"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I remember the time not long ago
When we laughed and shared it all
We were the very best of friends
Or at least that’s what I thought.
I often wonder why friendships end
What happens to sever that tie
How can someone once so close
Just wave you off with a good bye
I must have been lacking
I must have been wrong
I wasn’t the friend to you
That you were to me all along.
I thought I was loyal
I know I was true
But something went wrong
Now there’s nothing to do
A friendship lost
Is a very sad thing
The angels weep instead of sing.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Music to my ears!

Still working on improving shading of my avatar in pictures. I found a few videos I'm going to watch and see if I can pick up anything that can give me a clue. It won't be tonight.. because I have a party to go to in RL. Whoo hoo!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mother nature is my Wingman

Yesterday, I had a really roller coaster day... which sums up my year. It's been a stressful year for me... I look to SL as a stress reliever, but at the same time it has become part of the problem. I think in general I take RL frustrations and when something happens in SL I don't agree with, I let it be known. this blog makes it so easy to be vocal and do that. In real life, I just don't do that. I think in RL i need to speak up more. Like I said this blog makes it so easy..

To make a long story somewhat short... I had the power to my house do out last night just as I logged into SL. Huge storm! Thunder, lighting.. I thought I was going to end up in the land of Oz.

When the power goes out and you are not ready... it's not fun. Walking around the house with only the light on my cellphone trying to find a flashlight and a lighter to light candles. So I waited.. and waited. Kept storming.. lighting. No power.. hour and a half goes by storm stops... no power. I'm going nuts.. my cell phone was about dead from using it as a flashlight and txting. It's 9:00 PM! So I try to go to bed. It's so hot and I'm wide awake!!

So my dog was scared to death of this storm and was by my side the entire time. So I get out of bed slip on some shorts, wife beater and my sneakers.. no bra or panties lol. I decided to find out what the fuck happened. So I take my dog for a walk to show him the world didn't end just yet.

My street has a lot of trees.. with no street lights its DARK! Oh my.. so I head down the street. at the end of the street is a guy who owns this amazing older mustang which I love. So we sort of flirt with each other when he catches me walking my dog.

So he out front of this house drinking beer with a friend of his trying to figure out what's happening too. His friend took off and he handed me a beer and him, my dog and I went to find out what's the deal.

So we walk around the block... everything is dark for the most part. So I go to put my dog in the house I trip and almost kill myself.. what's worse is I spilled my beer!

So he says he has more beer back at his place.. So we go back there sit on his porch drinking beer. Talking, flirting.. Still no power.. Maybe it was the beer. Maybe it was no power or the combination.. but we started to fool around. In a room with 4 candles.. it was kind of romantic, but there was no romance.. it was straight up hot, sticky lust sex with dirty sexy talk. He fucked me hard and good, just like I told him I liked it :)

BUT! It ended all too soon... because his girlfriend was getting off work soon! I kinda thought he had a girlfriend, but I didnt want to believe it. So I got dressed... with the little that I had on. I couldn't find one of my shoes. So we started kissing... you know one of those deals were a simple kiss goes on and on.. there goes my shorts! He bent me over the couch and started fucking me again, doggy. oh my...

so I had to go.. the power was back on. I went to take a really cold shower and couldn't stop thinking about it. So I jumped on SL trying to get more there lol. I couldn't find anyone who "did it for me"..

In SL you have to keep my interest.. and a lot of guys are just not up to the task. It's like I'm answering the same questions.

So thanks to mother nature it forced me to step away from Second life and live life.. again. Which, I need to go more of. I woke up today with a smile on my face. :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blinded by Ignorance

So the creator of the Hitler Orgy picture,  Debora Stine,  spoke up on the Great Pretender's web site. She claims the picture is just about sex.

Let's see... you take one of history's most despised and ruthless people who commanded the execution of 2/3 of a race of people in Europe along with millions of others. Let me add defenseless people and make him look like Ron Jeremy. 

You claim there are thousands of web site supporting the Nazi swastika. I'm sure there are some, I can't report the numbers I don't visit them. Then again, you look on the internet hard enough you can find anything you want.

I'm sorry, I use the internet everyday I'm not bombarded by Neo-Nazi - Nazi crap. In the last year I have come across it twice. Once was an article about Neo_Nazi people making Necko avatars and walking around SL with Nazi War Uniforms on talking about Genocide. The second was your picture. It's not as common as you claim.

Seriously, why would anyone want to sensationalize Hitler and the nazi party? Look up Nazi Propaganda WW II posters. Hell, that would of fit right into their recruitment of young men to serve Hitler.

So you are either Pro-Neo Nazism or really ignorant.

