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Friday, November 19, 2010

Twinkle Twinkle little star..

Sometimes I wonder how you got to who you are. That's right.. let's cut the bullshit. This post will be strictly my unbiased opinion of things in the SL Porn world two plus month in now. Some people might not like it.. some people might think it's dead on. Just warning you... I'm pulling no punches here.

When I got in this months ago I was lead to believe they were certain people who were the "Stars" of SL Porn industry. I'm starting to form my own opinion and I must say it's not what I was lead to believe. 

Let me first give you my definition of a "Star" - If you are a straight Actor/actress and that's all you do. You are not a star. I don't care if you have been in 60 movies. Let's face it... to be a actor/actress in SL porn requires no acting ability. You sit on a pose ball. As a director I can go anywhere in SL grab someone and they could do the same thing. If you are an actor or actress and have a blog,  shoot erotic photos that ADD to the industry then yes maybe. 

Example #1 - EmeeLee Ember - When I got into SL Porn it was almost as if we passed each other going though the same door. As she left for a bit I sort of hit the scene. When I got into it I heard she was the "it girl". I thought she has a very good appearance and I could see why she could be at the top. I waited and waited to see her in a new movie and I didn't know she was gone. Not until she actually got in touch with me about being the feature in Stripped and Teased. On her return, Emee  hasn't had the same offers as prior. That's because I do believe things are changing. So now she has started Stripped and Teased and even produced her first movie - which BTW was a very good effort for a first time director. It's just a shame she will be leaving again soon, but when she returns I expect Emee to be at the top of that list because she has the drive. 

Some people off the top of my head I do feel are the real stars of this industry are:

Emanuelle Jameson -  Let's face it she started this.. is a great director, has a very popular blog which is informative about what is happening in the industry. Even when she is not doing movies she is doing something. 

Serenity Kristan - Yes, she is my friend, but that's not why I rank her here. She is a improving director who just does not settle for your average movie. She is trying things to evolve SL porn movies into not just good porn, but great movies.  Let's face it.. we all pretty much seen all the sex animations in SL. You want to see two people fucking, go to Orgy forest. Movies with stories and plots are what will draw more people to SL Porn. That is what she brings to the table. She is very creative and on the cutting edge just check out her 3D work on her blog.

Ivori Faith - Also one of my friends. Ivori has been in her fair share of movies... but it seems that is never enough lol. She has an acting career - does interviews and movie reviews for Stripped and teased and does them in a very honest constructive way. One thing I learned about this industry is not everyone is 100% honest. There are some that will say just about anything to get in a movie and kiss the director's ass (among other things).  In short there are some pretty fake people. Not Ivori and I respect her for that and she is by far someone that is making a difference in this industry. One more thing about Ivori. I had another Tgirl contact me just after my release of Rayven and Serenity sexcellent adventure Part II asking if I was casting another Tgirl anytime soon. I said no - Ivori is my TGirl on call and only one on my payroll.

Pixie Rain - I met her once while checking out Sleepy's new house and in passing told her how I liked her movies. Her movies are very different, but at the same time very brilliant. Let's face it the director's are the real "Stars" of SL Porn. You write what the actor/actresses say, you edit, you come up with the movie ideas. She is one of the best. 

Alyassa Drechsler - Have you ever seen her movies? Enough said... they span such a wide variety too. How she comes up with some many different ideas for movie plots amazes me.

A few I do feel have potential - 
HaileyMarie RedRose - I think you will be hearing good things from her soon. From talking to her she is going about it the right way and has a plan. She has the drive and soon she will be producing her own movies. 

Ce Ce LuminosCe Ce has returned from where I don't know.. but returned with a few movies with some creative plots. I look forward to hearing more from Ce Ce.

Now on to the industry itself. I think in the past there was a group of people involved in SL Porn who were bascially just happy to make a movie and put it out there for their friends to see. Whether it took a week or and hour to make.... anything was good. I do believe there is another group forming (which I am proud to say I am part of) that feels you should be doing more. Seven movies in seven days is not putting any effort into anything. Especially when you use the same poses ball animations for three of those movies. Uh hello, don't you think we want to see something different besides the same movies, same animations with a different actor/actress?     The cookie cutter - mass production of movies are not going to do anything in a way to make this industry better.

Example - I got into this because I saw Emanuelle's "Perfect stranger" at the Keyhole club cinema. I was drawn in and blown away by how well that was done. Let's say I would have seen some mass producted 4 minute fuck flick rushed out with a bad edit. I wouldnt be typing this right now. 

How many other people are we turning away because their first experience was some rushed out film by some director just so he can start on the next one?  Wouldn't you rather have someone watch your film and them say "Damn, I want to do that." That is the ultimate compliment. 

This is not RL Porn.. Yes, I can watch a simple two people fucking in real life. Visually it attracts me. In second life you can see that everywhere. Do you honestly feel you are showing someone something they havent seen before? If so then you live in a fantasy world.. way beyond second life. 

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  1. Thankyou for those comments *hugs*. They mean a lot from somebody who cares, and puts so much effort and creativity into their own projects. Cutting edge..Wow TY!..To all my critics..That's so much nicer and more polite than "You have way too much time on your hands!!!"