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Thursday, August 11, 2011

We all make mistakes...

An some of us admit to them... and some other don't or have never have. I made mistake the other day. I read a post and comments on "The biggest (well according to them) SL Porn Star's" blog and I sort of responded when I shouldn't have. Well, at least not on that blog. It was about Naughty Machinima, which to me I have been campaigning for people to take notice to the direction it was headed...and alter some of their methods on video making. 
Yes, Naughty machinima is a paid site now... It shouldn't be a surprise. I posted Muzed comments on my site way back late last year how he was concerned with bandwidth usage. An changes would be made in the future. Problem was some just went on with their wasteful ways.

So the other day I read a comment by someone... trying to make a similarity to a house and Naughty Machinima. Which was the worst analogy I have ever read. So this person was trying to flip the blame on Muze for not setting limits from the start. Yes, limits would of maybe limited the damage... but how can you blame a guy for providing a FREE service for a community to show their videos? That's like blaming a guy who runs into a burning building to save someone and he is too late. He made a effort to provide exposure for videos and wanted nothing in return. Yea, his fault.. for being generous.

Did you ever think Muze's intentions were never to put limits or tell people what to do only when he was FORCED to change things to keep the web page up? You can tell a lot about someone when you do a favor for them and they just walk all over you... or when you ask them for something, they dont have the time. We are all adults.. well, supposed to be.. but some you have to wonder about.

Facts are without Naughty Machinima there would be no "SL biggest Porn star" as much as she wants to think there would be. Half these videos wouldnt of been made, period. As much as Naughty Machinima made "SL's biggest porn star" she did nothing to help it remain a important part of the SL Porn community.

Instead she didn't want to lose blog followers.. twitter followers. Since this person was one of the pioneers in video boosting and others looked at her bloated views and felt they needed to compete and boosted themselves... she didnt say anything...but "keep uploading".

Why was it a mistake I commented on her site? Well, the previous post a few months ago about Naughty Machinima was a joke.. which saw my comment stay hidden for days while the discussion died, because it went from a Emma ass kissing post, to people with different opinions. An once others started to have a different opinions than her and were not planting their lips on her ass.. it was time to put a end to that.

I should of learned there... but I didnt. Her blog is just a bunch of fluff, censored in a way to spin a story the way she wants you to see it. Its about as realistic and legit as the National Enquirer. I think though, more people see that now then a year ago. I know they have because they have told me.

With Naughty Machinima death, talented people are done with SL porn. Even if Muze was to have a change of heart... it wont last. Certain individuals will start spamming their daily videos all over again. So how can you blame Muze this community was broken from the start.

When Muze told me bandwidth was a issue and I said put more time into making quality and produce less quantity I was about burned at the stake. I had people saying I can't tell others how to make videos. It wasn't the fact I thought I was a video snob its because I could see more than a foot in front of my eyes at a problem that was eventually going to boil over. Here it is.. you get what you ask for. I hope it's all you asked for.

I don't really miss Naughty Machinima.. because it sort of was a root of all evil in this community. Video spamming, comment bosting, video boosting... all while egos being boosted in the process. I do feel bad for the way it turned out.. because it was Muze's site. Obviously he enjoyed Machinima and wanted to share his love with others.. FREE, but then people started to shit all over it.

Ever since I walked away from videos and got into photos.. it was the best thing I could have ever done. First off, it allows me to be creative. I have wanted to make a video for a while but deep down it wasn't in me because of the community in general turned me off.

I'm getting better photo wise and building my flickr. Best part about it.. no spamming. People have been making my photos their favorites.. but that's not why I do it. I just have fun doing it.

Today I bought over 100 poses and will soon will be buying a photo studio and down the road looking forward to starting my first SL business and I couldn't be happier.

I guess we all have to make adjustments now and I have made mine.


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