In fact I replied to your comment on the Great Pretender's blog, but she didn't make it public. (you wonder why I hate that bitch)

So Debora Stine I ask you this...

Say one of your family members was viciously killed by motor cycle gang for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are raped, killed and dismembered them.. 

Shortly after you come across a picture on the internet of the same motorcycle gang taking turn on some girl. Sort of like the picture you made. Knowing that they killed your loved one and you will never see them again. You going to tell me that this picture would be just a "sex picture" to you? That is wont have any personal meaning to you? That it wouldn't make you angry or hurt?

If you say it wouldn't you have no feelings. You must be dead.

My point is you are glorifying a horrific period in time for some people. I'm not Jewish, but I'm not a dumbass either. Let me lock you in my basement for 20 years. I'm sure once I let you out the last thing you would want to see is my basement again.

I have seen your photos... get your head out of your ass, they are actually good. You don't need to rely of cheap gimmicks to get attention like Emma Sheperd. you have talent she has nothing.. but her ability to pretend.

It's up to you..

Monday, August 22, 2011

Am I Psychic?

I'm starting to wonder myself. So I did some online psychic tests. First one I correctly predicted 5 out of 25 shapes which is 20%.

So then I did this other test you had to pick the shape inside the box. I got 3 of 15.

So I'm not psychic... then how is it that I know the future? Then it occured to me I don't know the future some people are just so shallow and predictable anyone could see their actions from a mile away.

So I noticed on this blog, there is this Nazi gang bang photo. The owner of the blog showing it as their "picture of the day". I may bitch about and say some wild sheeet on my blog, but I have my boundaries. That's because what I say is how I feel, I'm not doing it to get people to come to my blog.

You can say the photo is tasteless and controversial. Who is really at fault the person who made it or the person who is giving it attention by making it their "picture of the day" on their blog. I say the latter. Though I have to question why it was made in the first place? The last thing that pops into my head when doing a photo is anything to do with Nazis.

I saw this photo on flickr a few days ago. I went to their flickr page... The owner of this blog could have chosen anyone of their other photos.. but picked the Nazi one.

Why? It like I been saying... all about attention and blog hits. This person is so blinded by how much traffic they might gain by this photo that they ignore the shit storm they just stepped into. Just look at all the tags they added to the photo.. it's clear what they were going for. Traffic from Nazi supporters and haters via a internet search.

Anything Nazi is very sensitive material to the Jewish community. Add into it you have these idiots now who are trying to rejuvenate the Nazi movement and just spread hate. What do you gain by showing this photo on your site?

Did your web page demographic show you weren't getting enough Nazi viewership?

This is why the owner of this site went out and got others to blog for her.. because she clearly is over matched... the urge to play favorites and all out sell herself out for attention leads to no common sense.

But if you are a blog member of this site.. then how do you feel about your "Boss" posting Nazi gang bang picture on the site? In real life.. issues like this would have people reconsidering if that is really the right place they want to work at? Some would quit because they are embarrassed or just didn't want to be attached to a site which glorified anything like that.

There would be a major backlash in viewership and view comments...

Yet you would think that someone like Emanuelle Jameson *cough* Aprille Sheperd *cough* who thinks they are this marketing genius would know better.

Then again when I was small I used to play doctor.. but I'm not fit to step in a ER to save someone's life with open heart surgery.

Some of us grow up... some of us are still pretending.

So before you post the KKK gang bang photo next... you might want to correct the spelling on the header on your blog.. you still can't spell your own name right.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Wow, she is married.. who cares? I don't! Some do... Some people follow every step of this media made celebrities. An I use the word celebrity, lightly. Seriously, why would anyone follow these people? It's because they are fooled into thinking that they could be next. Slight problem...

Her father's was one of OJ Simpson's attorneys and close friends. He made a "killing" in that case. Do you have more money then you can spend? I didn't think so.

I'm so sick of seeing Jennifer Aniston face.. or hearing about who she is dating now. Hell, I lost track. I'm surprised they haven't started calling her the Hollywood Whore. Who hasn't she dated? 

I crack up at these people who go to celebrities twitters to try to get them to respond. OMG, J-Lo got her nails done today! Nicole Richite made spaghetti for dinner. WHO CARES!

I have had the pleasure in my time to have crossed paths with some well known names here and there. Lebon James, Billy Bob Thornton, Brett Michaels, Snoop Dog (got a pic), Stone Cold the wrestler (got a pic), Eminem, Kid Rock, Goo Goo Dolls, Richie Samboria (Guitarist from Bon Jovi), Naz, Tim Medows, Adam West (first batman and Family guy), Mini Me (he is really small looks like a 2 year old) about 10 other wrestlers, a ton of NFL players (from the super bowl), some MLB players. I could go on and on.

