"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crab Face is back

So Mr. Harlee Fallen is all pissed off again... Yes, what else is new, huh? LOL. I guess they didn't like the coverage about their "wedding" or should I say exposed-sure.

So they are back ranting and raving on their blog. Geez.

So they have some crap on there "U Mad". What am or should I be mad at? I don't get it and neither do people who keep asking me. LOL. What have you ever done to make me mad? I'm laughing, actually. You are funny cause you are so serious. LOL and fly off the handle into your rages. You can tell when Fallen and their alts get mad.. they start typing these short 2-3 word fragments and spam one after another. Their blood must boil so they start mashing on the keyboard. LOL. Me? I stay calm and cool.. cause either way I'm going to make my point. No sense is working myself up to have a heart attack or nervous breakdown.

So Fallen starts scrapping the bottom of the barrel trying to find something to "diss" me about. So they choose my first even machinima video, Justin Love. A video that I'm pretty proud of.

So their claim (I guess) is I masterbated watching a Justin Bieber Video and then fucked a blow up doll. Wow, well.. that's great if it was meant to be a serious video. Considering the video was meant to be funny and filled with sarcasm.. once again, YOU FAIL. LOL.

I mean I poke fun of the act of masturbating to Justin Bieber at the end of the video saying it's pathetic.. sort of like you. I guess I should of attached a warning to the video... but I didn't think anyone was that dumb to not get it. LOL - nice try.

I don't even like that teeny bopper pop lip syncing crap.. but you sure do.. it's all over your blog. LOL. Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohand, Heidi Montag LOL. I bet you have a I-pod full of Beiber stuff. 

I mean hell.. that was my first video. I put more concept in it then people on their 20th videos.. which are the same boring shit all the time. An as for yourself... I failed to see any video from Mr. Harlee Fallen. It's not hard to sit on a pose ball... cause if Harlee Fallen can do it.. any noob could too.

Then they go on the cry about my avatar's skin. LOL. I been rocking the same skin for a year. Yea, I have and look damn good in it too. I have a skin not many others are using and I like it. So why would I want to go buy a new one? DUH  It's not like I can't... its cause I don't want to.  Just like I have no desire to be in any porn videos... My choice. Unlike you, I have heard from several people over the last two months you are pretty much going around begging to be in them LOL.

I mean, you are the last person who should criticize anyone's avatar. You wear the same shit all the other barbies wear. LOL. Put your ugly ass in a police line up the only thing that would give you away is your ugly crab face.

People ask me why I call you Crab Face... serious look at a picture of Harlee Fallen. Look at a crab.. now back at Fallen, now back to the Crab, now back to Fallen.

Look at the Crab's beady little eyes and the mouth

Now here is the picture the Crab Face sent. Notice there eyes are so beady you cant see them. Yuk!

Then the Crab Face monster claims I'm Maryse Arcana on their blog, but in their group and in world they are saying Maryse is my dog or sidekick. Which one is it? LOL.

This person is so confused, desperate and paranoid they have no idea what's going on. LOL

Finally if that wasn't enough.. they brought up their "wedding" but didn't have anything to say about a Barbie Bimbo pretending to be their fake sugar daddy. LOL. I guess that lie is still in the works LOL. They are still typing up a new chat dialog.. I mean It only took them a month or so to come up with their version of the transcript between Max and themselves when they confessed to being a man in RL.

So stay tuned for that... and with will come more laughs.


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