"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Liars never Prosper!

So according to Jumpman Lane about his contest.. Cheaters never prosper.

"Jumpy aint no fool! If Jumpy gotta pay out his hard earned monies, rest assured it wont be to a cheat. We figured some enterprising miscreants would try to ballot stuff our little contest. Thats why we chose ACEPOLLS.
Remember, there is only one vote per IP per 24 hour period. Multiple votes within  that 24 hour period will be deleted on an automated schedule of once every 36 hours or so.

We would like to thank nominees Meg Corral and Harlee Fallen for their integrity and their sincere wish to have an honest contest. That is our wish too here at Pixel X Magazine."

First, off you are a liar.. and I will say why in a second.

Harlee Fallen and Meg Corral for their intergrity? LOL.  Early today Meg Corral had over 100 votes in the Female model category. They are back to 24 votes. So where are the other 76+ votes? It dont seem like they got a vote today. LOL.

Mr. Harlee Fallen had someting like 50-60 votes earlier. What happened to all those missing votes? LOL

The poll didn't erase multiple votes by same IP addresses.. who are you fooling. All you did was reset the poll back to a earlier time yesterday. How do I know this? Cause Serenity Kristan (Juneberry) originally wasn't on Best Machinima director and was added to it later. Now they are once again not there. You re-set the stats back to when they werent in the contest. If multiple votes would of just been removed, they would still be on the best director.

Whooops! Nice try dip-shit. Obviously you are not that smart.. that's why you need an army of clowns to do a one person job.

So basically you reset the stats to when Meg Corral and Harlee Fallen jumped out to huge leads by boosting their numbers and then cried about it when they got passed up.  Seriously are we to believe Harlee Fallen got 25 votes in the first 3 hours of the contest all legit LOL. Meg Corral hasnt had a vote in 8 hours but they got 25 votes the first 3 hours LOL. Yea ok... So this person jumps out of the box with 24-30  votes. The next morning has 100? Yet they cant get 1 vote over a 8 hour span? LOL. Have any more lies to tell us?

If you are going to "try" to run a fair contest.. erase everything and start over, but nooooo... you just set the poll back to when a few people took advantage of spamming the site and stuffing the ballot box.

Your contest is a fucking joke... voting runs for what 6 weeks? Its not a contest... people nobody has ever heard of are leading in categories. LOL. It's a joke like your blog. Like your lies..

The only reason you are doing this is to get people to come read your bullshit about Stoker. I don't know Stroker.. never talked to him.

So he admitted to having sex in SL with his SL daughters and you are making a big fucking deal about it. First, he is a idiot for admitting it and if it cost him everything.. tough luck buddy. Your ego got to big and had to brag about it.. now you are done. Though he was smart.. he left SL. Mr. Harlee Fallen after admitting to being a male several times could learn from this, but they are too fucking stupid.

Then again, there are people glorifying rape in second life. Why don't you get on your soap box and rid second life marketplace of anything about rape? I mean you want to play all righteous. People are doing freaky shit all over second life. Mr. Jumpman are you going to save us? Please, you are a modern day Batman or so you want people to think..

So Stroker was having sex with his SL daughters (all RL adults) and his wife knew and allowed it. You went out of your way to help a known and self admitted real life male playing a second life barbie bimbo. Sounds like you have a kinky side just like Stroker.. what did Harlee Fallen promise you. LOL.

I'm not saying Stroker is a saint by any means.. I don't agree with his actions.. and he sounds like a liar..but well... so are you. LOL.

Oh yea, an to top off it all off.. Jumpman  bans me from voting. LOL. Oh, I'm sorry... let's allow all the other cheaters who cheated out of the box. Hell, let's not even removed their boosted votes... but cause someone nobody hear of and a derranged psycho who is a male and wants to be a blonde bimbo complain... I must react. This is what happens when a man has no balls. LOL. I guess your mangina was sore when you got news people boosted the hell out of your dumb ass contest.

Maybe next time you make a choice, Jumpy, get your head out of Stroker's ass first.

Bottom line is this.. Stroker is a sick fuck.. but made tons of money. You are just that fat ugly looking goldfish swimming in your small little fish bowl wanting to be that big fish in the big pond You got jealous... lol.

Clearly, your made up lie.. shows everyone you are not smart enough to get out of the fish bowl.

Finally, one more thing.. I see you are a skateboarder... Next time I go to the mall and you are hanging out with your buddies in the parking lot guzzling down energy drinks and doing cute tricks.. I'm going to say Hi.

It will be nice to get to know in person who thinks they are something... but really just wants to be someone else. cough *stroker* cough


Jumpy boy responded to my blog.. pasting a IP address. that's it. That was his response. No response about his failed attempt at making up a lie. No response to the other cheating which he overlooked. No response to me calling him a Stroker wannabe (which is so obvious he is trying to be that). 

For someone who's middle name is "drama" you sure did dodge it. LOL

You see, truth is this... Jumpboy is only good for two things. Doing a few tricks on a skateboard and posing as a worthless figurehead like Ronald McDonald. His think tank or brilliant minds need to get together and forge and response. LOL. 

Hopefully buy him some clothes to wear in second life.. the freebie T-shirt thing is a little whack.


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