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[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It is what it is

A few nights ago I had a discussion with Scooby Mode and to which I regret. In fact to go back even further I regret ever trying to call a truce with this person or taking them off mute. I wont make that mistake again as they will remain on mute from here on out.

I have come to terms there are a few people I can't stand and will never like for various reasons.

To make a long story short, Mr. Mode claimed (somehow) using an alt detector I was this person and that person. Which is kind of funny, because he also trying to say my IP address is hidden. So if my IP address is hidden, how can you tell I'm all these people? It's because you are talking out your ass. So he started to call me a Troll because I questioned the truth in his statement because his story seemed to change. One minute my IP address was hidden, then next he said i was all these other accounts. In a way it was sort of funny thing all coming from someone who has a ton of fake accounts on Naughty Machinima.

It's funny to think people don't have alts. It's so easy to create a new account... do I? I guess you could say I do. I have one account I started my first day of second life where I removed my foot by accident. Since I was new I didn't know how to fix it so I started a new account.. which in turn became Rayven Baily and really the only account I use.

Mr. Mode likes to whine about a lot of things, but on this day he was crying about me being an avatar which has been in a few of my movies, Brady Neiro. In fact, He mentioned something I 100% over looked (bravo to him. blind squirrel eventually finds a nut) which was Brady Neiro and I share the same REZ day.

So I thought about this.. and here is the truth.

I pretty much found out about SL watching the movie Hot Tub Time machine. After seeing it in that movie I read about it a little and decided to try it. I talked a friend of mine into trying it too. Their account was Brady Neiro.

Well, I enjoyed the exploring and shopping aspect right from the start.. my friend just wanted to have sex. Once he had sex a few times he sort of lost interest and went back to playing Xbox.

So I got into making movies and didn't have a whole lot of extra time and had one scene to shoot which was the sex scene in Sinderella. I asked my friend since they weren't using the avatar actively if I could use it. At the time I wasn't even sure if I could pull it off. 

I showed my friend and he liked the outcome. I don't have as much time as others to shoot or to work my schedule in with theirs at times, but still want to make movies. So I started to use the avatar or Brady Neiro a few times here and there.

With a agreement between the two of us which was:

1) I would only use the avatar for filming. I would not speak, act, or contact anyone through it.

On his part he wouldn't get in touch with anyone in of the SLPorn community.  

He logs in every once in a while, but it's basically to try to go to a club and get laid. He didn't mind me using his avatar because he likes to show off the movies.

Basically the avatar served as nothing more than a  movie prop just like a bed, a stripper pole or a couch.

At no time did I ever try to mislead anyone into thinking he was anything more than that. I have never made a film promoting him as a huge star in the film. I never not once promoted a film just on his name. Really, all he got was his name in the credits and a face in the movie.

If I had my choice I would prefer to work with others. Filming and controlling two avatars at the same time is boring and can be more difficult. Working with Prince JD in making School Daze was easier than making Happy Hour, but as I said I don't have the time sometimes. So if I have a movie idea, why should that hold me back from making a movie?

Then again I feel Im not the only person who has done it. I look at La Cagna Ricca. Ace Oberts?
Has one role in SL Porn and lands such a juicy role for a first and only movie. Ace Oberts has no information at all in his profile.

I'm not saying it was wrong to do that...  just saying seem like I'm not the only one.

All I will say is this.. how does it feel knowing I have two viewers open at the same time, yet my movies didn't suffer from low FPS and the slide show effect as your movies do?

Who's laughing now?


  1. In two of my movies I have used two old avies of mine (which are not "alts", just old avies I hardly use. I don't see what the big deal is. Having different avies is no different than having different clothes. They are props in a movie.

    I wonder if people are aware that the Lindens are cracking down hard on people that violate the TOS by divulging personal information, such as alternate avies...

    As a sim owner, especially one frequented by alts, I have banned any use of alt detectors. I view it as not only a violation of the TOS, but also a violation of the trust between my visitors and myself. If I catch anyone using an alt detector on my sim, they will be banned and reported.

  2. Rayven, you are off the mark with Ace. Actually half a world (from America) away wrong . Ace is a very real person and was truly in this film. I won't say specifically where he is from but it is GMT + 4. Ace served me for over 1 year with great distinction and we were very very close. The photo in his profile was taken by Go Hoc. We used him in the movie that week and sadly in the following week we had a huge disagreement and we parted ways. He left Toy Slaves. He was then married to a Manager of a SL Escort club. His profile is blank now...perhaps set to "not show in search" or he has left SL. He's a real person. Emanuelle hasn't made any pictures since La Cagna. Please find out the facts before you make accusations. You owe Ema an apology!!
    As for using Alts -- i don't have a problem with it, but of course, it is more fun to do it with live people -- thats why we are here...but in some cases, an alt has to be used to allow for a particular level of presence or control.

  3. If you say he is real then he is real. I figured he was a bot at your club. There was no profile pic three different times I looked at his profile yesterday before writing that.

    I was punished in Emma group for doing nothing within the group. Punishment was supposed to last until the end of the year in went on into the first week of Jan and I left. Not to mention she cut Scooby's punishment shorter. Hey, I never got an apology.