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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Blinded by Ignorance

So the creator of the Hitler Orgy picture,  Debora Stine,  spoke up on the Great Pretender's web site. She claims the picture is just about sex.

Let's see... you take one of history's most despised and ruthless people who commanded the execution of 2/3 of a race of people in Europe along with millions of others. Let me add defenseless people and make him look like Ron Jeremy. 

You claim there are thousands of web site supporting the Nazi swastika. I'm sure there are some, I can't report the numbers I don't visit them. Then again, you look on the internet hard enough you can find anything you want.

I'm sorry, I use the internet everyday I'm not bombarded by Neo-Nazi - Nazi crap. In the last year I have come across it twice. Once was an article about Neo_Nazi people making Necko avatars and walking around SL with Nazi War Uniforms on talking about Genocide. The second was your picture. It's not as common as you claim.

Seriously, why would anyone want to sensationalize Hitler and the nazi party? Look up Nazi Propaganda WW II posters. Hell, that would of fit right into their recruitment of young men to serve Hitler.

So you are either Pro-Neo Nazism or really ignorant.

In fact I replied to your comment on the Great Pretender's blog, but she didn't make it public. (you wonder why I hate that bitch)

So Debora Stine I ask you this...

Say one of your family members was viciously killed by motor cycle gang for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. They are raped, killed and dismembered them.. 

Shortly after you come across a picture on the internet of the same motorcycle gang taking turn on some girl. Sort of like the picture you made. Knowing that they killed your loved one and you will never see them again. You going to tell me that this picture would be just a "sex picture" to you? That is wont have any personal meaning to you? That it wouldn't make you angry or hurt?

If you say it wouldn't you have no feelings. You must be dead.

My point is you are glorifying a horrific period in time for some people. I'm not Jewish, but I'm not a dumbass either. Let me lock you in my basement for 20 years. I'm sure once I let you out the last thing you would want to see is my basement again.

I have seen your photos... get your head out of your ass, they are actually good. You don't need to rely of cheap gimmicks to get attention like Emma Sheperd. you have talent she has nothing.. but her ability to pretend.

It's up to you..


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