"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

How come the Crabface don't want anyone to know the real them?

The Crabface is back and is more mad than ever. They are fighting mad to keep their little secret a hush hush. Problem is.. half of second life already knows this Crabface is a he not a she.

In the end it all comes down to credibility and the Crabface Harvey Failin has zero of that. All they do it lie, lie, lie.. deny, deny, deny.

Here is a recent example. Strom made a video and for some reason decided to put the ugly Crabface in it. I guess when I turned him down several times.. he got desperate. Then the Crabaface ASKED HIM to be in a video. The Crabface claims I can't be in a video. LOL. I'm not the one going around asking people to put me in one like you. I'm being asked and turning down offers. You get many offers to be in video when you are a totally flawess Princess and not a ugly Crabface.

That's not all... This Crabface sent me the link to this video when they were kissing my ass. LOL. So a few people were posting how ugly the Crabface was but the video was overall pretty good. Oh no, the tears started to fall. The Crabface tried to claim I was making all these fake accounts. Right, I created a fake account and commented on this video before I even knew the video existed  LOL. Before you told me about the video.  Funniest part is the Crabface had already made a fake account to side with them. LOL. Then they started whining about view boosting. What a surprise they started boosting views themselves.

So on the Crabface's blog they have all bullshit about me which anyone can see is just a desperate way they chose to release all the anger they have built inside. That's fine nice try. In the end nothing is true.

I'm secure in my real life and in my second life shit like this just don't bother me. I laugh at it.. especially how ridiculous is it and the lengths they go to try.

The Crabface on the other hand is very unstable mentally and as I said are very desperate to keep their little secret on the down low. They will say anything to hide the fact that they are really a gay little boy in real life.

I mean I wasn't the one that said "I don't want people to know the real me", "like i came on sl you know to escape real life problems". ROFLMAO - That's straight from the Crabface's ugly mouth.

"I dont want people to know the real me" LOL - Oh you mean the real you with the penis between your legs?

Now the Crabface is whining about my breasts on my avatar LOL. This coming from someone who the last time they have touched a real breast was when they were a baby and they pushed it away. That's right! His parents couldn't get him to eat so they went out and bought him a bottle which looked like a penis and he still sucks on it today!

Now they are claiming they will voice at any time. LOL. It's funny once I started blogging about the Crabface again two people IMed telling me the Crabface now has a voice morpher. I'm not suprised. cause...

You have someone who is so animated claiming they are a female in real life, but hasn't ever proved it. They had a fake ass picture of a girl in their profile claiming it was them with a hang hand added to the picture. They claimed they could reproduce the picture.. yet they never did. Not only that, the picture was of a cam girl. LOL. Come on another who would pay someone 30,000 lindens to hack a blog they damn sure would pay for a voice changer in they could.

I mean if that was their real life picture and they had no problem sharing it. Why couldn't they reproduce it? If Max really lied, why did it take them months to produce "their txt transcript". Then when I blogged how fake it was they removed it from their blog claiming you had to IM then to get it. ROFLMAO.

Oh that's not all... then months later Jumpman Lane post the same txt transcript but somehow it changed LOL. So if they other one was the real one how can the new one be the real one? LOL

LOL - The Crabface whines I alter chats... I can tell you I blogged allot of people and some haven't exactly liked it. Yet, none of them came back and said. "I didnt say that" or "That didnt happen". I don't make shit up.

It's funny the only person crying about my altering chat is the Crabface. Yet this is a list of people who claim they alter chat. LOL. Yes, let's ignore the facts.

Bottom line this little fruitcake will say anything to hide his little secret. Like I said earlier... I will publish a list of all their lies for everyone to laugh at them about.


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