"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Read it and wheep, beotches!

Well, I was working on a fake txt transcript between Meg Whorel and myself.. it was actually really funny, but too much work. Besides I will stick will my current policy of posting only non altered chats.

With that said let's talk about facts... ok?

Harlee "BrokeBack Barbie Fallen - Fake RL picture with a hand added to the photo. Claimed they were fron the USA, another fucking lie. Lie on top of lie.

This is what I want to know how can someone go from Crying and whining on their blog that their "personal rights have been violated" when asked to voice for group membership, yet a few days later all of a sudden you want to voice?

It don't add up. Clearly you found a way around it.Someone found something to alter their voice.

I talked to someone who tired to voice with you months and months ago before I blogged you. They claimed you refused. If you are so dead set on proving you are a woman in rl. How come you didn't show the real life txt conversation right away? Oh no not until 2 1/2 months later you came up with one and then that one was altered a second time. LOL.

Just remember it was the Crabface themselves that said "I don't want people to know the real me."

Then you have this loser Storm who contacted me last night with threats because I blogged about his thirsty Ho girlfirend, Meg Whorel. Well, I guess this hoe should of spent more time at AdN standing by the chairs trying to get free outfits then making a blog about me and whining over and over, but more on her in a second.

Strom was claiming he is buying up 4k computers LOL. First off, if you bought even one 4,000 computer while you have no fucking RL job and are using the computer to sit on SL and make SL porn.. then you are a fucking major loser. The only way I would pay 4K for a computer if I didnt have a job and it would get me a good job.

Years from now Harvey Fallen is going to try to get a job and go for a interview. They are going to ask what they did for the last 6 years. "Liiike I pretended to be a barbie and have cyber sex with black men on second life all day long all year long. I made 150k a week" Strom can claim to be this great sl porn director with a net income from sales of ZERO.

What a waste... this guy is clearly depressed. Second life if his life (his words not mine) He whine to me Mercedes Styles had a man and it wasn't him. He asked me over and over to hang out with him,. Clearly he has no real social life. So no wonder he is so defensive and wanted to  play the white knight for his girl Meg Whorel. He don't have much else..

Then he was trying to rip on my videos. LOL - which were made like 14 months ago? LOL. This was before shadows came into play. Strom thinks just cause you get a better computer your videos all of a sudden become the best. The transitions in his videos are still weak You don't use any time of color filtering, the editing is sub par and you don't add anything in the way of After effects or fluff. Send anyone one of your 4K computer they can make they same basic video. You aren't doing anything special. Those who make great videos with allot less equipment are the ones with talent.

Then there is Meg Whorel. 
They made a blog about me... took pictures of me on an alt (allot of them as one of the photos was labeled Rayven 19) 19 fucking pics of me while Im AFK. LOL. Who's the fucking stalker. Funny thing is your shitty computer couldn't render me LOL. Maybe Strom will send you one of his 4K computer he buys them all the time. LMAO,

So they make this blog and they couldn't even attach their name to it. Love me or hate me.. I don't hide to take photos of people and then claim someone else is doing it. Meg Whorel is too cowardly like that.. cause she was still very angry cause I called her out for cheating in a rigged contest. Why was she so mad? It's simple she hasn't won anything in her entire life. Cheating or not... this was her great moment in life.

Just like Brokeback Barbie said the best day of their life would of been when my blog got hacked, this was Meg Whorel's best day of her life. While most graduate from collage, get married, have kids.... those are their best days./ Not this group. The bar is very low.


Here is something else I was thinking about yesterday. Meg Whorel and Harvey Failin (especially the Crabface) seem they are very upset that I am no longer blogging about Aurora.

Aurora and I are not friends. She is not on my friends list. I have talked to Aurora a few times here and there... I just made a deal I wouldn't blog them in a bad way cause in exchange for information

Aurora has since went on to other things and really there is no need for me to talk shit about her, cause she has moved on.

Well, last night I realized this is really pissed off the Crabface and Meg Whorel. The Crabface tired on a few occasions to kiss my ass. They said they liked me LOL. They even were talking about me making a video with them LMAO. I mean they were trying really hard for me to like them.

Same with Meg Whorel, after they were whining in my IM box about how I said they cheated and called them out for leading and nobody knew who they were.. they were IMing me trying to talk to me. I was like "Ok, Peg whatever". She would be like "It's Meg". I would say, "Yea yea, I'm a fucking princess.. I will call you whatever i like and you will like it."

Seriously, now I understand their anger/ Aurora, someone I have hated for so long... I have no problems with no more. These two tried and tried to be my friend and I blew them off.

I guess at the time I didn't realize that your mental stability  hinged on a second life friendship. Maybe Strom can send you each one of his dozen 4K computers.. this way Harvey Failin will be on second ife with six accounts at once.


