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Monday, January 23, 2012

Scooby Don't and the Crabface

I came across a video on youtube talking about his ghetto thrash, Kenny Cheny, claiming she looked like Scooby Doo. Hell, no! I like Scooby Do... maybe more like Scooby Dont. Ah, look who they are with? Harlee Oliveri. This photo appears to be after Harlee Olivieri's sex change from a Male avatar who looked like a cross between Duckie and Prince to a Crabface.

So if any of you are wondering why I started blogging about this Crabface again.. here is why.

The Scotland Crabaface was kissing my ass for a while. IMing me.. begging me to take down my blogs, but I didn't cause I know the type of person they are. Once again, like I said months ago.. it's not if you are a man.. it's your attitude. I have seen IMs of you contacting other people trying to bully them. You haven't changed. You haven't learned shit.

So Brokeback Barbie IMed me claiming they were out of town for six days (which I already showed was one of their thousands of lies) and while they were out of town some blog was put up about me. They passed it on to me. I read it and thought it was a piss poor desperate attempt at trying to piss me off. Since it was such a pathetic attempt  I didn't sweat it.

So I tell the Crabface I think they are one of three possible people that created the blog and it's written in a way to look like them

Afterall the Crabface's blog has disney and children programing pictures so did this one. Crabface writes and uses the highlight function and so did this blog. The owner of this blog uses Phoenix and the Crabface uses Phoenix.

Funny how in this video below there are what 20 people there and you are the only one still using Phoenix? lol.This video is annoying turn down the volume couple of "queens" having a fight.

So when I said I thought the Crabface was one of three people who made the blog they INSTANTLY got mad and defensive. This creature has anger issues... and got all mad. LOL. Fine with me, nothing they say bothers me. LOL, but at the same time I know they are raging.

I mean seriously... how many times are you going to do this before you learn from this? Are they the author of the blog. It don't really matter, but I'm sure they know who is. (and so do I) So you gonna come kiss my ass. Tell me you like me LOL. Then tell me about a blog and claim you know nothing about it. - Yea ok.

Uh, you lie about everything. So why should I believe anything out of your ugly Crab mouth? So this Crabface was all fight a week ago... but now they are contacting people to IM me to ask if I can stop blogging them again.

Is this Groundhog day? Havent I been through this before?

Why should I stop blogging you? You just had your friend Scoody Don't send me a web page to go to a few days ago. You are still running your mouth from what I hear.

Sorry Crabface you lied so much nobody believes anything you say,


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