"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Monday, August 1, 2011

Coming up!

I sorta have a video in mind.. well, I bought some props to do it.. then again, I lost track of the amount of times I bought a outfit or something for a video and never did it.

I have a lot of ideas for upcoming photos... I even have some poses Im looking forward to doing. Eventually I want to get to a point where I will take my photos and build a 3D scene in after effects. Maybe even get into scene creation (all digital) sorta like they did in the movie Gladiator.

I also have another project I been toying around with and will reveal that in a few days.

For now.... I have to once again get my inventory straightened out. I have acquire a TON of stuff in the last week. I mean a ton.. some really cute hairstyles. A few pairs of pants I love!! Some pumps.. ton of tops..

One thing I really... really.. dislike is these stores that airbrush their ad photos. You see a top and you buy it only to find out it dont look nearly as good as in the picture. It's a bunch of bullshit if you ask me.

Wish I could go get some prim rats and set them loose or maybe even better round up a bunch of noobs and set them free in the store.


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