I actually had one of them mention my name in a Sirus interview live on the radio, but I didn't hear it. They told me and so did their agent.

In the end they are people just like you and me. It can be exciting to get the chance to talk to them, but I have seen a lot of times where people will come up and approach them and that's the last thing they want. because the way they approach them. Lot's of time they just want to be treated like your average joe and don't want to be bothered. I don't ever ask for autographs, because I'm not looking to cash in. To me it means so much for to have them talk to me as a human, then someone trying to hitch a ride on whatever fame they created.

I would like to think I'm a little more in touch with reality than some... some others are so caught up in their fantasies.. there fantasies blend with other's lives. Get up, go to the bathroom take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror.

yep, you are still a nobody. Welcome to reality TV.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Three new Photos

This one is called wrong day - Basically wrong day to hit the beach

Next two are just me with my new guitar. 

I still plan on doing my video... but I sort of have a road block in front of me. I live in a city where the internet/cable is offered and run by the city. They refuse to let competitors in and operate. Well, my connection has been spotty since the end of April. They came out and worked on it some last week and it's back to being shit again. I mean my speed today was like a half a meg download and I'm allowed 6 megs! 

So these idiots are coming out to look at my connection again. If they fix it who knows! I guess eventually they will figure it out. Pisses me off though when I try to stream Netflix and it stops every 2 minutes. I guess they like me calling and bitching at their CSRs.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I didn't think it was possible...

Someone pointed this out to me... Who can't spell their second life name right? It does seem some can not...

New Video Concept

I started on a new video today. Actually it was a sort of a concept I have wanted to do a long time. I'm a big fan of the movie "Almost Famous". It's sort of one of those movies I can watch over and over, because there are parts of the movie I just look forward to. I'm also a big Jason Lee fan.

So I always had this idea to do a movie based on a all girl rock band. I think all girl rock bands are hot! A girl with a guitar is very sexy. I'm a big fan of Joan Jett. I think she is amazing. Go Go's were ok... I'm a huge fan of TLC. As far as Im concerned they were the best female group the last 20 years. (I used two of their songs in my movie Sinderella).

Before second life I played Rock Band some... I just wish i was better at Rock Band, but I quit a long time ago as I got too frustrated and could never be as good as I wanted. I loved the music though, so much. I did enjoy battling against people one on one. My band was called "Soggy Kitty". I had several members Britney Blows, Lindsey Swallows and of course the leader of the band, Rayven!

So basically I'm going to make a rock video. There are a few songs I have in mind... but the other day I came across this new all girl rock group. They are all just like 14-15 years old. Seems they are influenced by the Runaways, which were a group of young girls in the 70's who were in a band and Joan Jett was one of them.

I guess some will like the videos.. some may not. In a traditional rock girl style I say "Fuck it!" If I learned anything from the movie "The school of Rock" it's Rock is about attitude! So Dewey Fin this one if your you, buddy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Can I have your attention.. Please?

So today I was wondering.. why people got into making SL Porn. I think overall, sex is a popular topic. People enjoy sex! Then as I thought about it some more, I came up with there are two distinct groups with different motives or agendas.

First off, you have one group that's in it for the attention. We will call this group the Snookies. What they lack in talent they make up in desire to pretend they are these huge stars.

You might be a Snookie if the following applies to you 

  1. Post on your blog monthly "Please follow my blog"
  2. Hang out on twitter trying to get real life celebrities to respond to your pixel avatar
  3. Hang out in Porn Stars chat after releasing a video asking everyone to watch, rate and comment it
  4. Hang out in Porn Stars chat asking people to vote for your photo in a monthly photo contest
  5. Create fake accounts to rate your movies 5 stars.
  6. Boost the views on your movies to make them look more popular then they are
  7. You have the nerve to dub yourself "SL Biggest Porn star" 

Recently I had a talk with another female Porn star who told me that she felt this other female in the community didn't like her. Then she went on to say she has blogged all her movies. Like that was some reason to justify everything.

That's fine... but not everyone is in to making adult Machinima for attention. I'm sure if you blogged all the movies of certain people, they would be your best friend and be at your blog commenting on everything, but like I said there is an another group.. Those that do it because they enjoy the creative process and don't have to be in the spotlight.

Sure, it's great when someone blogs or showcases your movie... but to some that is not why they made the movie. It's more sort like art to them, they didnt make it to say "Hey look at me and what I have done."

