"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hooray for Shadows!

Seems everyone wants to put shadows in their movies now. Then again, that's human nature... something gets popular, everyone looks to get their piece of the pie. Take the movie Avatar for example... how many 3D movies came out right after that?
Cowboy X by Nikolas Frederix started the crazy - shadows were used very well in this film. They added to the movie the sex scene and didn't "over shadow" it or were they a distraction. 

Other movies followed I really loved the use of shadows by Prince JD in stranded.  The shadows during the dancing scene made it that much more of a romantic environment.

Today I messed around with shadows with three different viewers Phoenix - Firestrom and current Phoenix, and Kristens. Honestly, my laptop is limited to what I can do with shadows on, but that wouldn't change my opinion of shadows. While doing this I watched the movie "Due Date" and a couple of other movies previously the last few days... watching exactly how much the use of shadows play in real life movies. All honestly, not a whole lot. Here and there but usually very briefly or very subtle.

Shadows are transparent...they don't look like black paint splattered all over the place. In the end, seems some people think that by adding shadows, it makes their movie better. In some cases shadows can enhance a scene, but it's not make a break.

Myself, I would rather have smooth animations then choppy animations with shadows. To me shadows are the cherry on top of the sundae, but you need the ice cream and topping first!  I always tried to shoot my movies like a real hollywood/porn movie. Which is why I could never understand the whole "flying camera" craze. To me that's just someone being lazy. Instead of shooting from different angles and editing them in, they pan from far and try to get all angles in one shot, yet really none of the shots are that great in the end.  

When I made my movie "School Daze" my goal was to get as many close up shots as I could, putting the viewer in the action. Sure, it was extra work...especially some of the threesome shots, but overall I think it was well worth it. 

So in a sense shadows should add depth... maybe help set up the real reason you are making the film. They shouldn't attempt to be the "star" of the film. 

As for Kristens being better for filming. I shot half my movie "School Daze" with Kristens and half with Phoenix. Don't really matter if you have a decent editing program which can enhance, sharpen, color correct the film to your liking. It might be a little more work, but in all reality, a movie is only as good as the time you put into it.

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Story

I thought about doing this for a while now.. so here it is.  You might wonder why I bitch or have a problem with certain people.. here is why leading up to the present.

I got into SL Porn after seeing a few of Emma's movie at the Keyhole club. Found her blog and joined pornstars. Later that day I attended some party (labor day?) at Hard Alley. I eventually ended up talking and dancing with Emma. Eventually, I teleported her to a small club where I was escorting out and and had sex. At first I was overwhelmed, the movies at Keyhole club, her blog.. I thought she was someone famous in Second life. The sex.. at the time I guess I thought it was good, but then a few days later looking back at it. Seemed like she was distracted, like in a Im with someone else.. there was alot of "mmmmmmm" and "yes miss". Let's just say being a escort, I was used to more interaction with the person I was with.

I IMed her a few more times after that, but she seemed to be busy working on her new movie La Cagna Ricca. I passed along I had a blog now.. she blogged it, but never officially followed my blog. Never, ever.

No big deal, I went on my own way. I met Alyssa Drechsler who I was a extra for in two movies and feature in another. Alyssa is how I got into making movies myself. She made it look so easy and was so professional. She helped me render my first video and I cannot say one damn thing bad about her. Not only is she a great story teller, but a great person.

So I made my first movie, Justin Love. Naughty Machinima had been down at the time and shortly after it came back up. I along with many other people uploaded my video to Naughty Machinima.
Soon after Emma blogged all the movies uploaded to Naughty Machinima.. well all but mine.

I went on to produce "Dommaidatrix" my 2nd movie which ended up being featured on NM. I was still a Pornstar in training and couldn't send out notices at this point. Emma was online and I IMed her to ask if I can have access to send notices like the rest of the people making movies. I got no response. This happened twice. Ivori Faith was interviewing her and this was when I was on the verge of producing "Sinderella". I told Ivori I didn't think Emma liked me because She wasnt following my blog, but was just about everyone else's. Blogged all the new uploads on NM but mine and was ignoring my IMs. So Ivori said she would talk to her when she interviewed her. So I got online late one night and she was online. I said to myself this was going to be the last time I ask. I IMed her and she actually responded and gave me the ability to send out notices.

