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[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Some people might lead you to believe the great and wonderful Pornstars group was brought crashing down by a few people. Why not, it's so much easier to point the finger at a few. *cough* Lee Harvey Oswald *cough*.
Facts are it wasn't the wonderful and great place they make it out to be in the first place. Pornstars group used to be just a roleplay group, with one exception... there were no role play rules. Head to any role play sim there are the rules at the landing zone. 

It wasn't about the product, it was about thrusting certain people into the limelight if they deserved it or not. A fake illusion that they were these mega-stars.

Then when others started to produce better edited movies,..started using green screen, shadows and stepped up the game. Some of those that were "Stars" in the golden age gave up and quit SL Porn because it shifted to where you had to actually put time into your effort.

How many people in the Pornstars group are there? How many actually take an active part? I'm going to say a majority of them are non-active. In fact a couple of months ago I had a handful of conversations with people and they all said the same exact thing I was thinking at the time. 

That is when they first got into the Pornstars group you think it's something special.. some exclusive group. You are sort of taken back. Emmanuelle posts about stuff happening in the community (not all of it true) but it's reported as the truth. You buy into it.

In fact I thought Emmanuelle was a well know name around Second life when I first got into the group... then reality hit you. 95% (maybe more) of the people in second life has no knowledge of the group existing.

There are much bigger issues, but let not take those in consideration.. no let's point the finger. 

There is one member who likes to complain about notices sent out. When I first got into Pornstars I basically just had my blog. Ivori Faith myself were activity updating our blogs. So this person bitched about notices sent out... from what I understand there is some issue with promoting your club now. What kind of message does that send.. you cant send out a notice you have a event where people and mix and meet, but it's ok to use pornstars chat to tell everyone about your dating problems because you are trying to meet the man of your dreams at places called Cum dumpsters?

What happened to Nikolas Frederix? He came out like gangbusters and a hand full of great videos? It goes back to what said... at first you think the group is something special.. but it wears off quickly.

Did you ever think this group or community was broken from the start? I'm sure a great number of those people who have joined the group have come and gone because, well.. they expect they are going to be thrown in a movie.. weeks pass and they get tired of waiting.

Over the last month I have joined a few normal Machinima groups and they are above and beyond more helpful and overall a better community. Pornstars chat is nothing more than a time killer to flirt with someone, but no real movies are ever made out of it.

I'm no longer in the group and others that I have talked to have said the same thing. Best thing they have done was to leave it.

I have no intentions on making another SL Porn movie at this time. When someone went and ratted me out telling Blip.TV about my videos and getting them removed.. I don't know that was pretty low. At this time I dont feel its worth the time and effort.

I left the Pornstars group back in early January and since released several videos. This without being in the Pornstars group and sending out notices. My movies all did very well and placed in the Stripped and Tease top 10. All without fake views.. and hitting the refresh button on the browser. So being in the Pornstars group doesn't mean you have to take part to have success..

If the old Pornstars group was so great before.. then it really shouldnt be hard to build it back up with new fresh faces... but truth is... it was only great for a select few.


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