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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Great clothes give away thing of a jig

So I'm sorting out my inventory... and I noticed I have a LOT of shit. An a lot of shit I wont wear.. because.. well, we do have our favorites. I'm not saying the stuff is bad.. at all. None of it is freebie wear. Someone paid for it... I stress the word someone. Hell some stuff I bought not to long ago and you can transfer it.

So what I will do is post a few pics of me wearing the item on my blog and if you are interested I will send you it. In case there is a tie... the person who gravels and tell me how generous and beautiful the Princess is wins!

First come first serve.. actually, but I want everyone who is interested to get something. So if i gave you something and someone else wants it.. I will give it to them. An if nobody wants it.. I will find a noob somewhere and have them turn over their soul in order to have something owned (maybe not worn) by the Princess!

So the first items on the list is a set of Necko outfits including tails.. which I dont ever recall wearing It was one of those things where I was given some money when I first started second life.. came across a store and bought it half out.

9 outfits in all.. (Yes, 9! I had more I erased them a while back) Store is Virtual Attire.
There is a catwomen one, assassin, white lynxx and some other stuff.

It's not too late to start looking for Halloween. These costumes are great for parties.. while supplies last. Batteries not included. Limited time offer. act, now and I will throw in a 10th necko outfit for free!

Get them before they are gone.


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