So I produced my third movie, Sinderella. Emma blog it.. honestly I never paid attention to her blog didn't know she did, until she IMed me and told me. She also mentioned something about being in one of my movies. I never took it serious and at that stage, three movies in and I thought I was doing good for someone new.. I didn't care about working with big names, since they didn't do a single thing for me. I was all set to make my own "stars".

After my movie Rayven and Serenity's sexcellent adventure is where all this other stuff started to happen. I started to form my own opinions about the Pornstars group and people in it. I sort of got tired of getting force fed this person is a big star and this person is a big star, yet in my eyes I just didn't see why. Afterall, shouldn't it be the viewers choice who the "stars" are, not a few different people?

So I blogged who I thought were the "stars" of the community twinkle-twinkle-little-star In this post I used Krystal Pearl (but since was edited out) as an example. My whole point was just sitting on a pose ball wasn't enough that anyone can do it. (which I still believe) You had to do more in the community, have a blog, do photography. Well, this didn't sit well with some people.

So next day I was at lunch at work and got on SL through my cell phone. Next thing I know, Aurora is calling me out in Porn stars chat. Wow, how did she know the second I jumped online to start ranting and raving. I smelled a rat.. so I looked at my friends list and Quinn Ying's name stood right out. Well, I didn't say anything in chat. I let Aurora be Aurora. Let her take in all the attention.

Later that night I was on SL, I didn't even have pornstars chat open and someone IMed me telling me Krystall Pearl was calling me names in Pornstars chat. So I joined and was called a Bitch about 10 times. Then Amykins Moonwall jumps in and calls me a bitch too. Of course they were both newly promoted moderators of the porn stars groups doing a fine job.

I hear from Aurora herself Quinn Ying took it upon herself to orgazine a meeting with some of the pornstars moderators to kick me from PornstarsPornstars chat. Not all the moderators, just the ones of her choosing. At this point I had done nothing in pornstars group or chat except be a victim of others slander, but Im trying to be kicked? lol. 

So eventually I talk to Emma, who right away makes and excuse for Krystall saying I can understand why she would be upset and would do that (more on this hypocrisy later)

So I end up writing an apology, which at the time I meant everything I wrote. my-confession
So I'm thinking I would lead by example and the other parties would do the same. Did Scooby, Aurora, Quinn, Krystall, Amykins? Nope. Quinn left some strange message on my blog about the directior Rayven returning.. to me it made me sound like Dr. Jackyl and Mr. Hyde. Then Amykins comes on my Blog and says she don't take back calling me a bitch. Wow, talk about a insult and a slap in the face. So I felt like a total sucker.. I went out of my way to try to make amends and these people are not only getting a free pass, but are insulting me. So this is basically why this stuff started back up.

So Dec. one day while xmas shopping a few people decided to make 9 new accounts on NM and vote my movies all 1 star, My movies at that point were all 5 star ratings and dropped to three stars. Then there was a point were Scooby went on my movie Dommaidatrix and was leaving comments how bad it was and telling me to blog him. So guess what? I did. salute-to-fine-sl-director.

Basically took some quick screen shots of a handful of his movies to show the lackluster effort put into editing them. So he comes on my blog and leaves a bunch on comments, two were posted the other 3 were blocked by the spam blocking and one of the things he bought up was my deceased Grandmother, who I dedicated a video to. Then he ran off and one again told Emma.

This is when I got my punishment from the Pornstars group. Once again I didn't do anything within the group. Scooby was taunting me to blog him and well, I just did what he asked. Then when he went crying to Emma because he didn't like what he saw.. then it became a issue.

So somehow I got twice the punishment, which in turn I never came off punishment but Scooby's was cut short.

Emma tells me she still wants to be my friend and would like to do a movie with me. Which I found funny, she wants to be my friend, but don't follow my blog? Then I tell her how can you be my friend when you just gave me a worse punishment for doing less? She said because I wrote that apology on my blog and didn't mean it. lol/

Yea, well at least I made a effort.. while none of her friends did.. they all just got a free pass. Then I had people coming on my blog saying stuff. That was ignored .. She also claimed she don't play favorites. Yea, ok. Good one At this point I realized anything on her blog or out of her mouth was complete bullshit.

So awards is coming - I have no intention on taking part. She talks me into doing it at the last second. She filled out my ballots not me. All I did was send in the money. She tell me the judges would be from outside of the pornstars group and little or no contact between them. So about a week later she is blogging two of the judges photos.

