"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cherry Poppin

So I spent my time on second life fucking around today for Christmas. I chose to stay home away from others cause I didn't want others to get sick. So I put on the lola boobs for only 4th time  - a few times I was dressed as Harlee Fallen. 

 I figured with this dress I would try being a red head. Its different you don't see many red heads in second life. Unlike others who just want to be just another one of the thousands of Barbies. I took my own style and rocked it hard.

So I was at Blackcats and had some old guy want to be my Cuckhold. So we tried that out for a while. I sent him to fetch drinks and to find someone to give me a massage by the pool. Well, he brought back some guy who I called a pool boy. He didn't see to like that so he dumped me in the pool.

Which was pretty funny cause then I turned up the bitch mode and raised hell. After all that is no way to treat a Princess! Then I found this another guy... but he refused to take his shirt off in public. What? What the hell was he hiding a 3rd nipple or something.
When a Princess say jump, you say how high. It was obvious that the good help took the day off because of Christmas. How dare they.. where the hell can I get a good massage at on Christmas?

Merry Sickmas

I'm sick! Had a little soar throat earlier today. Sat down on the couch and boom it hit me. My legs are so sore. I feel so sore. I dont want to stand. So I reach for my laptop which was close and log on to second life. What for? I dunno.. cause I cant think straight and my eyes are closing. Hell Im just standing in random places... I guess I could log off and go to bed, but then again I would have to stand up. I'm not sure my legs would work at this time.

So I blog. What for.. I dunno. The pain... I feel punch drunk or something. I am not thinking straight. Feel like I just ran 10 miles carrying 500 lbs while doing it. On the bright side the aching of my body and made me forget my soar throat. It has also made me forget where I was standing in second life or why the hell Im even on second life.

My avatar must look sick too.. cause no douche bags have IMed asking to fuck. Too bad I wanted to cough all over them.

I guess I will be sleeping on the couch tonight my legs are not working and in second life the pussy is broken

Bah humbug Im fucking sick

Friday, December 23, 2011

U Mad Barbie #19,866

So it seems the cover girl for Sissyboy Lame's shitty magazine didn't like what I had to say about her. Guess what.. get in line with the rest of them.

"for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" - Newton's law... learn it.

1. It was not I who chose to be then next Go Daddy slut.. I mean.. attach my name and face to a two bit Second life magazine, run by a sissy loving vampire wannabe who talks like a 12 year old.  Great idea.. I'm going to run with a guy who can't stop talking about fecal matter and wears freebie t-shirts. I'm going to be a big star! Someone sounds like they need a manager to run their life you might want to check with Ashton Kutcher for some advice there on that. Maybe if you are lucky DJQuad can put you on his wrestling show. Then all the real geeks in second life can hit you up.

2. It was not I who chose to look like Courtney Love on a bad day (does she ever have a good day?) with your raccoon eyes. You did.

3. It wasn't I who chose to spend 30 lindens on a gaudy necklace which looks like it was made at a hardware store buy purchasing some stainless steal chain and a can of gold spray paint. You did.

You claim you saw me once at the Cumhouse. I guess I stood out then... cause I don't even recall hearing or seeing anything about you.. until I saw your Zombie like picture on SissyBoy Lame's blog.

I'm jealous? OMGZ. I'm totally flawless and famous. You are well.. a nobody.

Jealous.. LOL. I'm not the one who is looking like the 20,000 other barbies on second life. Obviously you were jealous of them, cause you stole their style. 1 month old. LOL. Hell, you even admit you are not even blonde in real life. LOL. - Your flickr even says you are not new to second life. So let's see... you saw all these thousands of barbies everywhere.. said to yourself. Hey, that's a look I want to steal. Yea, and who's jealous ROFLMAO.

Yes, I haven't made a name for myself.. but you have. LOL. Once again, let me point out you noticed me at Cumhouse. I might of seen you.. then again I guess you were just one of the other dozen barbie hoes herding on the day so you really didn't stand out, Superstar. 

I love how you and Fallen keep dragging me into this adult SL Porn stuff. I quit it a long time ago. I can easily get in a video.. but I chose not to. Funny thing about this is.. someone asked me to do a video the other day and also mentioned they were ASKED by Fallen and they turned Fallen down. So barbie #19,866 get your facts straight, bitch.

Facts are this when I was making movies.. I mad my own. I didn't get on my knees to suck three guys off to do it. My second video I made was featured. Come talk to me when you get that far then we will start comparing notes.

You haven't done shit or will ever be shit. You avatar is 1 month old. LOL.  I wouldn't be surprised if you were going through thrash dumpsters like all the other raccoons to get your barbie look. Hell, you are the byproduct of all the shit the other barbie's didn't want. That explains that ugly ass necklace.

Best part I like is they claim they won't mention me again. Hmm.. then why did you mention me at all? What did that prove? It proves you are a dumb fucking bimbo.. 

So maybe being yet another one of the ten of thousands barbies is a true calling for you.

Facts are this... I'm on avatar #1.. who knows how many times you failed. I guess when you are a totally flawless princess right out of the gate.. I sort of make it look easy. I know it's a struggle for girls like you. Desperate for attention.. can't get it any other way so you decide to take up the barbie whore look. Sad.. but truth hurts.

Now just remember.. I'm trying to help you out. Make you famous.. like me. Oh wait... I never mentioned your name. Well, just keep a eye out for a raccoon looking Courtney Love clone... can't miss her.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hoes Hoes Hoes

Ok first off I bought a new skin. Well, two of them. The first, I went back to my old skin shortly after. Then I bought this one I'm wearing in the picture. It's close to my old one but I chose a lighter skin tone cause I like to rock light brown hair sometimes. Works a little better..

Now on to business... Second life. I guess you can say maybe it's not my business, but second life is how I make my money. So anything second life is my business.

So someone pointed out to me Jumboy Lame, aka: Sissyboy Lame aka: Twlight boy Lame's blog. He has me blocked, but let's see I still have my phone.. and another computer to access this shitty blog if I like.

You see Sissyboy Lame is scared of me. Yes, little ol' me. This is why he blocked me and will only talk to me hiding behind I fake identity to which I already exposed is him. (It didnt take long)

So him and his wrestling dork buddy, DjQuad staged a conversation in the Pornstars group and he posted it on his blog. They were crying about Vanhelsing Svoboda claiming he cheated in this already fucked up rigged contest.

Let's go back to day 1 of the contest when I exposed what a joke it was. That duplicate votes were not removed (like Sissyboy Lame claimed) but the contest was set back to a earlier time in the contest when people were boosting votes. Oh yea, we don't want to talk about that do we? LOL

Yea, Van has been contacting people asking them to vote for them. Then again so has Harlee Fallen. I know cause they asked a few or my spies who were working to get info about them to vote for them.

So this loser, DJQuad claims Van's movies get 3 FPS. Some are a little laggy, but overall the editing and visuals are pretty damn good. The effort is there.. and is only limited by his computers ability. While other videos I have seen of others with super computers have better equipment but half ass editing or shoot from horrible angles. Sometimes they are just down right horrible ideas. What no more ghost stories?

Then again what has DJQuad ever done? Oh yea, he's involved in wrestling on second life. zzzzzzz

I actually watched a few minutes of one of these wrestling videos on youtube. Believe me anyone involved in this shit HAS NO ROOM TO SAY SHIT. It was some of the dumbest shit I have ever seen and the announcers were horrible which made it worse.

Then Sissyboy Lame kept talking about his new cover girl for his shitty sl magazine. ROFLMAO. Serious you need to see this girl. She looks like a cross between Courtney Love and a fucking raccoon. There is so much black shit around her eyes I thought her nose just got broken. I guess huge boob vampire wannabes are big now in second life. Then she is wearing cheap ass RYCA jewelry. The necklace alone looks gaudy and cheap as hell. Then again when your are a desperate whore on the cover of a second life magazine nobody gives two shits about.. what do you expect?

Now Mr. SissyBoy Lame is trying to make a case for Harlee Fallen being a women in rl. Like I said months ago.. personally I don't care but facts are facts. An I think there are enough facts out there.. just go looking for them.

Though it seems now there is a second version of their side of the story. I guess you can call it Version 2.0

Just my observations...

Monday, December 5, 2011

It's been a while!

Been busy in RL. Yes, there is such a thing...this was too good to pass up.

This chick was built like a very manly man... and her head was way too small for her body. I was looking all around I thought some headshrinkers were going to jump out of the bushes and get me next.
I mean how can I give up SL all together.. I can't it's always good for a laugh.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's offical.. Sissyboy Lame is a nobody

So I got this idea earlier today to look back at how people got to my blog through searches.

