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Sunday, December 5, 2010

A salute to a fine SL Director!

Today Scooby Mode went on Naughty Machinima with his alt accounts and his own and gave my latest movie flight club 1 star rating dropping it down from 5 stars to 3. So I started to wonder why would someone go through the trouble to do this? It's clear as day.. jealously. He can't reach the level of my movies so he goes on naughty Machinima with his fake accounts (all six) boost his ratings and drop mine. That is the only way to explain his movie ratings as I will show below.

Look at the picture above... amazing editing. Girl is holding on to what appears to be a invisible dick and sucking it. Maybe this is a protoype of the new x5 cock it turns invisible when sucked.

Here Scooby is giving this girl's left butt cheek a work out. 

Hmmm... so close yet so far way. Excellent adjustment of the pose ball. 

You have to admire the hard work put into editing this one.. Girls arms in the wall.. Hud showing. 

 I saved the best for last. This was from the underwater film he shot. Awesome close up of his cock not inside the female's body. Now here is the best part. 

The following is part of a conversation provided by Scooby Mode as he sent it to everyone in the pornstars group. 

[2010/11/21 22:50]  Rayven Baily: never said mine is perfect but to release a video a fuck sceen with the cock outside lol show how lazy and bad you are
[2010/11/21 22:51]  Scooby Mode: you must be blind as shit then
[2010/11/21 22:51]  Scooby Mode: becuz my cock was pretty much in her    the whole movie
[2010/11/21 22:51]  Scooby Mode: anal, or pussy
[2010/11/21 22:51]  Scooby Mode: no oen said you fuck the pussy everytime
[2010/11/21 22:51]  Scooby Mode: smart one.
[2010/11/21 22:51]  Rayven Baily: really? in the underwater video ? want me to send a screen pic for u
[2010/11/21 22:51]  Rayven Baily: get some glasses
[2010/11/21 22:52]  Scooby Mode: even if it did...  like i said im not perfect.
[2010/11/21 22:52]  Scooby Mode: and that dont make my video bad either
[2010/11/21 22:52]  Scooby Mode: i was actually going to make a real bad video
[2010/11/21 22:52]  Scooby Mode: for naughty machinima.
[2010/11/21 22:52]  Scooby Mode: hoenstly
[2010/11/21 22:52]  Rayven Baily: omg u seriosuly did know the cock wasnt in her OMG LOL LOL LOL

He had no clue the penis was showing LOL.What were you doing editing the movie with a blindfold on LOL.

This was only a small look at a few films... I'm sure there are some more excellent displays of his superior directing and editing skills in the rest of his movies.

I salute you Scooby Mode you give Newbies hope that with a little effort.. their first movie will be better than your 70th. Keep those amazing moments coming and keep us laughing at you.


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