To me.. I don't take compliments about my work to well with anyone attached to SL Porn making... because I have witnessed so much back side kissing. Instead if someone random out of the blue comes across my blog, video or picture I have done... it means so much more to me. To me those are legitimate comments... not fluffed comments on Naughty Machinima to back your "boy".

I see a lot of... you, comment on my movie.. I will comment on your movie. You comment and follow my blog and I will blog your movies. Shared attention... stroking each other egos.

I applaud those film makers like Pixie Rain, Rysan Falls, Alyassa Drechsler and Nataile Xenga. The true super stars of this industry. They don't try to tell you how good their work is...they let it speak for itself. After all, a picture speaks a 1,000 words. If you need to tell people how great your video is... then maybe its not talking like it should. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Doomsday is coming

Today scientist figured out how the world will come to on Dec 21st, 2012. On that day the internet will vomit and start to reject all the crappy Pel Beaton videos and photos that have been uploaded to it. It will then in a effort to save the world from any more pain and agony, self destructing.. destroying the entire planet. True story.

Let's see Naughty Machinima he had 242 videos - averaging about one every 1.9 days.

Oh wait.. it's ok.. he only used 10% of Naughty machinima's resources. 

In a 3 month span he spammed Inferno with his sub par work - 47 videos and 71 photo albums. Now Inferno is running out of space. Hmmm.. I wonder why? Flame Broek, asked to limit set to 20-30 photos. So Pel Beaton uploads 40 photos in two sets, not to mention 4 videos in three days.

Hey you selfish, asshole... get a fucking life!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

We all make mistakes...

An some of us admit to them... and some other don't or have never have. I made mistake the other day. I read a post and comments on "The biggest (well according to them) SL Porn Star's" blog and I sort of responded when I shouldn't have. Well, at least not on that blog. It was about Naughty Machinima, which to me I have been campaigning for people to take notice to the direction it was headed...and alter some of their methods on video making. 
Yes, Naughty machinima is a paid site now... It shouldn't be a surprise. I posted Muzed comments on my site way back late last year how he was concerned with bandwidth usage. An changes would be made in the future. Problem was some just went on with their wasteful ways.

So the other day I read a comment by someone... trying to make a similarity to a house and Naughty Machinima. Which was the worst analogy I have ever read. So this person was trying to flip the blame on Muze for not setting limits from the start. Yes, limits would of maybe limited the damage... but how can you blame a guy for providing a FREE service for a community to show their videos? That's like blaming a guy who runs into a burning building to save someone and he is too late. He made a effort to provide exposure for videos and wanted nothing in return. Yea, his fault.. for being generous.

Did you ever think Muze's intentions were never to put limits or tell people what to do only when he was FORCED to change things to keep the web page up? You can tell a lot about someone when you do a favor for them and they just walk all over you... or when you ask them for something, they dont have the time. We are all adults.. well, supposed to be.. but some you have to wonder about.

Facts are without Naughty Machinima there would be no "SL biggest Porn star" as much as she wants to think there would be. Half these videos wouldnt of been made, period. As much as Naughty Machinima made "SL's biggest porn star" she did nothing to help it remain a important part of the SL Porn community.

Instead she didn't want to lose blog followers.. twitter followers. Since this person was one of the pioneers in video boosting and others looked at her bloated views and felt they needed to compete and boosted themselves... she didnt say anything...but "keep uploading".

Why was it a mistake I commented on her site? Well, the previous post a few months ago about Naughty Machinima was a joke.. which saw my comment stay hidden for days while the discussion died, because it went from a Emma ass kissing post, to people with different opinions. An once others started to have a different opinions than her and were not planting their lips on her ass.. it was time to put a end to that.

I should of learned there... but I didnt. Her blog is just a bunch of fluff, censored in a way to spin a story the way she wants you to see it. Its about as realistic and legit as the National Enquirer. I think though, more people see that now then a year ago. I know they have because they have told me.

With Naughty Machinima death, talented people are done with SL porn. Even if Muze was to have a change of heart... it wont last. Certain individuals will start spamming their daily videos all over again. So how can you blame Muze this community was broken from the start.

When Muze told me bandwidth was a issue and I said put more time into making quality and produce less quantity I was about burned at the stake. I had people saying I can't tell others how to make videos. It wasn't the fact I thought I was a video snob its because I could see more than a foot in front of my eyes at a problem that was eventually going to boil over. Here it is.. you get what you ask for. I hope it's all you asked for.

I don't really miss Naughty Machinima.. because it sort of was a root of all evil in this community. Video spamming, comment bosting, video boosting... all while egos being boosted in the process. I do feel bad for the way it turned out.. because it was Muze's site. Obviously he enjoyed Machinima and wanted to share his love with others.. FREE, but then people started to shit all over it.

