg claims to be a cam and voice escort. She can't be a very good one if all she can afford is a 99lindens outfits and 10 lindens lipstick LOL. 

Funniest thing is while I was working on this Strom, Meg Whorel's biggest client who pays her a linden to hang out with him cause... he has no job in real life. He has no money in second life and is a desperate loser who is on second life all the time. 

I guess it was sort of cute in a way. A loser who life is only second life (he said it not me). He has no job and no real social life. He has sort of fell in love with his Sugarless Suga Baby. I guess he feels sorry for him/her cause she can't make no money.

I mean these losers (notice the word has one "o") all came up with this rigged txt conversation. Yes, that's how desperate these losers are. As I pointed out already Meg Whorel used her word "Loosers" in the txt. Like I said show me on my blog somewhere that I spell the word that way.

Also the conversation is dated August 28? An I guess I mentioned Harvey Fallen's name? LOL. How does this make sense when I didn't come across Brokeback Barbie until Sept 11th at Poly Beach and didn't see the txt conversation between them and their EX until Deelite posted it. 
Nice try losers (one "o" Im going to teach you how to spell Mr. Whorel) LOL


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