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[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Friday, March 18, 2011

First round knockout!

Seriously? Wow, you are a fool. Why pick a fight you can't win? You have zero chance of winning Zero!

Let me set you straight.. and then I will serve up the final blow at a later date.

Fact #1: Scooby Mode had never heard of the word "hypocrite" until I called him out on his hypocrisy months ago, now like a toddler who just learned how to say "Hi" he says it every five minutes. Gratz, I'm glad I was able to teach you something.

Fact #2: I didn't even know you had a movie on Blip.tv last I recall you were saying it's wasn't that good and were hyping up some porn site where you uploaded that laggy piece of shit western movie.

Fact#3 If I'm an alt then I sure am one hell of an expensive alt. I'm sure I have well over at least $500.00 American dollars worth of stuff maybe even more in my inventory. Then again like I said earlier I sorta am an alt. My original account was Rayven Macalroy where like i said I removed my leg/foot and didn't know how to fix it so I started a new account. Look it up, jackass.I havent logged into that account since then.

Jack? Last I checked "Jack" never appeared in any movie I had my name attached to, but was in your movie. So, seems you are the one who needs to explain things.

Voice? I worked as a escort in a voice strip club.lol. Good one. I never got into second life to "voice with people". One of my first sugar daddys was big on voice sex and it just wasn't for me. Then after talking to a friend of mine (who has no connection to SL porn or porn stars) brought up a good point.  Which was men recording my voice possibly making gestures or putting it on the web somewhere.

If I was going to have voice sex or cam sex - it's not going to be on second life. I will go make my own web site and make a hell of a lot more money that way. It's not something I'm interested in, and really is a reason I don't escort anymore, because it too hard to compete with the ones that will. 

Fact #4 - I never said I pulled out of the Awards show. I said Emma gave me my money back prior to the show. At the deadline she talked me into entering and said "Judges would be from outside of the Pornstars group and there would be little or no contact with them" Weeks later she was blogging two of the judges photos on her site. Judges who were supposed to be impartial. She had a movie in the judging process. I asked her about that.. and questioned her about the "little or no contact" comment in the end, we didn't see eye to eye and since I was given my money back I didnt think I had a honest chance to win anything. Don't believe me? Ask her, jackass. 

Fact #5 - If I rated your movies a 1 first then I would of first went straight to that lag fest piece of shit western movie of yours. Yes, every time someone gives you less than a 5 rating it's me. That's why your videos "U don't know" and "Never call you a bitch again" were already rated 3s before I rated them anything AFTER you gave my movies a 1. I guess I have a time machine too. An you wonder why people don't like you. lol. Maybe you are a whiner.. go back to pornstars chat and plea for people to like you some more.

Fact #6: Movie bumping/blog bumping: My blog from day 1 has been set to not count my views. If I bump my own movies how come My featured movie "Dommaiatrix" lags behind other featured movies?

Let's see my movie Dommaidatrix currently has 5412 views over a 153 day span. So It's averaging 35 views a day.

You have a movie "The tennis Girl" with 15,466 views. JonHelfer comments on the movie it hits over 5,000 two months after the release. So lets see so without this being a featured movie, you have almost as many views as mine in half the time. The numbers don't add up. What's even funnier is you said you took a break and came back in early November.  Look  up those movies were getting at the most 400 views. Then over time the views started to jump up lol. Owned.

Fact #7: You claim I'm a stalker, but you admit to monitoring my NM account all day lol. There is this new invention it's called a cell phone. I have a Droid cell phone, guess what?  I can pull up and log into Naughty Machinima from it. I even have a app I can come on to second life and chat or teleport. Wow, the wonders of modern science.

I think I have rated one Emmauelle Jameson movies ever which was La Cagna Ricca when it first came out. I also sent her a IM to which the comments can be found on her web site. In fact when she released those short Halloween and holiday videos I was surprised they received any kind of bad ratings as I thought the entire community was brain washed into thinking she was god.

Dee Lite - I told her myself I thought she had some of the best looking videos around. I gave the Call me one 5 stars. I think I gave the latest Ryans Falls movie 5 stars and thought it was top notch with the exception of Aurora sounding like she had a mouth full of marbles. Other than that I havent rated her movies.

 Ruff Brocco - I think he does great work, with the exception of some of the last few movies produced. "Sex room" was WAY overrated. Lackluster edits which all could of been corrected. I thought when I saw the trailer for "Black Dynamite" it was going to be something special, then I thought the first video for it was a major letdown from what was in the trailer, but I didn't give it a 1 rating. I don't think I rated it at all.

Aurora - I don't try to hide the fact I really don't like this girl. When I first joined Pornstars group she was throwing a fit for a hour in a half in group chat because someone gave here a bad rating on a 80's dance video. which really there wasn't anything special about it. It was the kind of video you expect from someone making their first video not 30th. Then shortly after that I was in group chat and Ivori faith called me princess. Aurora quickly snapped back with something like "Im the real princess around here" To which I just let it slide with no reply...

Going back to the view boosting... She is a prime example. Emma blogs Scooby and Ruff hit 10,000 views then less than 24 hours somehow Aurora does it. lol. Kind of funny last time I talked to Aurora I mentioned it. She claims she has never done it.

When I released my movie Seducing Santa for the first time she had a movie on page two almost page three on NM. Yet, her movie matched mine in views basically on a daily basis. She claims she has a lot of followers in her group.. Yet, in November she was in Pornstars chat asking people to go vote for her on Emma web page. Then back in Jan. sent out a notice asking people to vote for her. lol  If you have so many followers why didn't they go vote for you? Same account can't vote multiple times? Hitting refresh on the browser don't work on polls? In the end I'm sure i have given Aurora bad ratings, then again when I had like 9 accounts in Mid December in one day rate my movies a 1 while I was Xmas shopping, I'm pretty sure she was part of it.

Then again just like when I caught CeeCee Lumios boosting while I was uploading a video.. boosters always have some type of bad story. When I called CeCe out and blog he/she/it, I put them in a no win situation.

A) If they continued boosting, someone else would see it.
B) If they stopped, their movie would be so far off the pace of the rest of their movies it would be obvious they were boosting.

They picked option B. An in the three days following them getting caught they had like a total of 35 views. An since all their other movies were over, and sometimes well over 1,000 views.. it was obvious what was going on, but they denied, denied, denied.

I dont have to sit watching Naughty Machinima too see if you are bumping videos. All it really does it takes common sense. Something you seem to lack.

Fact #8- I didn't report Serenity to Blip.tv. In fact just before my account got erased I told her that one of her movies was showing up in the Blip.TV web page search and told her she should change it so she wouldn't get banned. Good one!

I leave this with a question to you, Scooby. How can mom and dad spend thousands of dollars on a computer yet you still produce sub par videos? Hiccups in the animations? Not lag? That's funny, in your videos then why do the clouds stop and pause in mid air lol. 

Seriously, you are like one of those guys who buys a brand new mustang thinking they are the shit all of a sudden and goes out and loses a race to someone with a far inferior car.

Seems more like the person making the videos not the computer that needs replacing


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