Ever since I walked away from videos and got into photos.. it was the best thing I could have ever done. First off, it allows me to be creative. I have wanted to make a video for a while but deep down it wasn't in me because of the community in general turned me off.

I'm getting better photo wise and building my flickr. Best part about it.. no spamming. People have been making my photos their favorites.. but that's not why I do it. I just have fun doing it.

Today I bought over 100 poses and will soon will be buying a photo studio and down the road looking forward to starting my first SL business and I couldn't be happier.

I guess we all have to make adjustments now and I have made mine.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Make me Purr...

The whole idea behind this picture was... when I was escorting I used a line "Make my pussy purr... "  I loved the look of this tiger.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Need a new car?

How about a Audi? This is my car model picture.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dear Mr. Linden,

Thank you for changing the search in the viewers.. it's about as useful as a Meeroo now. I look forward to your other great ideas to make second life feel like I live in a third world country.

Your biggest Fan,
Rayven Baily

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Rayven the Assassin

I was playing around with shadow lighting in After effects and got an idea for this picture. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bath time!

Another pic I started on and finished.. something I cant seem to do with machinima. The thing I like about pictures is I have to set plan.. I just start on them and whatever happens.. happens.

I'm still very much in the learning process.. I been teaching myself, but I think later tonight I'm actually going to read some tutorials.

Maybe eventually I'm thinking about getting into paid photography... in the end Photography pays.. machinima doesn't.

Busy day

Today I just about did a little of everything.

I went to freebie places trying to give away clothes and in the process I forgot how annoying newbies can be. Im trying to IM them asking if they want some fee clothes. 85% of them don't answer there IMs and the other 15% are AFK.  Finally I found some girl to give the necko outfits too.

 I worked on making some tattoos.. and some were ok.. and I think if I put them on marketplace they would sell... no doubt, but they weren't up to my standards. Really good ones are not as easy as it looks.. you have to shrink them down and then they are hard to see sometimes if they get too small. I might get back into that, but I wasn't really enjoying it. Seemed like work...

I filmed sort random stuff.. just messing around. I haven't looked at it. Plan was just to film some stuff and make a video.. make the concept out of the good footage.

Hey, I made this photo... actually I was just trying a few things out and come up with this. Not sure why I picked this background.. but it was sort of a test.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Great clothes give away thing of a jig

So I'm sorting out my inventory... and I noticed I have a LOT of shit. An a lot of shit I wont wear.. because.. well, we do have our favorites. I'm not saying the stuff is bad.. at all. None of it is freebie wear. Someone paid for it... I stress the word someone. Hell some stuff I bought not to long ago and you can transfer it.

So what I will do is post a few pics of me wearing the item on my blog and if you are interested I will send you it. In case there is a tie... the person who gravels and tell me how generous and beautiful the Princess is wins!

First come first serve.. actually, but I want everyone who is interested to get something. So if i gave you something and someone else wants it.. I will give it to them. An if nobody wants it.. I will find a noob somewhere and have them turn over their soul in order to have something owned (maybe not worn) by the Princess!

So the first items on the list is a set of Necko outfits including tails.. which I dont ever recall wearing It was one of those things where I was given some money when I first started second life.. came across a store and bought it half out.

9 outfits in all.. (Yes, 9! I had more I erased them a while back) Store is Virtual Attire.
There is a catwomen one, assassin, white lynxx and some other stuff.

It's not too late to start looking for Halloween. These costumes are great for parties.. while supplies last. Batteries not included. Limited time offer. act, now and I will throw in a 10th necko outfit for free!

Get them before they are gone.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Coming up!

I sorta have a video in mind.. well, I bought some props to do it.. then again, I lost track of the amount of times I bought a outfit or something for a video and never did it.

I have a lot of ideas for upcoming photos... I even have some poses Im looking forward to doing. Eventually I want to get to a point where I will take my photos and build a 3D scene in after effects. Maybe even get into scene creation (all digital) sorta like they did in the movie Gladiator.

I also have another project I been toying around with and will reveal that in a few days.

For now.... I have to once again get my inventory straightened out. I have acquire a TON of stuff in the last week. I mean a ton.. some really cute hairstyles. A few pairs of pants I love!! Some pumps.. ton of tops..

One thing I really... really.. dislike is these stores that airbrush their ad photos. You see a top and you buy it only to find out it dont look nearly as good as in the picture. It's a bunch of bullshit if you ask me.

Wish I could go get some prim rats and set them loose or maybe even better round up a bunch of noobs and set them free in the store.