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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hypocrisy of a Crabface

Well, it seems the Scotland Crabface is up to it's old tricks. Whining.. Went told Flickr a sob story... I'm sure about how they were being "Cyber-Bullied" again LOL. So they removed some of my photos. I don't understand how they can judge my art like that. Then again it was Brokeback Barbie who sent me this photo.. I thought they wanted me to Pile them up so I made it better.

What's funny is.. Crabface had RL pics of their ex-max and Deelite and other in their flickr. Yes, it's ok for the Crabface to Copybot, to post real life pics or altered pics and do this stuff, but the minute someone does the same to them. Oh my, run to linden labs... go cry to another who will listen to your lies. Do it now cause you are running out of people who believe them.

Apparently the Crabface epidemic is spreading. I saw in the Urban Dictionary there is something called the Maryland Crabface.

Scientists moving in to Maryland to de-tox the area

Then there is this....
They say pictures speak 1,000 words but only three words comes to mine when I see this. 

Wait, now I get it.

Then again Drag Queens usually cover their face with makeup.

This avatar is over 5 years old. LOL
Check out those shorts. Are you serious? You need to update your clothes. I'm sure those shorts were in when you picked them up at Freebie Galaxy in 2008.

Oh yea the 10 year old boy who you stole your shape from wants his shape back LOL


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