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Friday, December 31, 2010

Worst rapper ever?

I just finished watching the documentary, "I'm still here" about Joaquin Phoenix's retirement from acting and going into making rap records. Last week I said I heard the worst rapper since Shaq... well, I stand by that statement. Even though Joaquin Phoenix is horrible at least he has some type of concept to match a slow beat with slow lyrics.. while the other person in question has no rhythm at all. Maybe Mr. Phoenix can go into SL directing next and teach this person how to make a decent movie. You would think after 75+ tries they would have some type of idea by now.


  1. That wasn't a "documentary" that was a silly project of Joaquin. It was all a hoax.

  2. It was shot as a documentary...hoax or not. Some people might argue a documentary film like loose change or one of Michael Moore's movies might not be 100% truthful... does that make them a hoax to? It could of very well of been a hoax, but it also documented his life over a certain span.