Here is the all-time results - As you can see typing in my second life name is #1, followed by my blog address. Ruthhairfix is 3rd, but Harlee Fallen is closing fast.

 This is from the past month. As you can see Harlee Fallen was a popular topic.

 Above is from the current week. Still Harlee Fallen remains a popular topic. Notice one thing... even though I have blogged about Sissyboy Lame 4-5 times. Not one person searched for his name and came across my blog LOL.

What makes this even more pathetic is I had people search for a few others I blogged in the last week: Bobby Hartle, Laz Aristocrat, this Michaelz Paine weirdo. Not one. Not a single person did a search for Sissyboy Lame. ROFLMAO.

Just goes to show you this person is irrelevant in the world of second life. Nobody gives a shit. OMGZs hehehe.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vampboy Lame - King of sissies

So who is Vampboy Lame (aka Jumpman Lane)? Well, he is some clueless putz who thinks he is the "King of Second life".

Why does this tool think that?

It's because he thinks he got rid of Stroker Serpentine. Truth is... Stoker got rid of Stroker... not Vampboy. If Stroker didn't feel like he needed to brag on TV about his second life and his SL insest then he would still be on second life.Vampboy don't have the mental capacity, the gonads or the clout to pull it off. Now.. he is trying to re-write history. Tell a different tale.. LOL and take credit for everything.

This is sort of where I come into the story. I never heard of this Vampboy Lame, clown until this stupid rigged Pixel awards contest. It didn't take long for me to expose this moron as a liar and show his little contest is a joke. Now you have people who are pulling out of the contest, but he won't remove them from the ballot. LOL what a failure.

Then this tool decided he wanted to try to trade insults with me on twitter. He kept re-tweeting my tweets.. kept saying the same thing over and over that nobody could understand. I pissed him off so bad I made him come out of his 12 year old character and talk normal. Then Vampboy Lame whined about me on his shitty blog. This is when I started to bring up that he was a big Twilight fan along with mocking him talking like an imbecile.

People I didn't know started sending me IMs saying they were enjoying me making him look like a fool. Word must of got back to Vampboy, cause he removed the post about me on his shitty blog and flat out banned me from reading it. LOL. He also stopped re-tweeting my tweets and went silent. LOL. 

It's was obvious.. he was scared!! LMAO. The big bad "King of Second life" tucked his tail and ran LOL. Someone who claims "drama is their middle name" ODed on the attention I gave them.

So while Vampboy was licking his wounds..he started to try to pick new fights with others on their blog. LOL. Crying and whining about the Alphaville Hearld.

I knew a person like this, who tries so hard for others to notice them, would eventually return in some way, shape or form. I knew this didn't sit well with them... cause people were laughing at them personally. They were laughing at their lame contest and laughing at their lame lingo. So sooner or later... the troll would once again pop it's head out from under the bridge.

So last week I got a IM from someone who admitted they were a alt.. crying about my blog.. about Harlee Fallen. Asking me questions about stuff on Harlee Fallen's blog. At about the same time this person IMed me Vampboy Lame started to publicly follow Harlee Fallen's blog. Hmmm.... I asked this person why they chose to contact me on an alt and hide their identity. They admitted they were scared of me and my blog LMAO.

So a few day ago I get another IM from someone.. ShyVahn - ShyVahn has a problem with my content once again on my blog. lol.

[2011/11/17 13:01]  ShyVahn: (Saved Thu Nov 17 10:38:32 2011)So why are you so obsessed with Harlee Fallen and like to blog constant negative shit?
[2011/11/17 13:02]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Why do you chose to contact me with a alt and hid your identity?
[2011/11/17 13:02]  Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[2011/11/17 14:24]  ShyVahn: Isn't it obvious? I wouldn't be seen talking to you.
[2011/11/17 14:25]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Well what makes you think I want to been seen talking to you
[2011/11/17 14:26]  ShyVahn: Never said I cared if you did or didn't. Just curious why you continue to obsess over Harlee, or fill your blog with other negative shit about anyone you can?
[2011/11/17 14:27]  ShyVahn: Have you ever considered focusing on the positive stuff in SL?
[2011/11/17 14:27]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Cause I like it when people hiding on a alt IMed me whining about it
[2011/11/17 14:27]  ShyVahn: Who'swhining?
[2011/11/17 14:27]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): How many guess you want?
[2011/11/17 14:28]  ShyVahn: I'm just asking questions, but if you can't maturely answer like an adult then that's ok :)
[2011/11/17 14:28]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Oh yea like an adult.. page up and look at your response to my question
[2011/11/17 14:29]  ShyVahn: Nothing immature by saying I don't care what you think.
[2011/11/17 14:30]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): nothing immature about saying someone is whining when they are
[2011/11/17 14:30]  ShyVahn: ahh but... I'm not whining. I'm asking you a question which you are still dodging with blaise answers or other off track topic
[2011/11/17 14:31]  ShyVahn: Why can't you answer the questions presented to you Rayven?
[2011/11/17 14:31]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): I answered it page up
[2011/11/17 14:31]  ShyVahn: Why are you avoiding? and no, you didn't you dodged with some self defensive bullshit answer.
[2011/11/17 14:31]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): nah i answered it
[2011/11/17 14:31]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): i told you why i do it
[2011/11/17 14:32]  ShyVahn: Having people contact you to ask about your blog isn't about other people whining unless you just like the attention
[2011/11/17 14:32]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): maybe i do, and you are giving me attention.
[2011/11/17 14:32]  ShyVahn: Is that it? You are obsessing over the blonde, balloon titted freak so that people will pay attention to you? What about the negativity to others?
[2011/11/17 14:33]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Maybe you sound like Doc. Phil.
[2011/11/17 14:33]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): you figured it all out
[2011/11/17 14:33]  ShyVahn: What's the common denominator if you keep going places and keep getting banned?
[2011/11/17 14:34]  ShyVahn: It's not those places, nor the people that run them. It's your bad attitude. So why do you continue to feed off of negative attention?
[2011/11/17 14:34]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Maybe im trying to get in the genius book of world records
[2011/11/17 14:35]  ShyVahn: and how would you do that?
[2011/11/17 14:35]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Most famous
[2011/11/17 14:35]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): most flawless
[2011/11/17 14:35]  ShyVahn: and do you mean Guiness? LOL ohh I see, so you want to copy the phrases of balloon tits then ehh?
[2011/11/17 14:36]  ShyVahn: There is no such thing as flawless, Sure you are a smart enough girl to know that
[2011/11/17 14:36]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Hands you some swiss chesse. There you go.
[2011/11/17 14:37]  ShyVahn: hands you some cheddar :)
[2011/11/17 14:37]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): I think the one who wants attention is you.
[2011/11/17 14:37]  ShyVahn: Is that so?
[2011/11/17 14:38]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Yea you IMed me last I checked whining..
[2011/11/17 14:38]  ShyVahn: I don't spend all my time trying to get banned from sims or whimpering all over a blog about how it's everyone else's fault but my own. Sounds like you got the concept of whining mixed up
[2011/11/17 14:39]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Im famous though and you are one of my fans cause its obvious you keep reading my blog
[2011/11/17 14:39]  ShyVahn: Oh, but when you aren't doing that, you are obsessing over a trashed out piece of shit who's just as vapid as yourself
[2011/11/17 14:39]  ShyVahn: Nah, I actually just saw your blog today.
[2011/11/17 14:39]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): LOL - Um ok.
[2011/11/17 14:40]  ShyVahn: Your about as famous as a turd sitting in the toilet waiting to be flushed

 LOL - Too easy. I frustrated this clown.. he got mad (U MAD) and opps.. reviled who he was. Damn your great plan backfired LOL.

 As you can see Vampboy has some type of obsession with "turds". I'm thinking he likes stuff that goes in and comes out his ass.

[2011/11/17 14:40]  ShyVahn: So tell me Rayven, what's the obsession? Were you once friends and she fucked you over?
[2011/11/17 14:40]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): ah you sound like Vampboy Lame
[2011/11/17 14:41]  ShyVahn: nope, I'm a woman. Here I'll turn onvoice
[2011/11/17 14:41]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Only he sounds like a 12 year old child. says heheh and other shit nobody understand
[2011/11/17 14:42]  ShyVahn: according to what I saw today on your blog that person can't speak a full sentence. Nor would I want to portray a man on SL.
[2011/11/17 14:42]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Yes most women talk about turds
[2011/11/17 14:42]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): LOL

 Not much left of the conversation as this idiot claimed be crashed.. but he already relived his true identity. So we traded offline messages.. and I noticed something. This person sent me IMs around the same exact time Vampboy Lame would re-tweet and reply to my tweets. LOL.