I question her about it. I thought she just got caught up in the awards show. Honestly, I  expected her to say something to the effect she didn't realize it. Instead she claimed she wanted to show everyone the judges were qualified. That La Cagna Ricca wasnt her movie it was Aprille Shepard's she was only hired to direct it. (kind of funny I was under the impression along with everyone else it was her movie or half owner of the movie, but she sort of tired to separate herself from it at this point)  She also said the awards show was just for a prim award like it was no big deal. Well if that's the case why make it sounds like it's the event of the century?

So I replied that there was no need to show the judges were qualified since they were already selected. We werent picking judges, they were already picked. Showcasing two of 10 judges didnt make sense.

I asked her if she had ever sat in on a jury. If the judge and defending attorney would think it was ok if the prosecuting attorney did a favor for two of the people on the jury.

At this point she accused me and saying she was cheating, which I wasn't. My point was she was soiling the integrity of the judging process. Afterall, this was billed as a impartial judging process with little or no contact between the judges and everyone else. So she gave me my money back and said the show was on her. Which, like I said I didnt expect to do well and the only reason I stayed in it was to be a spoiler to prevent certain other people from getting Nominated

My story part II

Awards show comes and goes I didn't go, then again I had left the Pornstars group after still being on punishment when I was supposed to have been off for a week. (Yes, no favorites, right) Scooby is the news as me makes a total ass of himself. After the awards show he goes and posts on his blog Serenity Juneberry cheated not once, but twice to beat him and I helped her in the online poll.

So about three weeks later - Nikolas Frederix comes out with Cowboy X and then does a film with Serenity. So Scooby sends me a IM crying about how Serenity did a movie with this new guy and yet won't do one with him.

Talk about ego's - Let's see.. Nikolas didn't claim she was a cheater and try to spoil which was a obvious high point of her career. So I didn't blame her for not wanting to make a movie with him Then again at that point nobody did, but when you have a huge ego.. that don't matter.

So there was a point where I bought some guns. I wanted to try them out so, who would be better to blow up them someone I can't stand. So I ask Scooby if I can test them out on him, He says sure. So I say ok, let me find a play to do it, So HE suggests his land. He telports me.. I start blowing stuff up and he goes flying in the air. Hell yea, it was fun! So he puts on a shield and tell me to keep shooting to try to blow him up. So at one point he says he has to re-log. So I flew up in the air with one intention to blow up everything on the ground so the minute he spawn he would go flying. Which did happen.. I took great joy in watching him sail up in the air and back down past me both times.But I guess when I was in the air I shooting down I was blowing up more of a bigger radius and actually the kick back hit me. So at one point I was flying over some farm with horses, I didn't shoot the horses or anyone in the farm. I flew over to some water. Two women TPed to me, figured they wanted to say something. I did no shoot them. Next thing you know I was kicked and one starts IMing saying she is going to report me for griefing, lol I tell her feel free because I wasn't and I was teleported there and I was told my someone living there to shoot them. So Linden Labs never contacted me. I was never banned... obviously they saw through the bullshit, but once again someone told me Scooby and his buddies were saying I was griefing their entire island. Gotta love the lies and misinformation this guy comes up with,

So eventually this whole truce between him and I falls apart. He claims I all sorts of different people on SL. Calls me a troll. So we have a discussion with it ending with me putting him back on ignore

Scooby wrote a bunch of crap.. including that I wrote Blip.tv and had Serenity Juneberry's videos removed and stabbed her in the back. (like I said he sure does have a wild imagination) I replied to all his "crap" on my blog first-round-knockout

Now all of a sudden he claims I posted anonymous on his blog.  Right, I speak my mind on this blog, Naughty Machinima, I have posted on Emma's blog at times and she hasn't posted it, posted on Aurora's blog, Sleeepy's, Hard Rust, Serenity's/ Never felt the need to hide what I'm saying.

Then again, he is really the ONLY person I know who has made anonymous posts in the past.  He posted on Aurora blog anonymous, I thought it was Amykins and Aurora admitted it was Scooby. Even after his identiy was given up, he lied it wasn't him. Yea, you always tell the truth lol.

Just like you don't bump your views.. but have a movie with over 15,000 views and it's not a featured film nor is there anything out of this world special about it to warrant that many views. Oh course you FAILED to address this. Yet, I'm the fake? lol

Then you claim I entered 9 categories in the Awards show. Wow really? dommaidatrix-is-in-awards-show I see 4. Then again I know you read that post, you told me you did. So to say I entered 9 was a lie.. then again you always tell the truth.

