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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mother nature is my Wingman

Yesterday, I had a really roller coaster day... which sums up my year. It's been a stressful year for me... I look to SL as a stress reliever, but at the same time it has become part of the problem. I think in general I take RL frustrations and when something happens in SL I don't agree with, I let it be known. this blog makes it so easy to be vocal and do that. In real life, I just don't do that. I think in RL i need to speak up more. Like I said this blog makes it so easy..

To make a long story somewhat short... I had the power to my house do out last night just as I logged into SL. Huge storm! Thunder, lighting.. I thought I was going to end up in the land of Oz.

When the power goes out and you are not ready... it's not fun. Walking around the house with only the light on my cellphone trying to find a flashlight and a lighter to light candles. So I waited.. and waited. Kept storming.. lighting. No power.. hour and a half goes by storm stops... no power. I'm going nuts.. my cell phone was about dead from using it as a flashlight and txting. It's 9:00 PM! So I try to go to bed. It's so hot and I'm wide awake!!

So my dog was scared to death of this storm and was by my side the entire time. So I get out of bed slip on some shorts, wife beater and my sneakers.. no bra or panties lol. I decided to find out what the fuck happened. So I take my dog for a walk to show him the world didn't end just yet.

My street has a lot of trees.. with no street lights its DARK! Oh my.. so I head down the street. at the end of the street is a guy who owns this amazing older mustang which I love. So we sort of flirt with each other when he catches me walking my dog.

So he out front of this house drinking beer with a friend of his trying to figure out what's happening too. His friend took off and he handed me a beer and him, my dog and I went to find out what's the deal.

So we walk around the block... everything is dark for the most part. So I go to put my dog in the house I trip and almost kill myself.. what's worse is I spilled my beer!

So he says he has more beer back at his place.. So we go back there sit on his porch drinking beer. Talking, flirting.. Still no power.. Maybe it was the beer. Maybe it was no power or the combination.. but we started to fool around. In a room with 4 candles.. it was kind of romantic, but there was no romance.. it was straight up hot, sticky lust sex with dirty sexy talk. He fucked me hard and good, just like I told him I liked it :)

BUT! It ended all too soon... because his girlfriend was getting off work soon! I kinda thought he had a girlfriend, but I didnt want to believe it. So I got dressed... with the little that I had on. I couldn't find one of my shoes. So we started kissing... you know one of those deals were a simple kiss goes on and on.. there goes my shorts! He bent me over the couch and started fucking me again, doggy. oh my...

so I had to go.. the power was back on. I went to take a really cold shower and couldn't stop thinking about it. So I jumped on SL trying to get more there lol. I couldn't find anyone who "did it for me"..

In SL you have to keep my interest.. and a lot of guys are just not up to the task. It's like I'm answering the same questions.

So thanks to mother nature it forced me to step away from Second life and live life.. again. Which, I need to go more of. I woke up today with a smile on my face. :)


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