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Monday, November 29, 2010

Fun with Numbers!!

Naughty Machinima is the topic of the day. You see... some people reported I was this "Jack" person on NM so I was contacted by the owner Muse. More than likely the same person who created four new accounts on NM last Tuesday and gave all my movies 1 star while giving theirs all five stars. 

So Muse and I had a little talk...and one of the things he is looking to improve is cutting back on the amount of bandwidth used. Some are obviously using more than others... maybe to a point where they are abusing it.

Oh I know... Rayven, you are just being a bitch again.  Well, let's crunch some numbers, ok?

Person #1 - Uploads a 12 minute movie - It's the only movie they upload in a week.

Person #2 - Uploads five 6 minute movies in a week. 30 total minutes.

As you can see Person #2 is clearly using more server space. Which once again goes back to my statement about taking more time to produce quality movies and not trying to rush them out only to start on the next.

Rayven, how can you tell us what we can upload? I can't but if we continue as we  are then Naughty Machinima will have to change to be more cost efficient which might bring limitations to what we can and cant do.

When I joined SL Porn people were bitching about Naughty Machinima being down... well, I'm telling you right now when things change don't blame Muse. Nobody is giving a cent to keep the web site up and running.. everyone is using it for free. The more space used... the more expensive it gets. An he said this will be one of the things he will be looking into to improve the site.

Views of movies on Naughty Machinima have become of joke. When I first got into this I always wondered why one movie might of got more views than the next.

Last week I noticed a movie had. 482 views in a 10 hour span. - So when I saw this I went and looked back at all the movies released before that one to find one that had similar numbers. Finally I found one... but this movie was a week old. So basically this movie in 10 hours had more views   than other movies did in a week. That's right, in 10 hours this movie had twice the views as most movies 4-5 days older than it. So let's just say NM did have 482 different viewers in that 10 hour  Wspan. Am I lead to believe they came to NM picked this one movie out. Watched only that one movie and left while watching no other movies?  Some of you people make it WAY too obvious you are fluffing your movie views. This doesn't just apply to directors I notice a pattern with a few actresses who movies get a "extra" couple hundred bumps in views if they are in it compared to someone else.
What's the point really? What do you gain from this? Personally as a director I like to use it as a gauge to see what my movie is doing compared to others and see what movies (or what kind) of movies people are watching. That is pointless now because some people must boost their egos by hitting the browser a hundred times trying to make it appear their movie is "the thing to watch"

Oh yea and BTW, Muse also did mention views might be restricted too...

Once again don't blame him... don't blame me for being the messenger.. blame those abusing the system.


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