So now all of a sudden your latest bullshit you are floating around is I'm a guy. Why not believe it you been so honest up until this point. Why do I seriously need to prove ANYTHING to you? 90% of the people doing SL Porn Machinima dont voice. I personally don't care for it, because I'm too anal about my work and Everyone would have to be pretty good. I don't have low standards like yourself..  Some has been great, Life goes on was amazing. Ryans Falls might be the best of the bunch, then again there have been some sub par efforts.

When I brought up the fact to Scooby last week that his Western movie was the laggiest movie ever made. Guess what his response was? Let's see you go there and shoot a movie. Exactly. Any decent SL Director wouldn't but Scooby did. Notice I said decent. Now all of a sudden he is claiming he is going to do a all voice movie and the voice might not be great. Well, that sure sounds like your typical Scooby movie.. aim low, yet brag like it's the best.

Has the biggest Porn star in Second life ever done a voice movie? She don't even have a payment set up according to her profile and I'm the Alt? I think if you did a poll of everyone in second life "what's the first thing you look for if you are trying to decide if someone is a alt" Top answer would we lack of payment information attached to the account. Then again, you are too busy trying to kiss her ass to get in good standing with her after your meltdown, and she is doing her best to make you seem like Leonardo DiCaprio. Hey let's just ignore all the facts.

  Even if I was to do a voice movie just to prove myself, Im sure then a new lie would be started that is wasn't me, but someone I got to do it for me. So like I said I have nothing to prove. I worked in a voice escort club which had voice events. How did I go about fooling these people? How did I go about fooling paying customers? lol. You are a fool and are desperate to say anything, because unlike you. I backing my replies with links and proven factual information. Your whole accusations are based on LIES.

Oh yea one more thing... Your mommy and daddy did buy your computer. When you pay no rent, they feed, buy your clothes and pay the bills.. they are allowing you to have income a normal ADULT wouldn't have. If everyone could live rent free, with no bills... didn't have to work and was sent a check every week, Everyone would have a new computer every year and a new car every two years. Some of us have second life and real lives. Seems your second life is your life. Cause I know when I turned 21 I was in New Orleans during Mari Gras. You spent your first St. Patrick Day of legal drinking age on second life all day monitoring how many times I logged into Naughty Machinima so you can bitch about it.

As Charlie Sheen would say

 You are fighting a losing battle. The more your talk and make shit up, then more you look like a fool.

Friday, March 18, 2011

First round knockout!

Seriously? Wow, you are a fool. Why pick a fight you can't win? You have zero chance of winning Zero!

Let me set you straight.. and then I will serve up the final blow at a later date.

Fact #1: Scooby Mode had never heard of the word "hypocrite" until I called him out on his hypocrisy months ago, now like a toddler who just learned how to say "Hi" he says it every five minutes. Gratz, I'm glad I was able to teach you something.

Fact #2: I didn't even know you had a movie on Blip.tv last I recall you were saying it's wasn't that good and were hyping up some porn site where you uploaded that laggy piece of shit western movie.

Fact#3 If I'm an alt then I sure am one hell of an expensive alt. I'm sure I have well over at least $500.00 American dollars worth of stuff maybe even more in my inventory. Then again like I said earlier I sorta am an alt. My original account was Rayven Macalroy where like i said I removed my leg/foot and didn't know how to fix it so I started a new account. Look it up, jackass.I havent logged into that account since then.

Jack? Last I checked "Jack" never appeared in any movie I had my name attached to, but was in your movie. So, seems you are the one who needs to explain things.

Voice? I worked as a escort in a voice strip club.lol. Good one. I never got into second life to "voice with people". One of my first sugar daddys was big on voice sex and it just wasn't for me. Then after talking to a friend of mine (who has no connection to SL porn or porn stars) brought up a good point.  Which was men recording my voice possibly making gestures or putting it on the web somewhere.

If I was going to have voice sex or cam sex - it's not going to be on second life. I will go make my own web site and make a hell of a lot more money that way. It's not something I'm interested in, and really is a reason I don't escort anymore, because it too hard to compete with the ones that will. 

Fact #4 - I never said I pulled out of the Awards show. I said Emma gave me my money back prior to the show. At the deadline she talked me into entering and said "Judges would be from outside of the Pornstars group and there would be little or no contact with them" Weeks later she was blogging two of the judges photos on her site. Judges who were supposed to be impartial. She had a movie in the judging process. I asked her about that.. and questioned her about the "little or no contact" comment in the end, we didn't see eye to eye and since I was given my money back I didnt think I had a honest chance to win anything. Don't believe me? Ask her, jackass. 