So I told his idiot.. if he wanted to contact me he will have to do it on his main account cause I was putting ShyVahn on ignore so they couldn't hide anymore they would have to stop being a coward.
Well, I didnt really put them on ignore. LOL.

[2011/11/18 09:11]  ShyVahn: awww feel better? You got the last word? *golf clap* Still useless and pathetic. and I didn't say you didn't know me. I said I wouldn't be seen talking to you. But your so paranoid you think everyone is part of your blog. Sorry you ain't got shit on me

So after I didn't respond look who got offline and look who got online. LOL.

[09:30] jumpman lane ((( ONLINE )))
[09:30] ShyVahn ((( OFFLINE )))

So I IMed Vampboy Lame but he was still scared to respond. ROFLMAO. I never IMed this clueless putz before so he couldnt have had me on ignore.

[2011/11/18 09:32]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Hi ShyVahn LOL.
[2011/11/18 09:32]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): LMAO
[2011/11/18 09:33]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Ah is shyvahn your bloodlines alt.LOL.
[2011/11/18 09:39]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): ah poor vampboy has nothing to say. Not even a hehehe
[2011/11/18 09:39]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): ROFLMAO
[2011/11/18 09:39]  Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.

LOL - Tuck your tail on run. King of Second Life ROFLMAO. More like the cowardly Lion. LMAO King of the sissies!

Not only are you are Twilight loving sissy... you can actually talk normal and you purposely talk like a uneducated crackhead. ROFLMAO. Damn, this is not going to look good for you. LOL - let the laughs begin. 

Second life sissy rating: King

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meet the Millon Dollar Madame

So I was dead tired and decided to stand around second life for a little bit until I was about to fall asleep... then a group chat starts in one of my favorite groups "Needs a Sugar Daddy". A group where you can count the number of sugar daddy's on one finger... but it's always good for laughs.

So some guy sends out a message he has a VIP Orgy and who wants an invite. I type "Hmmmm.." so he IMs me asking if I want a TP. I tell him I want money and not an orgy. So he claims there are a bunch of SL millionaires at this orgy. Sensing the bullshit.. and figure it would be a good laugh at the least I TPed to the Hedi Fleiss of second life.

So this guy is standing in some room filled with sex pose balls.. naked with freebie cock.. in full blown hard on mode. LOL.

Basically he was claiming he is a "Pimp" for girls.. last orgy he had girls made 50,000 each cause they cammed.

[16:31] Rayven Baily: I see, well two things wrong here. You have no payment info so why should I believe you? secondly if all these girls made all this money last time where are they now? I would think they would be jumping at the chance to make that kind of money again

 So I called him out on his bullshit story...he and I were the only ones in this skybox. LOL. he got every mad. U MAD? That I didn't buy is fake ass story and he claimed I "wasn't good enough" for his fake ass orgy.  lol.

[16:35] Rayven Baily: so can you prove you paid these girls 50,000 last party?
[16:35] Laz Aristocrat: i didint pay
[16:35] Laz Aristocrat: the customer spaid
[16:35] Laz Aristocrat: i was the intermidiator
[16:35] Laz Aristocrat: taking commsion
[16:35] Rayven Baily: can you prove they paid them?
[16:35] Laz Aristocrat: basically ure a waaste of time

Then I pointed out he has a newbie cock on that dont match his skin and can't even afford a AO. This guys avatar is over 3 years old and he has a newbie cock and no AO. ROFLMAO.

Oh yea, he also claims he makes 20,000 lindens a day on second life.
[16:47] Laz Aristocrat: in one day i make 20000
[16:47] Laz Aristocrat: easily
[16:47] Rayven Baily: U mad
[16:48] Rayven Baily: LOL

 [16:50] Rayven Baily: Who would pay for your shit. You are the wal-mart of escorts.

Then he started to get annoyed with me calling him a liar.. a fake and making fun of his small discolored freebie penis.. so he kept saying Ciao to me.. like I was going some where. LOL. I guess it wasnt his land.. cause well..
[16:37] Laz Aristocrat: ciao
[16:37] Laz Aristocrat: ciao
[16:38] Laz Aristocrat: ciao

He said it like 8 times at least.

Then he started to walk around a little like he was looking for an escape... and I danced on his grave with my Charlie Sheen gesture which basic saying "I'm Bi- winning!" as I shake my ass.

Then he TPed out.. I guess to go meet up with all his Million dollar clients LOL.

Monday, November 14, 2011

"Toughness is not being a bully. It's having backbone." 

It was all fun and games when you claimed you ran second life... had a bunch of goons at your disposal ready to do your dirty work... making threats to everyone you came across.

When they failed..

You should of packed it in..

Then you lost 30K in lindens..looked like a fool in the process.

Now it's time to play the victim.

Face it.. you lost a game you were willing to play... cause you thought you could just walk all over me like everyone else. That's a bully way of thinking. 

You want to cry victim.. but I have chats full of your making comments about my grandmother over and over. Calling me a "faggot"... hardly acting like a victim, but more like an aggressor. 

Problem is you have lied so much.. nobody will ever believe you. An your actions do not go along with your fake victim mentality. That's why when you tried to post on three separate times about how you were being single out and bullied. you were laughed out of the forums on all three times.

I can only hope you seek medical help and come to term with your sickness...

Offensive terms

Have you ever notice the CrabFace Mr. Harlee Fallen likes to call people "faggots" and "fags" when they are making references about someone sexuality? I personally find that term very offensive almost as much as the N-word when you to describe a black person.

Like I said earlier, there are two (but I will now say three) kinds of people who would use that word so frequently as they do..

1. People who have problems with same sex relationships maybe for religious or ethical purposes.
2. immature and ignorant people, but they tend to more or less call everyone that.. not directly associating it with gays or lesbians.
3. Gay people themselves who feel they have the right to use the word cause they are gay. Where if a straight person used it they would be offended.

I did a google search and was reading a few pages about the use of the word "faggot" in the gay and lesbian community. Several people who admitted to being gay said it's ok for them to use the word but not a straight person when talking about a gay or lesbian.

I'm not gay so I can't say.. but like I said I find the word very offensive.

In the case of the Crabface... I think they are a very immature and ignorant person.. but I also think they fall into category #3.

An that will be proven very shortly..

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Yes, another Harlee Fallen fail... this is what like like 50th one LOL. It seems Mr. Harvey Failen is contacting anyone who is on my blog to try to build an army lol.

Yet this Michael "No more Mr. Nice guy" Paine couldn't tell the difference between me and the Crabface. He claimed I was bothering him under the alt of Harlee Fallen. Oh Yuk.. I have never been so insulted. Seems he is still very angry too cause I ignored him and TPed to another sim. LOL

 [07:50]  Harlee Fallen: hi there, i believe you recently had an altercation with this faggot named rayven baily
[07:50]  Harlee Fallen: he's put conversation between you and him on his blog
[07:50]  Harlee Fallen: http://cravingrayven.blogspot.com/2011/11/vampire-crabface-and-no-more-mr-nice.html
[07:50]  Harlee Fallen: feel free to report rayven
[07:53]  Harlee Fallen: he blogs about me like every day
[07:53]  Harlee Fallen: i dislike him
[07:53]  Harlee Fallen: lol
[07:53]  Harlee Fallen: he's obsessed with me
[07:53]  Harlee Fallen: i figure the more people who report his stalkerism
[07:53]  Harlee Fallen: will eventually get him banned

Damn Harvey, U MAD.. and are also pathetic. ROFLMAO. Yet another Fallen Failure.

Seriously, how many times can one person fail... geez, people are laughing at you so much.  
Also you keep using the word "faggot" over and over... There are two people who use that word so much in their vocabulary. 

1) People who hate homosexually. 
2) Gay people themselves. 

Which one are you? My money is on #2. LOL.

Yet another idiot!

So right after I got done posting the last post on my blog I was in a store in second life and came across this "player" who didn't take rejection too well. I seem to be a magnet for these morons.

