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Monday, December 6, 2010

A fix to the ruthhairfix

Does this picture look like you? Are you tired of being just a smoke cloud. Well, the Princess has the Ultimate Ruth Hair fix solution... for 500L I will rid you of that smoke cloud and allow you to roam second life freely, but you must act now supplies are limited. 
On a more serious note I noticed some of you are finding my blog to find a fix for the RuthhairFix. I suffered through this earlier in the year.  The picture above I'm actually using a poofer from a necklace I am not really a smoke cloud..but here is a fix. 

I'm using the Phoenix viewer you can get it here. Phoenix Viewer

1) Go to the top of the viewer next to help where it says Phoenix. The menu will drop down click on show advanced. 

2) Go down to character a another menu will pop up to the right

3) Character tests. Another menu will pop up to the right.

4) select "test male" or "test female" 

5) You will spawn as a default newbie avatar but you should be free and clear of the ruth hair fix. 

if you have another problem in the future rinse and repeat.


  1. works for two log in and then the ruthhairfix comes back

  2. Sorry to hear that. I had it come back a few days later I did the same thing and then never had it again.

  3. Thank you so much. This is the only fix I've found that actually works.

  4. The Ruthhairfix takes the place of your hairbase. Just put your hairbase back on and you won't be a cloud anymore. Delete the Ruthhairfix andbe happy. If it comes back, put your base back on again. Don't go through the trouble of resetting your avi everytime...

  5. That don't always work. When I first had the RuthHairfix problem months ago it would not allow me to put a hair base on. The only way I was able to correct the problem was character reset.

  6. ty rayven...this totally worked for me...dont know that having the ruthhairfix on was really a hindrance....but was kinda annoying to see it there lol....thanx again.:)