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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Breaking news: Naughty Machinima is now a paid site!

You thought the lack of quality was a problem the last few months... You haven't seen nothing yet. It's sad it has come to this..

When I'm in a club.. people check my profile out and there is a link to a few of my movies in it. Now, anyone who hits that link now has to sign up for a monthly or yearly account.

I'm not paying anything to watch average (and lately most of the videos have been that) videos. So why would they? You can't even pay with lindens... it's pay pal so they sure aren't going to do it.

There was Blip.Tv and then some people had to be assholes and report the videos... and that wasn't someone outside the SL Porn community.

Kitty Shack? - How many times did Naughty Bitch go down and how many videos were lost in the process. Fool me once, shame on you.. fool me twice.. You know.

Slutload (or other RL porn sites) - Ads and you wont get the same audience.  Videos would have to be embedded some will get lost in the shuffle.

Inferno? - I have had 4 trojan virus attacks which were all blocked over the last two months. Some people are not so lucky like Candace Flossberg had to pay 100 bucks to get her computer fixed.

Who's at fault? Mostly those that chose to upload 5 movies a week and to a lesser extent those who felt the need to add 400 views to their movies a week by hitting the refresh button. We can't just stop there... let's not forget others who could have stepped forward and said "we are ruining a good thing and look more than two inches in front of our eyes" instead.. they just said claimed uploading as many movies as you could was a good thing.

July 30th is my Rez day and about 30 days after my rez day I sort of got into SL Porn. You cant honestly tell me it's in any better shape then it was then.

12 best movies of the month? You might want to cut that down to a top 3 now. Blogging movies embedded elsewhere is not the answer. When you went to Naughty Machinima to watch a video... they were all at one place. You might come to watch one, but watch a few others.. maybe even come across one of someone new. Now? That's over..

An in a sense I'm sort of happy about it. Very few wanted to do anything about the problem.. even less wanted to address it. Now, you have to deal with it.

I guess for me I have been waiting for the hammer to drop for a while. I didn't want to get into a big project and find out.. that now the site was a pay site when I was almost done.

What's the answer? Blog more videos.. showcase more videos? You can't even get who made the videos right... then again IT SHOULD OF NEVER CAME TO THIS POINT! 

Instead of worrying about how many people following your blog or twitter.. or better yet trying to get RL Celebrities to acknowledge your "fake" pixel avatar personality... you should of worried about the resources of your community.

That though was way down the list in priorities.. and in the end because half the people in the community couldn't dress themselves, let alone think for themselves.. they hang on your every word. An since you were too busy playing puppeteer at your brothel... that ship has sailed.

Rome wasn't built in a day... nor did it go to shit in a day either. Bring on the Dark Ages!

 Update - I was logged in when the changes happened. I guess you can view as a guest. In order to comment, rate a movie you have to pay.


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