Fact #5 - If I rated your movies a 1 first then I would of first went straight to that lag fest piece of shit western movie of yours. Yes, every time someone gives you less than a 5 rating it's me. That's why your videos "U don't know" and "Never call you a bitch again" were already rated 3s before I rated them anything AFTER you gave my movies a 1. I guess I have a time machine too. An you wonder why people don't like you. lol. Maybe you are a whiner.. go back to pornstars chat and plea for people to like you some more.

Fact #6: Movie bumping/blog bumping: My blog from day 1 has been set to not count my views. If I bump my own movies how come My featured movie "Dommaiatrix" lags behind other featured movies?

Let's see my movie Dommaidatrix currently has 5412 views over a 153 day span. So It's averaging 35 views a day.

You have a movie "The tennis Girl" with 15,466 views. JonHelfer comments on the movie it hits over 5,000 two months after the release. So lets see so without this being a featured movie, you have almost as many views as mine in half the time. The numbers don't add up. What's even funnier is you said you took a break and came back in early November.  Look  up those movies were getting at the most 400 views. Then over time the views started to jump up lol. Owned.

Fact #7: You claim I'm a stalker, but you admit to monitoring my NM account all day lol. There is this new invention it's called a cell phone. I have a Droid cell phone, guess what?  I can pull up and log into Naughty Machinima from it. I even have a app I can come on to second life and chat or teleport. Wow, the wonders of modern science.

I think I have rated one Emmauelle Jameson movies ever which was La Cagna Ricca when it first came out. I also sent her a IM to which the comments can be found on her web site. In fact when she released those short Halloween and holiday videos I was surprised they received any kind of bad ratings as I thought the entire community was brain washed into thinking she was god.

Dee Lite - I told her myself I thought she had some of the best looking videos around. I gave the Call me one 5 stars. I think I gave the latest Ryans Falls movie 5 stars and thought it was top notch with the exception of Aurora sounding like she had a mouth full of marbles. Other than that I havent rated her movies.

 Ruff Brocco - I think he does great work, with the exception of some of the last few movies produced. "Sex room" was WAY overrated. Lackluster edits which all could of been corrected. I thought when I saw the trailer for "Black Dynamite" it was going to be something special, then I thought the first video for it was a major letdown from what was in the trailer, but I didn't give it a 1 rating. I don't think I rated it at all.

Aurora - I don't try to hide the fact I really don't like this girl. When I first joined Pornstars group she was throwing a fit for a hour in a half in group chat because someone gave here a bad rating on a 80's dance video. which really there wasn't anything special about it. It was the kind of video you expect from someone making their first video not 30th. Then shortly after that I was in group chat and Ivori faith called me princess. Aurora quickly snapped back with something like "Im the real princess around here" To which I just let it slide with no reply...

Going back to the view boosting... She is a prime example. Emma blogs Scooby and Ruff hit 10,000 views then less than 24 hours somehow Aurora does it. lol. Kind of funny last time I talked to Aurora I mentioned it. She claims she has never done it.

When I released my movie Seducing Santa for the first time she had a movie on page two almost page three on NM. Yet, her movie matched mine in views basically on a daily basis. She claims she has a lot of followers in her group.. Yet, in November she was in Pornstars chat asking people to go vote for her on Emma web page. Then back in Jan. sent out a notice asking people to vote for her. lol  If you have so many followers why didn't they go vote for you? Same account can't vote multiple times? Hitting refresh on the browser don't work on polls? In the end I'm sure i have given Aurora bad ratings, then again when I had like 9 accounts in Mid December in one day rate my movies a 1 while I was Xmas shopping, I'm pretty sure she was part of it.

Then again just like when I caught CeeCee Lumios boosting while I was uploading a video.. boosters always have some type of bad story. When I called CeCe out and blog he/she/it, I put them in a no win situation.

A) If they continued boosting, someone else would see it.
B) If they stopped, their movie would be so far off the pace of the rest of their movies it would be obvious they were boosting.

They picked option B. An in the three days following them getting caught they had like a total of 35 views. An since all their other movies were over, and sometimes well over 1,000 views.. it was obvious what was going on, but they denied, denied, denied.

I dont have to sit watching Naughty Machinima too see if you are bumping videos. All it really does it takes common sense. Something you seem to lack.