[21:35] Haych Goldshark: Howdy :)
[21:36] Rayven Baily: hi
[21:36] Haych Goldshark: how r u?
[21:36] Rayven Baily: ok (this is my standard reply to this dumb question usually they say why just ok?)
[21:36] Haych Goldshark: cool :)
[21:36] Haych Goldshark: where u from?
[21:37] Rayven Baily: my mother
[21:37] Haych Goldshark: pfffttttt
[21:37] Haych Goldshark: hahahaha
[21:37] Haych Goldshark: u sure yr not from Pixles?
[21:37] Haych Goldshark: lol
[21:38] Rayven Baily: nope
[21:38] Haych Goldshark: lol
[21:38] Haych Goldshark: sooooo yr USA  right lol
[21:39] Rayven Baily: i live in second life

 So I guess this douche bag was looking for a real life girlfriend in a virtual world with pixel avatars

[21:39] Haych Goldshark: Daaang yr a difficult individual lol
[21:39] Haych Goldshark: yr answers
[21:39] Haych Goldshark: are out man lol
[21:40] Rayven Baily: out?
[21:40] Haych Goldshark: Yea
[21:40] Haych Goldshark: Not good lol
[21:40] Rayven Baily: neither are yours
[21:40] Haych Goldshark: uuuumm
[21:40] Haych Goldshark: excuse me
[21:40] Haych Goldshark: i avent answered any questions
[21:41] Haych Goldshark: iv been doing the asking helloooooooo lol
[21:41] Haych Goldshark: Anyhow its cool
[21:41] Rayven Baily: well your questions are horrible
[21:41] Haych Goldshark: i see what type of person u r
[21:41] Haych Goldshark: thats crap too
[21:41] Rayven Baily: oh ok
[21:41] Haych Goldshark: i ask where yr from RL
[21:41] Haych Goldshark: and u give me stupid answers
[21:42] Rayven Baily: I see what type of person you are. Im shopping you IMed me
[21:42] Haych Goldshark: lets forget it lol
[21:42] Rayven Baily: U mad
[21:42] Rayven Baily: LOL
[21:42] Haych Goldshark: no
[21:42] Rayven Baily: damn its a game get over it
[21:42] Haych Goldshark: u have a bad personality RL lol
[21:42] Rayven Baily: LOL
[21:42] Rayven Baily: Nah
[21:42] Rayven Baily: You are boring
[21:42] Haych Goldshark: thats why u dont know how to talk to people
[21:42] Rayven Baily: no game
[21:42] Rayven Baily: I only talk to those that I want to talk to.
[21:43] Haych Goldshark: pfft
[21:43] Rayven Baily: you are boring
[21:43] Haych Goldshark: u will meet lots of nice people on SL
[21:43] Haych Goldshark: NOT!!!!
[21:43] Haych Goldshark: MUTED!!!!

Damn, take your meds. LOL. Get over it.. lol, its a game and I didn't care sharing my RL personal information with you. Get off the ledge, buddy! The world is not coming to a end cause I wouldn't tell you stuff I didn't care you share with you. LOL

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vampboy Lame, A Crabface and No more Mr. Nice Guy

Where do I begin? Let's start with the crabface. So I went back to JCNY yesterday to check something out. Then something occurred to me. So looking the Crabface's wedding photo on their blog...

Question #1: Why is their left breast transparent LOL so you can see their arm through it?
Question #2: If Bobby Hartle is so rich.. how come you are wearing cheap ass RYCA earrings and bracelets?  Hell, you couldn't even afford a necklace LOL.

I mean JCNY has limited edition necklace and earnings which are 30,000 lindens. I would think if Bobby Hartle was so rich and you made so much money like you claim.. you would have wore that at your "wedding". LOL.


Then there is this guy I ran into today. No more Mr. Nice Guy! I was standing around and he IMed me. I wasn't going to blog this guy, but after he sent me a offline IM I had too it was too funny.

[2011/11/12 08:51]  Michaelz Paine: awesome, you have what it takes
[2011/11/12 08:52]  Michaelz Paine: i'm livin it up wild these days, it's pretty good fun
[2011/11/12 08:52]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): great
[2011/11/12 08:52]  Michaelz Paine: much more erotic then the former loser nice guy syndrome i used to be
[2011/11/12 08:53]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): lol
[2011/11/12 08:53]  Michaelz Paine: SL taught me those types of guys great eaten for breakfest and spat up in an instant, lol
[2011/11/12 08:53]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): thats too bad i was looking for a nice guy to have sex with for hours
[2011/11/12 08:55]  Michaelz Paine: if you make that offer i think most guys would be more then happy to act "nice" to you just to get onboard the train and ride it
[2011/11/12 08:57]  Michaelz Paine: and hours, guys on here normally don't last that long, especially the nice ones, they tend to be a bit more timid in the bedroom
[2011/11/12 08:58]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Im sure. Im so tired of jerks I trying to find me a nice guy who will shower with with endless amounts of money and gifts. Im a fucking princess after all.
[2011/11/12 08:58]  Michaelz Paine: one way traffic never usually works so well
[2011/11/12 08:59]  Michaelz Paine: in a good relationship should be give and take
[2011/11/12 08:59]  Michaelz Paine: not just i want, i want, i want
[2011/11/12 09:00]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): works for me thats all that matters. did I fail to mention Im a fucking princess. I need shit
[2011/11/12 09:00]  Michaelz Paine: you can have cock, but gifts cost money, and last time i checked i heard there was a recession going on.
[2011/11/12 09:01]  Michaelz Paine: you want a rich dude?
[2011/11/12 09:01]  Michaelz Paine: look beauitful and get on webcam that's all it will take
[2011/11/12 09:01]  Michaelz Paine: pixels rule the world in rl and in sl
[2011/11/12 09:01]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Yea, rich dude who works alot like 2-3 jobs so I can go out a party while he is at work and out of my hair
[2011/11/12 09:02]  Michaelz Paine: rich men love beautiful young woman, unfortunately i'm just your typical average guy trying to make a living
[2011/11/12 09:02]  Michaelz Paine: wow
[2011/11/12 09:02]  Michaelz Paine: you really this way or you just having fun with me?
[2011/11/12 09:02]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): which way? Did I fail to mention Im a fucking Princess?
[2011/11/12 09:03]  Michaelz Paine: I could say I'm God, does it mean anything?
[2011/11/12 09:04]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): we can start you on a easy payment plan say like 5,000 lindens a week for starters and once you get another job we can talk about increasing that
[2011/11/12 09:04]  Michaelz Paine: words mean nothing to me, anyone can write shit on their keyboard, doesn't mean jack, it's in the actions you take that determine what type of person you really are.
[2011/11/12 09:05]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): true but i can prove im a princess I have several t-shirts that say so
[2011/11/12 09:05]  Michaelz Paine: haha
[2011/11/12 09:06]  Michaelz Paine: you might whanna drop the escort/linden talk or i'll let rip on what i really think about those type of people
[2011/11/12 09:06]  Michaelz Paine: paying money for sex is so alien to me
[2011/11/12 09:06]  Michaelz Paine: haven't seen them doing that on the discovery channel yet
[2011/11/12 09:07]  Michaelz Paine: a lion paying a lioness so he can jump on have fun
[2011/11/12 09:07]  Michaelz Paine: maybe soon they will though
[2011/11/12 09:07]  Michaelz Paine: not sure where the lion plans on storing the money though
[2011/11/12 09:07]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): Oh well I never saw a lion saying he was tried of being a nice guy and wanted to be a jerk either
[2011/11/12 09:08]  Michaelz Paine: maybe i don't really know you and was bored so pretended to be the jerk for a change
[2011/11/12 09:08]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): maybe it might work out better for you if your avatar wasnt all grey
[2011/11/12 09:08]  Michaelz Paine: omg
[2011/11/12 09:09]  MΣGΛП FЦX (rayven.baily): you look like a alien. Im not into crazy intergalactic sex.
[2011/11/12 09:09]  Michaelz Paine: help me fix this, i never knew
[2011/11/12 09:10]  Michaelz Paine: okai changed my outfit

 So at this point I was bored and TPed to a new sim....

[2011/11/12 09:11]  Michaelz Paine: your right though, other bitch was going on about how i needed to fix my avatar didn't have a clear what she was on about, lol.
[2011/11/12 09:11]  Michaelz Paine: you whanna help me or do i have to go ask one of my friends and grab their ass over here
[2011/11/12 09:12]  Michaelz Paine: am i human again yet? lol

So I got offline and the following message I got in my e-mail.

[9:18] Michaelz Paine: too bad you pissed on me with your arrogance, i have friends in the film business, and now you'll never know.

LOL - Oh damn I blew it. I could of been in the next Pixar or Dreamworks movie. ROFLMAO. I'm so sorry! LOL. Uqh, I can't believe I'm going to say this but U mad LOL.


Finally, last and maybe least.. is Jumpboy Lame. Mr. Lame claims to be "King of Second life". According to him, drama is his middle name.

The past few days I have had people who don't know me IM me about this tool. Telling me to just ignore him he will go away blah, blah blah.. I replied back... Why? I can't even understand this guy why should I be bothered by his insults.

You see that's the problem Mr. Lame spews a bunch of crap... and annoys people. Not me... I laugh at him. LOL. An adult trying to talk like a 12 year old is sad. I don't take offense to anything someone who wants to pretend to be a 12 year old bully says. Come on and nobody else should either.

