"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Friday, January 27, 2012

It's good to be Kang.. of Sissies!

You know what I really hate? When you are at a grocery store and some woman is hauling around their kid and he is bawling his fucking eyes out or is throwing some tantrum cause he can't get some sugary cereal. An it just goes on and on.. you are three isles away and this kid's voice is still piercing your brain like someone was stabbing you with a knife. As bad as that is... seeing this 29 year old loser, Sissyboy Lame, whine over and over... and over. Oh yea and over. Is so much worse..

So what's this over sensitive closet hiding Sissy crying about now? What isn't he whining about? I guess we are due for another hissy (or is it sissy) fit about the Alpha Hearld. LOL

So now he has a story about Hard Alley on his blog. This sissy is crying about being cheap? LMAO
You don't even own your house. You don't even own the land. What exactly do you own? A crappy Helicopter and a few dated pieces of furniture? LOL

Seriously this sissy's avatar is over 4 and a half year old and with this Helicopter, dated furniture and his freebie wear his inventory valued at roundly 2,500 lindens. LMAO I saw on history channel a show on the Unabomber and they claimed he was living on 1,000 dollars a year. He was living large compared to Sissyboy.

 Oh I forgot you own a shitty sl magzine filled with misfit and freaks. Raccoon, a Crabface, a Sissy.. a few people might be amused... not because they are interested in what you say. People just like looking at freaks.

I mean seriously.. you did the right thing when you tried to erase your account After 4 1/2 years this is the look you came up with LMAO, Problem was you see.. this guy tried to erase his account and live a "real life". He went a week talking like a crackhead and nobody could understand him. They made fun of him. His only friend was a volleyball named wilson he saw washed shore on a beach and a gnome statue he took off someone's lawn. The gnome and Wilson saw what a little sissy bitch he was and they both forced him to sexually pleasure the both of them.

This is why SissyBoy is back.. cause he can't function in the real world. He was a bitch to a volleyball and a statue!  He is clearly the biggest sissy douche in real life.... but in second life he is the Kang of the Sissies!

It's good to be Kang... even if it's only of the sissies!


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