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[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Monday, March 21, 2011

My story part II

Awards show comes and goes I didn't go, then again I had left the Pornstars group after still being on punishment when I was supposed to have been off for a week. (Yes, no favorites, right) Scooby is the news as me makes a total ass of himself. After the awards show he goes and posts on his blog Serenity Juneberry cheated not once, but twice to beat him and I helped her in the online poll.

So about three weeks later - Nikolas Frederix comes out with Cowboy X and then does a film with Serenity. So Scooby sends me a IM crying about how Serenity did a movie with this new guy and yet won't do one with him.

Talk about ego's - Let's see.. Nikolas didn't claim she was a cheater and try to spoil which was a obvious high point of her career. So I didn't blame her for not wanting to make a movie with him Then again at that point nobody did, but when you have a huge ego.. that don't matter.

So there was a point where I bought some guns. I wanted to try them out so, who would be better to blow up them someone I can't stand. So I ask Scooby if I can test them out on him, He says sure. So I say ok, let me find a play to do it, So HE suggests his land. He telports me.. I start blowing stuff up and he goes flying in the air. Hell yea, it was fun! So he puts on a shield and tell me to keep shooting to try to blow him up. So at one point he says he has to re-log. So I flew up in the air with one intention to blow up everything on the ground so the minute he spawn he would go flying. Which did happen.. I took great joy in watching him sail up in the air and back down past me both times.But I guess when I was in the air I shooting down I was blowing up more of a bigger radius and actually the kick back hit me. So at one point I was flying over some farm with horses, I didn't shoot the horses or anyone in the farm. I flew over to some water. Two women TPed to me, figured they wanted to say something. I did no shoot them. Next thing you know I was kicked and one starts IMing saying she is going to report me for griefing, lol I tell her feel free because I wasn't and I was teleported there and I was told my someone living there to shoot them. So Linden Labs never contacted me. I was never banned... obviously they saw through the bullshit, but once again someone told me Scooby and his buddies were saying I was griefing their entire island. Gotta love the lies and misinformation this guy comes up with,

So eventually this whole truce between him and I falls apart. He claims I all sorts of different people on SL. Calls me a troll. So we have a discussion with it ending with me putting him back on ignore

Scooby wrote a bunch of crap.. including that I wrote Blip.tv and had Serenity Juneberry's videos removed and stabbed her in the back. (like I said he sure does have a wild imagination) I replied to all his "crap" on my blog first-round-knockout

Now all of a sudden he claims I posted anonymous on his blog.  Right, I speak my mind on this blog, Naughty Machinima, I have posted on Emma's blog at times and she hasn't posted it, posted on Aurora's blog, Sleeepy's, Hard Rust, Serenity's/ Never felt the need to hide what I'm saying.

Then again, he is really the ONLY person I know who has made anonymous posts in the past.  He posted on Aurora blog anonymous, I thought it was Amykins and Aurora admitted it was Scooby. Even after his identiy was given up, he lied it wasn't him. Yea, you always tell the truth lol.

Just like you don't bump your views.. but have a movie with over 15,000 views and it's not a featured film nor is there anything out of this world special about it to warrant that many views. Oh course you FAILED to address this. Yet, I'm the fake? lol

Then you claim I entered 9 categories in the Awards show. Wow really? dommaidatrix-is-in-awards-show I see 4. Then again I know you read that post, you told me you did. So to say I entered 9 was a lie.. then again you always tell the truth.

So now all of a sudden your latest bullshit you are floating around is I'm a guy. Why not believe it you been so honest up until this point. Why do I seriously need to prove ANYTHING to you? 90% of the people doing SL Porn Machinima dont voice. I personally don't care for it, because I'm too anal about my work and Everyone would have to be pretty good. I don't have low standards like yourself..  Some has been great, Life goes on was amazing. Ryans Falls might be the best of the bunch, then again there have been some sub par efforts.

When I brought up the fact to Scooby last week that his Western movie was the laggiest movie ever made. Guess what his response was? Let's see you go there and shoot a movie. Exactly. Any decent SL Director wouldn't but Scooby did. Notice I said decent. Now all of a sudden he is claiming he is going to do a all voice movie and the voice might not be great. Well, that sure sounds like your typical Scooby movie.. aim low, yet brag like it's the best.

Has the biggest Porn star in Second life ever done a voice movie? She don't even have a payment set up according to her profile and I'm the Alt? I think if you did a poll of everyone in second life "what's the first thing you look for if you are trying to decide if someone is a alt" Top answer would we lack of payment information attached to the account. Then again, you are too busy trying to kiss her ass to get in good standing with her after your meltdown, and she is doing her best to make you seem like Leonardo DiCaprio. Hey let's just ignore all the facts.

  Even if I was to do a voice movie just to prove myself, Im sure then a new lie would be started that is wasn't me, but someone I got to do it for me. So like I said I have nothing to prove. I worked in a voice escort club which had voice events. How did I go about fooling these people? How did I go about fooling paying customers? lol. You are a fool and are desperate to say anything, because unlike you. I backing my replies with links and proven factual information. Your whole accusations are based on LIES.

Oh yea one more thing... Your mommy and daddy did buy your computer. When you pay no rent, they feed, buy your clothes and pay the bills.. they are allowing you to have income a normal ADULT wouldn't have. If everyone could live rent free, with no bills... didn't have to work and was sent a check every week, Everyone would have a new computer every year and a new car every two years. Some of us have second life and real lives. Seems your second life is your life. Cause I know when I turned 21 I was in New Orleans during Mari Gras. You spent your first St. Patrick Day of legal drinking age on second life all day monitoring how many times I logged into Naughty Machinima so you can bitch about it.

As Charlie Sheen would say

 You are fighting a losing battle. The more your talk and make shit up, then more you look like a fool.


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