"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's play show and tell!

So my theory is everyone has a tell when they type or chat. Especially when they get upset... I know I have one that sort of gives me away if I'm on a alt.

Let's take this ugly Scotland Crabface for example - He has a few but one I already mentioned is he will call you sweety.

The best example of this was my good old friend Scooby "Gollum" Mode. Who seems to have resurfaced from making shitty ghost movies to whining like a bitch. He made a comment on my blog whining about something, then shortly after posted anonymous in support of his first post but kept misspelling the same word over and over in both posts LOL.  Come to think of it Scooby and the Crabface would make a great team since they both LIVE on second life 18 hours a day.

So I already showed this thirsty urine loving Ho Meg Whorel had a motive to make this blog about me, even though they claimed "everything was fine".

[2011/11/01 19:57]  Meg Corral: stop clearing your cookies to keep voting for your friends
[2011/11/01 19:57]  Meg Corral: you are a looser
[2011/11/01 19:57]  Meg Corral: and a waste of fucking time

The following is a post from Meg Whorel's blog which they erased, BUT through the wonders of the internet it's not 100% gone LOL. Ah what are you hiding Thirsty Hoe?

This Thirsty Ho was really angry here. Wow the caps add some much more to your whining. Also noticed they seems to get really angry any time I mention their mentor. the Crabafce. Meg Whorel is all about ass licking brokeback barbie. Maybe cause harvey has to tools to pee all over her. He/she seems to like that. 

Oh look Meg using the term "Looser" in place of loser.

Also note the word "NEWB"

Then there is the excessive LMAOs (which can be found all over her new little secret blog)

No to mention Meg seems he/she like to put on the CAPS LOCKS to stress points or when they get angry. LOL.

Finally - It's Monday!! That means it's going to be another big blog day for this Thirsty Ho. Monday's are always busy blog action they like to whine and cry about me.. making post after post. Strange... that I been onine for like 2 hours and I have seen Meg Corral on second life more today ever before.

What does this mean? They might or might not have a job. They are not online 18 hours a day it seems like the ugly Scotland Crabface and Scooby "Gollum" Mode. Monday does seem like it's a day though they have some free time and I'm very honored that they use that time to make it MY DAY!

I am in their thoughts when I they wake up all day long. Today will be a day of altering and making up chats.. all centered around me. I'm honored Meg. Maybe you should give Snookie and the Situation a call to help you out.

I'm going to the movies here shortly with some REAL LIFE friends in my REAL LIFE world. Maybe you can blog something about me buying popcorn or getting in a bar fight or something. These stories you come up with are so believable. LMAO

Enjoy your Monday!! Don't forget to breathe.. and take your blood pressure pills. Stay away from the knives too.  Then tomororw you can return to your Janitor job duties..

Afterall what women would talk about shit every 5 minutes unless their life revolved around shit?


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