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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Who Knew

I have a new video - it's a video I did to the song by Pink - "Who Knew". Tuesday I couldn't stop watching the video to this song. This was a very emotional video for me and I actually cried a few times. The original idea I had for this video was a Bonnie and Clyde type relationship, but I wanted people who watched it to feel how I felt about this song so I switched it to a husband and wife.  

I dedicated this video to my Grandmother. In the song there is a line about three years from now.. my Grandmother passed away a little over three years ago. She died of stomach cancer and over the final two months of her life I watched her fade away to a point she could hardly keep her eyes open and was very week. When she passed I was ready for it. I was actually pleased she did pass as I didn't want her to suffer anymore, but as time passes you forget the bad things. You remember the good things... and it's those good things you miss. I do miss her so much. 

After I chose the to have the husband as a cop... I started to think about all the wives, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters who lost someone in the Sept. 11th terrorist attacks. For a lot of these people it happened exactly that way.

This was a very emotional video to make, but it was something I had to do. I wanted to do something that made people think and send a positive message.


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