Then when I found out this fool likes Twilight.. that didn't seem to sit too well with him...me talking about that. LOL. I bought you some posters Vampboy, come on.. I was trying to be nice.

So the King of Second life.. Mr. Drama... stopped re-tweeting my tweets on twitter. LOL cause I was making him look like a fool. He also took his post about me off his blog and tried to ban me from reading his worthless blog. LOL.

This guy is scared of me. ROFLMAO. Make way for the Princess!! I won again. Princess DNA!! ROFLMAO. Too funny..

I mean check this out..

Big Twilight fan.. and with the new movie coming out I'm sure he went and painted his nails black. Bleached his skin.. Used 3 cans of hair spray in his hair.  Put his fangs in, put his black cape with allot of mascara around the eyes and is standing in line at this moment. LOL

Here is to you Vampboy Lame. I dedicate this song.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Simon says!

[20:09] Marte Damiano: so you are a bad girl?
[20:11] Rayven Baily: thats what it says
[20:11] Marte Damiano: and who say that?
[20:11] Rayven Baily: said what
[20:12] Marte Damiano: that you are a bad girl
[20:12] Rayven Baily: simon did
[20:14] Marte Damiano: i don0t know simon
[20:14] Marte Damiano: so you are a bad girl here and in rl?
[20:14] Rayven Baily: ask simon
[20:14] Marte Damiano: i ask you
[20:14] Marte Damiano: what is?
[20:14] Marte Damiano: he answer for you?
[20:15] Marte Damiano: you got a brain?
[20:15] Rayven Baily: simon didnt say
[20:15] Marte Damiano: bt
[20:15] Rayven Baily: simon says fuck off
[20:15] Marte Damiano: why you speak about simon???
[20:16] Marte Damiano: omg get a life you too really
[20:16] Rayven Baily: simon says touch your small penis
[20:16] Rayven Baily: simon says touch your toes
[20:17] Rayven Baily: now touch your face
[20:17] Marte Damiano: tell to simon that he can suck my cock too
[20:17] Rayven Baily: simon says you have some shit on your face
[20:19] Marte Damiano: yes, is you
[20:19] Marte Damiano: lol
[20:19] Rayven Baily: nope simon says its some cheap ass tattoo
[20:20] Marte Damiano: tell me smth
[20:20] Marte Damiano: how you look in rl?
[20:20] Rayven Baily: ask simon
[20:20] Marte Damiano: you look like your avatar?
[20:20] Marte Damiano: just asking
[20:21] Marte Damiano: you can say yes or no
[20:21] Rayven Baily: simon didnt say
[20:21] Rayven Baily: marco
[20:21] Rayven Baily: simon says polo
[20:22] Marte Damiano: go to doctor
[20:22] Rayven Baily: simon didnt say
[20:23] Rayven Baily: simon says get a life
[20:23] Marte Damiano: i have it
[20:23] Rayven Baily: simon says get a t-shirt which wasnt a freebie shirt
[20:23] Marte Damiano: i don't think you have it, sure you are from usa
[20:23] Marte Damiano: there is time to go outside why you don't go outside?
[20:23] Marte Damiano: to fatty?
[20:23] Rayven Baily: simon says looks like some child doodled all over you
[20:24] Rayven Baily: simon says you are boring
[20:24] Rayven Baily: now speak
[20:25] Rayven Baily: simon didnt say to speak
[20:25] Rayven Baily: good you are learning
[20:26] Rayven Baily: finally you learn to play

I love puppets!

I love puppets cause you can make them do whatever you want.. and recently I have two new puppets. One is called Jumpboy Lame.

You see Jumpboy like to talk in some language he made up that only he understands. Why? We are ALL still trying to figure that out. Well, I pulled a sting here and there on twitter and I made him stop talking like a dumbass and talk some what normal.

Now I have another puppet by the name of Harlee. This one sort of scares young children cause it has a ugly crab face. Kids think it might be the creature from the Predator movie. This is my favorite puppet of all time!

Like the other day I saw a story about how Harlee got married to a Busty Blonde Bimbo named Paris Pink.. but Paris was using an alt named Bobby Hartle. So I questioned their marriage and the lack there of any announcement.

I pulled a string here and there...  Bingo... now we have a wedding statement. All just a little too late considering everyone knows the truth now and more than likely you bought the ring yourself. LOL

 In fact... I was @ JCNY last week. I have jewelry from there. Nails, bracelets. necklace. The necklace in this picture is from there.

 I spotted Graded Resident looking a wedding rings. LOL. Hmmm..I didn't stay cause I didn't want this crab face to whine and get me banned from a store I actually like over bs.

Seriously, what are the odds... Graded looking @ wedding rings.. Harlee starts a fake wedding. Ring was from the store I spotted graded at. LOL.

Then again Harlee being a puppet.. this isn't the first time. Back when news got out Harlee was really a male puppet. I questioned where their version of the Max and Harlee conversation was... if they one out there was fake.

I pulled a few strings... the puppet came out with their version to give many people a ton of laughs. Their version of the story was so badly forged... they removed it from their blog shortly after LOL.

I can't wait to see what else I can make my puppets do.

I see a strange pattern here... Paris Pink speaks, Bobby Hartle answers for them... Graded resident shops.. for someone he claims he don't know ROFLMAO.

I have a feeling someone people are trying to hide something.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crab Face is back

So Mr. Harlee Fallen is all pissed off again... Yes, what else is new, huh? LOL. I guess they didn't like the coverage about their "wedding" or should I say exposed-sure.

So they are back ranting and raving on their blog. Geez.

So they have some crap on there "U Mad". What am or should I be mad at? I don't get it and neither do people who keep asking me. LOL. What have you ever done to make me mad? I'm laughing, actually. You are funny cause you are so serious. LOL and fly off the handle into your rages. You can tell when Fallen and their alts get mad.. they start typing these short 2-3 word fragments and spam one after another. Their blood must boil so they start mashing on the keyboard. LOL. Me? I stay calm and cool.. cause either way I'm going to make my point. No sense is working myself up to have a heart attack or nervous breakdown.

So Fallen starts scrapping the bottom of the barrel trying to find something to "diss" me about. So they choose my first even machinima video, Justin Love. A video that I'm pretty proud of.

So their claim (I guess) is I masterbated watching a Justin Bieber Video and then fucked a blow up doll. Wow, well.. that's great if it was meant to be a serious video. Considering the video was meant to be funny and filled with sarcasm.. once again, YOU FAIL. LOL.

I mean I poke fun of the act of masturbating to Justin Bieber at the end of the video saying it's pathetic.. sort of like you. I guess I should of attached a warning to the video... but I didn't think anyone was that dumb to not get it. LOL - nice try.

I don't even like that teeny bopper pop lip syncing crap.. but you sure do.. it's all over your blog. LOL. Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohand, Heidi Montag LOL. I bet you have a I-pod full of Beiber stuff. 

I mean hell.. that was my first video. I put more concept in it then people on their 20th videos.. which are the same boring shit all the time. An as for yourself... I failed to see any video from Mr. Harlee Fallen. It's not hard to sit on a pose ball... cause if Harlee Fallen can do it.. any noob could too.

Then they go on the cry about my avatar's skin. LOL. I been rocking the same skin for a year. Yea, I have and look damn good in it too. I have a skin not many others are using and I like it. So why would I want to go buy a new one? DUH  It's not like I can't... its cause I don't want to.  Just like I have no desire to be in any porn videos... My choice. Unlike you, I have heard from several people over the last two months you are pretty much going around begging to be in them LOL.

I mean, you are the last person who should criticize anyone's avatar. You wear the same shit all the other barbies wear. LOL. Put your ugly ass in a police line up the only thing that would give you away is your ugly crab face.

People ask me why I call you Crab Face... serious look at a picture of Harlee Fallen. Look at a crab.. now back at Fallen, now back to the Crab, now back to Fallen.

Look at the Crab's beady little eyes and the mouth

Now here is the picture the Crab Face sent. Notice there eyes are so beady you cant see them. Yuk!

Then the Crab Face monster claims I'm Maryse Arcana on their blog, but in their group and in world they are saying Maryse is my dog or sidekick. Which one is it? LOL.

This person is so confused, desperate and paranoid they have no idea what's going on. LOL

Finally if that wasn't enough.. they brought up their "wedding" but didn't have anything to say about a Barbie Bimbo pretending to be their fake sugar daddy. LOL. I guess that lie is still in the works LOL. They are still typing up a new chat dialog.. I mean It only took them a month or so to come up with their version of the transcript between Max and themselves when they confessed to being a man in RL.