I also don't understand if Meg Whorel is this cam loving whore who is showing off her pussy to all these guys on Skype, why her avatar was miles behind, Meg avatar is a year and 5 months old. Mine is a year and six months old. Yet, I stopped wearing 99 linden entire outfits 2 weeks after starting second life.

She can't be much of a suga baby.

Here is my avatar around 2 months old.

This Photo below is of Meg on Sept 18th, 2011. LOL. Just about a year AFTER my photos.
Clearly still in newbie mode. How much you charge for showing that pussy on cam?

So how does someone who was a voice escort for 2 or so months  look clearly better than someone showing their pussy on skype for a year? LOL. I dunno you tell me? I was that good that's why and I still am. I'm a fucking Princess.. you are just some white jersey trash.

I made my money and I got out of escorting. First, if you knew anything about SL escorting,
 (which I doubt you do) money isn't there like it was over a year ago. Obviously for you the money was NEVER there.

An if you claim you used it all in rl. Your computer is a piece of shit, obviously. So where is all this money going?

I got into escorting in second life cause I always wanted to be a dancer in RL, but my parents would killed me. So I became a SL dancer/escort for 3 months in second life. I made my money. I got my avatar to a point I was satisfied, I quit for various reasons... one being I had a full time RL job and had to work my SL job a certain numbers of hours every week and it was a drag sometimes.

Secondly being a voice escort you obviously make more than a txt escort and we were able to charge our own rates. Some people can do it some cant. As I said I got my avatar to point I was happy with. I never used a single linden and turned in back into real life money. I have RL jobs.. and at times Jobs.

I'm not a desperate whore for money like Harvey Failin. Who contacts men after men all day long on second life to trick them into getting off on their sick male/male homosexual fantasies cause they don't want to come out of the closet. 

Allot of times escorting you get guys who want more. I would have older men (in their 40s and 50''s sending me their RL photos. Of course when you escort you tell them what they want to hear so you get the money and they return. Hearing a 50 year old fat out of shape guy you are not attracted to in any way.. grunt and hearing him pleasure himself.. wasn't something I was very found of.

Like I said I never counted on SL escorting money for RL income. My SL is 100% unattached from my RL.

Also my mom sort of came over my house when I was with a client once and walked in. hard to hear someone with headphones on. It was also quiet embarrassing. She was worried it would get back to me in RL. with companies firing people over shit they find out about on social media sites and such.

So I quit and can't say I miss it. I still have people I met while escorting who do give me money. Ask the Crabafce I told them that when they were kissing my ass. .

Bottom line is this.. and I'm sure this is going to piss you off even more. I'm 100% secure in who I am in real life. Second life is a very, very small part of my real life and does not carry over to my RL. My money made in second life is second life money. RL is real life money.

50% I'm on second life I'm reading webs sites. Blogging Watching youtube videos. Watching TV or just doing RL stuff around the house.  The rest of the time I might be on second life on my phone chatting.

I idle and stand around and occasionally chat with people.
There are people on my friends list I might call good friends on SL, but I might of only have seen them once or twice in the last 6 months.

I don't hang out. I haven't explored (which is what really got me into second life) in a LONG time.

I'm sorry if this is not your second life.. it's mine.

An I told Aurora this months ago when I got banned from the Ghetto. She said something like I could be a man like Harlee Fallen. I said I don't care if she thinks I am or anyone else for that matter. Like I said I know the truth and that's all that matter. I'm 100% secure in that. I think it's fucking funny all this "You need to voice to prove yourself"

Keep fucking screaming that. Keep getting yourself worked up. LOL. Keep worrying about me and everything I do or say.. cause if that's the case I WON!

 I mean if you notice I could give a care you keep blogging this. LOL.

While Meg Whorel got all offended and pissed off I said He/she.
Harvey Failin is getting all pissed off daily cause people question if they are a man in rl.

Sorry I'm not raging. LOL. It's really funny to me.

So here is the deal if you think I'm a man and are on my friends list. Just remove me. If you are 100% sold that two people who are making up fake chats and lying out their asses about everything they can.. then dont friend me, dont IM me dont fuck me. Simple as that.

I think the ones that are the men are then those so animated and and so defensive when the topic comes up. IE: Harvey Fallen.

I dont do SL porn anymore.. I don't really go around looking for someone to fuck me every day in second life. Its been a while since I had sex in SL to be honest.

My second life is sort of boring except for this blog, which BTW I wrote this while watching Avatar.

If you don't like it... stop blowing up my blog with hits. Stop whining about me to everyone in second life.

 I don't mind if you do cause I really do laugh at this shit.


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