"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Friday, November 26, 2010

Watch out Godzilla the Princess takes on Japan

Back to exploring Second life.... It's funny how things change so much so soon. I went back to some of the places I first visited in second life. I had a link to a place call "Xanadu dreams" It really was a amazing place. It had a fantasy/fairytale theme to it. Tons of great romantic animations. Swings.. a dance floor right in the middle. I teleported back there today and next thing you know Im falling to my death from the sky! I survived but not before my second life flashed before my eyes. The picture above is from Japan's Tempura Island. I love taking pictures at the different locations that I visit. The fall colors were so beautiful I thought this would make a great picture.While in Japan I dropped Serenity Kristan's name, as she is big in Japan, and received two tickets to a sumo match.


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