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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why Jumpman Man Lame really left Second life

No it wasn't because he tried to live out a life of a vampire like his idol Edward.

As I mentioned earlier Sissyboy Lame got drunk on New year's eye. This is confirmed by his own blog.

This buddy DJ Quad invited him over for a exciting night of watching sweating men in tights roll around and touch each other.

Both of them had a little too much to drink. This is confirmed by DJ quad's twitter.

DJ Quad blacked out at 10PM and shortly after DJ quad wanted to try out some of the wrestling moves. Little is know what happened next until a little before midnight when 911 received the following call.The following is the official 911 transcript

[11:58 PM] 911 operator: 911, I hope you are having a happy new year how can I help you.
[11:58 PM] Jumpman Lane: Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh,
[11:58 PM] 911 operator: Can I help you sir what's wrong.
[11:58 PM] Jumpman Lane: Hehehe ya sap, DJquad Radio gotz hiz weenie in my bunz. Help
[11:59 PM] 911 operator: Sir, I can't help you if I cant understand you.
[11:59 PM] Jumpman Lane: Foos can ye spek anglish? hehehe
[11:59 PM] 911 operator: 911 is used for emergencies not for playing around is your mother or father home so I can speak with them.
[12:00 AM] Jumpman Lane: sap DJQuad Radio pull my drawls off an raszel my butt. hehehe Help ya foos.
[12:00 AM] 911 operator: I'm sorry sir I don't understand you. I'm going to have to hang up and free the line up for someone that needs help. Have a happy new year.

[12:05 AM] DJ Quad wakes up and rushes his friend Jumpman Lane to the hospital were he is admitted with "internal injuries" where he spent the first few weeks of 2012.


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