Fact #8- I didn't report Serenity to Blip.tv. In fact just before my account got erased I told her that one of her movies was showing up in the Blip.TV web page search and told her she should change it so she wouldn't get banned. Good one!

I leave this with a question to you, Scooby. How can mom and dad spend thousands of dollars on a computer yet you still produce sub par videos? Hiccups in the animations? Not lag? That's funny, in your videos then why do the clouds stop and pause in mid air lol. 

Seriously, you are like one of those guys who buys a brand new mustang thinking they are the shit all of a sudden and goes out and loses a race to someone with a far inferior car.

Seems more like the person making the videos not the computer that needs replacing


If you ever have talked to Scooby Mode he like to brag about all his views, comments and ratings. Thinking this translates to good movies. As I said before on this blog he has more accounts on Naughty Machinima than anyone and his movies stats are byproducts of this.

Funny thing happened today. Emmanuelle Jameson posted on her blog the "top 10 directors" which is misleading in itself. I'm thinking top 10 producing directors... you can't tell me Jasmine Skyward produces better movies than Pixie Rain or Serenity Juneberry.

Back to the subject of this post..

Scooby Mode has two accounts listed. Go to the account which has less movies, you will see he is watching a lot of his own movies from his main account and of course voting on them. scoobymode1 playlist


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bravo, Jackass!

Someone gave my movies a 1 star rating. Here is a hint above.

How do you go and spend thousands of dollars on a high end computer, yet still the animations in your video are choppy and laggy? Honestly, I didn't think it was possible.. I was wrong.

BTW your latest video - pretty cool idea..especially when i did it like 4 months earlier in my movie Sinderella.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Girl, you know it's true

I came across this on youtube today.

Milli Vanilli was a pop/dance music project formed by Frank Farian in Germany in 1988, visually fronted by Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus. The group's debut album achieved international success and earned them a Grammy Award for Best New Artist on Feb. 21, 1990.[1] Milli Vanilli became one of the most popular pop acts in the late 1980s and early 1990s. However, their success turned to infamy when their Grammy was revoked after it was revealed that the lead vocals on the record were not the actual voices of Morvan and Pilatus.[2]

(from Wikipedia)

Read between the lines

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pixie Rain - Showdown

One thing you can say is Pixie Rain has a different style then a lot others. You can also say anytime you watch one of her videos you will see a very well edited and professional video. I think above all now, I really do appreciate the work someone puts in to a very well edited film. Cause' it means they take pride in what they are doing and enjoy entertaining at a high level.

By far my favorite part of the movie was when the two women were trying to find a way to meet for this "showdown" An what a better way then to have a helicopter hat?

The environment at times is very stunning and visually eye catching. The addition of the lens flare effect during the guitar solo was very well done. I'm not sure I understood what exactly happened and why at the end, but it didn't take away that I enjoyed this production. Overall a video well worth checking out!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Greatest Band ever!

As I said in my previous post when I sit in front of my laptop, I have a tendency to get sidetracked. I somehow ended up on Youtube listening/watching Beatles videos tonight.
They were before my time,but WOW! what a amazing group they were and have such a incredible collection of music. I feel sorry for the kids now days that know Justin Beiber, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears but know little or nothing about the Beatles.

I think the best feeling in the world would be to write a song with meaning and it become a huge hit. I love music and I wanted to be a DJ when I first started in second life, but was told it takes a really good computer and good software, so that's how I got into escorting. It was my second choice!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It is what it is

A few nights ago I had a discussion with Scooby Mode and to which I regret. In fact to go back even further I regret ever trying to call a truce with this person or taking them off mute. I wont make that mistake again as they will remain on mute from here on out.

I have come to terms there are a few people I can't stand and will never like for various reasons.

To make a long story short, Mr. Mode claimed (somehow) using an alt detector I was this person and that person. Which is kind of funny, because he also trying to say my IP address is hidden. So if my IP address is hidden, how can you tell I'm all these people? It's because you are talking out your ass. So he started to call me a Troll because I questioned the truth in his statement because his story seemed to change. One minute my IP address was hidden, then next he said i was all these other accounts. In a way it was sort of funny thing all coming from someone who has a ton of fake accounts on Naughty Machinima.

It's funny to think people don't have alts. It's so easy to create a new account... do I? I guess you could say I do. I have one account I started my first day of second life where I removed my foot by accident. Since I was new I didn't know how to fix it so I started a new account.. which in turn became Rayven Baily and really the only account I use.