So stay tuned for that... and with will come more laughs.

X-Mas comes early for Jumpboy Lane

The Princess opened her big wonderful heart today to help someone. After seeing a photo on Twitter of Jumpboy Lame sitting on the floor in his tacky living room.  The Princess.. with a loads of lindens.. went shopping... but before she bought more shit for herself. (cause princesses need shit) She made a few purchases for the incompetent Jumpboy Lame. Knowing that Jumpboy is a BIG Twilight fan.. she purchase these posters to spice up his living room. 

 The Princess even had them laminated so they would be easy to wipe off in case something got all over them for some reason.


You are welcome! Like I told Mr. Harlee Fallen.. I am here to help!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Love Bites!!

Have you ever had your heart torn between to lovers? Love bites sometimes!

Also check out this second life exclusive on the Harlee Fallen and Bobby Hartle wedding. 

LOL @ Jumpboy!

So earlier today I noticed Jumpboy Lame posted about me on his blog. There was one problem with that.. nobody was able to make sense of what this imbecile said. One again, if you are going to throw insults around on twitter.. don't you want people to know what you are saying? Duh!

It makes too much sense... an this is the funny part. Mr. Lame, can talk normal... it seems.. LOL Great idea.. lets talk like an uneducated crack feen. LOL.

How long did you sit and ponder this strategy cause it's a winner.

LOL - I made this douche bag come out of character... cause he got so pissed off. 

Now this tool is leaving dumb ass to English translations with his incoherent ghetto talk.  LOL - so so sad... LMAO. 

So I guess I'm stuffing ballots in this rigged contest. That's funny... cause he claims nobody has been banned, but I cant still vote. Like it matters... the contest it a joke. I pointed it out day one and since then people have lost interest and dropped out. 

So what's this clown do? He calls people "chicken and scared". Those are terms 12 year old kids say to dare other kids to do something.  Then again, Jumpboy Lame talks like a 12 year old kid. I guess you know where he gets his great ideas from... hanging out near middle school play grounds. He better watch it... parents might confuse his desire to pick up on the cool 12 year old talk with being a pedophile and he will be out of second life like his idol, Stroker.

Finally, I just happened to come across this tool's facebook. Let's see... an adult male who likes talking like a 12 year old and is all into Twilight. LOL. 
Yea, we have ourselves a real winner here... 

The one thing Jumpboy fantasizes about more than Stroker

Sunday, November 6, 2011

What Jumpboy Lame thinks about every day

That some day he hopes to be like the man he can't get out of his mind. 

Jumpboy Criminal rating: Stroker Wannabe

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fair warning to all desperate attention seekers

So I'm really starting to get interested in learning about this tool named Jumpboy Lame. I came across a few interviews with this person.. Honestly, I can't fucking understand what they are saying. In a text based environment, it's very clear they fall way short on rl skills to string together a coherent sentence.  I don't care about grammar.. cause I don't even try with that.. but if you are trying to make a point through text or communication... don't you want people to know what the fuck you are saying?

I thought this person was some young kid.. then I came across their MySpace page. 29 Years old? ROFLMAO and you talk like a 14 year old kid? LOL. You are an embarrassment to yourself... trying to talk all street wise. I bet the closest you come to the streets was watching Sesame street.

Seriously, if you want to appear in this piece of shit "virtual online magazine" then your have fucking hit rock bottom in your "career" in sl porn. Let's be honest... it's a piece of shit. An anyone who does chose to be in the piece of shit from this day forward I will personally call you out... that you have prostituted yourself, your image, and your "sl porn career" to scrap the bottom of the barrel to get a little attention.

You want to sell yourself out for votes.... you want to be a big star in a piece of shit virtual magazine.. I will give you the press you want on my blog.

Just ask Harlee Fallen.. all press is good press. ROFLMAO

I will make you famous.

*** UPDATE ***

Even though he claims he don't care about "my blogger". Mental midget, JumpBoy Lame is a big fan of my blog.. giving his addiction up on his twitter.

I will do my best to keep feeding your addiction Mr. Lame. In the mean time I have come across some interesting reading material myself.



Another day, another asshole.

So yesterday I was banned from Anaconda by this power tripping bitch, Magpie Daines because she threw a fit I was wearing a clown mask.. and even after I left the club.. this bitch had an attitude.

So yesterday I told the owner, Mah Ansar, after he said he was going to back Nagpie... that I'm going to blog this bitch.. and when I do people are going to google her name and come across my blog and more people would know all about this bitch. 

Well, today... four people told me they had issues with this bitch. What a suprise... then again, it's not the first time I have come across a manager at a club and they take it way to serious. What is it about these people who become manager of a virtual buisness and think they have actually accomplished something? 

I would love to see their RL resumes... 

5/11-7/11 Asst. Manager at Big Dick's Dungeon in SL 
7-11/9-11 Manager at Cum sluts for Black cocks in SL
 8-11/10-11 McDonalds fry cook 

So when I logged on today I was standing in the same exact spot I took the photo in the Nagpie post. A few people IMed me right away and I was chatting with them.. standing there in a public sim. Sim name was Caribbean Breezes club and resort. 

Thing about this sim is it was the first I ever LMed. Like my second day of SL I met this guy... he turned out to be a real psycho but he threw a lot of money my way. He claimed he was this big surgeon in RL... to make a long story short this wack job took me to this sim to show me places he liked in second life. 

So I went back there yesterday to check if anything changed and took the photo. So when I logged in today I was hit with IMs... then this tool comes up to me asking me questions. I sort of blew him off and went and threw some clothes in the laundry and did other RL things.  When I came back he sent me a TP to go somewhere.. basically he wanted to fuck me. 

So I ignored it and went back to chatting with a few others in IMs. So this tool TPs back to me and this is the following conversation. 

[10:17]  ℳίĐηίƃђţ (midnight.blinker) has offered to teleport you to their location:

Join me in Breezes
Breezes (159,107,24)  - Moderate
[10:18] ℳίĐηίƃђţ (midnight.blinker): are you comming?

 Notice the lapse in time - hour and a half later almost.

[11:42] Midnight Blinker: why are you too short?
[11:43] Midnight Blinker: beside I sent you home. I see you back here
[11:43] Rayven Baily: huh
[11:43] Midnight Blinker: who are you and why are you standing here?
[11:44] Rayven Baily: cause i can
[11:44] Midnight Blinker: are you an alt? a spy?
[11:44] Rayven Baily: yes
[11:44] Midnight Blinker: hummm. you know I can send you home for being a spy
[11:44] Rayven Baily: great and what is there to spy here about?
[11:45] Midnight Blinker: too much info
[11:45] Rayven Baily: you act like im on the white house lawn
[11:45] Midnight Blinker: hahaha. yeah. this is my white house
[11:46] Midnight Blinker: so, where are you from?
[11:47] Midnight Blinker: hummmm. once again you are ignoring me
[11:47] Rayven Baily: my spying
[11:47] Rayven Baily: im spying
[11:47] Midnight Blinker: you need spanking
[11:47] Rayven Baily: nah
[11:47] Midnight Blinker: yes
[11:48] Midnight Blinker: good enough?
[11:48] Rayven Baily: yea

 So I was chatting with someone else while this tool was trying to talk to me. Then he went in build mode and created a box and put it around me.. moved it to put him in it and was attempting to put a top on it and I TPed out.

[11:49] Midnight BlinkerMidnight Blinker smiles :)
[11:49] Rayven Baily: I thought i would leave you alone to self pleasure yourself
[11:50] Midnight Blinker: I was going to cover you so no one will see you giving me blowjob
[11:50] Midnight Blinker: oh well. you missed it
[11:50] Rayven Baily: oh yea? did you have some tweezers for me to use too?
[11:51] Midnight Blinker: you took off before you even took the blinds off your eyes
[11:51] Midnight Blinker: cum and I will show you
[11:52] Rayven Baily: sorry i dont have 10 secs to spare like that
[11:53] Midnight Blinker: my quickie is 45 min. 10 sec isnt enough
[11:54] Midnight Blinker: are you one of my VIP's?
[11:56] Rayven Baily: nope
[11:57] Midnight Blinker: s guess I have to ban you from comming back here then
[11:57] Midnight Blinker: should I?
[11:58] Rayven Baily: feel free. want to be on my list?
[11:59] Rayven Baily: well?
[11:59] Midnight Blinker: too bad I like you. but cant trust you
[11:59] Rayven Baily: ok so what to be on my list
[12:00] Midnight Blinker: friend's list?
[12:00] Rayven Baily: my list
[12:00] Rayven Baily: yes or no
[12:00] Midnight Blinker: what list?
[12:00] Midnight Blinker: there are so many lists
[12:00] Midnight Blinker: shopping list?
[12:00] Rayven Baily: nah
[12:00] Midnight Blinker: to do list... lmao
[12:00] Rayven Baily: nah
[12:01] Rayven Baily: shit list cause i just added you
[12:01] Midnight Blinker: mute list?
[12:01] Rayven Baily: which means you will soon be on my blog
[12:01] Midnight Blinker:
you do that and I promise you you wont be able to come here again

 Duh, like why would I want to come back to your shitty sim when 
1) Nobody is ever there. 
2) You are harassing me.

