"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Another day, another asshole.

So yesterday I was banned from Anaconda by this power tripping bitch, Magpie Daines because she threw a fit I was wearing a clown mask.. and even after I left the club.. this bitch had an attitude.

So yesterday I told the owner, Mah Ansar, after he said he was going to back Nagpie... that I'm going to blog this bitch.. and when I do people are going to google her name and come across my blog and more people would know all about this bitch. 

Well, today... four people told me they had issues with this bitch. What a suprise... then again, it's not the first time I have come across a manager at a club and they take it way to serious. What is it about these people who become manager of a virtual buisness and think they have actually accomplished something? 

I would love to see their RL resumes... 

5/11-7/11 Asst. Manager at Big Dick's Dungeon in SL 
7-11/9-11 Manager at Cum sluts for Black cocks in SL
 8-11/10-11 McDonalds fry cook 

So when I logged on today I was standing in the same exact spot I took the photo in the Nagpie post. A few people IMed me right away and I was chatting with them.. standing there in a public sim. Sim name was Caribbean Breezes club and resort. 

Thing about this sim is it was the first I ever LMed. Like my second day of SL I met this guy... he turned out to be a real psycho but he threw a lot of money my way. He claimed he was this big surgeon in RL... to make a long story short this wack job took me to this sim to show me places he liked in second life. 

So I went back there yesterday to check if anything changed and took the photo. So when I logged in today I was hit with IMs... then this tool comes up to me asking me questions. I sort of blew him off and went and threw some clothes in the laundry and did other RL things.  When I came back he sent me a TP to go somewhere.. basically he wanted to fuck me. 

So I ignored it and went back to chatting with a few others in IMs. So this tool TPs back to me and this is the following conversation. 

[10:17]  ℳίĐηίƃђţ (midnight.blinker) has offered to teleport you to their location:

Join me in Breezes
Breezes (159,107,24)  - Moderate
[10:18] ℳίĐηίƃђţ (midnight.blinker): are you comming?

 Notice the lapse in time - hour and a half later almost.

[11:42] Midnight Blinker: why are you too short?
[11:43] Midnight Blinker: beside I sent you home. I see you back here
[11:43] Rayven Baily: huh
[11:43] Midnight Blinker: who are you and why are you standing here?
[11:44] Rayven Baily: cause i can
[11:44] Midnight Blinker: are you an alt? a spy?
[11:44] Rayven Baily: yes
[11:44] Midnight Blinker: hummm. you know I can send you home for being a spy
[11:44] Rayven Baily: great and what is there to spy here about?
[11:45] Midnight Blinker: too much info
[11:45] Rayven Baily: you act like im on the white house lawn
[11:45] Midnight Blinker: hahaha. yeah. this is my white house
[11:46] Midnight Blinker: so, where are you from?
[11:47] Midnight Blinker: hummmm. once again you are ignoring me
[11:47] Rayven Baily: my spying
[11:47] Rayven Baily: im spying
[11:47] Midnight Blinker: you need spanking
[11:47] Rayven Baily: nah
[11:47] Midnight Blinker: yes
[11:48] Midnight Blinker: good enough?
[11:48] Rayven Baily: yea

 So I was chatting with someone else while this tool was trying to talk to me. Then he went in build mode and created a box and put it around me.. moved it to put him in it and was attempting to put a top on it and I TPed out.

[11:49] Midnight BlinkerMidnight Blinker smiles :)
[11:49] Rayven Baily: I thought i would leave you alone to self pleasure yourself
[11:50] Midnight Blinker: I was going to cover you so no one will see you giving me blowjob
[11:50] Midnight Blinker: oh well. you missed it
[11:50] Rayven Baily: oh yea? did you have some tweezers for me to use too?
[11:51] Midnight Blinker: you took off before you even took the blinds off your eyes
[11:51] Midnight Blinker: cum and I will show you
[11:52] Rayven Baily: sorry i dont have 10 secs to spare like that
[11:53] Midnight Blinker: my quickie is 45 min. 10 sec isnt enough
[11:54] Midnight Blinker: are you one of my VIP's?
[11:56] Rayven Baily: nope
[11:57] Midnight Blinker: s guess I have to ban you from comming back here then
[11:57] Midnight Blinker: should I?
[11:58] Rayven Baily: feel free. want to be on my list?
[11:59] Rayven Baily: well?
[11:59] Midnight Blinker: too bad I like you. but cant trust you
[11:59] Rayven Baily: ok so what to be on my list
[12:00] Midnight Blinker: friend's list?
[12:00] Rayven Baily: my list
[12:00] Rayven Baily: yes or no
[12:00] Midnight Blinker: what list?
[12:00] Midnight Blinker: there are so many lists
[12:00] Midnight Blinker: shopping list?
[12:00] Rayven Baily: nah
[12:00] Midnight Blinker: to do list... lmao
[12:00] Rayven Baily: nah
[12:01] Rayven Baily: shit list cause i just added you
[12:01] Midnight Blinker: mute list?
[12:01] Rayven Baily: which means you will soon be on my blog
[12:01] Midnight Blinker:
you do that and I promise you you wont be able to come here again