Mr. Mode likes to whine about a lot of things, but on this day he was crying about me being an avatar which has been in a few of my movies, Brady Neiro. In fact, He mentioned something I 100% over looked (bravo to him. blind squirrel eventually finds a nut) which was Brady Neiro and I share the same REZ day.

So I thought about this.. and here is the truth.

I pretty much found out about SL watching the movie Hot Tub Time machine. After seeing it in that movie I read about it a little and decided to try it. I talked a friend of mine into trying it too. Their account was Brady Neiro.

Well, I enjoyed the exploring and shopping aspect right from the start.. my friend just wanted to have sex. Once he had sex a few times he sort of lost interest and went back to playing Xbox.

So I got into making movies and didn't have a whole lot of extra time and had one scene to shoot which was the sex scene in Sinderella. I asked my friend since they weren't using the avatar actively if I could use it. At the time I wasn't even sure if I could pull it off. 

I showed my friend and he liked the outcome. I don't have as much time as others to shoot or to work my schedule in with theirs at times, but still want to make movies. So I started to use the avatar or Brady Neiro a few times here and there.

With a agreement between the two of us which was:

1) I would only use the avatar for filming. I would not speak, act, or contact anyone through it.

On his part he wouldn't get in touch with anyone in of the SLPorn community.  

He logs in every once in a while, but it's basically to try to go to a club and get laid. He didn't mind me using his avatar because he likes to show off the movies.

Basically the avatar served as nothing more than a  movie prop just like a bed, a stripper pole or a couch.

At no time did I ever try to mislead anyone into thinking he was anything more than that. I have never made a film promoting him as a huge star in the film. I never not once promoted a film just on his name. Really, all he got was his name in the credits and a face in the movie.

If I had my choice I would prefer to work with others. Filming and controlling two avatars at the same time is boring and can be more difficult. Working with Prince JD in making School Daze was easier than making Happy Hour, but as I said I don't have the time sometimes. So if I have a movie idea, why should that hold me back from making a movie?

Then again I feel Im not the only person who has done it. I look at La Cagna Ricca. Ace Oberts?
Has one role in SL Porn and lands such a juicy role for a first and only movie. Ace Oberts has no information at all in his profile.

I'm not saying it was wrong to do that...  just saying seem like I'm not the only one.

All I will say is this.. how does it feel knowing I have two viewers open at the same time, yet my movies didn't suffer from low FPS and the slide show effect as your movies do?

Who's laughing now?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Machinima Contest $530,000 Lindens up for grabs

MachinUWA III: Journeys (3rd UWA Machinima Challenge - 2011)

We are happy to announce the 3rd Machinima Challenge put forth by the University of Western Australia (UWA). The theme is simply 'Journeys'. We hope you are inspired by this to create many wondrous works as you have been through the years!

PRIZE POOL: $L530,000 (at least)
1st Prize $L100,000
2nd Prize $L70,000
3rd Prize $L50,000
+ L$310,000 in other prizes

DEADLINE: Submissions are open between NOW (Feb 2011) till 1st May 2011

THEME : The theme is 'Journeys'. What the journey is, will be left to the Machinimatographer. A journey through Second Life. A journey of self discovery. A journey within. A journey from SL too RL, or vice-versa. A journey through space, through time, a journey of hope, a journey of despair. Your own journey, or a journey by someone else seen through your eyes... or... through Second Life in 80 Days, whatever you can imagine.

MAJOR RULE: The most important rule is that the journey must either start or end at this location. Winthrop Clocktower at the UWA Main SIM. Winthrop Clocktower is the heart of UWA both in RL & SL. Apart from this, feel free to film anything, anywhere. You may use props at the location, or maybe want to change the footage later during the post process, this is up to you, as long as the clocktower is still recognized.


LENGTH: 4 - 6 minutes is recommended, but this is not a hard rule. The joint winners of MachinimUWA II were under 2 minutes and over 15 minutes respectively.

All prize winners will receive an exclusive MachinimUWA Trophy. All machinimatographers in the challenge will receive a specially designed medal of honour. Both designed by Laurina Hawks, reigning UWA MachinimUWA Champion.

Shortlisted entries will be displayed here on the University of Western Australia (UWA) Second Life Blog.

Winners will be announced by the 30th of May 2011 at a special gala function.