[12:02] Rayven Baily: you already threatened to ban me for nothing lol
[12:02] Rayven Baily: you were bothering me not the other way around
[12:02] Midnight Blinker: really? because I was asking you questions about you being in my sim?
[12:03] Rayven Baily: Oh yea do you ask everyone who is in your sim
[12:03] Rayven Baily: do you also put them in a box
[12:03] Midnight Blinker: of course. I have too many friends and more enemies. check my profile
[12:03] Rayven Baily: no wonder your sim is always empty
[12:03] Midnight Blinker: I like it quiet
[12:04] Rayven Baily: great then Im going to blog you and your sim and make sure nobody goes there
[12:04] Rayven Baily: I want to help you thats what i do in second life
[12:04] Midnight Blinker:
oh sweet. then consider that threat on your blog

 Oh great now more people are going to get rich off my blog. Though, I don't think this tool has 30K. He might have to start sucking dick like Harlee.

[12:04] Midnight Blinker: and you are officially banned
[12:04] Rayven Baily: Oh no
[12:05] Rayven Baily: please Im sorry not that
[12:05] Rayven Baily: lol
[12:05] Rayven Baily: great so now you will have 1 person who comes to your sim
[12:05] Rayven Baily: you
[12:05] Rayven Baily: lol
[12:06] Midnight Blinker: bye
[12:06] Rayven Baily: Just remember. I am here to help
[12:06] Midnight Blinker: help who? yourself?
[12:07] Rayven Baily: you
[12:07] Midnight Blinker: wonder how many person reads your blog
[12:07] Midnight Blinker: you!
[12:08] Rayven Baily: nah 300 a day
[12:08] Midnight Blinker: noobs?
[12:08] Rayven Baily: more people that read my blog then comes to your sim
[12:08] Rayven Baily: lol
[12:08] Midnight Blinker: we offer them what you dont have
[12:08] Rayven Baily: really whats that a asshole owner
[12:09] Midnight Blinker: no. a cunt mouth
[12:09] Rayven Baily: You sound mad
[12:09] Rayven Baily: Im just trying to help
[12:09] Midnight Blinker: take it as it fits
[12:10] Rayven Baily: well enjoy the ride
[12:10] Rayven Baily: you only have yourself to blame..
[12:11] Midnight Blinker: you are a member of 4 groups. 2 of them are yours. one with 4 members and one with 2 members. hummmmmmm
[12:13] Rayven Baily: so whats your point?
[12:14] Rayven Baily: Hmmmm have you ever heard of hiding your groups. DUH.

LOL - Yes, this guy was a complete tool. I just love it when people want to act like the can do anything and say anything to anyone in second life... then the minute you say I'm going to blog you. All of a sudden they go from bully to claiming they are the victim and want to run and tell Linden Labs. LOL. 

This tool contacted me both times.. even after I blew him off the first time. All I was doing was standing and chatting. Ah poor baby.. I wouldn't fuck you so you got mad.

Best part about this is this tools profile... it states the following. 

Keep it simple and clean. dont let Karma get you.

What's goes around, comes around.  

According to Linden Labs, disclosure of logs without prior consent in a violation of the ToS.
I am clearly stating to you,

Lol what comes around goes around.. I guess so. LOL. How you like them apples? As for your ToS.. it's worthless and I laughed at it. I crossed the county line... Linden Labs can't touch me.. I'm on Blogger. <33

Friday, November 4, 2011

Second life 101

Second life is many things to many people. It can be an escape.. it can be a learning experience. It can allow you to be creative.. it can be a second source of income. It's a lot of great things.

Then you have these people who are 100% total failures at their first life.. and come on second life and want to act as if second life revolves around them. They pretend that they are something special. Why? cause they haven't amounted to anything in there real life... so they want to shoot right to the top.

Let's be honest.. not many are going to win the lottery in real life. This is where SL comes in. You can go from your failed first life and in a span of 5 minutes create an avatar and be the biggest jackass on the internet.

Problem with this?  Sooner or later they get exposed... not only do they get exposed, it's comical cause
those that fail in real life so badly... when put to the test will fail again.
Let me introduce you to Harlee Fallen. Want to know anything about this person do a google search.. you can't miss their train wreck second life.  If you are lazy just click here. for starters. Afterall, "they run second life".

Then you have this other clown, Jumpman Lane. "The king of second life". Yet, the King got banned. Hmm... This guy has such a hard on for Stroker Serpentine he wants to be him. Problem is Stroker was an adult man in RL and this person seems to be some little punk kid. Puberty hasn't kicked in yet.. but he wants to pretend that is has. Seriously, what kind of adult male types hehehe after everything he says.. giggling like a little school girl. I told Jumpyboy, I would buy him a skirt to wear in second life to complete his transformation.

So this "child" is running a second life Porn awards contest... by far the most biased and fucked up contest ever on the internet. Click her for more on it and more on Stroker Jr.

So now I'm hearing people I asked to vote for Serenity Juneberry cant vote anymore. Serenity herself said she can't vote anymore. LOL. What a joke this has become...

Funny thing about this is.. Harlee Fallen goes crying to people. Sim owners... others.. making up false lies and accusations and people believe it. Do a google search on this psychopath.. nothing about them is the truth. They tell more lies than a politician. This is even more proof to why people must know about this person.

Case in point I had a few people contact me the other day based on what Harlee Fallen told them.. they believed everything this pathological liar said. Then I set them straight...

I had one person in the contest IM a message that Harlee Fallen sent them and sent others saying I was trying to get people banned from the contest. I'm not even in the fucking contest. You are the one on second life 20 hours a day with 15 different avatars telling sob stories and lies.

I mean we all know you have to win this contest considering you lost 30K in lindens and got milked like a cow.. when you tried to get my blog hacked and failed. You seem to fail a lot. It has come second nature to you... so it's no surprise you are doing whatever you can to win this contest cause everything else you do is a failure.

An it's no surprise you hooked up with another failure in Jumpboy to try to pull it off. Problem is Jumpboy, claims a lot of shit.. "drama is my middle name". "King of second life".. yet shows so little backing that up. I been going back and forth with this kid on twitter. He can't string together one sentence let alone run a contest. I wouldn't be surprised if his mother dressed him or maybe DJ Quad does after he rolls over in the morning in bed and says good morning.

 This is second life in a nut shell.. it can be great for some... then it's the save all from my shitty real life pill for others... and this once again is why contest in second life don't work. Those that have nothing will sell out at all cost to win them.. cause it's the high point of their life.. real life or second life.

So go for the Gold Harlee! You completely selling out for a win shows really your desperation and how pathetic you really are.

All you have to know about this person is this...

[10/23/2011 7:50:58 PM] Virtual.Barbie: God i cant wait till u merk that rayven bitch
[10/23/2011 7:51:05 PM] Virtual.Barbie: if only i could see her face x_x
[10/23/2011 7:51:23 PM] Virtual.Barbie: it will be the best day of my life

If seeing my blog hacked or erased is the best day of you life. Then you just basically backed up everything I said and been saying. You have no real life.. you are pathetic. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011


 When I started my blog, one of the reasons was to show harassment which happens to me and around second life. Sort of get my say.. cause the pen is mighty then the sword.

When I started SL.. I was shopping for sex bed and had guys trying to jump and fuck me as I tried out the beds.. so I blogged them. The rest is history. Today we have another power tripping bitch.. who is about to get he attitude adjusted.
So I stopped by Anaconda dressed as above... I was just about to leave when their manager Magpie sends me a IM.

[17:54] Maggpie Daines: Rayven, ill have to ask you to take that mask off in here pls and get rid of the guns
[17:54] Rayven Baily: what guns
[17:55] Maggpie Daines: whatever is attached to your hands and are invisable
[17:56] Maggpie Daines: take care :)

 First off, I had nothing in my hands. I had something attached to my hips area and it wasn't a weapon and it was invisible and wasn't bothering anyone.

So I didn't really understand why I couldn't wear my mask. So I asked.. instead of just explaining to me.. this bitch gets an attitude.

