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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Video Concept

I started on a new video today. Actually it was a sort of a concept I have wanted to do a long time. I'm a big fan of the movie "Almost Famous". It's sort of one of those movies I can watch over and over, because there are parts of the movie I just look forward to. I'm also a big Jason Lee fan.

So I always had this idea to do a movie based on a all girl rock band. I think all girl rock bands are hot! A girl with a guitar is very sexy. I'm a big fan of Joan Jett. I think she is amazing. Go Go's were ok... I'm a huge fan of TLC. As far as Im concerned they were the best female group the last 20 years. (I used two of their songs in my movie Sinderella).

Before second life I played Rock Band some... I just wish i was better at Rock Band, but I quit a long time ago as I got too frustrated and could never be as good as I wanted. I loved the music though, so much. I did enjoy battling against people one on one. My band was called "Soggy Kitty". I had several members Britney Blows, Lindsey Swallows and of course the leader of the band, Rayven!

So basically I'm going to make a rock video. There are a few songs I have in mind... but the other day I came across this new all girl rock group. They are all just like 14-15 years old. Seems they are influenced by the Runaways, which were a group of young girls in the 70's who were in a band and Joan Jett was one of them.

I guess some will like the videos.. some may not. In a traditional rock girl style I say "Fuck it!" If I learned anything from the movie "The school of Rock" it's Rock is about attitude! So Dewey Fin this one if your you, buddy!


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