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[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Meet the Millon Dollar Madame

So I was dead tired and decided to stand around second life for a little bit until I was about to fall asleep... then a group chat starts in one of my favorite groups "Needs a Sugar Daddy". A group where you can count the number of sugar daddy's on one finger... but it's always good for laughs.

So some guy sends out a message he has a VIP Orgy and who wants an invite. I type "Hmmmm.." so he IMs me asking if I want a TP. I tell him I want money and not an orgy. So he claims there are a bunch of SL millionaires at this orgy. Sensing the bullshit.. and figure it would be a good laugh at the least I TPed to the Hedi Fleiss of second life.

So this guy is standing in some room filled with sex pose balls.. naked with freebie cock.. in full blown hard on mode. LOL.

Basically he was claiming he is a "Pimp" for girls.. last orgy he had girls made 50,000 each cause they cammed.

[16:31] Rayven Baily: I see, well two things wrong here. You have no payment info so why should I believe you? secondly if all these girls made all this money last time where are they now? I would think they would be jumping at the chance to make that kind of money again

 So I called him out on his bullshit story...he and I were the only ones in this skybox. LOL. he got every mad. U MAD? That I didn't buy is fake ass story and he claimed I "wasn't good enough" for his fake ass orgy.  lol.

[16:35] Rayven Baily: so can you prove you paid these girls 50,000 last party?
[16:35] Laz Aristocrat: i didint pay
[16:35] Laz Aristocrat: the customer spaid
[16:35] Laz Aristocrat: i was the intermidiator
[16:35] Laz Aristocrat: taking commsion
[16:35] Rayven Baily: can you prove they paid them?
[16:35] Laz Aristocrat: basically ure a waaste of time

Then I pointed out he has a newbie cock on that dont match his skin and can't even afford a AO. This guys avatar is over 3 years old and he has a newbie cock and no AO. ROFLMAO.

Oh yea, he also claims he makes 20,000 lindens a day on second life.
[16:47] Laz Aristocrat: in one day i make 20000
[16:47] Laz Aristocrat: easily
[16:47] Rayven Baily: U mad
[16:48] Rayven Baily: LOL

 [16:50] Rayven Baily: Who would pay for your shit. You are the wal-mart of escorts.

Then he started to get annoyed with me calling him a liar.. a fake and making fun of his small discolored freebie penis.. so he kept saying Ciao to me.. like I was going some where. LOL. I guess it wasnt his land.. cause well..
[16:37] Laz Aristocrat: ciao
[16:37] Laz Aristocrat: ciao
[16:38] Laz Aristocrat: ciao

He said it like 8 times at least.

Then he started to walk around a little like he was looking for an escape... and I danced on his grave with my Charlie Sheen gesture which basic saying "I'm Bi- winning!" as I shake my ass.

Then he TPed out.. I guess to go meet up with all his Million dollar clients LOL.


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