 [17:56] Rayven Baily: s i cant wear a clown mask?
[17:56] Rayven Baily: lol
[17:56] Maggpie Daines: its after halloween ..
[17:56] Rayven Baily: ok so
[17:56] Rayven Baily: do they only sell them during halloween?
[17:57] Maggpie Daines: its not a theme party or sim.. if you wanna look like a clown find a circus

So by this point I walked out of the club. So this bitch tells me to find a circus. wow.. really?

[17:58] Rayven Baily: wow you are rude. I see people coming in wearing stuff from gor, Thats ok.
[17:58] Maggpie Daines: they look human
[17:58] Rayven Baily: LOL

 Oh so people can come in wearing Gor stuff with their mates in chains... but I cant wear clown make up?

[17:58] Rayven Baily: clowns arent human?
[17:59] Rayven Baily: you sound like you have a axe to grind
[17:59] Maggpie Daines: once again.. its not a themed party or event..
[17:59] Maggpie Daines: you had all last week to dress up and look like a clown
[18:00] Rayven Baily: I wasnt aware there was a dress code. I will re-read the clib rules. I guess necko tailes are ok right?

 I seen a girl with a necko tail their last week. So I was just asking.. and this bitch continues to have a attitude.

[18:03] Maggpie Daines: im not going to debate rules with you , i asked you to remove the mask and guns.. you choose to leave.. if you dont like the rules or the fact that ive asked you to remove a mask in here .. thats on you  - you dont have to come to the club .. i really dont care
[18:05] Rayven Baily: I left the club and im reading the rules. You might get more accomplished if you had a better attitude. Rule #9 no long gestures. I think you are guilty of that one. I been here with you whoooooooooooo gesture you spam all the time.

 This bitch spams this annoying long "whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"
gesture every 5 minutes. according to the rules posted on the outside it's against the rules. Check out her response.

[18:06] Maggpie Daines: and you see my tag.. im the fuking manager.. i can do as please.. thats the difference between you and me.. i have some common sense and you seem to lack in that department..

 You heard it right there. The customers who come to the club and keep it going don't matter. The managers do as they please... and can be rude about it. Great customer service.

[18:08] Rayven Baily: Lol -Oh i see mangers can spam and dont have to follow the rules. They can be stuck up bitches.. Im glad your title went straight to your head. You accomplished something in SL stand in a club the same spot everyday for 10 hours and boss people around. I want to do that too
[18:09] Maggpie Daines: you dont have to come here .. in fact .. lemme take care of that right now.. enjoy your second life.. and if you bring your alts here .. i suggest you learn how to behave .. or they will be banned too..
[18:10] Maggpie Daines: muted too.. yay you made my short list .. take care dumb ass

Well, I'm on your short list.. you are on my shit list, bitch. Enjoy 

So then I contacted the owner Mah Ansar and he only can see one side of what happened... what he was told. At first he wasn't even aware I left the club... I didn't stay in the club.. I left the club when I was told I couldn't have my clown mask on.

So after he can only see his employees side of what happens... and called me an asshole.. he finally after about 15 minutes figured out I left the club and didn't remain in the club.

It didn't matter though, he backed up his power tripping, gesture spamming, need of a attitude adjusting, bitch of a manager.

So if you decide to go to Anaconda.. just know a few things.
1) They hate clowns but love people in capes and gor slavery wear.
2) You will leave not too soon after coming cause Magpie will annoy you with her annoying gesture spamming.
3) Customers take a back to seat their managers.. you have no rights and are subjected to their bitchy managers power tripping.

Liars never Prosper!

So according to Jumpman Lane about his contest.. Cheaters never prosper.

"Jumpy aint no fool! If Jumpy gotta pay out his hard earned monies, rest assured it wont be to a cheat. We figured some enterprising miscreants would try to ballot stuff our little contest. Thats why we chose ACEPOLLS.
Remember, there is only one vote per IP per 24 hour period. Multiple votes within  that 24 hour period will be deleted on an automated schedule of once every 36 hours or so.

We would like to thank nominees Meg Corral and Harlee Fallen for their integrity and their sincere wish to have an honest contest. That is our wish too here at Pixel X Magazine."

First, off you are a liar.. and I will say why in a second.

Harlee Fallen and Meg Corral for their intergrity? LOL.  Early today Meg Corral had over 100 votes in the Female model category. They are back to 24 votes. So where are the other 76+ votes? It dont seem like they got a vote today. LOL.

Mr. Harlee Fallen had someting like 50-60 votes earlier. What happened to all those missing votes? LOL

The poll didn't erase multiple votes by same IP addresses.. who are you fooling. All you did was reset the poll back to a earlier time yesterday. How do I know this? Cause Serenity Kristan (Juneberry) originally wasn't on Best Machinima director and was added to it later. Now they are once again not there. You re-set the stats back to when they werent in the contest. If multiple votes would of just been removed, they would still be on the best director.

Whooops! Nice try dip-shit. Obviously you are not that smart.. that's why you need an army of clowns to do a one person job.

So basically you reset the stats to when Meg Corral and Harlee Fallen jumped out to huge leads by boosting their numbers and then cried about it when they got passed up.  Seriously are we to believe Harlee Fallen got 25 votes in the first 3 hours of the contest all legit LOL. Meg Corral hasnt had a vote in 8 hours but they got 25 votes the first 3 hours LOL. Yea ok... So this person jumps out of the box with 24-30  votes. The next morning has 100? Yet they cant get 1 vote over a 8 hour span? LOL. Have any more lies to tell us?

If you are going to "try" to run a fair contest.. erase everything and start over, but nooooo... you just set the poll back to when a few people took advantage of spamming the site and stuffing the ballot box.

Your contest is a fucking joke... voting runs for what 6 weeks? Its not a contest... people nobody has ever heard of are leading in categories. LOL. It's a joke like your blog. Like your lies..

The only reason you are doing this is to get people to come read your bullshit about Stoker. I don't know Stroker.. never talked to him.

So he admitted to having sex in SL with his SL daughters and you are making a big fucking deal about it. First, he is a idiot for admitting it and if it cost him everything.. tough luck buddy. Your ego got to big and had to brag about it.. now you are done. Though he was smart.. he left SL. Mr. Harlee Fallen after admitting to being a male several times could learn from this, but they are too fucking stupid.

Then again, there are people glorifying rape in second life. Why don't you get on your soap box and rid second life marketplace of anything about rape? I mean you want to play all righteous. People are doing freaky shit all over second life. Mr. Jumpman are you going to save us? Please, you are a modern day Batman or so you want people to think..

So Stroker was having sex with his SL daughters (all RL adults) and his wife knew and allowed it. You went out of your way to help a known and self admitted real life male playing a second life barbie bimbo. Sounds like you have a kinky side just like Stroker.. what did Harlee Fallen promise you. LOL.

I'm not saying Stroker is a saint by any means.. I don't agree with his actions.. and he sounds like a liar..but well... so are you. LOL.

Oh yea, an to top off it all off.. Jumpman  bans me from voting. LOL. Oh, I'm sorry... let's allow all the other cheaters who cheated out of the box. Hell, let's not even removed their boosted votes... but cause someone nobody hear of and a derranged psycho who is a male and wants to be a blonde bimbo complain... I must react. This is what happens when a man has no balls. LOL. I guess your mangina was sore when you got news people boosted the hell out of your dumb ass contest.

Maybe next time you make a choice, Jumpy, get your head out of Stroker's ass first.

Bottom line is this.. Stroker is a sick fuck.. but made tons of money. You are just that fat ugly looking goldfish swimming in your small little fish bowl wanting to be that big fish in the big pond You got jealous... lol.

Clearly, your made up lie.. shows everyone you are not smart enough to get out of the fish bowl.

Finally, one more thing.. I see you are a skateboarder... Next time I go to the mall and you are hanging out with your buddies in the parking lot guzzling down energy drinks and doing cute tricks.. I'm going to say Hi.

It will be nice to get to know in person who thinks they are something... but really just wants to be someone else. cough *stroker* cough


Jumpy boy responded to my blog.. pasting a IP address. that's it. That was his response. No response about his failed attempt at making up a lie. No response to the other cheating which he overlooked. No response to me calling him a Stroker wannabe (which is so obvious he is trying to be that). 

For someone who's middle name is "drama" you sure did dodge it. LOL

You see, truth is this... Jumpboy is only good for two things. Doing a few tricks on a skateboard and posing as a worthless figurehead like Ronald McDonald. His think tank or brilliant minds need to get together and forge and response. LOL. 

Hopefully buy him some clothes to wear in second life.. the freebie T-shirt thing is a little whack.