 Duh, like why would I want to come back to your shitty sim when 
1) Nobody is ever there. 
2) You are harassing me.

[12:02] Rayven Baily: you already threatened to ban me for nothing lol
[12:02] Rayven Baily: you were bothering me not the other way around
[12:02] Midnight Blinker: really? because I was asking you questions about you being in my sim?
[12:03] Rayven Baily: Oh yea do you ask everyone who is in your sim
[12:03] Rayven Baily: do you also put them in a box
[12:03] Midnight Blinker: of course. I have too many friends and more enemies. check my profile
[12:03] Rayven Baily: no wonder your sim is always empty
[12:03] Midnight Blinker: I like it quiet
[12:04] Rayven Baily: great then Im going to blog you and your sim and make sure nobody goes there
[12:04] Rayven Baily: I want to help you thats what i do in second life
[12:04] Midnight Blinker:
oh sweet. then consider that threat on your blog

 Oh great now more people are going to get rich off my blog. Though, I don't think this tool has 30K. He might have to start sucking dick like Harlee.

[12:04] Midnight Blinker: and you are officially banned
[12:04] Rayven Baily: Oh no
[12:05] Rayven Baily: please Im sorry not that
[12:05] Rayven Baily: lol
[12:05] Rayven Baily: great so now you will have 1 person who comes to your sim
[12:05] Rayven Baily: you
[12:05] Rayven Baily: lol
[12:06] Midnight Blinker: bye
[12:06] Rayven Baily: Just remember. I am here to help
[12:06] Midnight Blinker: help who? yourself?
[12:07] Rayven Baily: you
[12:07] Midnight Blinker: wonder how many person reads your blog
[12:07] Midnight Blinker: you!
[12:08] Rayven Baily: nah 300 a day
[12:08] Midnight Blinker: noobs?
[12:08] Rayven Baily: more people that read my blog then comes to your sim
[12:08] Rayven Baily: lol
[12:08] Midnight Blinker: we offer them what you dont have
[12:08] Rayven Baily: really whats that a asshole owner
[12:09] Midnight Blinker: no. a cunt mouth
[12:09] Rayven Baily: You sound mad
[12:09] Rayven Baily: Im just trying to help
[12:09] Midnight Blinker: take it as it fits
[12:10] Rayven Baily: well enjoy the ride
[12:10] Rayven Baily: you only have yourself to blame..
[12:11] Midnight Blinker: you are a member of 4 groups. 2 of them are yours. one with 4 members and one with 2 members. hummmmmmm
[12:13] Rayven Baily: so whats your point?
[12:14] Rayven Baily: Hmmmm have you ever heard of hiding your groups. DUH.

LOL - Yes, this guy was a complete tool. I just love it when people want to act like the can do anything and say anything to anyone in second life... then the minute you say I'm going to blog you. All of a sudden they go from bully to claiming they are the victim and want to run and tell Linden Labs. LOL. 

This tool contacted me both times.. even after I blew him off the first time. All I was doing was standing and chatting. Ah poor baby.. I wouldn't fuck you so you got mad.

Best part about this is this tools profile... it states the following. 

Keep it simple and clean. dont let Karma get you.

What's goes around, comes around.  

According to Linden Labs, disclosure of logs without prior consent in a violation of the ToS.
I am clearly stating to you,

Lol what comes around goes around.. I guess so. LOL. How you like them apples? As for your ToS.. it's worthless and I laughed at it. I crossed the county line... Linden Labs can't touch me.. I'm on Blogger. <33


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