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[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Roleplaying blows!

Over the last week I made a serious attempt at trying to role play in second life. Now, I will never get that time I wasted back.

First off, some of these people take it WAY too serious. If you are new and run into the wrong person, good luck. You will get a tongue lashing.

The sim I was playing you had to level up and some of these people were there 24/7. There were people with a crazy high level like 70, and it took me days just to get level 5. (level xp needed doubles each level)

Earlier today I had a rather unpleasant experience with a Sim GM who docked me XP for "camping" which is standing around just getting Xp. Which is wasn't.. That's not what pissed me off.. it was her attitude and lack of knowing what really happen, but acted like she did. Her management skills are good enough someday to land her an assistant manager job at Taco Bell.

Now that I can say I tried and wasted a week of my life role playing, it's time to move on. Like I said yesterday I have no current plans to make any SL Porn movies. I'm not sure what is next... I might just make some normal Machinima films and put a little more into the visual effects and less on the sex.


  1. LoL what Sim was that?
    I'm also surprised that there is like zero fun at most RP Sims. Either it's what you describe and they make you feel totally unwelcome even unwanted or you get hit with 50 IMs on your arrival with people asking you for sex "Hello, what don't you understand about RP? It's both reasons I gave up on RP in SL

  2. Some sim called WAR or something some guy I met at another Sim TPed me. The GM who docked me points was a real bitch. When I asked her who the owner of the sim was so I could appeal, she got real nasty. Gotta love how people get a little power and think they own SL.

    Only reason I stuck with it is there is this level 19 who attacked me when I was level 1. Seems to only attack new people and then brag afterwards. I just wanted to get higher in level to jump him. Leveling takes way too much time. Sure, it would be sweet, but not at the cost of several week playing this stupid game.