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Monday, January 23, 2012

Monkey buisness

So I contacted this Kenny Cheney and asked them why someone would make a video of them saying they looked like Scooby Doo on youtube.

[09:10] Rayven Baily: why do they say you look like scooby doo? I dont see it
[09:10] Keykey Cheney: why am i so ghetto but way more logical than your retarded ass
[09:11] Keykey Cheney: I don't see it either, I see a chimp maybe a monkey ;)
[09:11] Keykey Cheney: who knows

They said they don't look like Scooby Doo but maybe a monkey.

So I typed in google search Ugly Ghetto monkey and this is what I came up with in google photo search. So this is what I'm dealing with I guess. Wearing yellow.. looks more like a big ugly banana

I dunno look like some type of raccoon and monkey hybrid. A Monkcoon or a Rackey.

[08:53] Keykey Cheney: actually, my clothes aren't out dated and they're not freebies to be honest... vive 9 and etc, this is my AVATAR = VIDEO GAME
[08:53] Rayven Baily: I have to say you dont look like scooby doo. More like a chipmonk or something
[08:53] Keykey Cheney: bitch that was so  whack..
[08:53] Keykey Cheney: lmfao
[08:54] Keykey Cheney: bitch, my avatar is out dated but you dont even have flexy hair?
[08:54] Keykey Cheney: and you still wearing stiff a prim
[08:54] Keykey Cheney: and that weak ass bling chain
[08:54] Keykey Cheney: bitch are you kidding me!?
[08:54] Keykey Cheney: lmfao
[08:54] Rayven Baily: Flexi hair LOL
[08:54] Rayven Baily: LOL
[08:54] Rayven Baily: OMG LOL

So this "thing" whatever the fuck it is.. admits it's avatar is WAY outdated (can't buy lindens with food stamps) they think Flexi hair is new LOL. LMAO.

If you get off your back and off the mattress you might find out that flexi hair ain't nothing new and most of flexi hair looks like crap. 

No wonder your avatar is so whack and dated. LOL. There is mesh hair out there and you just discovered flexi hair. LMAO.

Then this homely ghetto ho admitted there clothes weren't freebies (though they look like them) but were from Vive 9 and they were handouts. (once again you can't buy lindens with food stamps).

I guess at Vive 9 they just discovered Flexi hair... Im sure sometime in the next 5 year they will have mesh hair handouts for this homely bitch.

I mean we know Vive 9 makes such amzing clothes here are some of them.  Freebie quality. An considering this Homely bitch ain't paying for nothing... they might as well go to a freebie store or find a hunt cause this stuff I wouldn't be caught dead wearing,

Hell, I have never tried to make any clothes in second life but after a hour it wouldn't take much to make this.


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