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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Barbie Evolution?

So last night I crossed paths with this Barbie - Courtney Love version 1.0. I was kind of upset cause the raccoon makeup was gone, but what replaced it more than made up for it.

It appears this version of Barbie is different cause it claims it has a brain or so it tries to pretend it does.

So I brought up the fact this person made a claim they wouldn't mention me no more, but since then have made references from stuff that I have said. They asked "Did I mention you?"

I guess according to them, if they don't say my name it's ok. Well, then I pointed out to them I never did say their name in my original post about Sissyboy Lame's new cover girl. So according to their logic.. I did nothing wrong, but they went on and threw a fit on their blog that I was "judging them". They even linked to be blog.

Strange cause I never "mentioned you". An I won't.. I will keep my word.

Then I brought up the accusation of them fucking other girl's men.. They claimed they didn't at first.
Then they changed their tune and claimed "I'm not going to say it's not happened. Potentially it has"


Then they claimed they have been away from second life for two years and was "starting over" to which I questioned. Come on someone with a flickr, blog, cast in videos, picked to be a cover girl all in a months span.. sounds like bullshit to me. Sounds more like someone had another account and planned this stuff in advanced. Who are you fooling?

Then the story changed.... (no suprise) they started to get defensive and say what's the difference if they had been on second life the entire time and had created an alt.

To which I replied I didn't care... but why are they making up this story.. when people can see through this bullshit.

This barbie with a brain then tried to turn the tables and question me "Why do I ask if I don't care?" "Why do I say things if I don't mean them?"

Then I pointed on on their blog they have a picture of themselves with a butt plug, cum on their body with the word whore on the picture. So if they are not a whore like they claim... why do they label themselves on their blog as a whore?

So I will keep my promise to not "mention" this person, but I do have some photos I randomly took.

As you can see here... this is the "new" barbie look for 2012. This is the barbie evolution. A skirt that looks like a adult diaper and a whole lot of tattoos.  The arm tattoo look very tacky.. I'm not against them, but they looks pretty shitty if you ask me. Something you would find at a freebie store. What's with the color? LOL yea that took about 2 minutes to add. LOL. If you breast wasn't shown, I would have sworn you were a man. Hell, you have a more husky, bulky body then half the men there. Tacky tattoos and a body looking like a tank.. this is the barbie your men want? lol.

All I want to know is who fucks who when you do find someone to get buck naked with?  If I was a guy I might be a little intimated you were bigger than me.

Hell, I'm sorry Courtney Love. Yea, you are a train wreck (though I do like a few of your songs) but you ain't built like you play football for the New York Giants.

Seriously, this is supposed to be sexy? lol

Then you throw in Sissyboy lame's sudden departure from second life along with your arrival. An you being picked as a cover girl.. hmmm. makes you think.

Just let me point out.. you have nothing to cry about. I didn't mention you.


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