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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ah Nuts!

It's 2012 and something is different about Jumpman Lane aka Sissyboy Lame.  As reported earlier we had the inside scoop on Why Jumpman Lane really left second life. 

It seems that is not the only reason that kept him away from second life. The following is a transcript of Jumpman Lane contacting Neuticles, the maker of fake dogs testicles. 

Jenny: Thank you for calling Neuticles testicles for dogs this is Jenny how can I help you?
Jumpman: Ya sap, jumpy needs some ballz hehehe
Jenny: Great, so what is the breed of your dog, sir?
Jumpman: Ya foo they is for me hehehe.
Jenny: I'm sorry sir I don't quiet understand you. Are you trying to say you want the Neuticles?
Jumpman: Ya cant ya undastand anglish ya sap heheh
Jumpman: Rayven Baily say I a coward cuz I hide.hehehe
Jenny: Rayven Baily? Oh you mean the mother fucking princess. I love her blog. That whole crabface thing. Me and my friends can't get enough of it.
Jumpman: hehehe
Jenny: Wait, you are Jumpman Lane that Twilight loving sissy boy who only talks about fecal matter.
Jumpman: Ya turd I tolds you that hehehe
Jenny: Sorry sir our computers are running slow today I wasn't able to get to the google translator page.
Jenny: I have a questions before we can schedule for surgery (giggling)
Jumpman: Wat is dat hehehe
Jenny: Have you had any recent surgeries in the last three months?
Jumpamn: Ya fool ya know I had to have my butz fixes DJ Quad radio rasslin it. heheh
Jenny: (Giggling) Yes, that is right. I'm going to put you on hold for a moment sir.

Jenny: OMG I have this loser Jumpman Lane on the line wanting to get some dogs testicles.
Jumpman: Ya foo I can heard ya. hehehe\
Jenny: Please hold sir.

As you can see Sissyboy Lame bought some fake dog testicles and is trying to fool people into thinking he has a set. Problem is.... he is still a sissy and is fooling nobody.


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