Method of Entry & Other Info:* Load the Machinima anywhere, preferablly youtube or vimeo, and provide the link to Jayjay Zifanwe, White lebed and Laurina Hawks
* The length of machinima referred to above is only a suggested maximum, and will not be enforced nor cause entries to be disqualified
* Please acknowledge the lands or significant artworks and individuals you feature
* If you need to rezz (blue screen etc) on the UWA SIMS, contact Jayjay Zifanwe, White Lebed, FreeWee Ling or Laurina Hawks

Closing Date:* Midnight 1st May 2011. Allowances on the closing date will only be provided IF the machinimatographer has contacted and explained the reason for the need for additional time prior to the closing date.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Roleplaying blows!

Over the last week I made a serious attempt at trying to role play in second life. Now, I will never get that time I wasted back.

First off, some of these people take it WAY too serious. If you are new and run into the wrong person, good luck. You will get a tongue lashing.

The sim I was playing you had to level up and some of these people were there 24/7. There were people with a crazy high level like 70, and it took me days just to get level 5. (level xp needed doubles each level)

Earlier today I had a rather unpleasant experience with a Sim GM who docked me XP for "camping" which is standing around just getting Xp. Which is wasn't.. That's not what pissed me off.. it was her attitude and lack of knowing what really happen, but acted like she did. Her management skills are good enough someday to land her an assistant manager job at Taco Bell.

Now that I can say I tried and wasted a week of my life role playing, it's time to move on. Like I said yesterday I have no current plans to make any SL Porn movies. I'm not sure what is next... I might just make some normal Machinima films and put a little more into the visual effects and less on the sex.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Some people might lead you to believe the great and wonderful Pornstars group was brought crashing down by a few people. Why not, it's so much easier to point the finger at a few. *cough* Lee Harvey Oswald *cough*.
Facts are it wasn't the wonderful and great place they make it out to be in the first place. Pornstars group used to be just a roleplay group, with one exception... there were no role play rules. Head to any role play sim there are the rules at the landing zone. 

It wasn't about the product, it was about thrusting certain people into the limelight if they deserved it or not. A fake illusion that they were these mega-stars.

Then when others started to produce better edited movies,..started using green screen, shadows and stepped up the game. Some of those that were "Stars" in the golden age gave up and quit SL Porn because it shifted to where you had to actually put time into your effort.

How many people in the Pornstars group are there? How many actually take an active part? I'm going to say a majority of them are non-active. In fact a couple of months ago I had a handful of conversations with people and they all said the same exact thing I was thinking at the time. 

That is when they first got into the Pornstars group you think it's something special.. some exclusive group. You are sort of taken back. Emmanuelle posts about stuff happening in the community (not all of it true) but it's reported as the truth. You buy into it.

In fact I thought Emmanuelle was a well know name around Second life when I first got into the group... then reality hit you. 95% (maybe more) of the people in second life has no knowledge of the group existing.

There are much bigger issues, but let not take those in consideration.. no let's point the finger. 

There is one member who likes to complain about notices sent out. When I first got into Pornstars I basically just had my blog. Ivori Faith myself were activity updating our blogs. So this person bitched about notices sent out... from what I understand there is some issue with promoting your club now. What kind of message does that send.. you cant send out a notice you have a event where people and mix and meet, but it's ok to use pornstars chat to tell everyone about your dating problems because you are trying to meet the man of your dreams at places called Cum dumpsters?

What happened to Nikolas Frederix? He came out like gangbusters and a hand full of great videos? It goes back to what said... at first you think the group is something special.. but it wears off quickly.

Did you ever think this group or community was broken from the start? I'm sure a great number of those people who have joined the group have come and gone because, well.. they expect they are going to be thrown in a movie.. weeks pass and they get tired of waiting.

Over the last month I have joined a few normal Machinima groups and they are above and beyond more helpful and overall a better community. Pornstars chat is nothing more than a time killer to flirt with someone, but no real movies are ever made out of it.

I'm no longer in the group and others that I have talked to have said the same thing. Best thing they have done was to leave it.

I have no intentions on making another SL Porn movie at this time. When someone went and ratted me out telling Blip.TV about my videos and getting them removed.. I don't know that was pretty low. At this time I dont feel its worth the time and effort.

I left the Pornstars group back in early January and since released several videos. This without being in the Pornstars group and sending out notices. My movies all did very well and placed in the Stripped and Tease top 10. All without fake views.. and hitting the refresh button on the browser. So being in the Pornstars group doesn't mean you have to take part to have success..

If the old Pornstars group was so great before.. then it really shouldnt be hard to build it back up with new fresh faces... but truth is... it was only great for a select few.